A Look at the Potential Power of the PlayStation 4

PS4 SpecsAs the current console generation nears its midway point, first details are starting to emerge about the potential makeup of the next generation systems. Each gaming generation to date has seen a fairly significant leap forward in technological power, which has to boggle the minds of gamers everywhere, knowing that in the not too distant future, we'll be playing games that trounce the best the PlayStation 3 has to offer. And to think gamers were convinced back in the glory days of 2-D gaming that games simply couldn't look any better.

Just How Much Further Can Games Go?

As games continue to evolve and become more and more realistic graphically though, the question of just how far gaming technology can go before it hits a wall has surfaced. While we're not at that point yet by any means, the gap is beginning to close between current graphics, and graphics that could be considered photo-realistic or virtual-reality. It stands to reason that even though technology will never stop evolcing, it's possible that games will eventually reach a point where they simply can't look any better.

The PlayStation 4 will be the next step in reaching the end of the videogame evolutionary cycle, if indeed there is one. While concrete details have yet to emerge on the console's innards, we do have some tentative information and rumours to help flesh out the forthcoming brave new graphical world.

The first commonly held belief about the PS4 is that it will continue to use the CELL processor first introduced in the PS3. In fact it's rumoured that any Sony consoles for the foreseeable future will also use the CELL processor, including the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 6, which are supposedly already being worked on. Re-utilizing the CELL technology should allow Sony to reduce production costs of the PS4, and limit the initial cost of the system, which was a major sticking point with the PS3, which sold for as much as $600 when it was released, and actually cost even more than that to produce, as much as $850 per unit. Yes, Sony was actually losing money with every PS3 they sold at launch (to the tune of nearly $2 billion in 2006), and have only recently started turning a profit on the console.

No More Excuses Developers!

Re-using the CELL processor should also help developers who have become familiar with the hardware, rather than resorting to another new configuration. The CELL processor took awhile for developers to wrap their heads around which was another major criticism of the console. Numerous games have seen lengthy delays as a result, and the overall volume of games on the system has been much lower to date than what was seen on the PS1 and PS2. By the time the PlayStation 4 launches, most developers should be comfortable with developing games using the technology, and this should help avoid a repeat of the PS3's early woes.

Specifics of the graphics processing unit and even who will be designing it are still up in the air. The PS3 uses a GPU called the RSX which was jointly developed by Sony and Nvidia. Early rumours popped up on the internet that Sony would drop Nvidia like a bad habit and join forces with Intel for the creation of the PS4's GPU, though these rumours were quickly shot down by Sony execs, who claimed the rumours were "the greatest fiction since the Lord of the Rings" (not a bad reference, though I much prefer George R.R Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire myself).

Another important question is how will Sony approach the issue of convergence with the PS4? Sony was instrumental in pushing the popularity of DVD's with the PlayStation 2, and almost single-handedly gave Blu-Ray a victory in the latest format wars over HD DVD with the PlayStation 3. Rumours are widely split so far on the approach Sony will take with the PS4.

Jack of all Trades, Master of None?

One sentiment is that they will continue to enhance the capabilities of their next games machine, making it a vital centerpiece of a home entertainment setup. One rumour has it that the PS4 will come with DVR capabilities right out of the box. This has always been Sony's stated ambition for their home consoles, the creation of an entertainment unit so multi-faceted and advanced that even non-gamers will feel compelled to own it, thus introducing more and more people to gaming. After all, if they have a video game system in their home, even if not for the purpose of playing games, they'll likely try out at least a few games, and (hopefully) become hooked.

On the other hand, the success of the Wii may convince Sony to take a more games-oriented approach, and a recently leaked report supposedly from Sony themselves backs this up. The report claims that Sony has taken cues from the success of the Wii, and aims for the PlayStation 4 to be solely a gaming machine. This would allow them to cut down on the cost of the system, something that was largely blamed for the early woes of the PS3, while still creating a powerful system to compete with Microsoft.

