Playstation 4 Specs Guide

Complete PS4 Specs (Continually Updated) CPU, GPU, Memory, Storage, Ports

Check out the handy table below for the full specs on the PS4 as they currently stand.

PlayStation 4 Console Specs
Feature PS4
CPU AMD x86 Jaguar 1.6GHZ 8-Core
GPU AMD next-generation Radeon-based graphics GPU with 18 compute units - The PlayStation 4 is capable of producing up to 1.84 TFLOPS.
RAM 8GB of GDDR5 - The PlayStation 4 uses a unified 8 GB GDDR5 RAM setup, providing both the CPU and GPU with 176GB/sec of unified memory.
Physical Media Blu-ray Disk - 6x CAV Blu-ray BD-ROM + 8x CAV DVD
Storage - Hard Drive 500 GB Hard Drive - The PlayStation 4's hard drive will be upgradeable similar to how the PS3 is currently set up.
Game DVR Yes - The PlayStation 4 natively supports the option to record and upload gameplay to social media or online streaming services using the built-in "Share" button. The PS4 automatically records the last few minutes of gameplay for you so that you can easily pick what you want to upload.

It has its own compression system and uploads the content in the background while you continue playing. Video services include Twitch, Ustream, YouTube, and more. Free software entitled "SHAREfactory allows you to edit videos before uploading

Cloud Storage Yes - The PlayStation 4 uses a cloud-based storage system to collect all your account data, and saved games, making them available anywhere you're signed in.
USB Ports Three - The PlayStation 4 uses two USB 3.0 ports for different companion devices in addition to a dedicated jack for the PS Eye.
Mandatory Game Installs Yes - Game installations are mandatory on the PlayStation 4 with install times ranging from seconds to minutes. Gamers do not need to wait for the install to finish before being able to play the game. This was an optional feature on some PS3 games.
"Always Online" No - The PlayStation 4 does not require an internet connection for playing games. However, syncing to PlayStation Now and accessing the PSN will obviously require internet access.
Console Home Yes - Users can nominate one PS4 console to be their "home" device, which means all content will be available for anyone to use including PlayStation Plus access. Signing into a PSN account will not be necessary on a "home" console.
Used Game Fee No - There are currently no programs or requirements in place regarding used games. They function as if they were new.
Backwards Capability No - The PlayStation 4 uses an entirely new architecture for processing game data, which makes it completely incompatible with past PlayStation games. However, with PlayStation Now's cloud-based streaming service, gamers will have access to PS1, PS2, and PS3 games to stream directly to their device.
Second Screen PlayStation Vita, Smartphones, Tablets - Sony released a PlayStation app shortly after the release of the PS4 that allows for remote game purchases, second screen navigation, and connectivity with your account.

Users can make purchases in the PSN store, wake up their console, and install games with a secondary device.

Motion Control PS Eye 2.0 + PS Move - The PlayStation 4 uses the newly redesigned PS Eye for motion tracking and information processing. The device can track players and deliver game information like low health to their controllers. The PS3's Move devices will be supported by the PS4.

All PS4s come pre-installed with Playroom, a virtual space that utilizes the PS Eye to interact with the environment. This free tech demo is also updated constantly with additional free downloads that add mini-games to the experience.

Subscription Service Yes - The PlayStation 4 requires a PlayStation Plus membership for access to online games. Single player games, free-to-play games, and games that can be played offline will not require a monthly subscription.

Users can also sign into their account on any PS4 and access their library of games provided they download a portion of it first.

PSN Account Transferable - Sony has confirmed existing PlayStation Plus accounts will carry over to the PS4.
Operating System New - The PlayStation 4 uses a new OS and user interface called the PlayStation Dynamic Menu. Users can instantly switch from playing a game to other social media options and even suspend gameplay to continue right away at a later time. It no longer relies on the XrossMediaBar for navigation.
Internet Connection Gigabit Ethernet + WiFi
BlueTooth Bluetooth 2.1 (EDR)
Audio/Video Connections HDMI input and output (up to 4K resolution support on images and movies only) + Optical output - The PlayStation 4 comes packaged with a HDMI cable.
Region Locked No
Price $399 USD
€399 EUR
£349 GBP
$549 AUD

How the PS4 came to be

Playstation 4 Specs Guide

Moving away from custom Cell architecture that cost Sony millions of dollars in research and development during the PS3 years, the new console instead uses a custom AMD “Jaguar” x86-64 instruction set that will make it more attuned to modern PCs. This was intentionally sought out after the poor reception from developers when they tried porting games onto the PS3 from Xbox 360 architecture.

It was also a pain for developers to always have to customize game code to fit the PS3. By unifying the way developers make games (the Xbox One will use the same CPU architecture), it will be cheaper overall to design and code the next generation software.

