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A year and a half after the official release of both the Xbox One and the PS4, we've seen the Xbox One already slash it's price $50. Could the PS4 be far behind? As of February 2015, Sony has stated that NO price cut is planned for the PlayStation 4. If you want it, better get the $400 together.

To figure out the price based on hardware, we can compare it to what it would be like if someone were to build a computer with similar specifications as the console is essentially made up of computer components. We know that the PlayStation 4 will feature an AMD 8-core processor with a 1.84 TFLOPS Radeon-based graphics engine. In addition, it will sport 8 GB GDDR5 memory, a built-in hard drive and a Blu-ray/DVD drive running at 6x and 8x speed, respectively.

Let's start with the processor; AMD sells an 8-core processor on its own website for $160. It also sells the 2 TFLOPS Radeon HD 6870 for another $145, which also has 2 GB of GDDR5 memory. Though it is more powerful than the PlayStation 4 with 2 TFLOPS, it has a quarter of the memory expected for the console, so we can even out the difference in price. Hard drives for the PlayStation 3 ranged in a number of sizes, but the PS4 will come with a 500GB hard drive. This can cost anywhere between $100 and $150, depending on the brand name and speed. Finally, a Blu-ray/DVD drive for a computer would run about another $50 on average.

Playstation 4 Price and Cost DetailsWith these basic components, a similarly-equipped computer would cost about $450 to $505, depending on the website or store you buy each item from. This kind of price is actually within the confines of what Asahi, a well-known Japanese publication, guessed the cost of the PlayStation 4 would be.

When you look back at the PlayStation 3, which released for about $600, it makes sense that Sony would not want to repeat this mistake; with such a high price, sales suffered as gamers were too hesitant to spend such a fee on a console. $399 was a smart move on their part, that's for sure.

In terms of the lower price this time around, Sony Worldwide Studios vice president Michael Denny has been quoted as saying "We want a system that can reach as broad a gaming audience as possible. We have created a console absolutely focused on gamers – and we want that to be gamers in the broadest sense as well."

What this means is that Sony realizes the pricing mistakes it made on the PlayStation 3 by originally pricing the console not only out of reach for casual gamers but hardcore gamers as well. It's nice to see that they haven't made the same mistake twice. Another smart move on Sony's part was keeping games at the same price and not restricting the use of pre-owned games. Since the PS4 comes with a decently sized hard drive, an HDMI cable, and the controller, there won't be any required accessory purchase out of the box.

It's been over a year now since the console released and we've seen no price drops. That being said, various bundles have surfaced during the holiday season. The announcement of a 20th Anniversary PS4 has also brought a new stylized design into the fold. While Xbox has since lowered their price and made the Kinect optional, PS4 still continues to sell strong. It's all thanks to Sony's wise decision to keep the system priced at something far more reasonable than PS3's launch price.

PlayStation 4 fans, keep your eyes on not only this page, but PS4 Experts in general for up-to-date PS4 pricing news!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 03/11/2013
Article Updated: 12/19/14

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will pay max 400

im not going to spend more than 400 dollers for a game console PLUS bf4 and all those other games that come out because im not going to waste all my cash on a console and then have nothing to play so i hope they include (i hope) that it comes with bf4 with it :D

What makes you say that...?

Most new consoles come with a game at release... The PS3 had MotorStorm and several others, the PS2 had SSX and several other launch titles, and the PS1 with Ridge Racer and Air Combat among many others... And Sony hasn't even unveiled the actual console yet, only what's inside, let alone games it will come with. It could come with Drive Club, InFamous: Second Son, or any of he other games shown at the conference. There isn't any evidence against it.


battlefield 4 comes t after the ps4. so they might do a bundle like how they did with assassins creed 3 and th ps3 but not right when it comes out.

UK Prices will be more

I am a big time gamer.. I Have a ps3 all three models there ok but i really just use it as a blue ray player or for Netfix now.... As for the price if you want to really game build your own Pc Gamming machine Kick the ass off My ps3 But cost me Around £3000 to build inculding 40" led screen though Yeah so ps4 seems okay if you just come home from work wanna kick back and play a game....

