Boy Sacrifices PlayStation 4 for Smoke Detectors

PlayStation 4 Texas BoyWhile many gamers would do anything to get a PlayStation 4, one Texas boy sacrificed his chance at one in order to do some good in the world.

9-year-old Hector Montoya, upon hearing about the death of a mother and a child who died in a fire, wanted to make sure that no one else lost their life in a similar way. The child was saving up for a PlayStation 4 but decided that life was more important, using the money he was saving to buy 100 smoke detectors for families in Grand Prairie.

Montoya was quoted as saying "I was going to buy a PlayStation but I decided saving a life was more important cause one life lost is too many."

The best part? Others were so touched by his story that they banded together to buy him a PlayStation 4. All's well that ends well.

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 4/26/2014

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