The PlayStation 4 uses a custom APU set from AMD. The CPU consists of eight x86-64 cores and runs concurrently with its GPU, which consists of 18 compute units and a theoretical peak performance of 1.84 teraflops. However, this performance will technically never be fully realized in games or the various utilities running on the PS4 and should be considered the maximum of what the console can handle. This is in line with midrange gaming PCs and the Xbox One hardware specs.

Both the CPU and GPU will share the same memory processing pool when it comes to dedicated RAM so that graphics processing and utility OS functions will take what they need when they need it. Instead of the CPU holding onto a chunk of the memory pool even when not in use, the shared design ensures the console is getting the most performance when processing graphics data.The PS4 will also have a secondary custom chip for handling background OS functions like downloads, uploads, and user interface options.

The PlayStation 4 will use 8 GB of GDDR5 dedicated RAM, which puts it ahead of the Xbox One in terms of raw bandwidth (176 GB/s) that can be processed at any one instance. While both consoles have 8 gigabytes of total RAM, the PS4 can process more information at once than the Xbox One. While technically meaningless considering the midrange PC specs on both consoles not really requiring more beyond 8 gigabytes, the PS4 could process more information and produce less slowdown if the user is streaming games or doing something else actually requiring the full RAM pool.

For gamers wealthy enough to afford the nice television sets, the PS4 will be able to support gaming running at 1080p with the ability to run movies and images at 4K resolution. Don’t expect the PS4 to render games at 4K because the technology to consistently do so without frying the APU inside your console does not exist cheaply yet.

The PS4 has two USB 3.0 ports in addition to a special auxiliary port for the PlayStation Eye. Sony has smartly designed their companion motion control device to have its own dedicated port so that gamers don’t have to sacrifice one for a device that’s almost necessary for future gaming. The PS4 controller is able to charge using the ports even if the system is in standby mode, which is a major step-up from the previous console. Honestly, who made the conscious decision not to include this feature in the PS3? I hope they got kicked in the stones when they were in “standby” mode.

New Toys and Tech
PS4 4 Specs New Toys and TechAmong the new and improved applications and tech features like a faster Blu-ray disc drive, the PlayStation 4 also comes with second screen capabilities through your PS Vita, smartphone, or tablet. Secondary screens can also wake up and log into your PS4 to initiate downloads or stream games onto another device. Sony released a new PlayStation app specifically for this feature so that users can access their system and chat with their friends on the go.This is of course a major step forward in social gameplay that allows PS4 owners to make game time anytime. Yes, I realize that sentence sounded dangerously cheesy. Cheetos. I should get some cheetos.

If the user chooses, a title can be purchased and downloaded in the background without interrupting the other features on the PSN. For users looking for an expanded entertainment experience, the new PSN allows subscription services through the PlayStation store like the Sony’s Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited series.

The new home screen features a combination of the latest offers from third-party vendors you’re subscribed to (e.g. your Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu) and the latest content from your friends. This includes new streamed content, their newly acquired trophies, and social media uploads. From the PS4’s home screen, you can also multitask by browsing the PlayStation Store for the latest titles or DLC while browsing the worldwide web looking at pictures of grumpy cats and chatting to friends online and in-game. Game invitations, shared in-game gifts from friends, and newly acquired items for participating in different events will also show up on the PS4 home screen when you select specific games in your library to view.

Games will also have their own dedicated tab that you can view for further information similar to how Steam currently has their games sorted based on different hubs. Within these game tabs, you can view what your friends have been doing in that game, their achievements, your own achievements, a newsfeed for updates and bug fixes from developers, newly gifted items received from friends or promotions, and more.

Privacy now works on a two tier system where your close friends can view your real name, location, and other detailed information while online friends can only view your online identity. When you become friends with someone, detailed information is only provided via a "Real Name Request" that you can send them. Otherwise, only basic info is shown.

Arguably one of the best new features about the PS4 is known as PlayGo, where all titles on the console can be downloaded while you play the game. While the initial setup and install may take a while, the PS4 does not require you to install the full game in order to play. For example, if you’re playing the next Uncharted game on the PS4, you only need to download the first level of the game to start playing while the rest downloads in the background. Since the PlayStation Store will have digital downloads of new titles the day physical copies are released, you could immediately start playing the next hot release right away.

The PlayStation 4 will not require a transfer fee for buying used games and while the console is not backwards capable with the PS2 or PS3, you can stream any game in the PlayStation library with the PlayStation Now cloud service. It is currently unknown whether these titles will have to be purchased again from the PlayStation store or if Sony plans on digitizing your own library somehow.

Sony PS4 Conference Video - Specs Detailed:

Eye See You
The PlayStation Eye -- PS4 CameraThe PlayStation Eye has been completely redesigned for the eighth generation console to take advantage of 3D image capturing and inter-connectivity with the PS4 controller. Aside from the increased number of cameras (you get two!), wider range, sleeker design, four different camera options, and recognition for up to six people, the PS Eye will have voice recognition and costs $60. Previous PlayStation Move companion devices will be supported on the PS4 although there are currently no planned new features for them. For the nitty-gritty technical specs, check out this handy table below.

