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Why the PS4?

  • Because it's not an XBox
  • Enables the greatest game developers in the world to unlock their creativity and push the boundaries of play through a platform that is tuned specifically to their needs.
  • "Suspend mode" eliminates the load time on your saved game and allows you to immediately return to where you left off by pressing the power button.
  • Engage in endless personal challenges between you and your community, and share your epic moments via social media and more for the world to see.
  • Gamers can share their epic triumphs by hitting the "SHARE button" on the controller, scan through the last few minutes of gameplay, tag it and return to the game.
  • With PS Vita, gamers will be able to seamlessly play PS4 games on the beautiful 5-inch display over Wi-Fi in a local environment
  • Countless epic games to choose from
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    I beg to differ

    I no bout 4 peeps who are switching from pc or xbox or even both to ps3because of friends and the psn

    PS3 vs XBox360 debate

    I own both a PS3 and an XBox360 (and a wii for the kids) and to be honest I prefer 360 for online games but as far as games that I'm not going to play online I get them on the PS3 just because they look way better. Also the selection of games I think is better for the PS3 (due to more 1 player games or games not worth playing the online on) however XBox Live is a better online gaming community for you CoD Halo and GoW types the onlything I really use my PS3 online for is updates DLC and downloading PS1 games. I personally can't wait for the next gen of either company to come out Sony can upgrade it's online community and Microsoft can put some effort into their graphics and make it a BR player, wouldn't that be nice..


    You have a very valid point, but to be completely honest, every console community is shit! unless you meet some people on the forums and then get em to play some games with you - generally people who play consoles don't like to interact with each-other unless they know them. If you'd ever been a part of the PC gaming community then you might understand how thriving an online gaming community can really be. When on xbox i invite loads of people to custom games, saying come join, bring all your friends for some custom game-types, i do it on the forums and when on the console in-game and in total of inviting about 30 people, only two people showed any interest. On PC however, if i did that i wouldn't expect any less than 20 of them to show interest, or at least to reply. i could go online and just fetch random people and they'd come along for a match, but this is such a harder task on consoles. So unless the next-generation consoles come with in-game text chat, and some sort of keypad to go with it, then the community won't be reaching the potential it could be. Sony and Microsoft need to learn something from the generic PC games developers, and integrate such a system into their consoles and all the games released - and then there will be a community that actually interacts with each other.

    Screw You Wii Lover

    Why don't you get up off of your lazy butt and get a real console like the ps1 ps2 or ps3, you lazy piece of crap-prodigy =(

    Stand up

    you stand up on the wii to play it anyway your right about getting a real console im getting ready for buying the sony ngp (psp2)by david norman


    Somebody escort this idiot out of here...


    Title says it all


    It is hilarious watching people go at in this blog .I have both, they Xbox a BIGGER online community but you have to pay ps3 has better graphics and free online each system win in its own way, its all opinion based.


    omfg Ps3 uses geforce 6800GT based core (RSX) its direct X 9 standard u idiots. 2. Current computers use multi steam processor architecture . wich is far beyond geforce 7800 standards. yet how ever with this seriously technologically impairments the ps3 still is able to render close to a pc standard. yes some filtering, shaping and lower polygon count might be under pc standards of today. Ps3 still is able to render off similar look. yes pcs would always lead ahead. but one, will always be burning holes in your pocket. constantly require for you to upgrade and replace hardware. in my opinion ps3 was rock solid. 5 years I owned mine and I never had a single issue. formatted my hard drive for the first time tonight. in 5 years. never had to replace its graphics card. never had to replace the hard drive. never had to re-install its operating system and wait 30-60 mins of possible game time. In the next month ill be buying an i5 2500k, 8gb DDR3, new mobo and Geforce 570. and its gona cost me loads. where my 5 year old ps3 cost lest. and lived to a pc standard im about to buy, 5 years later


    I LOVE how people like you troll the interwebz and spout hardware specs that are soo easy to Google. I'm 99% sure you're single, uneducated, vastly overweight, and live with moms/pops. With comments like '30 to 60 mins of possible gametime', my suspicions are confirmed. And also, you must have made a typo... the i5 2000k shit is gonna cost YOUR PARENTS loads, not you. Dumb ass...


    it looks like you're actually the one doing the trolling... at least you're not single and spending all of your time arguing on forums, like an uneducated overweight loser living with his parents...


