PS4 vs Xbox One - Who Wins and Why - Updated

There will always be PS4 fans there, XBox fans and sometimes those who love both. Can you guess who we deem superior?

PS4 vs XBox One - Two Reviews - Winner Declared:
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PS4 vs XBox One: After the fact
Ever since the dawn of man, if you give humanity an option there will be competition. Whether that is choosing what deity you bow to or selecting your favorite brand of booze at the bar, people’s opinions and choices will always create competition. There are few competitors on the market that can create the following of the big name consoles; the passion and dedication of the fans can be seen in rant form on any gaming community website, including this one.

PS4 vs Xbox One

This has been true with consoles ever since Nintendo and Sega; did you prefer bouncing across the heads of mushrooms in the slightly trippy land of the Mario Brothers, or were you a fan of our speedy, blue haired friend on the Sega? Everyone has their own preference and now that the PS4 and the Xbox One have been out for a year, it's time to reevaluate the situation and see for ourselves who is currently winning the race.

E3 2016 and Beyond: The War Begins Anew

Sony was handing Microsoft their proverbial posteriors going into 2016, but E3 shook the very halls of the gaming world. Not only were we given confirmation that the PS4 Neo, otherwise known as the PS4.5, is real, but Microsoft also had a few announcements of their own.

Chief among them was the announcement of Xbox 2, codenamed Project Scorpio. They also mentioned something about an Xbox One S, but let's be honest, people are more interested in this new console they're talking about.

Phil Spencer promised it would be "the most powerful console ever built." Meanwhile, Sony focused on games and neglected to speak about the PS4 Neo until the time was right. That time, apparently is September 7th, 2016 when Sony plans to hold "The PlayStation Meeting" to talk about the "future of the PlayStation business."

With both Sony and Microsoft bringing out new consoles (or console refreshes as some people call them), it's no longer simply the PS4 vs Xbox One. We've got a new war on our hands people.

Microsoft Going All In

Let's start with an away game. Microsoft announced both Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio) and Xbox One S at E3 2016. The S came out in August of 2016 and Project Scorpio is scheduled for a holiday 2017 date.

Up until 2016, Microsoft was way behind monthly sales on PS4 systems. While Sony still has quite the lead overall, the Xbox One managed to beat PS4 sales in July 2016.

Mike Nicholas, head of Xbox's marketing, was clearly happy with the turnaround:

"We're honored that Xbox One was the best-selling console in the U.S. in July, and that total gaming hours on Xbox consoles globally were up 18 percent over last year, reaching 1.55 billion hours."

Impressive to be sure, but let's not forget that PS4 has already sold over 40 million consoles, and they've had a 2-to-1 lead over Xbox One up until now. Even so, Microsoft isn't playing around.

They've been ramping up on the exclusive titles in 2016, with new titles coming like Recore, Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War 4, Dead Rising 4, Sea of Thieves, Halo Wars 2, and Scalebound.

They've also promised that the Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio) will be both backwards and forwards compatible. Microsoft has thus far said there will be no Scorpio exclusives. Every game released will work across all version of their current consoles.

Aaron Greenberg, head of Xbox Games marketing tweeted this after E3 2016:

"Great thing is with Project Scorpio as part of #XboxOne family all your games will work, no Scorpio exclusives, so no one gets left behind."

Top this off with the promise that Project Scorpio/Xbox 2 will be compatible with VR and it's clear Microsoft is looking to catch up or even surpass Sony.

Don't worry though, Sony has something up their sleeves. They always do.

Sony Playing For Keeps With PS4 Neo

Just before E3 2016, PlayStation boss Andrew House confirmed the existence of PS4.5, otherwise known as PS4 Neo. Furthermore, additional details are set to be revealed September 7th, 2016 at The PlayStation Meeting.

When rumors first appeared regarding the PS4.5, people were worried (myself included) that Sony was planning on cutting the PS4's lifecyle short to keep pace with technology. During an interview with The Guardian, PlayStation boss Andrew house put those fears to rest.

"I don't think we're suggesting with Neo, the conventional console lifecycle is over, I'm certainly not making that statement. This is an additional option, it's a high-end version of a PlayStation 4, let's be very clear about that, rather than a generational shift."