PlayStation Eye Hardware Specs
Feature PS Eye
External Dimensions 186mm X 27mm X 27mm
Width X Height X Depth
Weight Approximately 183g
Video Pixels A maximum of 1280 X 800 pixels X 2 (Two built-in cameras)
Video Frame Rate 1280 X 800 pixels @ 60fps
640 X 400 pixels @ 120fps
320 X 192 pixels @ 240fps
Video Format RAW + YUV (uncompressed)
Lens Dual lenses with a F value/F2.0 fixed focus
Capture Range Approximately 30cm
Field-of-View Approximately 85 degrees
Microphone 4-channel microphone array
Connection Type PS4 dedicated AUX port
Cable Length Approximately 2m

The DualShock 4
The PS4 DualShock 4The PlayStation 4 controller maintains the same general shape (Sony has improved the design to be more comfortable) of previous DualShock controllers and improves upon existing features with new tech. Despite being similar in appearance, the PS3 controller will not be compatible with the eighth generation console due to all the improved or new tech features crammed into the DualShock 4. You still get two analog sticks, two analog triggers (L2 and R2), the iconic triangle, circle, square, and X face buttons, the L1 and R1 buttons, and four individual directional buttons. You also get the neat-o L3 and R3 on the analog sticks. The DualShock 4 retails for $59.99 USD.

Improvements to the controller include a brand new material over the two analog sticks that Sony has claimed to be more comfortable than previous DualShocks. They have also been redesigned to have a circular ridge along the edge of the analog sticks to increase precision when gamers play. The L3 and R3 push buttons on the analog sticks have increased responsiveness, which means something depending on how you rated the previous responsiveness on these two buttons.

The DualShock 4 will have some motion control via a three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer that the PlayStation eye will recognize. There is an additional vibration feature using multiple motors to give players better immersion with the game they’re playing.

Most gamers will probably notice the rather large touchpad on the center of the controller that also acts as an additional click button. Thus far we've seen this touchpad used for everything from switching weapons, to navigating maps and inventory .

For PlayStation Eye support, the DualShock 4 has a built-in light bar that will transfer information from the game to the controller via different light sequences depending on the context. For example, if a player’s health is low, the DualShock 4 will begin flashing its light bar. A more creative use was seen in Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition where the bar would flash orange and red while holding a torch in the game. In addition to the new light bar sensor on the DualShock 4, there are also two ports for a headset and a mini-USB cable for charging purposes. A headset is included with the purchase of a PS4 although there is also a mono speaker on the controller itself that delivers in-game sounds.

There are two new buttons featured on the PS4 controller: Share and Options. The Options button located on the right side of the DualShock 4 incorporates both the Start and Select button from the previous controller into a single button. I think Options pretty much sums up what the button offers to gamers and developers. The Share button is an entirely new feature for the console that promotes Sony’s new position on social gameplay. When a player hits the Share button, holds it down, or taps it twice, various things can happen depending on the settings. You can upload recorded video to friends online or through social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. You can also do the same with screenshots from within the game, adding a caption as well if you'd like.

Post your PS4 Spec(s) comments down below.

Article by - Collin Mak
Insert Date: 6/3/2013
Article updated: 12/17/14

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first: ¨ 3D does not use much

first: ¨ 3D does not use much more VRAM since the 2 separate frames it produces are not vastly different, they contain the same objects etc.¨ what a joke. it use the same 3d content I know, but it dont use the same SSAO post-process, not the same shadow render, not the same light render...everything that is calculated and THEN stored into memory need to be re-stored. OS dont take vram if desktop effects (aero) are disabled in full screen. As a programmer, I cant understand you...Have you ever played crysis in max? texture are like 300% those of unch. For gran turismo 5, theres not much to store except cars and low-detail track. And as I said, the ps3 can share XDR ram. ¨Your link was enough :\ But it is you who doesn't understand. That was the original Cell processor. 1 PPE and 7 SPEs. They do not make a lot of localised heat, 2 PPEs and 32 SPEs at 6Ghz will even will a lower die shrinkage. A very good cooling solution will be needed, and that is expensive.¨ again, you dont seem to understand the BIG effect of shrink. I cant argue on this subject if you dont accept facts. If i think your way, a 1nm shrink will not be capable of doing a quad core at 500 GHZ. But it could do 100 THZ. And with the low voltage of the cell, a lot is possible. ¨My question to you is, Did they ever look as good as Uncharted 2, Killzone 3 or Gran ¨ No, because my card was not poweful enough. Memory dont do a card. Native 720p is a joke anyway, I dont even try to play at those resolution. And Gran-turismo 5 dont require much memory because the only thing hard to render is the cars, so with some optimisation, its perfectly easy to run. About the cryengine 2, I am really mad at how people think its bloated...They think the only thing the engine do is SSAO. Did you ever listened to one of the engine technical presentation? they dont only do 2-3 things...Only the vegetation need pretty big calculation for the movement to be so realistic. Shadows are of super-high resolution and never hard. Water use screen space tesselation to have better waves. Motion blur is of super-high quality, not like the unch one. They also do subsurface scaterring on ice. Everyone who only saw crysis at max on a video cant appreciate all the details and say: OMG its so bloated, the same scene in source would be so much faster!!! OF COURSE, this engine is mostly free of these small details. The future of playstation is free of pixel-texture popping (and even in 3d), so you will need a lot of memory. If the ps4 only has 1 gb of vram, it will fail.

