Will Lack of a 3D Screen Kill the PSP2?

Will Lack of a 3D Screen Kill the PSP2?For anyone who follows video game news, you’ve probably heard of the name Michael Pachter before. Mr. Pachter is a well known analyst who frequently comments on the goings on in the industry, tries (and quite often fails) at predicting future events and sales, and offers his insight into the future of gaming.

He recently took a bit of a jab at Sony and their PSP strategy, and claimed that the PSP2 was likely to be DOA if it came to its upcoming gun fight with the Nintendo 3DS toting a plastic knife. Or rather, sporting a normal, run of the mill, non-3D screen (though one that should offer stunning clarity and unrivaled handheld graphics).

While there’s always something to be said for new tech, I have to disagree with his assumption in this instance. Let’s face it, the PSP2 is going to face an uphill battle against the 3DS, with or without a 3D screen, regardless of their game library, and regardless of the price they come to market at. Nintendo simply has that good of a track record with handhelds that it gives them a tangible advantage before the party even gets started. And they’ve certainly not lost any momentum leading up to the 3DS’s release. The DS is still going strong, and the buzz around the 3DS has been even stronger.

So it’s doubtful that not having a 3D screen will overly impact sales of the PSP2. In fact it could be a blessing. Utilizing the same strategy as Nintendo would serve little purpose. They were first with the 3D announcement, and they’ll be first to market with their new handheld. By the time the PSP2 comes around, the whole 3D handheld gaming thing will be old news.

The Price Needs to be Right

As Mr. Pachter added, price is an issue (with the PSP, and presumably the PSP2 as well). Which begs the question why he thinks avoiding high priced 3D technology is a bad thing. The PSP2 should now have a very real opportunity to come to the table with a superior technological product, and be able to sell it for a very similar price point as the 3DS (which is likely to retail for $250). The lack of pricing parity was undoubtedly what helped push DS sales in comparison to the more costly PSP, and that may no longer be the case in the next handheld war.

As for their strategy, I think Sony’s strategy is quite clear; offer the superior handheld gaming experience and portable entertainment hub. While I won’t call 3D a gimmick, as it’s clearly the future of display technology, I think it is gimmicky, in the sense that it’s new, and the casual user is going to want to experience it. That’s the crowd Nintendo is aiming to corral. Likewise, that is not Sony’s target audience, nor should it be.

I think Sony can and should be content to stick to their vision, make a great product, and make as much money as they can from it, and if it winds up trailing the 3DS in sales, so be it. There’s room for two different and profitable handhelds on the market.

So what do you think? Should the PSP2 come equipped with a 3D screen, and would you be willing to pay more to have one? Or would you rather have a superior system minus the 3D screen? Will no 3D ruin sales of the PSP2? We want to hear what you think, so let us know in the comments.

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Only fanboys/kids will buy the 3DS. I used to be one of them, but they have very little 3rd party support and their game library is mostly limited to barbie games, mario, sonic...i want mature games that will challenge me not bloody pokemon xD Nintendo is the polar opposite of creativity. The 3DS will sell like hot cakes, I'm not denying that, but as a hardcare gaming device it will be a huge flop. Nintendo will be too busy counting their money to care though. The PSP2 is a much more appetising prospect. The graphical capabilities will be amazing [iphone is more powerful than a 3ds LMFAO. Pathetic] and there will probably be a wider game library with a variety of up and comers producing games for it. That's what Nintendo used to be about. Now they just push the same crap because those franchises are profitable and guarantee them money. They have exclusive rights to most of the profit they make. Sony is the better company from a true gamer's perspective who appreciates the art. The chip that the 3ds uses is like 3-4 years old! Dated technology and people are going to be charged £190+ for it? I'm no idiot Nintendo. While you make millions I get crap that is archaic? The consumer is always right and the consumer wants more. The PSP2 will eat the 3DS alive as a gaming console, but Nintendo fanboys are too busy drooling over 14 year old games that will be ported onto the ugly ass plasticky 3ds like Ocarina of time and Star Fox. I'm sick of Nintendo. Yes, Nintendo's target audience are kids [let's face it]. Sony caters for both and yet they still lose out on sales. Why? SCREW NINTENDO. Why should I support them while they make crap games that challenge me in no way whatsoever? I'm jumping ship. I'm not talking about realitic visuals, well not solely. I'm talking about complex storylines that friggin mean something. Visual styles that are different and can be realised because of the graphical prowess behinf the console. Not 'oh a man turns into a frog and must go on a journey to find special potion to turn into human again. Game finish!' O_o

its not nintendo's fault for doing what they like to do

its really not. their not trying to ruin sony. they target different audiences and you just think that sony is better, well not really they are practically the same, just different games.playing shooting games is fun,but after a while...not really.nin tendo is also coming with the wii u which looks pretty cool,just dont get mad because their designing things that their audience wants nintendo has been going on for a while, thats why their so famous.so calm down,sony has their own problems to worry about.

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