The PS3 – Will it Stay or Will it Go?

The console wars are here to stay it seems. And with the introduction of motion controllers over the past year or so, it has only intensified. As such, many are looking months down the road to see what’s coming around the bend next. For Playstation fans, that means the Playstation 4.

As much as we don’t like it, every 5 or 6 years our favorite console becomes virtually obsolete. Bigger and better things are always being created in the world of video game development and new hardware has to be made available to the masses in order to simply keep up. The PS3 debuted in 2006, and now the PlayStation 4 is set to hit in 2013, ushering in a new age of PlayStation hardware.

Untapped Potential
But should it? There are many, both developers and users alike, that say the PS3 still has yet to realize its potential. Without going into all the gory details, many laud the PS3’s graphics over the competition and say that it has the ability to do much, much more. Do we really need a new Playstation?

The PS3, despite its many accolades, remains in third place behind the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. Therefore, many will say that the representation of the PS3’s abilities by its fans is merely sour grapes from a fan base smaller than the competition’s. While the “us vs. them” exclusivity may be a factor, there is something to what these people are saying. The PS3 is a truly great machine. It hasn’t suffered because of its abilities, but because of other factors.

First, there’s the price tag. Sure, it’s come down over the past few years, but Sony is holding onto that $300 price tag – which is $100 more than the 360 or Wii. So during the Christmas shopping season, many will take one look at the price difference and opt for the cheaper console. Second, there are still millions of PS2s used every day. While this is a testament to another great console built by Sony, it does hurt PS3 sales. I alone know that many of my friends still cling to their PS2s and proudly play them often. They should upgrade with the rest of us, but they are still clinging to those old machines. Unfortunately, the PS3 only has limited backwards compatibility and that’s just another reason why these holdouts persist for now.

From Sony’s perspective, you know it’s all about the bottom line. While it’s great that critics may say you have the best console, it does you no good unless you have the sales to back that up. It’s kind of like those art house movies that win at the Oscars every year. Yeah, it’s great that everyone loves you, but no one saw your movie. Yippee. So therefore, you know that Sony has had a plan for years regarding the PS4, the PS5, and even the PS6. No matter how well the PS3 did there would be a PS4 coming down the pike 5 or 6 years later – that’s how game development works and that’s how business works. In order to stay alive, your business has to always be moving forward with new and exciting products.

The PS3 – Will it Stay or Will it Go?It's Coming...But When?
But will there be a demand for the PS4 in 2013? I think the success or failure of the PS4 depends mostly upon timing and impact. Sony’s prior successes largely had to do with how its consoles matched up with the competition. The PS2 debuted before the Xbox and Gamecube, allowing Sony to establish a solid base of customers playing the newest, coolest machine with the best games – and the PS2 could keep up with both the Xbox and Gamecube when they came out. So if past success is any indication of future success, look for the PS4 to hit the market before the Xbox One. Sony missed the mark with the release date of the PS3 (it came out after the 360 and the Move came out after the Wii), so I wouldn’t look for them to make that mistake again.

All in all, I expect Sony to capitalize on the success they had with the PS2 and use that model for the debut of the PS4. If they can get it developed and ready before their competitors know what hit them, they can once again make themselves the hot new thing thanks to features like the Share button, online streaming and the focus on social activity. While it’s easy to be cynical and say Sony can't regain the top spot, I’m excited to see what Sony can do with the new technology that I’m sure is coming across their desks.

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I just wonder if the lack of

I just wonder if the lack of success of the PS3 will work against the credibility of the PS4. I think due to the lack of success of the PS3, people will just be more hesitant to buy a PS4, especially if it comes out so early, people might just view Sony as another company out to be greedy and just leaving the people who do like a PS3 behind.

Face the fact~

It is a 6 years old machine which don't make much money. The GT5 might boost up its profit a little bit. The fact is the machine is old and weak compare with the newest video cards made by Nvidia, the PS3's graphic performance not even as powerful as 1/4 of the gaming PC that runs dual newest video cards and i7 CPU...And it don't have many games compare with Xbox 360... Sony lost most of its market share from the start and couldn't made any difference in the past years. It definitely need a new machine, build up or reconnect its good relationship with game developers, and need to follow Microsoft Xbox strategy (giving way more profit share for the games developers). PS3 is definitely faster than Xbox 360, but it's also definitely not comparable with the technologies today. (so don't tell me it is the fastest machine in the world or something like that, please face the fact) Also, don't tell me graphic don't mean anything to you, just go back to the Atari machine or NES machine and enjoy if this is the case~ Anonymous above kinda made me laugh: so Sony should stick with its PS3 forever to show people that it don't leave the people who do like a PS3 behind. You're so stupid because you don't know how good are the new technologies and how worse is PS3 market share, plus it is about time of the new console war, don't you know how worse Sony suffer that it release its PS3 1/2 year later than the Xbox 360? It lost over 50% of its market share...