We still have many months ahead of us before more concrete information comes out, but it will be a fun and exciting time for gamers everywhere as the rumours continue to fly about the possibilities and potential of the PlayStation 4.

March 22nd, 2013 Update: How Accurate Were We?

If you're reading this article for the first time, you've probably realized by now this article was written years ago, long before the official announcement of the PlayStation 4. We made some pretty bold claims about the PlayStation 4 in this article, with some of them ending up being true and some of them being not true.

Over the last few weeks, we've compiled the most up-to-date resource on the PlayStation on this very website so you can see for yourself just how accurate our predictions were!

We covered the Official PlayStation 4 announcement, where Sony dedicated themselves to the gamer by introducing a new social experience. We've detailed the PlayStation 4's specifications and have covered each of the announced PlayStation 4 games in full.

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Insert Date: 3/22/2013

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It really seems like the developers have had all sorts of issues with the CELL, hopefully they've learned from this generation and we won't hear all the complaining about it being so hard to develop for with the PS4. You can definitely lose a console war if your system is too tough for developers to handle, which helped kill the Saturn back in the day.


the gamble on CELL for PS3 is going to reap huge benefits in PS4. MS simply will not be able to compete. they are going to have to spend a ton of money on a chip to compete with the both now cheap and monstrously powerful next gen cell. PS4 will be both cheaper and stronger than next xbox and will also come with a reputation for quiet reliability. Checkmate.

Your right

i most defintaly think that ps4 will have a much stronger and cheaper system simply because sony did not hold back like ms they simply just didnt put as much time and efort in the xbox360 which might have great online gaming but come on you have to pay for it ps4 is free which to me is so much better then paying for online gaming and ms have a lote more money then sony

PS3 & 360 Not Dead Yet...

Of course we must remember that all this is pure speculation at the present time. I don’t expect the next generation consoles to be released until 2013 at the very earliest though, PS3 and the 360 have plenty of life in them as yet.


What would u think if they had to use the I7 processor with the new xbox360


It'd cost almost as much as the system.


I'd be happy for them to make a gaming only machine...or with just a couple of other features, say like a HD DVR.....it would stick it under the TV's of those who don't play games and maybe, like the article above says, they get hooked. Certainly the Wii was a success at getting non-gamers hooked. And I believe if those same people tried real, non-gimmicky games (sorry wii owners) then they'd never go back to Nintendo's cartoon world. Playing MGS4 or Uncharted is WAY better than giving yourself RSI and flapping your arms about in front of a TV. I think you guys here are underestimating the next gen release dates though. 2014/2015 for PS4 at the earliest, and 2013 for Microsoft's 3rd rush job at the earliest. Nintendo won't even think about it till kids and grandparents stop buying the Wii....it's raking in the cash.

operating system

One big thing that sets the ps3 apart from all others is it's versatility and being able to put an O.S. on it is part of that why make an inferior product to what they have already made and call it an upgrade that is B.S.

I don't think we should

I don't think we should expect a new console for several years yet, especially with both Sony and Microsoft releasing new 'controllers' this year.

Really Im Thinking 2012

i think earlier next year rumors of next gen consoles, then will be confirmed at E3 2012, giving consumers roughly half a year to ready themselves for the console release around november december. i think, as happen before, Microsoft will unveil and push for an earlier release around christmas. except this time Sony will be right behind them within a month of release, putting the ps4 around jan-feb of 2013. i also think that Bungie's Destiny will be one of the first games designed for the new PS4, even though that is also pure speculation. Thanks.


Somehow, At the E3 today. Fans are starting to be in loved about the Onlsaught of the Kinect + Xbox 360. Sadly, Sony didn't announced anything about a new playstation though.

can hardly wait

sony will rock the gaming industry with ps4 in terms of power i believe a multicore cell is in the works and at least 2gb of ram it will have blu ray with a faster disc drive as far a gaming only machine goes ps3 is a gaming only machine with extra features that did not increase the price bd was a necessary step for games to evolve just like dvd for ps2 and cd for ps1

Only twice as powerful?