    why does everyone care about which one is better, which is crappier. Ps3 has some pros and cons, as do Xbox 360, Wii, and any other game systems out there. which is worse Ps3, Xbox 360, wii or those peices of shit people sell that already has games on it that are really stupid. This retarded debate is causing chaos.Pros: Ps3 saves money with free online. Xbox 360 has rewards for acheivments. Wii gets you some exercise. Shit stations don't have any pros. Cons: Ps3 and Xbox 360 gets hacked sometimes. Wii can give you cramps. Shit stations have so many cons. I own Ps3, Xbox 360 Kinect and Wii and i like them all although I don't play Wii much. I play Xbox and Ps3 a lot and there both pretty good.I play Assassin's Creed 1 and 3 on Ps3,and I play Assassin's Creed 2 on Xbox.I also play Black Ops on Ps3, Halo Reach on Xbox. So who cares which one is better we all have different opinion some like Wii, some like Ps3, some like Xbox, some like them all and some dislike all of them. It doesn't matter so stop the debate.


    There is no debate on which is better. Both PS3 and Xbox 360 are good sources of gaming entertainment. I own and play both. I've had issues with both. No big deal, nothing is or ever will be perfect or flawless. Entertainment will always cost money. You get what you pay for.


    It keeps people busy..

    why? cuz...

    it's human nature and you do it yourself every so often, your priorities are just different. ie. you don't argue about which gaming console is the best because that doesn't matter to YOU. so what do you argue over with other ppl that no one else gives a shit about? it's the exact same situation, people will say "why do you even care about that?" and give YOU a long pointless explanation as to why you shouldn't care just like you are now... pointless, cus it's not going to change how humans act. and that's why people care and argue about it. simple.


    lol i like this whole argument its funny

    Listen up boys

    You guys don't know how to argue, u can't just call xbox users names, because they r so stupid that they think ur praising them. Hands down, ps3 is better, now before u jump all over me, let us compare... Ps3- better graphics, more durable system, free online use Xbox- bigger online play(which just means more people play xbox) Now all u xbox-ers say"yea, but xbox live hasn't been hacked, thats way ya get for free Internet". Well guess wat, it has been, in 2008 xbox live was down for 2 weeks because the same type of idiot who hacked ps3 got u guys. Case closed.


    Your a liar, it never got hacked in 2008, the live was down for a day so they could make it better.

    Almost all of the game on ps3

    Almost all of the game on ps3 are not full 1080p but they are on xbox. I'm not hating because I play on both systems and love them both but just telling u some facts


    What stupid nonsense. Its obvious you dont know what you are talking about. Both consoles are barely making 720p most of the time sub HD like reach with 640p or GTA or COD. Microsoft just states the upscaled Resolutions on the boxes were as Sony is a little more honest and says native resolutions (rounded to 720p) PS 3 also scales the signal up to 1080p but since this doesnt help the optics of a game Sony doesnt mention it. Infact PS3 has a handful ,full game not PSN/XBLA Titles, running in 1080p Like Ridge Racer 7 or Wipeout HD. Xbox 360 also has some older titles running in 1080p but not as much as PS3. Both consoles are too weak to handle native 1080p on todays games. Lets take for example Cod MW3 to run it in native 1080p you need 250% more power then to run it at 720p.

    buy 4 me

    some one buy a ps3 4 me i need it

    buy 4 me 2

    so do I

    fast tips

    now i now that it is so expencive because its just the best consule in the world but 300 is just a bit to pricy. sony is claiming that soon there will be a price cut from 300 to 200. I got mine by selling my night vistion and savings.

    the problem with xbox live

    the problem with xbox live not being free is casual gamers aren't going to buy something there not going to use very much so they get a ps3 coz when they do want to go online they don't have to buy a subscription first they can just sign in. and lets face it there are always going to be fanboys but the majority of the market is casual gamers witch the psn is perfect for. Xbox live is better than the psn because it has more stable connections but the majority of ppl don't care. and the only reason that xbox 360 sales are higher than ps3 is that half of them crap out within the first six months and the ps3 lasts for ten years. so to sum up xbox 360 is for the hardcore online gamers and ps3 is for EVERYBODY ELSE.