Regarding graphics, it's not an issue to me 'nowadays', because the level of detail is quite satisfying. Consider the fact that 1. you also need a kick-ass screen to actually enjoy those graphics, and 2. we're approaching a level of graphics where it is harder to see the difference in quality. The only exception I'd make is the frame rate for fast-paced games. All in all gameplay, game concept, loading times, etc. are way more important for my personal gaming experience than better graphic quality.


i'd wanna know are you guys crazy you guys are all xbox fanboys you think the ps3 failed what the heck its stronger then ever it pretty much caught up to 360 in sales and you see alot of the ps3 exclusives winning awards for the best game or what not its stronger then ever this E3 really showed it has it bashed microsoft and the flimsy crappy 360s are showing up people are starting to get red rings or crashing i dont think youll see the next gen consol for awhile except for maybe nintendo which will be a major fail in the gaming industry youll only see upgraded systems now until they can reach there potential

period much?

that is a really long sentence.

Sony is Darned if they do and Darned if they don't.

On one hand you have the idea to release a new console to be at the forefront. On the other hand you can release a new console and be the afterthought. Remember the Sega Dreamcast. Microsoft were fortunate because there is not a huge gap in technology between the PS3 and Xbox 360. Bluray was and is a strong selling point but many stand alone players work better. The PS4 will be evolution not revolution but it will surely rock since Sony has to go all out next time around.

Nyeh, another factor....

Now I know this is unpopular thought, and of course, I am also speaking hypothetically, but 'chipping' is also a large factor. I for instance, hypothetically speaking of course, know that there is a large number of people who bought the xbox over the ps3 for the reason of 'chipping' alone. Xbox was able to be chipped for a long while now, whereas the ps3 was only chippable for 2 months so far. However, by this time people allready bought the xbox and was unwilling to shell out for a new 'better' console. Even pirates, from what I understand, obviously, buy about 8-30 original games a year. Microsoft knows this, they have years of experience with pirates, they could, theoretically, make pirate copies of windows completely inopperable, but instead they just create a nag screen. At the end of they day, you still support microsoft (or compatible) products because despite the nag screen, you can still use their product. They use the exact same principle with the xbox by just not allowing people to play online with their pirated copies, but at the same time, not making it too hard for pirates to upgrade their firmware and play the new games. Pirates are a large market segment. Sony does not get this.

Evolution of Gaming

I have read through most of all of your post above, and although I do agree with some of them I feel compelled to speak up. First off I would like to start with saying that about 8-9 years ago I though that Nintendo was about to fall off the face of the Earth. Keeping that in mind I would like you all to take into consideration what their company did. They have beaten both Sony and Microsoft this round with their new inventive ideas that has taken the world of gaming to an all new high, even though their games are quite soft core. This is what Sega did with Disc gaming, instead of Cartridge....Hmmm or was it SNK. Anyways the point of my post is the fact that you can't count Sony out of the match quite yet. Although Sony has ,for lack of better words, botched their last two attempts.(That includes their handheld system.) They have learned from their mistakes. I am sure that the next gen system will be dramatically different. They will take all that they have learned which include the following: 1) The new integration of interactive gameplay. 2) The new technology found in Blu-Ray disc. 3) The profound difference in graphics. 4) The importance of online gaming. 5) The importance of deliverance and cost effectiveness. With these five things in mind Sony will come to the playing field with a dynamic new system that I am sure will simply blow our minds. I just hope that they keep in mind that there are still some lazy gamers out there that still enjoy mashing buttons instead of hopping aimlessly around the room. We could also pray for Sony to cut a deal with Apple to bring an experienced PCU developer into the mix and really put Microsoft out of my hair.(I doubt this will ever happen, but I can still wish and dream.)