RE: Deathgunner

I have played Crysis at max settings and I agree the overall quality of most textures is astounding. That source engine example is obviously a joke right? Considering you are a programmer, can I ask for your programmers perspective on predictions for the PS4 Specs? But like i've said before and i'll say it again, my predictions are not set in stone. As future technologies come out and are improved upon I will update the article accordingly. Thanks, Henry.

developers working on the ps4!!!!!!!

I'd like to bring to your attention an article i read concerning develpers working on the ps4 even though this is just a rumor i'd like to see what henry and ps4guru have to say about this it is very exiting. It makes me begin to think just how far we are from the ps4 release date.

I forgot to mention for a

I forgot to mention for a reply simply call me nero (a tribute to another great game :)


I too have read that article, but it seems you have taken it out of context. It states that first party developers such as polyphony and naughtydog are having input on what will be inside the PS4. Its quite plausible however I don't know if its true or not. I hope it is though because I know how much these developers love the Cell B.E, they would want to keep the architecture.

what would be a neat feature

what would be a neat feature is if the ps4 had a slot for extra ram. the base model could have 1 or 2 gigabytes of ram and the user could add 2 to 4 extra gigabytes if he or she wants to run several things at once like the internet and a game. and people should be able to play their own music during games and when using the xmb like the 360.

Hundreds of hundreds of millions? Really???

Okay, you need to fix this statement in your article because it is a GROSS exaggeration. 200m x 200m = 40 Quintillion dollars. This is 2 orders of magnitude higher than trillion and I would fathom more money than any country, company or entity on earth has... (40,000,000,000,000,000.00) The development costs of the CELL chip were about 400 Billion, and these costs were shared between IBM (who did the lions share of the work), Toshiba, and Sony). (SOURCE: Your argument of "all that money would go to waste" is completely null and void. All that money has already been spent... You certainly hope to recoup your investment when you R+D a new product or technology, but you don't continue to flog a dead horse if it's not producing. About the Cell being used in the PS4... Sony will abandon the architecture for future consoles as it simply is not cost competitive with comparably powered technologies that will be available.

Q: How much is one hundred

Q: How much is one hundred times one hundred millions? A: 100 * 100e6 = 1e10

Cell R.I.P.

Since development has stopped on the Cell, I doubt it will be found in the PS4. IMO, Sony could go with a multi-core ARM processor and dual GPUs to provide a lot more performance per Watt for gaming. With OpenCL spanning the GPUs (or CUDA with Nvidia GPUs), the need for a high performance CPU is lessened, since most of the computing is on the GPU cores. ARM + GPU with OpenCL is the course being taken by Apple. Nvidia is pursing an ARM + GPU solution to compete with Intel. General purpose computing on the GPU is the future of gaming (and scientific computing). Cell R.I.P.

