Final Fantasy XV and The PlayStation 4

Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been in development for over seven years, making it one of the longest Final Fantasy games to ever be stuck in a development cycle as we've previously noted on PS4 Experts. As the PlayStation 3 era ended, rumors swirled that the game would transition from the PS3 to the PS4. The rumors were only half right, however, as the game did appear on the PlayStation 4 at E3 2013 but under a new name: Final Fantasy XV.

The Name Change
At E3 2013, Tetsuya Nomura explained the development problems that Final Fantasy Versus XIII faced in it's seven year development cycle: "Several times, there were changes in engines that we used. To make what I imagined in my mind on the current generation of consoles was very challenging. What you saw yesterday in the trailer was very difficult to create in the current generation of consoles."

In other words, Nomura was struggling to create the game he wanted on the PlayStation 3 and kept remaking the game in an attempt to capture his vision. With the power of the PlayStation 4, he finally found what he was looking for and, since the Final Fantasy XIII series is ending with XIII-3, now was a good time to completely rebrand the game and spin it off into its own Final Fantasy series.

The Story
Don't expect Final Fantasy XV to differ much from Final Fantasy Versus XIII, as Nomura claimed at E3 that "The story and the characters have not changed from the onset."

To recap the story, for those of you that don't know, you will primarily play as Noctis, the guardian of the crystals. When wage overs the crystals, Noctis, the prince of his country, must defend both his country and his crystal from the empires that want to make the crystal their own. Along the way, Noctis meets both friends and foes and will unravel the story behind the crystal and why it's so important.

Final Fantasy XV Revealed For The PlayStation 4Not a lot of details have been revealed just yet in terms of the story, but we do know the game is set in a modern era that uses magic, similar to Final Fantasy VII and XIII. It's unclear if certain elements from Final Fantasy Versus XIII, such as the L'Cie and Etro, will remain in XV.

First English Trailer

Check out the TGS trailer, dubbed in English dialogue. This is our first look (or listen) at the English voice actors for Final Fantasy XV!

While we don't know a lot about the gameplay, what we do know is that Final Fantasy XV abandons the previous turn-based battle system of nearly every Final Fantasy game before it. As seen in the trailer, the gameplay is similar to games such as Devil May Cry and Bayonetta.

Final Fantasy producer Shinji Hashimoto explained at E3 2013 why he felt this gameplay change was appropriate:

"As you are aware, the Final Fantasy series has different game system for every new title. While Final Fantasy XV is an action-packed title, that doesn't mean next game will follow a similar path. And I can't comment on future titles. But I do believe it's possible to make a multimillion-yen project in either style."

Despite the change in battle style, many classic enemies, such as the Behemoth, can be seen in the trailer so while the battle system is new, many classic Final Fantasy elements will remain in play.

The Future
Nomura has already discussed sequel possibilities before Final Fantasy XV has even arrived, stating at E3 "That's why, I'm thinking in my mind of completing a successive work."

However, first he needs to make sure Final Fantasy XV is a success. Many fans aren't sure what to make of the new battle system and dividing them clearly down the middle. Some love the change and can't wait for the game while stalwart purists lament the death of the turn-based battle system.

Tokyo Game Show 2014 Bombshells!

Tokyo Game Show 2014 brought us quite a few bombshells about Final Fantasy XV! The first is that Nomura has left the game to focus on other projects within Square Enix, such as Kingdom Hearts 3.

Don't get too sad, because Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will release on the PlayStation 4 on March 17, 2015 in the United States, Japan on March 19 and for European players, March 20th. All versions of the game will come with an exclusive voucher entitling you to the Final Fantasy XV demo!

Square Enix also released this two minute long trailer for the game:

Demo Information
It has been revealed that the demo will be roughly three to four hours long. The story elements will take up an hour, while players who explore all gameplay elements of the demo will wring roughly three to four hours of gameplay out of it. As mentioned previously, your only way to get the demo is to purchase Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

It's now been revealed that the demo will only be available to "Day One" copies, otherwise known as first run printings of Type-0 HD. Square Enix has made it clear that the demo will never be released as a standalone product.