i think this would definitely be good and funny to see apple kik microsofts ass for once. But knowing apple the price will probbly be too much for me to buy the damn system anyways

apple has already

apple already beaten microsoft. duh. the ipods, iphones, ipads. microsoft canceled their tablets cause they knew it couldnt compete with the ipads. and look, motorola took microsofts chance and came out with the Galazy Tab. And now, microsoft is gonna have to think of something really good to compete with two tablets instead of one. microsoft makes stupid choices, such as canceling their tablet line. they had a perfect opportuntiy, but they ruined it. motorola took that opprotunity, and now microsoft has no chance at the tablet line. (i think i repeated myself but idc) if apple made a console, holy crap it would most definitely kick micro's ass and probably sony's, and no doubt nintendo's. but yes, the price would probably be a little high, but apple knows what people like. and the reason why the wii is in second, is because its praised for awesome gameplay and controls. nintendo knows what people like in a console instead of graphics. i have a wii and a ps3, and the wii does have better gameplay and the controls are a little bit better. i asked for ps3 move for xmas so then i can really tell whats better.

... really?

please... oh please explain... in terms of beating do you mean hardware software or their ability to come out with other products? Computers "software" microsoft>apple MP3 players apple>microsoft software in general microsoft>apple I'm sorry but these are two different kinds of companys focusing on two completly different things. sometimes yes they over lap with software but come on.... apple is screwed if they think they can win that battle.

lmao Galazy Tab

As a GALAXY TAB owner, a mobile device enthusiast, and techy person, saying the GALAXY TAB is owned by motorola is an insult. It is however the SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB your post is hereby discreditied

It would have no games

If Apple came out with a system, there would be a terrible game selection for it. Apple doesn't like anyone else developing software for their hardware, which is why the PC beat the MAC. The only games you would play would be the ones that apple made.


im sorry but the only reason why Nintendo is winning the console wars is because we are in the middle of two generations. The people that are in their 40s use to play nintendo, atari, ect.. they still see them as leading consoles when it comes to games. not to mention nintendo has kept all of the original games up-to-date on EVERY console. you want to play duck hunt on wii yep go ahead. I'm sorry but PS3 and Xbox aren't really to blame. Yes their are SOME games that take advantage of both the ps3 and 360's hardware but in all actuality if your playing a game that isn't based off real life or have real life graphics its not going to be a "graphic centered" game. graphics are at their peek. im sorry yes 1080p is great but if im just seeing extra red or green dots thats not higher definition thats making the dots smaller and still putting the same color in where the color would have already been. Graphics on the wii ... im sorry they are taking advantage of the fact that you dont need a higher definition game. it makes it cheaper and the BUYING market "parents" see the console as what gaming is. PS3 and the 360 are great gaming systems. but to tell you the truth motion capture will die out. 3D is over rated. its the games that are important. here is what i think. Playstation and microsoft can go back to Xbox and an inbetween of ps3 and ps2 graphics keep the same processing power "same processing power can run these graphics better" effectivly lowering the price of the product and market it as a PS4 and say the graphics are better and no one will notice. NOONE. think you can tell a difference then please tell me you have like -200/20 vision. Hell it will save on cost and i bet game developers wont mind.

I'm 16 and i use to have a

I'm 16 and i use to have a super nintendo and i still play my N64... i dont know what you're talking about when you say "40 year olds' XBOX got their damn CONNECT shit from the WII! Just saying

A Major PS4 price cut and integrated technology is the answer

For the current price of $399.99. The PS4 will rule the world of gaming if it does the following. 1. Come bundled with a game, two controllers, bluray player remote and a kinect style motion gaming camera setup. 2. Triple the graphics memory, power and speed. built in 250GB Solid State Disk. 3. Quadruple the RAM and CPU power. Fully backwards compatible with Ps1, 2 & 3. 4. 3D bluray player with all games having 3D vision on setting for those that have 3D HDTV's 5. Allow up to 24 PS4's to be set up in a private online or offline game lounge network. If SONY can cram all those goodies into the PS4 for the current price tag (at least for the first year of system release). I guarantee the Playstation will truly be immortalized as video gaming paradise.


More like $40000

i think they would go

i think they would go bankrupt in the process of making a prototype


If you truly think thats possible for the price now, youre an IDIOT


That is a funny post =)

what sony needs to win the console battle.

