Bradley Ramsey - PS4 Gaming Article Author

Bradley Ramsey - PS4 Gaming Article Author

About Me:

Watch out! Now that I have your attention, I would like to introduce myself. I’m Bradley Ramsey, but my friends call me Yeldarb (Bradley backwards, yes, I know, creative).

I grew up knowing two things: that I wanted to be a writer, and that I wanted to be the best gamer I could. I owe everything I am today to the games I grew up playing, because if it wasn’t for these incredible stories that I experienced and continue to experience, then I would never have been inspired to become a writer.

Let’s face it, PlayStation has the best stories in all of gaming, and that’s where I want to be. It is a great time to be a gamer too, with technology advancing; the limits of what we can do are only bound by our own imaginations. It’s like I always say, as a writer, I don’t have a budget. I can have as many explosions as I want.

On top of being an enthusiastic and constant gamer, I also have almost a decade of experience under my belt working for GameStop as an assistant manager. I'm lucky enough now to have realized my dream of writing for an amazing PlayStation news site like PS4 Experts, but those years in the industry taught me a lot about what goes on behind the scenes of gaming.

My Promise to The Fans of PS4 Experts

Enough about me, it's time to talk about you. Why should you read anything I write? Well, beyond the hilarious wit, I pride myself in being directly connected to the world of gaming via a cord not unlike the one Neo had plugged into his head during the Matrix movies.

I call myself an expert, but it's not a title I simply decided to sport. I earned it through countless hours of RPG grinding, through marathons spent on the latest titles, through raging weekends solving puzzles or defeating a boss that seemed impossible, and through channeling my passion for the greatest form of art and entertainment that we've managed to create as a species.

My promise to you, fellow gamers, is nothing but the finest articles filled with every detail you wanted and more. I will bring you the latest news as it breaks and reviews for all the biggest releases. I'll bring you all of this with a healthy amount of hilarity and phenomenal writing. I live and breathe PlayStation and if you read my articles, you will too.

So here’s to gaming, the hobby that knows no age and the medium that know no limits. May your stories live on forever, and I hope that all of your experiences will be as memorable as my own. Never stop playing my friends, I know I won’t.

Roanoke, Virginia