Specs for PS4

Recent comments have Sony temporarily shelving PS4 development. There are many possible reasons. Waiting on next generation GPUs is one of them. The biggest bottleneck in a next generation system will be memory bandwidth in all systems. The next generation IBM Power PC Sony was looking at contained faster more efficient Power PC and cell compatible elements with larger and more efficient on die cache memory. The CPU will not be as important as the GPU in next generation systems. CPU=>2X The GPU design will have multiple GPUs with each having it's own on chip memory to reduce dependence on a common video memory. Currently PCs, PS3, NGP and new Android platforms using Android 2.3 and 3.0 use a combination of OpenGL (PSGL in PS3) and low level programmable shaders. The shader calls are in "C" making game code portable and of course OpenGL is portable too. Portable does not mean micro code compatible as in your current PS3 game disk will work in a PS4. I'd guess that some form of emulation will have to be in a PS4 to translate microcode to new GPU instructions (how much would be dependent on the GPU used. So the PS4 will have to be fast enough to do this. Looks like ray tracing is the wave of the future; needs less texture memory but a much more powerful GPU is needed. 1080P will probably be the min target and when you include ray tracing support a 10X increase in Graphics performance sounds reasonable for a PS4. For Sony next generation media is about as important as Games. Apple started the "ecosystem" media revolution in 2001. The Sony PS3 design (2005 release) seems to lend it'self to being a centerpiece in the living room to support such an ecosystem. We are going to see this ecosystem finally being implemented in 2011 with firmware updates to the PS3 and the release of the NGP and multiple Android handhelds of various sizes. The next generation PS4 will have to support next generation media. Looks like 4K resolution for media will have to be supported. 4K as source, as in some form of larger faster blu-ray drive and ultra compressible UHD codecs. Media will be released on blu-ray at 4K resolutions and provided by the PS4/new generation blu-ray drive at the resolution the TV/monitor supports. In most cases this will be 1080P with a top end niche market for very large 4K TVs (100+ inches). The PS3 can output 4K video (NOT games) with a firmware update but the current blu-ray drive is too slow and small. Side note: people can't see the difference (except color depth) between 4K and 1080P movies at 10 feet on a 4K TV) but they can see a difference in pictures and on-screen text, as in browsers, at those distances. How much is debatable. The advantages of 4K for production is not under debate. Display of 4K is hotly debated here in the US but China, Japan and possibly Brasil and Korea are all going to 4K broadcast. Delays in PS4 design due to GPU, next generation blu-ray drive, new standards being adopted for media and interfaces like HDBaseT or Apple's Light Peak should all be decided and economical 2014. I am not a professional in this industry and have no inside information. Still from everything I have read, it's too soon to be spouting specs for a next generation game console so I won't try.

These are specs for the PS4

These are specs for the PS4 if it were to be released in the near future 2013/14.

you all forget!!!

It does not matter about what you want in there it is about what they can get away with.... you want 1.5 TB you gonna pay for it and out the nose too. ipad $500 bucks for 16 gigs. I rather have a computer that has better tech, and use a controller. I can upgrade it, for far cheaper than buying a new console. The reason why the console is the most expensive computer you buy for the tech is for show.

Considering that the ipad

Considering that the ipad uses solid state memory and not traditional hdds of course it is going to be more expensive. Nowadays you can get a 1Tb HDD for 60$/£/€.

one word



You have to remember that soon extra-high definition TV's will be out, that's 2160 pixels. One quarter of the screen would be 1080 pixels, so technically the resolution is four times higher. Sony would have to be stupid to make the next gen console not ready for 2160 pixels, or maybe even higher. And another thing, memory. There is absolutely no way that Sony would let their next generation's console only have 2GB of memory, because there are $500 computers out RIGHT NOW that have 6GB memory. For a $700 console, you would have to be pretty behind in technology to think that 2GB is enough for it's lifespan (2012-2018). Consoles are becoming more and more like computers, they aren't little toys you buy at Wal-Mart any more. The ones in development are not to be treated like little toys. And for CPU, the Cell is a fantastic idea. There needs to be more L2 cache, more memory pipelines, a larger memory bandwidth, and an overall better construction of everything (not that the one in the PS3 is bad). The most essential thing is how fast the CPU can actually handle how fast things get from place to place. This is not in the Ghz OR however many cores there are, as the processor could have over 9000 cores all at over 9000 Ghz. Doesn't matter. There's only 2 memory pipelines, so even if it's running at 9500 Ghz, it can't get it through fast enough, so it lags. Saying that, the number of cores there are (in this case, elements and such; whatever Sony wants to call it) is still important, and so is the Ghz if you have things that can match it. And finally, we need a good GPU. Obviously it's not one that's instantly available on the market, it's a custom made one for Sony. Definitely more powerful than the one that's in the PS3, as the ones that are in computers nowadays are much more capable than the ones in the current consoles. Sony isn't going to aim low with this next console, they're going to aim high. They have to.

2160p is just piece of stupid

2160p is just piece of stupid talk. Just how many people can afford to spend over $1500 for the ps4, and $4000 for the Tv. if the ps4 can support true 1080p with all the shaders, details, effect max out, 99% of all gamers will already be freak out. (just in case that you don't know, 95% of current ps3 games only support fake 1080p which is 720p kinder pull to 1080p and soften each pixel.). Anyway nobody knows the ps4 spec yet, but one thing I'm sure is 2160p is 100% stupid thought.


will eSATA be added for backing up the hard drive? or will USB be better?


I want ps4 to run ubuntu, or maybe something up the Meego alley.... I want ps4 to have two video outputs, one for my smallish monitor and one for my projector. I want ps4 to have SSD. (this one is a must, I will not buy an arcaic slow spinning hd ever again!) Now throw in fairly good speedy cpu/ram, keep noise down, and design it as livingroom art. Then I will buy :)


I hate to break it to you guys, but we're in this generation for the long haul. I doubt a PlayStation 4 will be here anywhere near as early as next year, and even 2013 is a stretch. 2015 at the earliest for a PS4, I'd say. Those dates are far more realistic for an HD Wii than a new PS. With internet connectivity and new control mechanisms rapidly changing the existing generation of consoles, the machines we have now are far more modular than the ones of old. The amount of new functionality we have gained since the launch dates of the PS3 and the XB360 is immense, and I'd say we're in Generation 7.5 rather than approaching Generation 8.

hear hear

Generation 8 wont appear until Xmas 2014.