I will always be the first to say i love my ps3. It is the best core gaming system available. The factors that limit their overall sales comes with their inability to keep exclusive gaming titles and their issue with noy getting the downloadable content that xbox gets. The big argument that all xbox lovers make is that the playstation doesnt have any games compared to xbox. Sony needs to work with the big gaming companies to get exclusive games to only the playstation 3. That will increase product sales to the hardcore gamers that will buy the system for that game. Also, the whole gaming for the whole family doesnt work with the pricetag they are putting on the system. Lower prices for lower memory to prices that compete with the xbox. Allow the big gamers to buy higher GB systems. Typical families dont want to be spending $300 on a 125GB system that they know wont be used. If sony can grab and keep exclusive games, expand the downloadable content to at least what microsoft gets, and lower the price tag to actually compete with xbox, then maybe the sales of the system can be higher. One day, one day.


to be honest, im VERY surprised even to this day, that consoles last up to 6 years. with the rate that technology is growing, im surprised consoles dont come out every 3 years. i bought my comp decked out for 1000 on sale 3 years ago. just this boxing day i saw a similar one, with a bigger HD for 350. im amazed gaming consoles last this long with the tech they have. but i think that at the rate technology is growing NOWADAYS, i think gaming systems are gona have to "pick up their game". 3D is here boys. who thinks ps5 is gona be a virtual gaming system!


There just doesn't seem to be that desire for new tech in the console world like there is in the gadget world, or even the PC gaming world. I see comments on here all the time from people saying they don't want the PS4 yet, either because they just got the PS3, or simply because they're happy with the PS3's performance and think the PS4 hitting the scene already would just be overkill. Consoles are expensive, so I can understand not wanting to constantly have to buy a new one (and especially if you're a multi-console owner). At least with PC's, you have a choice of when to upgrade (a fairly modern system should be able to play games for quite a few years with decent graphics settings with no upgrading required). With consoles, you don't have much of a choice. You either buy the new system that has the new releases on it, or you keep playing old games. So I think 5 to 6 years between releases is fair for everyone involved.

this guy talks sense

the ps3 is gettin old i remember the day i got mine and the graphics were outstanding at that time but as years passed u can obviously see why we are in need of new hardware late 2012 should be the release date again take bf3 for example are u really gonna settle for less while the PC nerds who cant get a girlfreind sit there and mock us for our dated hardware if u have a ps3 or just got 1 n want to stick with that for a while thats fine it isnt going to change a thing for they will continue to make games for the ps3 its been 5 years already i think on the 6th year of the ps3's life they should release next gen WAAAAKE UUUUUPPPPPP


The truth be told the 360 is better than the ps3. I have both systems and have some of the same games for both consoles. The 360 loads faster,has better draw in, and better textures. Sure ps3 has bluray,but so far game developers don't seem to be taking advantage of the extra data storage of the bluray for games. The ps3 could possibly be more powerful than the 360,but who cares if developers aren't pushing it. The wii ah what a fluke really it is and was novelty though i am glad to see nintendo do well this turn and hope they come out swinging hard in the next console war. I would like to see nintendo try to build a serious machine able to not only push all their top franchise games to the top level equall to the ps4 and whatever xbox will be called. Why? So nintendo can get its share of the cross platfom profits. I think though just from ease of making games for a system xbox will probably maintain that advantage as their hardware is just upgraded each cycle only a few new programming tricks to learn not a entire new system.Just my humble two cents.

Better because?

The fact that multi platform games load faster and in general are better on the xbox 360 doesn't mean the PS3 is less powerful. In fact this is due to the developers making the game for the xbox 360 first then porting it over to the PS3. It has been shown with a few games that if made for the PS3 first then ported over to the xbox 360 then the overall quality for both consoles is better. 1st party developers are pushing the PS3s limits all the time and developers such as guerilla and naughty dog show exactly what the PS3 is capable of. It has been known since killzone and uncharted came out that the PS3s graphical potential is much greater than the xbox 360s


Well power is a mute point if developers don't make use of that power. I agree that the ps3 is the untapped beast it's just up till recently xbox 360 been getting all the devs attention. Now how ever it's the ps3's turn to show what it can do as most of the devs have had time to learn sonys machine. I predict 2011 will be the year sony starts to take over the sweet spot and 2012 it will dominate. We can tell the devs are switching to ps3 by the fact xbox 360 is losing its exclusives to cross platforming ahla Mass Effect 2. Now that being said you know money pit M$ will try to drop the next xbox 720 or whatever on us to try stay the dominate console though with sony's new hack situation they may be rushed to get out the ps4 ,but I don't want it rushed for that reason. I hope we can agree that sony should really make quickening load times a priority this time.

