PS4 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)

PS4 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)Provided below are some of the most common and opinion provoking PS4 questions for both newcomers and veterans PlayStation gamers alike. Questions range from basic information, such as the technical specifications and release date, to more in-depth questions, such as how Sony is approaching used gaming and how specific features of the device work. Let us know your ideas. Have a question you want answered, let us know by putting FAQ in your message to us.

  1. How to take apart your PS4 - Install an SSD
  2. What are the hardware specifications of the PS4?
  3. When is the PlayStation 4 going to be released?
  4. How much does the PlayStation 4 cost?
  5. What games are slated to come out for the PS4?
  6. What is the purpose of the "Share" button on the PlayStation 4?
  7. What does the PlayStation 4 look like?
  8. Is the PlayStation 4 backwards compatible?
  9. What new features does the PlayStation 4 offer?
  10. What is Sony's stance on used games for the PlayStation 4?
  11. What are the online capabilities of the PlayStation 4?
  12. Will 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM be enough for the PS4’s 10-year console cycle?
  13. How do I sell my PS3 on craigslist?
  14. How will my Playstation Plus membership change on the PS4?
  15. What PS3 accessories work on the PS4, and which ones will I need?
  16. What regions will PlayStation 4 be available in during the first year?
  17. Will the PlayStation 4 work without access to the Internet?
  18. Will my PlayStation 4 play my PlayStation 3 games?
  19. Can I upgrade the Hard Drive in my PS4?
  20. Will PlayStation 3 DualShock controllers work with the PlayStation 4?
  21. Will Sony continue releasing games on the PS3 after the PS4 is released?
  22. Does Sony have exclusive deals with any developers for the PlayStation 4?
  23. Will I Need to Purchase a New TV to Enjoy the PlayStation 4 if I Own a Non-Digital Television?
  24. Are Move Controllers Compatible With PlayStation 4?
  25. What is The PlayStation 4 Launch Lineup?
  26. Do I need PlayStation Plus to play online with PS4?
  27. Will There Be An Abundance Of Consoles Available On Launch Day Or Do You Have To Preorder Before The Big Day?
  28. Will Third Party Services Require PlayStation Plus on PS4?
  29. How much will PS4 games cost?
  30. Why is the PS4 a good investment?
  31. How Does The PlayStation 4 Compare To The Wii U?
  32. How Will The PS4 And Vita Interact?
  33. What Is PlayStation Plus?
  34. How Does The PS4 Compare To The Xbox One?
  35. Is the PlayStation Eye Required for PS4
  36. Will my PS4 play my Blu-Ray Movies?
  37. Are any Retailers offering PS4 System Bundles?
  38. How will the PS4 and the Vita Work Together?
  39. How do I Extend the Battery Life of my DualShock 4 Controller?
  40. What Else do I Need to Know Regarding Upgrading my PS4’s Hard Drive?
  41. Which HDD Size Should You Upgrade To?
  42. Which types of headsets will work with PS4?
  43. Does the Wii U Make a Good Companion to the PS4?
  44. How to Connect your Smartphone or Tablet to the PS4

Offical FAQ
Also see the official Sony PS4 FAQ.

PS4 Manual
Here is the PS4 Manual, bookmark it for a later date!

Chances are you have some questions about Sony's next generation gaming console. Post your questions below (be specific).

See Also:


I delete gmail, but that gmail I use make ps4 account?

I delete gmail because new policy and, friend I give to year ago use it do bad thing. But I forget ps4 account I make, I used gmail I delete. Will ps4 account die because I delete gmail I use create it?

PS4 Pro TV Compatible?

Hi there. I’d like to ask does PS4 Pro compatible with this TV Spec? ————— 40"/101cm LED LCD Screen 1920 x 1080 Resolution HD Digital TV with PVR 50Hz Screen Refresh Rate USB Recording USB Movie Playback USB Picture View USB Music Playback 7 Day EPG (Electronic Program guide) 3000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio 3 Star Energy Rating 3 x HDMI Inputs ————— Thank you.

PS4 slim

I want to buy a PS4 slim for my grandchild.....can I still purchase any games to go with that? do I know if they are compatable?.....especially call of duty?

Gamer Grandma

Best grandmother a gamer could ever have :) Yes you can still purchase games. Your best bet is to check with the store clerk for recommendations and compatibility. All games should be compatible except for VR games.

PS Plus in different country

Hi, My PS account is in Spain and I am wondering if I can play with this account from UK. I am planning to buy the PSPlus for 1 year but I am living in UK. I know that I can create a new account in UK but I prefer to continue using the spanish one. Is possible to play PSPlus in different countries? Thanks,


How do u share one console with another I know I have to deactivate my primary account and set the other as primary and restore lince but can do deactivate primary account from second console to put my original as primary

Sub to master

Do you know how to change a sub account to a master account when your 18.


my internet is making my ps4 really slow how can i make it go faster what can i buy?


How do i unlock my downloaded games on ps4

Sharing games

My sons have 2 accounts. They would like to share Minecraft. How do I go about doing that? Thanks so much!

Lock Game

i was Wondering if a game Is locked on my ps4 can be play with disc game

about voltase

tell to my about volttase ps4 from japan

Code generators annoying

How do you stop code generator ads from coming on your PlayStation? What happens if someone tests a generator code?

for internet connection

Can i use USB 2.0 Female to RJ45 Male Ethernet Network Cable Converter using pocket wifi for connection will it work??

I'm just downloading the

I'm just downloading the complete edition of final fantasy 14 from the ps4 store where u get a realm reborn heavensword and storm blood all in one but it's only saying i have a realm reborn while it's downloading

So, is there a reason i need

So, is there a reason i need an internet connection to transfer data via a USB storage device? My internet is down for at least another week and i'm trying to restore some corrupted saves. Is there a work around for this?

Ps4 region change

I'm at south Korea and planning to buy. Can you please tell me whether it will work in India ? Please help. Thanks in advance.

Cant play madden 18 after getting nba 18

I got nba 2k18 and was having problems with getting it to install / read disc. After getting 3 different discs we bought it off the store and it worked. So after we downloaded that game madden 18s disc wont read.

Best server?

I'm with a UK team that are playing an Australian group online, does anyone know what server would be best to ensure that both teams have an even amount of lag? US West or maybe Asia?


I want to buy a game off of the PlayStation Store, and it's quite expensive, however, if my PlayStation console breaks, will the game stay on my account or will it be lost? I tried making as much sense as I could, sorry.

Ps4 game

Can i buy any kind of ps4 game that comes with 1 2 3 4 5 numbers

Ps4 problem

So i left my ps4 for a few hours cause i had to go somewhere, when i got back i turned on my ps4 and at the top left of the screen ot said that my ps4 automatically turned of because of power saving something like that, then after a few seconds the screen went black then something failure showed up( i cant remember what it was) then there was 2 choices, one of them was suggested action, when i clicked that it told me to update my software even though i already updated it the night before, so i went back to home screen and started searching for answers for this problem, so here's my question, should i be worried about this or is this completely normal?

Sony paypal and ps4

while playing GW2 suddenly twice it showed that I had 2+million coins. I spent it, and later my mother got a notice that rhey had in fact been purchased through PayPal. I didn't purchase them even though they shpwed up by surprise, so my mother filed a report with Paypal. Today she got refunded, but Sony has banned me from PS4. Has this happened to anyone, and what can I do? My mum wrote PayPal to try to pay them after all, even though I never actually wanted to purchase those coins.


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