That's lame. It should be at least 30 times faster, just like you'd expect from Moore's law.

that will be the day

think about it. The calculating differences is beginning to be very difficult to come over with our current way of programming. It doesn't matter if the hardware is capable of making billions of calculations within a second, if the programmers have NO CLUE how to make it calculate in the correct order with the correct timings.

A Few More Cells

A few more cells and ps4 will become an Organism. come to think of it, running a playstation os with multicells, they could call it an Playstation EVO, for the evolution of becoming a gaming organ for gamers, also it would be the 4th installment. i would like to see them approach partial game installment with usb 3.0 or disc w/ disc conformation, like pc games. so the unit can retrieve information faster. im sure we can see a hdd of 1tb or more as a standard issue in the next gen.

Got me thinkng

I don't know if it only me thinking this, next gen consoles, cpu, os, bytes, they all fit together, but how far can they go? What limits anyone to produce a more powerful system? All these are question, but whats next? Why cant it be just "one' console, upgradable for the latest tech. I dont want my garbage can filled with old consoles....

how much

ho mush thus a ps4 cost ?

Needs to stay multi faceted

I think must be multi faceted I use it allot more for films Than gaming Iove the fact if I fancy to play a game I can in the same machine Keep it multi faceted put a Blu ray recorder more storage faster more powerful capabilities Plays more video formats better online gaming Uses less power And stays true to what it us a multi media machine I want ten machines just one that does everything well

The end of all consoles

When the PS4 comes out it will mean the end of all gaming consoles no matter what Nintendo and Microsoft bring out it never be better than the PS4 now as for people's worries I do not understand what people are worried about the PS3 is the best console out now all sony have to do is make it compatible with all play station games, able to play all video formats, Play all music files, better processor and better wifi if they can do that then the PS4 will be the end of all consoles.

MMOrpgs + mouse keyboard for PS3 & PS4

also please dont forget EVEonline,Guildwars 2,Cabal online,or new future MMORPGS we need those on PS3 or PS4 with mouse and keyboard settings added also those settings works on FPS shooter games,this way even PC users will be intrested to join console gaming,for sony i think they are planning well also they making sure not to make all the old mistake again,lets hope we get stunning graphic card hits on PS4,and LOADING Free technology :) or at least loading thunder.

here is my prediction

4 PPE's 64 SPE's @ 3.6 Gigahertz 3 Gigaflops for CELL 10 - 12 Gigaflops for GPU Total Capable performance - 13 - 15 Gigaflpos At least 2GB XDR At least 2 GB Vram Proper 3D I dont care what the specs or layout is, that should be the minimum end result

here is my prediction

4 PPE's 64 SPE's @ 3.6 Gigahertz 3 Gigaflops for CELL 10 - 12 Gigaflops for GPU Total Capable performance - 13 - 15 Gigaflpos At least 2GB XDR At least 2 GB Vram Proper 3D I dont care what the specs or layout is, that should be the minimum end result


This probably won't be too far off what to expect, but the main problem is TDP that that kind of spec would likely break. I think if NaughtyDog is one of those key Sony Studios that is involved in the design of the PS4; a sort of "needed" requirement by NaughtyDog from their development code based on Uncharted3, this is what I would think they would do: Each SPE/SPU has a tiny 256kbyte data store/cache, and I know from reading white papers by NaughtyDog that this is the core problem of the Cell design. There is just not enough SPE/SPU cache to do anything without using some very serious coding tricks to counteract these small fetch stores. The new Cell1 will still be a Cell1, but those SPE/SPU units will likely have 512kbyte cache, and its architecture will also be tweaked to account for the current understanding of NaughtyDog's coding methods (they are, afterall, the best so far at making use of them). This doesn't sound much until you dual-architect them; a dual-Cell1 framework - with that in mind - would likely strike a 500Gigaflop Double-precision footprint without too much trouble. From a PPE perspective, there would be two, but of a custom Power7 derivative; stripped down to coordinate SPE/SPU function and be able to handle what they're doing efficiently. Stick that on a 250Gb/sec (over a 25Gb/sec one in the PS3) dual-Cell/RSX2/Memory bus architecture and say welcome to the future for the next 10 years; and sadly, a shallow goodbye to PC gaming that has gone nowhere since nVidia introduced Physx, Fluid Dynamics, Cloth Simulation and Realistic Hair Dynamics.