Demands and challenges....

I have to say that PS3 is now a piece of junk. Sure, it was ground-breaking back in 2006. Of course it's time for next generation. Demands are on the table. Faster CPU, GPU, and RAM hinted by Henry sounds latest level, which is pleasing. Previous comments concerning "better actual computation speed" should be considered too, but even Apple can't pull it good as of April 2011. Extra features like playing Blu-ray and internet interaction don't really need serious attention as the internet speed in N.A. is at painstaking level, (probably one of the worst in the WORLD!!!!) and Blu-ray will probably last for another decade. Now comes the challenges. Game freaks are going to ask for EVERYTHING. So, devs will pick the fastest and biggest specs. But, look at first-gen PS3--chunky and ugly. So, devs have to make PS4 as small as possible. That will jeopardize the specs for no good. And finally, the price. Devs can make the fastest hell console no one has seen before in a book-sized box, but you'll have to pay the price. To compensate all the performance of the console, devs need mass population's pocket money. The question is, how far will Sony push for this battle of Speed vs. Price? A thought just passed through my mind...PS4 will probably have 12 MP camera on the move....

Over the TOP?@!

I can't believe people want to see clearerer details in everything that has topped itself in the past. Examples such as hd>blu ray. I couldn't tell the difference. If the sound isn't crisp, turn up the volume? YOU"RE KIDDING

I started to become unhappy

I started to become unhappy to live with my PS3 graphic, I mean compare it with gaming PC now, the PS3 is just too weak. The people who thinks and wants the PS3 to live over its 6 year cycle are totally retarded, only reason is there are too many people don't understand how good are the new technology.(e.g. GTX 580 sli + i7 processor...= at least 5 times of PS3 speed) I really hope the PS4 come out ASAP, I'll be willing to spent up to $650 for it~


I have read most of these comments but no one has said anything relevant about the price. Will it launch at 700$ like the PS3 (when Sony was still making a 200$ loss on the sale of each PS3) or a the more current 350$. Because the amount of hardware you can include with 350$ changes a lot comparing to 700$.


I wonder how it would be to have a PS card installed into the motherboard of any computer, be it a video card, or just an authentication chip(internal or external). Although this way we'll complain about compatibility issues rather than quality and price... In any case it would be nice to have it as an option.


Don't developers have a hard enough time coping with the current cell processor, trying to split off code to each SPE? Having 16(or 14) is gonna be a read headache unless they can come up with some super optimised development tools. I suppose they haven't learnt thats important since PS3 in the beginning was a real pain

Built In Coolant System for the Playstation

Could you have an built in fan like a playstation 2 console or like a desktop computer? and the coolant system cools down the circuits and cause s less meltdown manufacture of the systems overdrive.

More equals better

Having more SPU's doesn't make it any harder to program. It's just the same difficulty but with more power. By keeping the Cell processor (but extending it) the lessons developers have learnt about the PS3 will be immediately applicable to the PS4. Also the development tools will already exist, and only need slight tweaking to accommodate the extra power.

xbox 720 has ssd

hi there waki-pedia has specs for xbox 720 and yes xbox has a true ssd standard and ssd are cheap a 128 gb ssd curently runs $150 64 gb ssd $99

I think they wiill keep cell,

I think they wiill keep cell, and amd and intel processors are way faster than the ps3

walkman port

a port for the walkman and content transfer should be added to the ps4

hi there found specs on ps 4 hard drive

hi there last night cam across ps 4 hard drive specs it is a 6 gb/s 1 tb hdd with 32 mb cache at 7200 rpms is this a good hard drive

apple 256 gb ssd is $500 not 16 gb

hi there for mac books pros mac book air imac all have a 256 gb ssd for $500 not 16 gb you were talking about the ioad device cost and not 16 gb flash drive for $500 there release $1 per gb ssd drives soo a 512 gb ssd cost $512


If someone says 16 GB, they're talking about RAM, not a SSD. Also, Apple's stuff is always grossly overpriced, did you really expect anything else?