Here's some additional details about the demo:

- It will take place in the same area seen in the trailers, i.e. the grassy fields.
- The Camp game feature will be featured, letting you cook meals, level up your characters and change your equipment.
- The game will let you take on a Behemoth, if you are brave enough.

Check out about two hours of demo here:

This was taken from a Japanese live stream of the game!

Release Date

Currently, Final Fantasy XV is roughly 55% complete, according to Square Enix. The company is currently shooting for a 2015 release date. However, that date looks unlikely, as during a live stream of the demo the game's director has stated the game has next to no chance of seeing release in 2015 -- looks like this one has slipped back to 2016.

Let us know in the comments how you feel about this exciting next chapter of Final Fantasy!

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Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 6/12/2013

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Final Fantasy XV

I pray and hope this game will be good cuz i am a reaL TOATL FAN OF EVERY FINAL FANTASY GAME EVER MADE

They need to make a Final

They need to make a Final Fantasy like Final Fantasy 10 or 12 those were the best this one looks way too and Modern

A legacy lost...

You have completely destroyed the Final Fantasy name, the last 2 were horrible and this one looks even worse. Create a new game if you want to mess around and change the entire face and structure of this legendary saga. I'm not sure what this is but it isn't the Final Fantasy I grew up with and loved. R.I.P. FF, You are missed. A sad gamer

Get over it

They are trying something new. Get over it. If you want to play the old school final fantasy games, then play them instead of whining over a new game. It's your lost if you don't want to play it. You will be missing out on a good game when it comes out.


Apparently you haven't played all the games that made FF a legendary franchise name... When you go and play them all then come back and express your opinion... Don't worry we real fans will wait and pray for you.


New Gen is here and you just have to take it instead of complaining about nothing....and real fans don't sit on their computer and talk crap about the game they loved, unless they were seeking some sort of gratification by "seeming" to have a viable opinion. We will wait for this game to come out, enjoy the hell out of it and be praying you end up playing.

I know right? How can they

I know right? How can they call themselves "real fans" if all theyre doing is dissing the whole present FF franchise? A real fan would actually give this new game a shot and stop comparing it to its predecessors. Things evolve including how games are designed. If they didnt itd be like playing the same game only with different faces maps and story. I for one enjoy a little change in actual GAMEPLAY. And this game has great gameplay and in game graphics, not just in cutscenes. And just because it has super sexy graphics doesnt necessarily mean itll have a weak story cuz guess what, its on a new platform which basically begs to introduce quality graphics. Who wouldnt want some eye candy while playing? Itll just be that much more enjoyable. The reason why Final Fantasy isnt dead to me yet is because i havent given up on it unlike you "real fans"

Real fans?

Real fans should always try what's in store. 1st point is that as if you can do something about changing the game the way it has been released. 2nd, the developers are evolving the type of game they produce depending on the type on console and its capacity. I'm not saying that I didn't like old school gameplay. I still play FFVI - FFX til now on my consoles and emulators, but its like you guys are saying that its best to play slow paced, turned-based-strategy rpg in a powerful console. At perhaps, you're asking for a cheap-priced game at the same time at Gamestop. C'mon guys. . . Where's the FF Spirit?

I agree

I know right? How can they call themselves "real fans" if all theyre doing is dissing the whole present FF franchise? A real fan would actually give this new game a shot and stop comparing it to its predecessors. Things evolve including how games are designed. If they didnt itd be like playing the same game only with different faces maps and story. I for one enjoy a little change in actual GAMEPLAY. And this game has great gameplay and in game graphics, not just in cutscenes. And just because it has super sexy graphics doesnt necessarily mean itll have a weak story cuz guess what, its on a new platform which basically begs to introduce quality graphics. Who wouldnt want some eye candy while playing? Itll just be that much more enjoyable. The reason why Final Fantasy isnt dead to me yet is because i havent given up on it unlike you "real fans"

I agree

Honestly I completely agree with you. This franchise has gone a long way from where FF VII, and VIII were. and in my opinion those 2 games were 2 of the best games EVER made. I wish they would go back to how the franchise was made popular and add the new effects in there from the PS4.... Personal Idea for my (**ideal game**) A combination of themes, open roam world, and the ATB battle system from FF VIII, and the side quests and optional things that you can do (Moster farming, armor and weapon crafting, and golem crafting) from Legend of mana from the PS1... those 2 together would creat the ultimate RPG game in my eyes.