RE: PS3 Loading Times

First party developers have made loading times a priority, with some making them as short as possible and some even getting rid of them all together for example naughty dog. Uncharted 2 had no loading screen as loading was always disguised as a cut scene or loaded in the background while playing. Streaming as its more commonly known is becoming more and more common since it is a really efficient way of loading and keeps the story more coherent.

the nintendo

i don't think the nintendo will go for de grafics and power of the xbox 720 or ps4. why?? because the nintendo could have done that already but they choose for lower grafics and stuff because the want to be a programmer for family game or the old stuff like mario and donkey kong. the nintendo goes for fun for the whole family and not only 1 person like the ps3 or xbox. so thats why i dont think the nintendo will participate in the console war


I think that Atari should just come out of nowhere and make a system that blows everyone else's out of the water.


Or back the oldschool 8-bit nintendo...


Or back the oldschool 8-bit nintendo...

im sorry did u say xbox was better than ps3?

FACT ps3 will always be superior 2 xbox i mean look at the state of them for a start ive never seen a console that generates that amount of heat and cant be played on 4 a full day without almost blowing up if u want example then do some research on bf3 cos its nort ready yet and u wanna know why cos its a pathetic waste of plastic


I agree Nintendo should go all out in the next console war. I would like to see all the consoles get over the motion controller hog wash. What a gimmick really. As for Sony for the love of god try making reducing the load times of your games a freaking priority for the ps4 maybe go heavy on the ddr5 ram you will hopefully be using or maybe let us load the full game to the HD though I would like to see sony use a SSD instead of a HD. One can dream I guess. As for xbox well it will just upgrade all its parts for more power sense it is mostly just a specialised PC.


if the ps4 ends up having the controllers posted in pictures, i believe they will lose customers.

wow just wow

2012 is a good date release for the next gen for sony sinse the others will probably lauch around that time, especially microsoft which its console shows aging against ps3 exclusives, sony need to develop a console for that deadline. the one desperates are microsoft which lost bungie and valve, epic games multiplat bulletstorm, ninja gaiden sigma says hello running @ 720p which in 360 runs @ laughable 500p with way less content in 360 along with other games releasing in ps3 better than the 360 version.

Software vs. Hardware

Capability will be the determinator, yes the determinator of the next gen PS4, Xbox(insert ridiculous #), WiiHD. Regardless of the PS3's current success, the core hardware of the PS3 is ahead of its time. The Xbox and the Wii are still playing on old technology with a red wavelength DVD drive, smaller media capacity (ie. Wii only stabily supporting 2GB memory cards), and outdated AV hardware. The core components of the PS3 were and are currently the best stable setup in the gaming and high-end computing worlds (Core Processor Excluded of course :]. Sony had an opportunity with the PS3 Slim release to give the console a refreshed 10+ year lifespan but chose not to. Here is what SHOULD have happend with the PS3 Slim to achive godliness in the game console: - Gigabit LAN support (for media streaming more than gaming) - Wireless N 300MB support (same as above) - Let alone the ability to install secondary OS - Incorporated better network server support (to compete with Xbox Media Extender) - Bring back OPTION for back-compatability Obviously Sony didn't do any of the above with the Slim so I'm expecting these items to be topics of converstaion in the PS4. That being said, other than a few hardware mods, all Sony really has to do to keep the PS3 alive is continue their Software upgrades for free because the hardware is already top-of-the-line and all other console manufacturers are still playing catch up.

The 8th generation console war

I think Sony may release it's PlayStation 4 in late 2011 if the PlayStation 3 doesn't get pushed to it's full extent. If PlayStation 3 becomes a big success, Sony will probably release the PlayStation 4 in Spring or Summer of 2012. Nintendo probably won't have the best console this round because of the success of the Wii. The Wii 2, or Wiivolution, will probably be a medium sized upgrade to the hardware and software allowing more access to the internet and maybe no more motion controllers. This isn't going to be Nintendo's battle. I see the Xbox 720 being about the same as the PlayStation 4, but I think PlayStation 4 will have the edge. Each console will be pushed to the full extent with the current technology with many software updates. I predict Sony will barely win this battle against the Xbox 720. At times Xbox 720 will be better, but PlayStation 4 will probably firmly hold onto first place with Xbox 720 right behind it while Nintendo toys around further down the charts. Nintendo will make huge updates to their Wiivolution after they see their competition.It would be nice to see Apple make a game console.

