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Collin Mak - PS4 Gaming Article AuthorAbout Me:
I guess I’m a writer who mashes letters into words and blends them into sentences for a paragraph smoothie filled with all the vitamins and minerals needed for growing brains. Speaking of brains...

Do you want to know something amazing and incredible and disgusting about zombies? They eat people, but they never poop. They’re shambling corpses who don’t poop or breathe or feel pain. Where does all the poop go? ZOMBIE POOP, another one of life’s great mysteries. If you’re looking at my biography, then you should probably know I love everything to do with zombies and comic books and video games. I also make it an OCD-habit to play anything and everything with zombies in it. I don’t care if they’re space zombies (Dead Space and Doom, my sweeties), alien parasite zombies (Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6... come on Capcom), rabies-infected zombies (Left 4 Dead, son), British zombies (Killing Floor, surviving the undead FTW), Nazi zombies (Call of Duty: I Only Play the Zombie Part and LOL Snipe Elite), or zombies on my lawn (I don’t want zombies on my LAWN).

I is a recent university graduate with a taste for all things bloody and brainy. Also, video games.

Find me for discussions on zombie safety and security. We really need to talk about where we’re going to meet in the event of a zombie apocalypse. I’m bringing some shotguns and tuna casserole. What about you?

Favorite Games:
ZOMBIES make every game better. You better believe I love Left 4 Dead, Dead Space, RESIDENT EVIL (you’ve never experienced co-op until you save a friend from getting his head chopped off by a super-zombie), Dead Rising, Dead Island, The House of the Dead, Killing Floor, Plants vs. Zombies... ZOMBIES. Oddly, not a fan of the DayZ or WarZ.

You also can’t forget about Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. Nothing makes you a man faster than punching people in the face as the one and only Dark Knight. Also, who doesn’t love pulling off a 359-hit combo using every bat-gadget in your arsenal without breaking a sweat?

Then we got Borderlands and Borderlands 2 where shooting mutated people/aliens/bugs/robots allows you to see colorful loot drop like a murder piñata. I kind of forgive Gearbox for sort of making Aliens: Colonial Marines ‘cause of how much fun BL2 is right now.

Portal, can’t forget about a great puzzle game like Portal. Or Portal 2. And BioShock hacking. And BioShock 2 hacking. Then there’s Street Fighter IV with the punching and the kicking. And Tomb Raider. And hot Lara Croft. And the Uncharted series.

Who’s not excited for The Last of Us? Really, I want to know. I want to go to there and punch said person in the eye.

Ontario, Canada

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