The real reason behind the PS4 Neo is to cater to the audience of gamers that inevitably shift away from consoles to PC as the technology gap widens. Essentially, this is a supercharged PS4 for those who want the best of the best.

This reasoning doubles if you're someone who has a 4K television as the Neo will offer 4K experiences. Neither Project Scorpio or PS4 Neo have confirmed specs as of this writing, but it will be certainly interesting to see how the two stack up.

Looking back to the game side of things, Microsoft may have some interesting titles coming for the Xbox, but PlayStation continues to crush it with the exlusive titles. Check out these bombshells coming to the PS4:

  • God of War IV
  • Detroit: Become Human
  • Days Gone
  • Death Stranding
  • Spider-Man
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn
  • Sony's game-focused E3 presentation was a clear indicator that they are still in the business of creating epic new experiences. With PlayStation VR releasing in October 2016, they are also going to have the edge of VR on consoles before Microsoft.

    The race is getting tighter, we can't argue with that, but it looks like Sony isn't too worried about Microsoft catching up with them. What about you? Who do you think is winning? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

    It's Still (And Always Will Be) About the Games

    These respective systems continue to evolve with updates and tweaks, along with new apps like HBO Go, but ultimately these are game consoles and they live and die by their games. Microsoft hasn't seen any major exclusives this year (so far) except for the occasional indie title that gets high praise.

    The best way to describe the current state of affairs is to admit that the playing field has been leveled to an extent. We're in between furious bouts of heated debate, but this is only the eye of the storm. The two contenders are in their respective corners, taking a breather before they go at each other's throats again.

    You can bet that this article will receive more updates on the ongoing console war. Until then my friends, game on!

    PS4 vs XBox

    Hardware Wars
    The technology behind the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is so close that even I had to take notice. I’ve compiled a chart that lists all of the information that is confirmed for each system so we can compare the two.

    Xbox One PS4
    CPU 8 Core AMD Jaguar Custom CPU 1.75GHZ 8 Core AMD Jaguar X64 (10X PS3 Processing Power) 1.6GHZ
    GPU AMD GPU 'Durango' D3D 11.1 chip AMD Radeon GPU (1080P 60 frames/sec) 4k Ultra HD
    RAM 8 GB DDR3 68.3gb/second +32 Embedded Static Ram 8 GB Unified GDDR5 - 176gb/second
    Optical Drive Blu-ray Blu-ray
    Storage 500 GB Hard Drive (not removable) 500 GB Hard Drive (removable)

    PS4 versus Xbox OneI know what you’re thinking upon looking at this chart; the statistics of both systems look the same. I know I previously guessed that both systems would have quite a difference between them; after all, looking at the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, both systems use extremely different hardware. However, it seems with the next generation, this isn’t the case, as both systems are close in terms of specifications despite Sony relying on AMD and Microsoft relying on their own proprietary hardware.

    GPU - Graphics Power

    Looking at the GPU, which is commonly referred to as the graphics card, you’ll notice a slight difference; while the PlayStation 4 is using a Radeon, the Xbox One is using a card capable of Direct3D 11 to align itself with the Windows architecture the system is using. However, both cards feature DirectX 11 support in addition to an increase of VRAM, which is going to blow the current generation of consoles away. I previously didn’t think we’d see a big jump in graphics, but I was definitely wrong.

    CPU - Processing Power

    In terms of CPU, the Xbox One is using feature an 8 core CPU, same as the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4’s 8 core CPU is specifically designed to work with the graphics card, much like the Xbox One's graphics card and CPU are designed to work together in the Windows-based environment the system provides. This reminds me of how the PlayStation 3 components were designed to work together and how it produced better PlayStation 3 exclusive games, so color me excited.

    As for the rest of the specs, both systems are using the same amount of RAM, though the PS4 has the edge due to it using DDR5. Both systems are using Blu-ray drives, as expected. Both systems also included a 500GB hard drive . The PS4's drive can be removed and replaced, while the Xbox is stuck with what it's got. That being said, it does support external drives while PS4 doesn't, so pros and cons both ways here.