I have personally always been

I have personally always been a nintendo person. Gameboy, gamecube, N64, Super nintendo. I got the ps2 however a couple months before the ps3 came out so i felt kinda cheated cause everyone was like "oh YAY! ps2 ps2!" then suddenly the ps3 came out and i was left with the ps2 and the only games that came out. Lets be realistic, no more games came out for ps2. So Its been a couple years and i'm really hoping this PS4 is gonna be good, if its not then i'll go get that ps3, but i feel like not that many games came out for the ps3 at all. atleast any good ones. I think Sony should really set a specific date so people dont give up eventually buy the ps3 then the ps4 comes out a week later and theyre stuck with an old console. now I borrow my boyfriends ps3 and play black ops and i gotta say I love it!! its a great console and all,but im not willing to spend so much money on something when i have the ps2. What Sony should do is with the PS4 make it compatible with their ps3 games. So that they can play those games on their ps4 and that way they don't lose their old fun games and they'll have no problem switching over to the ps4.

This site is crazy...

I am not sure where the data on this site is coming from: PS3: "as though considered to be far more powerful than the Xbox 360" There hasn't been a single document to support this statement. The initial marketing by Sony combined CPU and GPU output of the PS3 because the numbers were lower than the XBOX360. The XBOX360 "supposedly" has a 3 core "Cell"-like PowerPC chip with multiple SIMD units per core. The PS3 has (according to Sony) a SINGLE core (at 3.2GHz just like XBOX360) with 7 SIMD units. Many consumers initially believe the PS3 had 7 or 8 "cores" though a SIMD unit is like comparing a graphic calculator to a windows computer - it is capable of VERY limited instructions. (that is the point of them, do one simple thing - FAST) Supposedly the XBOX360 has a slightly more capable GPU - though it now (2011) is only as capable as the current generation of integrated graphics. Computer gamers laugh at people that try to play even simple games on integrated graphics. 8 Gigatexels? 4 Gigapixels?? C'Mon I paid $5 after rebate with free shipping for a computer video card a few weeks back that was roughly 70% as "powerful". In the next few weeks a SINGLE GPU will hit the market that produces 169 Gigatexels of texture output - 21x faster than the current consoles. For a card that is 10x more powerful than that of the current consoles it is around $300 currently. Why waste $300 on a console when you can get 10x more graphics output for the same price??? I simply do not understand it - the consoles are obsolete: computers now can fit in a small box on top of your TV and put out insane graphics and when you are done playing that game, you can check your email. OR, you could pay $400 for a console that only plays games... the rest of the time it is useless. like a toaster that can't make bagels.

Interesting. XBOX 360 XENOS,

Interesting. XBOX 360 XENOS, 3 core Power PC CPU with 2 hardware threads per core. PS3 Cell B.E, 1 PPE software dual threads, 6 usable SPEs, 1 used for encryption/decryption of data in real time, 1 Locked out to increase yield. The PS3 Cell B.E is much more capable since it can do techniques like streaming (not in the streaming media sense) and do graphical tasks so that the GPU can do more graphical tasks. The XBOX 360 DOES have a slightly better/more capable GPU but not by much. The PS3 is not far more powerful but is more powerful than the XBOX 360 overall. Why waste $300 on a console when you can get 10x more graphics output for the same price??? Because all I'd get is a graphics card what about the rest? And consoles especially the PS3 doesn't just play games it is a media center and considering that the PS3 is nearly 5 years old it does a very good job graphically.

dont pull microsoft.

dont release too early and end up with RROD. Dont release to late and end up with ps3 consumer results. IF those are the controllers you can shove it. Backwards compatability or you can shove it. Stupid Fanboy right under me




im just wondering if they have a solution(s) for that dreaded RING OF DEATH. I just cant imagine investing on an expensive gaming console only to be wasted by such HUMAN ERROR OR COMPUTER GLITCH IN THE PROCESSES. I Hope they find way(s) avert any PROCARDIA for the gamers on the upcoming PS4...

PS3 fans, fear not, the end is not nigh for quite a while...