PS4 will never come

SONY should have emailed all of its customers that they may be at risk due to the recent PSN hack rather than wait and hope for the best. Microsoft has always had much better customer service, going above and beyond with the RROD fault and the recall on their Force Feedback Racing Wheel. They will release the backwards compatible Xbox 1080 in September 2012 and collect a lot of disaffected SONY loyalists as a result. You don't actually get much for trading in any console, even a PS3 with all its games. So you may as well keep it for the odd console exclusive. However, once gamers are paying for Xbox LIVE they will buy 1080 versions of all the cross-platform AAA titles cutting into the revenue SONY would normally claw back from the publishers. Expect the 1080 to have an unexpected amount of RAM in it as well as a very large HDD which is used to support installation of downloaded AAA games at the same time that they appear in the shops, which lets you pause any game with a push of the Guide button and resume from where you left off in another game from the jukebox-like Dashboard. The revised controller will duplicate the face buttons, splitting them between the rest positions of the little and ring fingers of both hands in recessed grooves underneath. The bumpers will be pressure sensitive and the D-Pad will not be as spongy. It will have the same optional plug-in chatpad as the current 360, so you don't necessarily have to go out and buy one if you have one already for Facebook, etc. Don't expect anything wildly better with the graphics, though. It will, as the name suggests be 1080p @ 60 FPS but not 3D! This is because Microsoft are competing more with Nintendo (e.g. the 1080 is compatible with Kinect), than SONY. You see Nintendo are releasing their next console at around the same time as Microsoft in the tail end of a global recession. Games need 3-4 years of development anyway, so the overly excited early adopters of these products won't get many superlative titles early on; really, just enough to whet the market's appetite and none developed by 3rd party developers. Indeed, there may well be something of a drought after their launch so you would all be wise to wait 18 months for the price to drop. At least they will both be backwards-compatible - and in the case of the 1080 many titles you may have missed will fill the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for download to your super-convenient jukebox. Microsoft may be made of money, but they are keen to claw their way into second place and make some money next gen. This explains why they don't want to risk disaffected SONY customers going to Nintendo without at least having the choice of checking out something similar with 1080 + Kinect + Skype. Unfortunately, SONY are likely to price themselves out of the market by making over-specified "do everything" hardware that requires one of their expensive 3D TVs to make full use of its capabilities. Obviously, even at the tail end of a recession there will be plenty of rich, mature, consumers who still revere the Playstation brand interested in a PS4, just not enough to compensate SONY for selling it to them at a loss. Expect to see Little Big Planet 3 on Nintendo.


I think this is the worst, and totally unrelated comment in this whole thread, please go away, thanks. :D

lol wut

Little Big Planet is made by Sony, and I'm not even going to get into the rest of your post.

PS4 Cost

mee kihaa bodu kameh tha ey. Kaley men mythi agu heyo kohba $1000 ah...

PS4 Cost

kaley akah neyn geyne ingey ps4 aky iloshin hadaafa hunna eh cheh noon..:p

what i thimk

forget the inclusion of usb3.0 and unnecessary nonsense as that does not improve upon the gameplay/usability experience, heres where i think the changes should occur:- faster bluray drive faster hard drive (still swapable) faster network card - is it a 10/100 in the current? it seems rather slow to me gpu - stick with nvidia, im sure they'll come up with something that seems current (compared to a pc) when the system is launched cpu - sony sold their cell business to recoup losses, so not sure if ibm,sony and toshiba are still investing research into improving the design (would have seen some buzz by now) if they continue to use cell then developers are already familiar with the architecture, if they decide to take a different route then this could either cause a new learning curve or simply a game that looks identical to the 3rd gen xbox, im sure this is where sony is thinking long and hard and its a tough one for sure. has to be cost effective, familiar to use, low learning curve, bloody fast and not look/perform like anything else out there backwards compatability - dont bother, keep your cost down, id rather see that money spent on cpu/gpu/memory wanna play a ps3 game? keep your ps3 cross platform gaming - psp2 and ps4 gaming online? same game available for both platforms offered at a reduced price? buy 1, get 2nd half off, why do this? well they could do this with ps3 and psp2 im just throwing it out there for ps4. i would love to play an online game at home, power off then play same game with same ranking online against same people but mobile. just food for thought. playstation move - id like to see an improved camera, i never liked the 1st eyetoy and the playstation eye is only a little better, christ sony you own a camera division! use better optics!!! playstation interface - its clunky, definately not sexy, BUT very functional. the 360 dashboard is utter garbage in comparison but thats not saying alot. i think the default view of the available options should be limited to things like play movies, show pictures, play a game, play music etc.., the advanced features such as video and network settings should be hidden and only displayed when requested, its way too much clutter and daunting for a household that is new to video games, simple is sexy!!! ive often wondered if the ps front end should be integrated directly into home, at least it would give the unsuspected user the opportunity to explore right away, just something to think about personally i would love to see what an apple/sony partnership would conjur up, ill leave it at that!

No USB 3?