Just Please

As long as Sony doesn't pull an Aliens: Colonial Marines on us, and what we saw at the press conference wasn't fake, I'll pay 400 bucks, or a little more. I already have 300 saved, and am just waiting for my beautiful, own console to torture my family with mwahahah!

So happy I'm gonna pay over 1000for a console

I can't wait once i've baught my ps4 I'm going to play that cloned halo game called destiny even though I've slagged bungie off the entire time they where working with Microsoft I am also looking forward to play God of War 17 :) they realy didn't kill that ps exclusive :D

Be realistic.

The Rig will be 699.00 US no less.Look at the hardware.Sorry for anyone that can't afford this but if you can't you probably can't afford the games or online memberships.

No you be realistic

Go on Google right now and look up "PS$ price". Then go to "News". There should be an article saying that Sony will learn from the pricing mistake they did with the PS3. The PS3 (correct me if I'm wrong) launched at USD$499 and $599. If Sony really wasn't going to make the stupid pricing mistake they did before, then what makes you think they'll price the PS4 at USD$699? Many analylsts are saying the starting price of the PS4 will be between $350 to $400. Now who knows if they are true, but if Sony sticks to their word, we won't see a PS4 over $450.


I need to know what is THE REAL PRICE.......I don't like rumours and something like that..........SO NOW JUST TELL THE REAL RICE...cuz im a Filiino im saving 100 pesos a day to buy a PS4.......

PS4 Cost

OK kiddies, First of all, Sony will not be purchasing components at retail prices. Sony will mass produce the PS4. In production, I would be surprised if Sony's production cost is over $150-$175 in the beginning, their cost will decrease after that. Probably after the first 500,000 to 1,000,000 units. Yes Sony can sell the PS4 (basic system with 1 controller) for $250-$299 and make a good profit. Sony is a huge company with massive buying power. If you had ever believed that Sony had sold any PS version at a lose, your a fool and don't know business. Don't even attempt to mention the make up their loses from profits on the games. You would be more of a fool. Please think about this and do your own viable reasearch

And they also need to make up for the money they lost on the PS3

Sony lost money on every PS3 sold for the first few years, so they'll likely be bumping the price up a little bit - it's been rumored (via various retail leaks) to be around $400-550 depending on the size hard drive you purchase.

prepare to be surprised

You really have no idea what you're talking about. I would say what you are listing as a profitable price is most likely less than what the production price is going to be, at least in the beginning.

save your money...

100 pesos a day? that is a little over 2.50 USD. If you can only save that much, you don't need to be buying ANY gaming console.

save your money

Well if he saves till November he'd have. Most or even all of the money needed.

PS4 Cost

OK kiddies, First of all, Sony will not be purchasing components at retail prices. Sony will mass produce the PS4. In production, I would be surprised if Sony's production cost is over $150-$175 in the beginning, their cost will decrease after that. Probably after the first 500,000 to 1,000,000 units. Yes Sony can sell the PS4 (basic system with 1 controller) for $250-$299 and make a good profit. Sony is a huge company with massive buying power. If you had ever believed that Sony had sold any PS version at a lose, your a fool and don't know business. Don't even attempt to mention the make up their loses from profits on the games. You would be more of a fool. Please think about this and do your own viable reasearch.

They only started getting

They only started getting profit for the PS3 in November 2010....

The PS3 was made at an

The PS3 was made at an accepted cost of about 900 USD and sold for roughly 300 cheaper...Sony is not run by idiots and thats why they take the initial loss because they no they'll lose tons of consumers selling a 1000 USD console. They make outrageously more than 300 per user by selling games/online content/market subscriptions. You've done no research yourself and no even less about business to assume they wouldn't run this strategy.

check their financial history

Check their history last 4 years have recorded losses they are selling their new york branch to make up for it.


noknownoknownoknowno. So your telling me that Sony is a multi billion dollar company made up of saints? Check your logic, why would Sony put themselves in bankruptcy? $300 lost for every PlayStation sold? 600,000,000 ps3's sold (out of date, probably more now)... What's 600,000,000 multiplied by 300? 180,000,000,000 billion dollars lost because Sony is smart enough to spend $900 building a machine just to sell it for $600. Doesn't sound very smart does it? So now my question is... HOW OLD ARE YOU AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE MATHS IS?! I feel like I just wasted a small part of my life... goodbye!