    It's clear that there are some differences between the two in terms of power. For example, a lot of Xbox One games have been launching at a lower resolution than PS4. In most cases Xbox will get something under 1080p resolution while PS4 will come forward with a native 1080p resolution and a top notch frame rate. Even with this information in mind though, the differences on multiplatform games hasn't been anything massive in either direction.

    Don't upset Francis:

    PS4 is second to none...
    Original Article by - Blaine Smith
    Article Updated by Bradley Ramsey 8/17/16

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    well, today people wants best grafic, and old games already are old, and u already have ps3 so why do u need ps4 that have backw cap ? well only one bad thing - two consoles behind tv.. is it realy so bad ?

    Then why did you want your PS3 over your PS2?

    The PS3 mad MASSIVELY improved hardware and graphical improvement from the PS2, and online features. Same with the PS4. Is that not the sole reason to get a new console...? Sure, the PS3 had backwards compatibility, but you seem to be enjoying your PS3 games... The point of next-gen gaming is to play next-gen games... But you seem to want to only play your old games... So why don't you stick with your PS3 and wait till you're ready for the PS4...? Not everyone will be switching immediately.

    xbox 720

    think about it guys, microsoft is taking time now like most game developers or console developers should do they are going to release the ps4 ealier than the 720 there trying to compete but in the long run the more time you take making something the better it will be;)

    It's only by about a few months, if even...

    The next-gen Xbox is more than likely going to be released within a few months of the PS4's release, if even that. There isn't enough time to change the hardware so quickly. Microsoft already has the hardware set, right now they're optimizing it all, and getting enough made so they can actually sell something when it's released. There's rumor of an Xbox 720 unveil coming soon, so your theory doesn't have much substance. Microsoft may have had more time to design their new console, but that doesn' t mean they used it or used it well. You can get something done in a quick matter, as long as you do it reliably and efficiently. Time doesn't always mean quality. Look how long it took for GT5 to be made - it was an incomplete (yet still very good) product.

    Shut up

    sony has more money think about that they can re do it


    Actually sony has taken a loss the last 4 years. So I don't know where all this magic money is coming from but if they were doing fine they wouldn't be selling their new york branch.

    Better it will be?....

    Yh XBOX360 was released before PS3. That is why PS3 is a more reliable console ... THINK before you write nonsense will you, BOTH Microsoft and Sony know what thdre doing.

    Playstation 4

    ps4 will be better than xbox 720 and microsoft said that there wouldn't be that mnay changes from the 360 to the 720 and still no blu ray microsoft said. sony is making many changes even on the ps4 will be better than the 720

    Either you made that up or...

    ...You blindly believe what you read on forum :) Microsoft have said nothing like that about their next gen console and refuse to comment on rumours. So I think that's wishful thinking from you. So don't make it up please, wait for the next gen Xbox launch.

    xbox one wins

    Ps3 has been chuggin along making sales but its a fact that Xbox sells more than ps3. Its an entertainment system. Ps3 and the new ps4 will be too similar to tell the difference in change besides the new graphics and frame rate.

    Competition is good

    Remember back in nintendo and sega days...competition creates great games but with internet and face book, this changes everything back then once a game was bought you were stuck with that with I.T. if a bad game gets releaesed we will all know about it and not buy things have changed and it guarantees good games....hopefully....cant wait for games to be as good as the movies in games...................that would rock....and from what I hear this is it... cant wait to seeeeeeeeeeeeee.....yayyyyyyyyyyyyy....

    Compeditive priceing for ps4

    There is that stupid question online "would you pay $1000 for a ps4" but looking back at how much sony lost in sales just baced on price to the xbox i would think thay wouldent want to make the starting price much different. If you think about it eventho the ps3 was a better system there were nearly twice as meany xboxs sold in the us than ps3's. I would imagin thay would want to stays price compeditive. Unless thay want to go under like so meany otheres that Nintendo took out just by staying cheap.