The most important thing to remember with Xbox360 and PS3 is that their communication (between CPU, GPU and Memory) bus bandwidth is approximately 25Gb/sec. This is actually very high in comparison to a modern high-end PC. The problem the PC has is that there is: -- a) PCI-E x16 which is 4Gb/sec bi-directional -- b) DDR3-1333/1600/1800/2000 Main memory which maxes out at approximately 30Gb/sec -- c) Super-powerful GPUs with VRAM bandwidths of 150-200Gb/sec GDDR5 If you look at the PC as a next generation gaming system for next generation games, it's a poor architecture drawn out from the continued use of x86 by Intel (at least, for the time being) for game development. That's why games seem to be stuck between a new engine, and poor framerates, amongst many problems the PC represents when you start Physx, Fluid Dynamics and Cloth simulation. That's why Tech Demos from nVidia remain Tech Demos. If the Xbox Loop/10 or the PS4 have interconnecting communication bus bandwidths between the CPU,GPU and Memory of 250Gb/sec, and that they employ custom IBM Power7 or Cell architectures that use that bandwidth effectively - say goodbye to game developers developing games on the PC. Unless the whole PC x86 architecture is updated to reflect the over-Ghz, over-SLI/Crossfire lanes, consoles like the above would absolutely destroy the PC as a gaming industry standard for game development. The PC will never come first. If you think about what the Xbox360 and the PS3 can do with what they don't have that the PC has in almost unlimited quantity, it shows that the PC is about to be replaced. If the Xbox Loop/10 arrives in 2012, or the PS4 arrives in 2012, don't expect anything revolutionary; but if these consoles really are due to appear in around 2014-15, there is simply nothing that x86 architecture could possibly achieve that game console manufacturers couldn't supersede with ease. Which is probably why Intel are doing what they're doing with the Knight's Corner co-processor. By 2015, the only thing bigger than the games industry around that time, would be the US military budget; and perhaps Ship Building.

My guess...