USB 3 would give more responsive controls (when plugged in), faster charging, and would allow faster transfer of data, all for a tiny increase in price (negligible change as the short term increase in cost for sony would help sony out in the long run with their computers, phones, and PS4 slim, and as a result sony would probably just absorb the extra expense) As for what an Apple/Sony partnership would create, it would create a $1000 console that is inferior to the Wii U (SGS2/iP4S reference)


I was thinking from what I have heard that there thinking of improving and refining the current techonlogy so Im think a new and refined Cell Proccessor probaly dual core PPE and extra SPE's added as well, also 2gb ram im hoping 4gb. 250gb HDD standard, Dual Core 512mb GPU, Improved and Refined Blu-Ray and Wifi and Bluetooth also Improved Move features or new Move remote etc and Dualshock 4, And I dont think they will have 4k tv's for quite some time since most people are buying current HD tv's

500 is the new 20

A 500 GB HDD with 3.0 Gb/s and a 16MB cache spinning at 7200 RPM is $32.88. I think they can afford to throw that in.

ditch the optical drives and physical media

I like the spec speculation but it seems like a nerds wet dream. Dont think sony has that big of a transister budget. Yah sony should ditch all physical media for the design of the ps4. Download only for the games similar to a steam type service. This would get rid of companies crying over used games are killing sales like alot are doing these days. Reduces pirating of games also. As greedy as companies are wouldnt suprise me none.

hopefully they can update it

hopefully they can update it to like a super computer cause face it computers have amazing graphics like battlefield 3

xbox sucks

it gets the three rings of death, disk rings, gient brick, the brick dies, no free internet, no 320 harddrive, now blueray, heavry remots and there plenty more im just tierd of typing and most of all it doesent have GOW or uncharted

Personal Predictions

Well, going by numerous rumours out there and moores law here's a few bits of speculation I can make. 1: Processor. I can say almost without a doubt that they'll stick with the cell, it just makes sense, but upping to 16SPE's? Not likely. Sony has already said they don't want to boost cost, and they actually expect the ps4 to cost LESS than current ps3. My thought on the processor is this. A final die shrink down to 32nm, and a speed boost to 3.6ghz. That will give it a small boost of speed, as well as keeping full backwards compatibility. 2: GPU From rumours ATI has managed to swoon every console developer this gen, and its no surprised why. NVidia is too hot too power hungry and too expensive for continued use in games consoles. As for the remark of the good relationship, what good relationship? Every time I read an artical about the two its a contract dispute. I'm personally convinced that Sony are going to be going for a dual card solution, something in the mid / low range. This would enable several things -1 Power consumption. When not playing games, or playing ps3 games one card can be switched off to reduce the power consumption. -2 Physics / AI. Games who choose to could opt to use one card for DX11 graphics, and the other for physics through openCL. This would also open up more cores on the CELL for use with AI. This is most likely as graphics have pretty much peaked. Its not cost effective to improve them anymore than curent gen. At least not yet, but if somebody chooses to there's the second card for crossfire. The only real way up right now is to get up physics and ai for more realism. -3: Cost: Getting two low end cards from ATI would probably work out cheaper contract wise than getting one high end card. -4: 3D: In 3d situations it could be handled as every other frame, one card handles frame A the other frame B, each card of that generation could easily handle 60fps of most media, allowing for perfect 60fps per eye which is required. RAM: XDR2: Nuff said. One thing which crippled them was having their 512 split. I think this time they'll most probably go something along the lines of a larger base shared RAM, and have each component stacked with its own dedicated. Overall each component would have the same total. But it would be fed through much faster, kind've like the cache on your CPU. Storage: HybridSSD. It makes most sense imo these drives are cheaper than SSD and in terms of gaming can perform almost as well in some instances. Most probably when you load a game it would shift said games cache to the SSD portion enabling far better performance Drive: Blu Ray. One thing which stung sony last time was the cost and speed of blu ray. From a Sony standpoint however it was a success Blu Ray became the main media and they made profit in other markets at a loss on PS3. So why scrap it now the price has dropped so much? The other issue was speed though. PS3 only has 1x read BD, this meant slow loading times unlss you installed, and slow installs as well. What would make sense is to pop in an 12x BD drive, not only from a gaming standpoint, but to better handle 3d BDs and potential future editions. The above specs would allow for a boost in graphics and cpu throughput. Lower the power draw / heat output and allow for a pretty fair price point as well as full backwards compatibility. Thats why it makes sense to me.

Are you insane?

"Most probably when you load a game it would shift said games cache to the SSD portion enabling far better performance" That would increase load times, as it would essentially be reinstalling the game each time. As well, a HDD is faster for linear reads and writes. The advantage of Hybrid drives is that you can install your OS on the SSD so that your machine doesn't have to wait for the HDD to spin up before it can boot.

He is indeed insane

-4: 3D: In 3d situations it could be handled as every other frame, one card handles frame A the other frame B That would mean having to load all textures twice, into separate RAM areas for each card! Or the cards would share access to one unified RAM area, thereby slowing them both down by half. Duh!