    Ok, as an Xbox OWNER, I must say that the PS3 is more for hardcore gamers, given the types of games that come out specifically for those consoles. While the 360 has a lot of adult games (Halo, CoD, Battlefield, etc etc) there's a lot of family friendly games that even little ones could play (like the new Kinect games for example, are you smarter than a 5th grader). The PS3 has things like God Of War, Killzone, and others. I don't know them all, I have a 360, and honestly, I would love to have them both. I'd do your research before saying what console is for what. Love them both, but I've been an xbox girl since day one. One day...I shall have my PS3 and slaughter all of you bahahahahahaha. Maybe...I best get to practicing. Deuces.

    really the wii is the

    really the wii is the EVERYONE system ...... ps3 and xbox are the HARDCORE game systems PS3 winning by FAR IMO


    ps3 is much better then xbox 360, in any kind of way, still own, still beating xbox and wii, 4 ever and ever,cnt wait 2 buy ps4.

    tell everyone

    xbox is the biggest bunch of crap to this day. the ps3 is the best its got no problems and by the way halo is total trash and no one gives a crap about it. sorry obout my spelling, we got the god of war series, resistence 1 2 and soon coming 3, and a heck of a lot more exclusives. 360 just has disk rings the 3 rings of death, huge power cable, no blu ray, and a bunch more problems. PS3 is the best spread the truth

    star wars

    sony should make a game better than the star wars kinect just to rub it in there face. i bet that will show them whos better. dont make for the move because hears the truth playstation move sucks!!! if they do make a better move with the option of controller or no controller. they should make better graphics and make it respond better to what u do. thats my opinion on this.

    Did anyone else see the Wii U at E3?

    I have a 60GB PS3, have since release. But it's been updated SO many times that like 20 gigs go just to OS updates. That's not even the part that gets me angry: Newer games actually REQUIRE the game to be partially installed. Long story short, I don't like how short-sighted Sony is. On the back of every game, there is a marker of how much HDD is needed, NEEDED, to play. Often now being north of 120GB. Even IF my system COULD hold even 1 new game, I'd still like to juggle more than 3. MS and Nintendo do this also, but not to such an outrageous point that a first-run system cannot be used anymore. And here's the key: INSTALLED GAMEFILES SHARE BETWEEN GAMES ON THOSE PLATFORMS! Sony sucks, and Wii U will kill all other competitors. I'm just sorry I paid $700 for a crap system that can't even be used anymore. Thanks Sony!

    Upgrade the HDD

    As title says

    Wii U was awful

    I played it at e3. Seemed like a retarded controller gimmick with no gaming purpose. Could be developed for specific games like madden or card games but overall is just a wii with an ipad attached.

    lol, so u keep every bit of

    lol, so u keep every bit of game data ever? just delete some old stuff and be done with it make it organic and take control of ur content, anything u dont play anymore can be deleted as with ur game saves and any demos u have downloaded do u really need them all? ive had a 60 for years and never had too many problems.

    lol, so YEAH i keep every bit of

    lol, so i DO keep every bit of game data ever. what's wrong with that? you haven't had too many problems, i haven't had ANY! so that's that.

    dude just use the back up

    dude just use the back up part of the settings and go get u a 750 gig HDD toss it in there and restore the back up thats wut i did worked perfect and now iv got 750 gig HDD and lots of games and demos installed and a fue movies and LOTS of music


    just buy new HDD and change it its take about 20 min. my one was 40Gb and now is 320Gb


    the ps4 is going to have more stuff then the ps3

    u said then

    ps3 might not have blu ray :(


    I hope people arent going to leave psn


    PS3 is beast and we all know it

    dude you got that right xbox

    dude you got that right xbox sucks it gets the rings of death, you have to pay for internet, disk rings, no blue ray, and the ps3 got it all


    The YLOD is typically from an overheat situation. Takeing the heatsink off and cleaning it and putting on new heatsink paste can restore it. My son had his done that way. Paid $60 to a repair shop to do it on a 6 year old PS3 and it works fine now. Same for XBOX.


    PS3 is beast and we all know it


    oneday, merging will happen. superior takes over inferior. Maybe , Xbox merges with ps and oppose wii. or could be other way round.


    Every Game Console can be hacked. [PS3 Wii And Xbox] With that i mean the Network. Also, Fanboys are a shame for the console itself. They post everywhere that Xbox is the best Etc. Or that PS3 Is better Etc. But as u can see, this page started out for poeple to talk about the PS4. Well ok nothing wrong with that. Then some Noob's [Fanboy's of Xbox] came in. And as u can see, these noobs started making the title : PS3 V.S XBOX. While it was ALL about Pre Ordering a PS4. Weird huh?


    In the future ps4 should have a Internet booster built in ? Some routers like the new cisco has a Internet booster 4 speed ? Some countries have Internet speed of 250mbps speed equals response time in all gaming such as running jumping shooting , this is why you can. Die with 2 bullets from some players and then some players have to unload their whole weapon to kill u in online gaming it is a live game , host or not speed always equals response time in gaming , Sony needs address this issue with their new consoles