IDK about this one

I am getting bummed about all the new FF games coming out. I like the battle systems of the new ones just as much as the old but I dont like the Non open world travel and the story lines to the games have been horrible as of the last few games.... Lets hope this can change some minds. It looks like its just gonna focus on showing off the graphics of the PS4 in this game though instead of putting back together what FF used to be all about. Hopefully I am wrong though.

Old School

If you want to show off the new graphics.... Go back and remake the classics.... Story line has been done half ass.

I am so with you

some of the best FF games was the ones at the start I wish they would go back and put new graphics onto them

I agree

A remake of Final Fantasy VII would be absolutely awesome with the new graphics system, but keep the storyline the same, including the materia system, which I really liked. I like free roaming play, and VII and XII are my favorites out of this series. XIII was way too linear for me and there was a hard time leveling up to where I needed to be in order to further the game. I have played every game up to XIII and I like the turn based system, and I liked the system in XII. However I have to agree that this looks like a serious deviation from the Final Fantasy that many of us have played over the last 25 years.


the upcoming release looks promising, but i can see where the split of FF fans are being torn. The turn based battle system is something we could all agree that we are all comfortable with. If you change the battle system you have to adapt to it and not saying it's a lazy move but most people dont want to change. I am a fan of both battle systems, however those who are looking for, say a slow, style yet enjoyable game they will turn to the turn based battle system. Those who want a bit more button smashing interaction gameplay they will turn and love this new style of gameplay. It resembles more so like devil may cry or like a kingdom hearts sort of feel. Of course this is my opinion and maybe in the wrong but it is the interaction of the gameplay that is changing. The FF style and feel will be there just maybe more button smashing, which classic FF fans might not all be on board with. my two cents. Am I wrong ?

The problem is not new vs old battle systems

Yes i think you are wrong in a way, but only because you are looking at the problem in the wrong way (like so many others). That the problem would be the turn based system or the new system. The big problem with FF today is the core of the games. The well produced storylines and simplicity from the old games have been replaced with just good graphics and "cheap renewal" of prequiel games (FFX-FFXV is much like the call of duty-series). But in a way that problem will come with making new games from old ideas and in modern graphics. It is too expensive to make whole new games and the companies want to make safe money and keep their jobs. FF was never about good graphics but great storylines, a feeling of saving the world and meeting new friends with different abilities, batteling enormous monsters, leveling your character and feel like you are being a part in a world different from real life. Often they would mix old and new in FF games. With the games today the characters and environments are too much like real life and leaves nothing to the imagination... What we need is new (or good old) ideas and make them top priority, take the biggest fans and put them in top of the companies. A bad idea or storyline can never be saved by graphic!


I personally like FF8 and still do to this day out of all of them but I'm always looking forward to another Final Fantasy game.... Ya a disappointment here and there but my favorite franchise is the FINAL FANTASY franchise

I feel like there will never be a good game for me again.

Alright, I'm probably one of the many butthurted by the way square enix is handling the FF projects nowadays. In my mind, the game died when Squaresof and Enix became one company. When they were appart, they made the best games ever, now it's extremely deceiving. I really don't know how to express how depressed I feel about the way they destroyed the best game legacy of all time. And guess what, they are completely destroying the spirt of the game now by removing the battle mechanics that was one of the many essences removed from the game. Why do they bind these to final fantasy and not just make another name for it? This is not final fantasy at all, why do you use such a great name to sell games that has nothing to do with final fantasy? The answer is money. They use the name because it's a legacy. And us fans are still playing, thinking that one day, it will be back as it was. I lost all faith in that company. I feel like I lost a member of my family. I remember the time when 8 bits graphics game made me cry because of the story and the music. Where are these basics now? They put all efforts in the graphics. The gameplay is now horrible. And the side quests? The game is extremely linear, you have no freedom. Everything is now encapsulated for the dumb majority. No matter how hard we cry, true final fantasy fans will never be heard by the company because they generate more money now than they did back in time. They are targeting the new gens consumers who are getting dumber and dumber and are more submissive to bad taste. And thats the sad reality. Everything is getting ruined, music is hypersexualized and denatured in every domain. We had the chance to grow in the generation where the programming teams had so much more heart and so the companies behind them. Now it's all about money. They are going to use the FF name over and over until it fade out. It's already faded, it's over. FF was the best, it's now the worst. There is no words to express my deception. It's as if the company think of us like we are retarded and they know what is good for us but we don't. If they listened a little better and see what the community is asking, they'd make more money even if its more painfull in the process to deliver quality. I have nothing agains't the developping team. They are doing what they are asked. Those in lead are to blame for the crumble.