Here are my guesses on specs or what Sony will do with the PS4. CPU: They will probably use a new gen of the CELL BE and fix some of the problems developers had developing on it. 8 PPE (each quad-threaded like the Power7) with 32 SPE combined together instead of having them separated to each PPE. This gives developers freedom and an option to use or not to use the SPE, doing so gives more head room for performance as the console gets older and developers overtime will embrace and learn how to use the SPE. Also we cannot forget about ARM. Sony can hire ARM to build a CELL design, since Sony does have rights to it along with it's partners, ARM can use their fabrication labs to tweak and improve the architecture and also avoid licensing fragmentation from IBM by removing and replacing the PPE design with another. Another reason to go to ARM is due to the amount of heat the PowerPC architecture develops. Sony can go with AMD and Intel but the architecture would allow essay access for hackers and would just open up a can of worms for Sony (look at Apple's situation and people who make Hackintoshs), also Intel would charge a lot for their CPUs which would cost console cost to rise. GPU: I doubt they will go with Nvidia this time around. They will probably go to a low name GPU/Microprocessor company to design and develop the chip. My guess is the same people who makes the GPU for the PS Vita. Console maker should of realized by now, that they lack the luxury PC gamers have, to upgrade over time. If they are willing to create a specialized CPU, than they have no problems doing that on a GPU. Hardware is useless without software taking advantage of it, a reason why PC gamer hate console ports because they use so much resources due to the fact that they are not optimized for the PC. GPUs are the fastest cards to be replaced in terms of gaming, but with smart engineering to create an efficient and powerful product anyone can create a GPU that can last a very very long time without it showing it's age as time progress. The reason why GPU companies don't do it, is because they survive on quarterly sales and thrive on people wanting to upgrade. Consoles don't have the luxury/need to upgrade. Another way they can go is to place another next gen CELL in the PS4. In the PS3 the current CELL is given a lot of the work loads the GPU is suppose to do anyways and placing a second CELL on the PS3 was Sony's original plan so why wouldn't they do it on the PS4, it will bring the cost down also. RAM: For sure more ram will be added. My guess is around 2-4GB for DDR3. The true question is, What kind or ram will it be? Will they stick with XDR and place its successor the XDR2 or an early release of XDR3 or switch due to the cost of XDR or maybe use both since some operations and codes need to take slower time to complete anyways. Codes that need to be done quickly can use XDR and slow codes with DDR3. If it is XDR my guess is 1-2GB. Blu-ray: Blue-ray is staying, especially since it's new and not everyone uses it yet. Sony and it's partners are developing faster Blu-ray drives so a faster drive can go on the PS4. Also not every game developer uses the second layer on a Blu-ray disk. HDD & SDD: My guess is there will be two PS4 models at launch and I believe they are going to do what Microsoft did with the Xbox. Sony can sell a PS4 with 4GB SSD alone and another model with SSD and HDD together. Storage space will increase, that is a given! USB: USB 3.0 will be on the PS4, that is given! Other: I'm also guessing that Sony will bring back the move (with upgrades and tweaks, especially by removing that orb on the controllers and a complete redesign) and pair it with something like the Xbox has with Kinect but with improvements. They will probably make the move controller (which will be redesigned) as the main controller for the PS4 with the ability to add attachments on it like a screen, touch pad and some other add-on. Game developers can use Move and Kinect tech to follow player movements with amazing accuracy and Kinect like microphone to operate in game options and game AI. What I want Sony to do is add keyboard and mouse support and try bring in most of the MMO franchises to the PS4. Not all genre of games work well with a console controller or with tech like Kinect, sometimes the good old keyboard and mouse is needed to make a fun game. This is why hardcore FPS, RPG & MMO fans play on PC because its more accurate and has more control and freedom when it comes to the controls. Remember Sony's goal is to make a powerful and innovative product that is low cost to build and affordable to buyers, yet powerful enough to last a long period of time and caters to the developers need for a powerful system to make amazing games. By the end of the day no matter how great games look and feel, the people that make them, make them to gain money. Money and profit it the real goal of these companies and no matter how passionate these developers are, money is the thing that keeps them in developing games everyone loves to play.

Atlus Shrugged

Sony know that the Cell can do much of the work that GPU-compute devices are supposed to be doing, which means that low-power/low-name GPU-compute variants that don't have the grunt of nVidia or AMD's solutions aren't going to be much of a problem as the Cell acts as an "Atlus" to the architectural needs of GPU-compute devices; and if they're consuming far less power, well, all the better. In other forums, like IGN's forums, there are groups of posters going on and on as if PC architecture is this sort of "unbreakable benchmark for graphics and power". If only these knuckle-heads knew just how bad the architecture of the PC really is for shifting data about and doing it efficiently - it won't change because Personal Computer systems are as stuck in our time as a"historical heirloom" and that perception won't change as Intel and AMD have put all their might into keeping it going. It takes a paragraph to explain what the PC is doing for CGI and Gaming: A PC is like a hammer striking the side of rusting Battleship. It makes a reverberating ringing sound from where the hammer was swung but, 200m away, somebody notices that a flock of birds flew away in the distance. That's what PC gaming is doing to the potential of Gaming. Everyone is hearing the bigger "boom" but they're still getting the flock of birds. A 28nm PS4 with a Quad-Cell "Atlus", 32-core PowerVR6 and 2Gb of XDR2-DRAM at 500Gb/sec memory bandwidth would destroy the most powerful home PC ever to exist, or will ever exist up to 2015 - not discluding these mentally retarded Quad SLI/Crossfire setups that require 1000 Watt PSUs and 8Gb of DDR3 main ram for seeing "far into the distance".