Despite what the Micro-softheads may say about "the PS3's lack of sucsess" what they should remember is that the PS3 has a larger active install base than the 360-basically, more 360s are being bought, but more PS3s are actually being used. The only reason the Wii has more sold units than the PS3 is because, when it was first released, it appeared to be the best thing since sliced bread (which I find a curious term since slided bread is usually awful) and were nattering "ZOMG WII IS TEH EPICNESS OLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL ETC". Everyone that was going to buy one bought one, and later realised what a complete waste of time it was. Virtually no-one actually uses their Wiis anymore, and even fewer buy them now. When Playstation Move and Kinect came out, poor old Nintendo Wii's fate was sealed. It's major selling point, which had made it so original...was no longer original. As for the 360? Well, I've played on my cousin's 360 and it sounds like a freakin' helicopter. The 360's unreliability is infamous, which will hurt 720 sales. The PS3, on the other hand, looks like it could last a while. Despite the hack incident (which makes me shameful that my post is listed as anonymous-if you get my drift)it's done marvellously, and given that the PS2 was still alive and kicking long after the PS3 was released, so it's likely the same will happen with the PS3. Heck, the PS3 and PS4 may even be compatible! My advice to the main software companies for their new releases would be this: Sony: Get the PS4 in first, but don't rush it and make it rubbish. Keep the features that made the PS3 great (free online play, Blu-Ray, LittleBIGPlanet, reliability and quietness)whilst being prepared to evolve. If you bring out a new controller design, keep the Dualshock available. And make sure we can still play LittleBIGPlanet 2! Microsoft: Don't just chuck out loads and loads of 720 exclusives that are really quite rubbish-the 360 may have more games than the PS3, but the PS3 exclusives are far superior to the 360 exclusives. Don't rush the 720 like you did the 360, and end up producing a shoddy, noisy machine that futher stains your already unenviable reputation. Make Xbox Live free. Nintendo: Try making a "regular" console-you have the technology base, so use it on making the console good, rather than wasting it on cheap gimmicks. Bring out some non-kiddy games, and expand your audience beyond those of 7 years old. And for logic's sake, please give your new console a sensible name. Apple, HTC, Samsung and other such companies: Heck, try making a games console, just for fun. Who knows-it might be really good. But don't be too constrained about who you allow to develop software for it. Atari: Come back to us. If you returned from the ashes, your console would be extremely popular. And just one, final thought to chew over: What would Windows have been like if it was made by Sony?

ps3 coming to an end

if any 1 thinks that we should stick with the ps3 your wrong we are working on 5 year old hardware example bf3 looks stunning on pc whereas ps3 has made many cutbacks it really is starting 2 show its age if u cant see that then u need 2 go get some milk and cookies and get back in bed if they released it late 2012 then that would be spot on giving the ps3 a 6 year life span enough said and to the people who dissagree in what way would it effect u if the ps4 come out the ps3 isnt going to dissapear they will continue to makes games for it just like the ps2

Game Tech

We are forgetting that the first consoles were solid-state cartridge-based games. From Atari 2600/5200 thru NES, SNES, N64. The N64 was the last to use cartridge-based games and it was NO slouch. It had Mario, Killer Instinct, Mortal Kombat, to name a few. Those games graphic-intensive as well. With the weakness of cd/dvd being subseptible to scratches, etc -game manufacturers should consider going old-school. Call me foolish, but portable game consoles, dig. cameras, even cellphones use a stick with info accessible with NO moving parts. If you have problems reading a SD card from your dig. camera, just run an eraser over the contacts to clean them. New Hard-drives just hitting the market are Solid-State with no moving parts. This will be interesting to see what happens.

I agree with getting rid of

I agree with getting rid of CD and DVD type games.. It honestly makes me sick when I can still play my 20+ year old NES2 games with no problems.. but with the newer systems my kids have. I've had to toss several games because they were just too scratched.. and I make sure they take care of they're games.. but taking them in and out of the player and cd book puts a lot of wear on them.. It' always easy to tell what games your kids don't play.. it's the ones that still look new.. now I don't see them ever going back to the old syle cartrige type games.. but I could see them going to a USB Flash drive type cartrige for games... since they have became very popular lately.. not to mention even car stereo's take USB flash drives for musice storage.. As for the SD cards. yes they are still being used.. but USB is weeding them out.. But USB Fashdrives have already exceeded DVD and CD.. in size, duribility, and data storage,