    Look at the facts

    Sony made more money last year then they ever did


    Funny sony recorded a loss of 544m dollars in the third quarter and is trying to sell its new york branch for 1.1bn so it can make up for the huge losses.

    just wondering where the hell

    just wondering where the hell did you get your information from Sony is the worlds leading innovative company if you took a closer look at the stock market and actually understood the numbers and what things meant you wouldn't be on this website making stupid comments besides where would x box be if it wasn't for Microsoft there s the difference if Microsoft goes under what happens to the x box while Sony has no one to answer too. here's a little question for you what does Sony has that Microsoft doesn't have here's your answer plenty of stock for instance just to name a few things tv's cameras gaming systems the list just goes on while Microsoft only has what windows the sorry excuse of a gaming system x box Microsoft only deals with computers and software while Sony deals with everything you could possibly think of do the math do research before you run that trap of yours

    good argument

    Still doesn't change the fact that Sony is losing money and Microsoft is making Sony play catch up. Look up sales for Sony and Microsoft and get real facts

    would you pay $1000 for a ps4

    Love, don't know where you are in the world? But here where I am(Australia) we have & still do pay $1000 for a ps3's so when I see something saying "would you pay $1000 for a ps4" I have to have a giggle to myself. Knowing to well that when it hits Australian shores we would be paying something in a price range $1500 - $2000aust for it so stop complaining about $1000 & think there is other parts of the world are paying a lot more than YOU ARE!

    PC beats all

    Lol pc beats both ps3 and xbox I mean come on u never hear xbox is better than pc or ps3 is better than pc cause those ppl know that pc will stomp them both.

    True Story

    No Comments...




    PC doesn’t get the good exclusive title's ever.You dont get KILLZONE,GEARS OF WAR 2 AND 3 OR HALO 3 AND 4 also you dont get UNCHARTED OR RESISTANCE.That is why games consoles are better for gaming. If all these titles where available on PC which they SHOULD be because they where MADE on PC THEN yes i would agree the PC is better. You have the power and performance but you don’t have the games on PC

    lol what?

    Are you serious? Pc has so many exclusive titles and shared titles it is ridiculous. You are out of your mind. Look at all the mmo games that are still selling and raking in a monthly fee. You also have to remember that the pc has had games being made for it since the 70s. Plenty of pc only games. It's obvious you have never had a gaming pc.


    Keep playing your PC,the only reason PC isn't in the who's better race is because the PC isn't seen as competition for THE BEST GAMING PLATFORMS IN THE WORLD. Console gamers rule the world

    ps3 is better then xbox 360

    I mean get it straight the ps3 is better then the xbox because it doesn't have the fee for online like xbox and it plays bluray discs. The specs are also 10x the xbox fans go cry.




    All you said is, "im cheap and I like my free gaming console. Free is always better." The Xbox is an entertainment system. It caters to all of your entertainment needs. While you can just get free gaming on the PlayStation. Whoopie! Yaay for the cheap retarded boy!

    Whos the retard now

    The PS4 is going to have pretty much ALL the same features that the Failbox I mean Xbox One will have, so your the retard for paying for things that you could get for free on PSN.


    I have been a 360 fan ever since it's release, But Microsoft had lost my trust due to the absurd regulations on the Xbox one. I am making the switch to ps4.


    i'm going 2 loss so much just on the fact that MS states we can't make new system be backwards compat w/360 titles BUT PS4 CAN for all PS TITLES. I'LL EVEN BE GIVEN UP MY TITLE ON XBOX that gives me free gold and pts.


    i would rather pay for service than get hacked all the time sony gets hacked all the time maybe xbox lovers pay 4 service but they also get free games bonus gameplays graphics on point and having kids xbox 1 or wiiu is where is at it dont freeze up my money is in the xbox1 ps lovers can eat sh1t


    yes xbox has a fee BUT NO ONE GOT HACKED INTO LIKE PS DID. Myself the cost of live is worth keeping my account safe. I was a ORG. PS player(NOT the replaced with PS1) til Dreamcast came out. I wont be getting either system being both claimed 2014/2015 til either put out a new system LYERS.Both are over priced(xbox being way over priced)will admitt PS4 will be my next system being my 200+ xbox titles WONT PLAY ON THE XTVBOX(XBOX1 NOT XBOX720 MORONS)FOR REAL PS4 really is PS5 every1 4gets about the very 1st released ps then ps1-ps2-ps3-now PS4.4 THOSE THAT think theyre tru fans of the ps FAIL & most likly didnt play ps til ps2 came out.