I'm going to carry on

I'm going to carry on assuming that the release price is going to be upwards of AU$1000, because everything's bloody overpriced these days. Plus, if I'm wrong, I'll have a good chunk of my savings left over to buy some games.

Ps4 is awsome

Sony is gonna make the ps4 pric low after there accident making the ps3 600 Its gonna be 150 to 175 maybe if it has more accessories it will be 200 dollars


You are high saying 200$ when that's the price of a refurbished ps3 haha

so excited

My son is so excited. I am a single mother and I always get my son what he wants for his birthday or Christmas. He will be 11 in June and all he talks about is this ps4. I hope y'all don't cost me too much! Best wishes!

you are a good mother

You are a very good mother haha :D i wish all be like you :)

Ps4 prices?

I love playstation

bloody need the price

I've wanted a ps4 for ages now and need to save up. If I knew how much I would need it would be ideal as its hard feeding my gf and out daughter and save money too

PC or PS4?

My question is why not buy a PC if you're going to spend $500 on a console? That's basically what a console is, anyways, with nice graphics that could be gotten from a $200 video card.

Not Equal

Mainly because a PC that is $500 won't be capable of doing what the console can do for the same price. Not without adding in a new graphics card which would probably set you back another $75-$300+ depending on quality. That being said, if you spend $500 on a PC then have to turn around and spend more money on a graphics card, then you have actually spent more than what the console is worth.

One Example

XPS 8500 Date 5/14/2013 10:25:55 AM Central Standard Time Catalog Number 29 Retail 19 Catalog Number / Description Product Code Qty SKU Id XPS 8500: XPS 8500 1 Chassis: Black w/19:1 Media Card Reader Processors: 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i5-3350P processor (6M Cache, up to 3.10 GHz) Operating System: Windows 8, 64-bit, English Office Productivity Software (Pre-Installed): Microsoft® Office trial Memory: 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 1600MHz - 2 DIMMs Optical Drive: 16X CD/DVD burner (DVD+/-RW), write to CD/DVD Hard Drive: 1TB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive 6.0 Gb/s Video Card: NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 620 1GB DDR3 Hardware Support Services: 1 Year Enhanced Support - America's Best Standard Support Security Software: McAfee® Security, 12-Months Speakers: No speakers (Speakers are required to hear audio from your system) Wireless: Dell Wireless 1703 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth v4.0+LE Sound: Integrated 7.1 with WAVE MAXXAudio 4 Network Card: Integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet Adobe Reader: No Adobe Reader Selected Wireless Driver: Dell SRV Software 1703 Documentation: English Documentation Additional Software: Additional Software Optical SW: Cyberlink Media Suite Essentials DVD Power Cord: US Power Cord Monitor: If accessories are purchased, they may ship separately Additional Settings: PocketCloud Companion, Standard, Digital Delivery Miscellaneous: PCmover Home – Free Keyboard: Dell KB213 Wired Multimedia Keyboard, US-English Mouse: Dell Laser Mouse Entertainment and Editing Software: Digital Download Enabled The cost of the Dell Pc is $699.00. It won't be able to do what the PS4 or Xbox(?) will be able to do right out of the box. At least not without additional purchases of stronger components. That includes NO Blue-Ray Drive and a Graphics card that appears to be barely capable of playing World of Warcraft on medium settings let alone high or ultra.

why is that worth 699 build

why is that worth 699 build your own computer for lessi can build a system thatll outdo any console any day for around 550 with smoother graphics

Its not worth it

I have a ps3 with amazing graphics and a gaming computer that has graphics that are almost just as good. There is no reason for me to spend 500 dollars on a system that is just "a little bit" better then the ps3. Same goes for the Galaxy s4

What? Just a little bit

What? Just a little bit better? Waw, you must not have seen any of the specs or actual games have you?

you also have to give

you also have to give recognition that computers lack a surmountable ammount of gaming media.

