Google TV Likely Headed to the PS3 Next Spring

Google TV

Google has been getting plenty of publicity for all the wrong reasons lately, from the news surfacing that their street view cars were snatching up unprotected data along with those pics of your house, to their struggle with Facebook over information sharing and advertising.

While they may not be able to get along with Facebook, they’re playing much nicer with everyone’s favourite gaming company and entertainment behemoth, Sony, with rumors surfacing that Google’s recently launched Google TV initiative will be making its way onto PlayStation 3’s at some point in 2011.

A Match Made in Tech Heaven
The potential move certainly makes sense from Sony’s perspective. They’ve long had the stated goal of turning the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and all future PlayStation home consoles into indispensable entertainment hubs. Teaming up with Google would bring them that much closer to their goal, as Google TV brings the entirety of the web experience onto a user’s television, offering unparalleled functionality and searching capabilities. This rumor is lent further credence by the fact that several new Sony TV models already have integrated blu-ray and Google TV functionality.

Google TV lets users surf the web via their TV, create their own TV homepage, use their Android phone or iPhone to control their TV, use many of their favourite apps, record programs with advanced DVR functions, and much more. Users can also make use of several video on demand services, such as Netflix (already available on the PlayStation 3), and Amazon Video on Demand, though each of these services still has a fee associated with their use.

In other television/movie related news, Sony also confirmed that Hulu Plus ($9.99 per month, or free with a subscription to PlayStation Plus) will be made available for all Sony devices, including the PlayStation 3.

Are all you PlayStation 3 fans looking forward to having Google TV available on your PS3? Or are you getting bored of all the crossover integration between devices and services? Let us know what you think below.

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Im Fucing Excited New Web Browser New Youtube And Cable All On The PS3 Cant Wait Wa! Ha! Ha!

Love the idea

Would need a keyboard and mouse to make this work. Using the on screen board sucks.

great to hear!

Im so happy for what ps3 has done for there players even when they got hacked they gave us 2 free games and ps plus am buying the ps4 or whatever its called first day no matter how much it costs it better be better then when the ps3 came out i got it first day and it had no games buy the why is mag 70 bucks even the new call of dutys are not that much and the game has been out for a couple of years.


Soo excited for google tv on the playstation but i agree. you would need a mouse and keyboard to make this user friendly. also wireless would be nice (:

it be nice if let say if you

it be nice if let say if you own the logitech revue which has the perfect keyboard and mouse combo, could be used with the ps3.

It says you can control it

It says you can control it from your iPhone or android so you think you'd be able to use the keyboards on those devices