    This is so biased

    What about halo and gears of war? which is only exclusive to xbox, the ps4 will be better hardware but the xbox 720 will have dlc first exclusives and more partnerships.

    Playsation 4 will have early DLC and partnerships...

    PS4 will have "early" DLC and partnerships... If you watched the conference at all, you'd know this. Since the hardware is so much easier to write for, a lot more developers have signed on to get on the PS4 - a major studio being Bungie. And there won't be delayed DLC for the PS4 (unless the developers are at fault) for this reason as well. I don't know where you're getting the "better hardware on PS4" bit, since the official specs on the 720 haven't even been revealed. Both things you've stated are factually incorrect.

    In Addition

    Also with Destiny they said that they will be making DLCs that only PS4 gets, so Xbox does not even get these DLCs at all, and Xbox is only investing in whats popular now, where PlayStation is investing in the future with Destiny.


    Destiny will have "PS4 Exclusive Content" wich means a few special helmets and maybe a gun or two. Bungie knows it's a bad choice to limit DLC to just one console, and they never will. Content is not the same as typical DLCs.

    Halo is now being picked up

    Halo is now being picked up by Steven Spielberg and being produced for both Sony and Microsoft. Xbox loses a leg-up on it's competition and soon will topple under pressure. Halo is all Xbox has. Keep it honest, Playstation is and always will be better. No argument.


    i think it should be more focused on the ps4 and xbox rather than just mainly for the pc that ticks me of that we have to wait months after for it

    Xbox will sore over Playstation

    rumor has it that the Xbox 720 will have cloud storage, and that games will have to be redownloaded and re paid for the merge of your account. plus myself and others are conserned that all the money put into the Xbox 360 will be in vain,and others are conserned that there friends that upgrde to the Xbox 720 will not be able to chat with there Xbox 360 friends. If Microsoft addresses vthese issues i think that the prematur launch of Playstation 4 will prove to be Plastations down fall and undoing, with the console price at $699 - $999, Xbox will sore with prices of $399 - $499. Xbox 720 is rumored to have all the features of the new Playstation console with added features. If it was me id pick Xbox over Playstation for the price. You cant beat a better quality product for a cheaper price

    xbox all the way

    dude you know nothink about the knew xbox is it even called 720 and for that other thing you will still use same gamertag!


    I'd pay twice that for the top end games console PS4 no contest

    use your brain

    if you want a console war it is xbox v wiiU otherwise you are buying a standard pc. if i want to have high def , shooters galore and people shouting about how they pwned me then the p.c. does it better than a ps4. if i want something that is interactive WiiU or xboxONE can supply that better than the ps4 - sorry but until pricing is released not even the games on the ps4 justify it.

    I disagree - PC's are much

    I disagree - PC's are much less user friendly than a console, which is a massive plus to the average consumer. In that sense, the PC does not do it better than a console.

    Hot subject to post atm

    i mean i myself use to have the original x-box however i turned to ps3 after realising online actually cost money! of course ps3 and x-box are both great given that you can create ur avatar on x-box and get free internet on ps3...Both consoles have there faults and both have there positives, lets just hope that the 720 and ps4 can be as better as the old and not get to technical

    Playstation 4

    Playstation is, has been and forever be better than the xbox, they are just trying to keep up they're going to run out of number soon lol, but PSN can go on.... PSN4L!


    x3 hells yeah.

    playstation better than xbox?

    If that is so,how come Sony has been behind Xbox in sales for forever. Look up ps3 sales to see the proof. Can't deny the charts,Xbox is better

    Well said, The sheep on this

    Well said, The sheep on this site will scream sony 4 life all day long while the xbox will in fact crush them in sales. All day long sony fanboys!


    xbox is only 7 million units ahead of ps3 sales world wide considering it was out a full year ealier mean that ps3 has sold better then the 360 the only country where 360 has sold better then the ps3 is north america mainly the usa so please do ur homework before u go shooting off ur xbox fanboy mouth

    ps4 vs xbox 720/infinity.

    PS4 will be better hardware-wise and game wise (obviously)