There are plenty of games

There are plenty of games for pc you just have to look for them. Granted they may not pound out titles like ps or xbox but a lot of the decent titles either come from or go to pc as well.

First off

First off you are talking about buying an xps so you don't know much about gaming pcs. Secondly you can build or have one built for cheaper then that or add a few hundred and build one that can run most anything at maxed out graphics. You also talk about how it can barely run WoW...WoW is a processor heavy game not as dependant on the gpu. That's why it jumps around in fps so much when you are playing it. I've seen high end gpus that don't get good fps on it because the processor was crappy.

PC is Still Better

PC may be more expensive at first, but its better in the long run, as it costs less to upgrade your computer every 5 years with some extra ram (very cheap for the improvements it brings) or better video card (sometimes not even necessary) than to get a new $400-$600 dollar console every 5-8 years if you do it right.

Pc Better, only in a few ways

There are other things to consider. First is the controller, many people prefer it to mouse and keyboard (it's wireless too). Second is I can sit on my comfy couch with my feet up watching my big screen tv and using my surround sound set up. There is also warranty to consider, if you build your own computer and it takes a crap, it's out of your own pocket. If my ps takes a crap it's covered under a 3 year bumper to bumper replacement warranty (35 dollars for the extra two years). Games also play a big part, every game I get (if it says ps4 on it) works perfectly.


First off pc may cost more but you get more. The pc can handle a lot more stuff at one time. Secondly I can sit on my couch and play my pc on my bigscreen if I want to its got a wireless mouse and keyboard. Also you can use a controller for a pc but to be honest the mouse and keyboard combo works great for pinpoint accuracy and speed. They have to use sticky aim in a lot of games on console because it's too hard to play without it for most average players. A lot of parts are warrantied from the manufacturers. Such as my xfx graphics card which has a lifetime warranty. Plus I can upgrade certain things on it as well if I need to slowly instead of having to do it all at once. The new consoles will be on par with decent alienware laptops as far as graphics go but still behind the best pcs. By the time the new consoles come out there will probably be a new set of faster processors and new gpus coming out that outperform the ones now. I myself will probably have both consoles and my gaming pcs. As for favorite it will probably still be the pc. Nothing like eye candy for the win.

I was thinking about this.

Okay, this is what I think about the Playstation 4. It has good graphics that a gaming pc can give which in turn is a console, a console for gaming not like what a computer in really meant to do. So in terms of price. Mostly a computer or a gaming computer can range from as low as 400 dollars up to 1599 dollars for those high end rig. Guys, Playstation 4 is a gaming console made by a Japanese Company in which their own country is very advance. You may think about it but for me. The price would be $400 up to $500 We all know, Sony has made a big mistake during the launch of the Playstation 3 in which the Economy is greatly going down. Playstation 4 would be better that Playstation 3 however in a lower price. - A boy from the Philippines. -


That is literally what the article already stated. Also a gaming rig can be much more expensive than 1599. One GTX690 can go for 900 by itself.

ill be ki.da upset... :/ BUT EXCITED!!

I really hope that the ps4 will be no more than 500 dollars because if its any more than that i just cant afford it.. us i will be disapointed about not playing my ps3 since i havent even had it for a year yet and so far ive enjoyed it soooo much!! I am also wondering if the ps4 will come with free psn or will we have to pay for psn kinda like xbox. It will also suck because after purchasing the ps4 for however mhch it costs i will also have to buy games, an extra contoller, and a headset. Im also wondering if they will bring old games from ps3 to the ps4 like black ops 2 etc. Because i really enjoy those games and ill be very upset about rebuying those game that i liked from ps3

PS4 - Can't Wait

I have been playing my ps2 for the longest time. I wanted to see how long the ps3 would be on the market before ps4 came out. I'm glad I waited because it looks like it was worth it!

lol why?

lol why?


that is not what the ps4 looks like your pulling a bunch of bs on us

its the darpan concept jackass

no ones trying to play you they just dont have an image of the console and controller together yet that reveal wont be till june 6th