I absolutely agree with you bro. Look how successful naughty dog is. 3 series uncharted and the last of us. All top top games. Simply becoz they know what the fans want and hoping for. Square Enix... absolutely a joke. And they said some fans prefer the new battle system... Some... but who??? Maybe 5% of the fan base love it... how about the the rest 95%... they simply hate it and not supporting final fantasy anymore. And I'm one of them who turn supporting naughty dog rather than play ff series. Very very disappointing to say tat... I no longer get excited waiting for new ff series. I'm more excited waiting for other games like uncharted or the last of us. And I can guarantee ff15 will be flop. No matter the graphics or how epic u turn the game. It's pointless and useless. Fans are very very disappointed. Square Enix never listen to what fans want... Square Enix never care to eat fans want... End up u will be losing ur long supporting fans. U deserve it square Enix.

final fantasy

good luck,

end of FF

I gave up playing FF since XI. True, they have better graphics now but no storyline. There's nothing to motivate you to hurry home from school to play these new FF games. I remember waiting impatiently on our slow yellow school bus on my way home to play FFX. I just can't wait to see what happens next. But these new FF doesn't give me that itch anymore.

real fan

As a real old school fan of FF, I too feel that the franchise has gotten away from its roots. Its not about turn based strategy at all. Anyone who has played FF from its inception know that every game that has been released has had some new form of battle mechanics implemented into it. Sometimes its a radical change, sometimes subtle. Although, there was a point when the game lost its luster. That day was the day I purchased FFXIII. I read reviews bashing it for its mainstream linear game play and low and behold, it sucked. The graphics were great as usual, but the story was lost. The exploration was lost. The drive to play for endless hours to find out what was happening next, was lost. I will wait for its release and read the reviews. Maybe it will be a phenomenal smash hit that has gone back to its roots and gives us the best of all worlds, game play, graphics, exploration, customization, character development, and a griping storyline that leaves you feeling like you just got finished embarking on an epic journey that filled a hole in your soul you didn't know was there. But then again, maybe it won't and the new trend will continue and flash will win over depth and heart.

Turn based

Please keep turned bases action. That is the soul of any FF!

new era

This trailer looks like what I've been waiting for and I'm an old school final fantasy player played all of them multiple times and it gets to the point where if you've played it before you already know exactly what to do and the turn system makes it easier to implement your strategy. The new system will hopefully bring more of sense to how you will need to strategize as if the story is really happening outside thus creating one of the greatest challenges final fantasy has ever seen. As long as the game play is smooth the story is strong and the enemies are beatable given you have the right strategy even if it has to change during the battle there really isn't anything to complain about because the graphics you know are going to be there so man up and stop crying about losing your turns.


The FF games have always been known for there elaborate story lines intense battles and ever since FFXII breath taking graphics. Each title sporting it's own unique twist on preexisting battle systems and use of magic and summons. I feel this next title will be just as great as all that came before it. My one hope is that they keep the bahumet summon in this one and maybe bring back knights of the round summon. As for the the new battle system?? A true fan couldn't ask for a better way to have a more in-depth/realistic feel to each enemy encounter. Not to mention that it will allow for gamers to experience a full 360 degree view of the battlefield and he able to fully take in this masterfully crafted piece of gaming art.