The Controller

I do not know whether anybody else cares about this part of gaming consoles (as everyone else is mostly interested in graphics, function speed, etc.), but I think that the console developers should consider putting more controls on the controller. Such as putting a rolling ball (the kind that they have on some old arcade booths, if anybody knows what I'm talking about) on the controller. Quite frankly, I think that the graphics and loading speed are good enough where they are. If better graphics are needed, then program them into the game disk! Also, more controls would allow for more instantly available actions in the game, and more actions makes things better for everyone. I have an idea for a console, and I may well make it public one day. But the benefit would come not from the actual console, but from the controller. Now, having made my point, I will leave (as it is likley that some people reading this message are seething in anger that I am even saying this about modern gaming). But I hope this comment will bring you to think about this kind of thing.


Damn... My friend just showed me the recently leaked information of the Playstation 4 and Xbox 720 and I must say, I was completely amazed. I didn't think this info would be released for quite a while, but it's managed to find its way onto the Internet, luckily! If you guys want to check out the PS4 and Xbox 720 for yourselves, here's the site I saw them on: http://xbox720ps4leak.com.nu/

Console gamers use some common sense...

Wow you console freaks need to get a clue about the power of PC hardware. The PS4 is NOT going to be more powerful than a high end PC. I have a HD7970 video card which has 3.79 TERAFLOPS of single precision compute performance and 947 GIGAFLOPS of double precision compute performance and that is with 925 MHz core clock and 5500 MHZ memory (quad pumped 1375 MHZ*4). I can overclock the card to 1125 MHZ core and 6300 MHZ memory. On top of that the memory bandwidth is 264GB/s at stock memory speeds. PCI-E at revision 3 is now operating at 16 GB/s bi-directional. Finally, Intel's latest sandy bridge called the i7-3960x has QUAD CHANNEL memory controller with a bandwidth of 37 GB/s, and is SIX processor cores on one chip. Now if you are super crazy rich then you can go with Intel's Xeon processors that has EIGHT processor cores on one chip. But honestly the PS4 does not need uber PC specs because the hardware will be fixed and known. Therefore, it will be optimized code. We PC gamers have the raw horsepower advantage, but it is not being used efficiently by game developers because of the costs and vastly varying hardware. So you console guys have low horsepower, but it is used more efficiently so you will see the true potential of the hardware.

Grinding the Future

The power of PC hardware still cannot do Fluid Dynamics and Hair Dynamics in a game anywhere near the level you see in single instances. And we're talking from as early as the Tech Demo from the nVidia Geforce 6800 era called "Nalu". If you tried to do what you see in those tech demos, in a multiplayer game (or even a single player game), a high-end PC will simply fall apart. Now, why is that? One of the reasons is the architecture of a PC. It's a complete mess. You've got either single channel, dual channel, triple channel or quad channel main memory - where the latencies of such boosting mechanisms just go up and up and up - and then you have the PCI-E (proposed) bus interconnect that has 16Gb/sec bi-directional bandwidth - from there you have, right on the end of it, GPUs that have their own GDDR5 memory with insane 264 to 320Gb/sec memory bandwidths that - DON'T SEEM TO BE DOING ANYTHING FROM the 6800 era Tech Demo "Nalu". Now why is that? Further, the deferred rendering engine "Frostbite2" is just using simple triangle polygons, to which deferred rendering is applying post-processing effects to it all, but - what happened to Fluid Dynamics and Hair Dynamics and the stuff you see in Tech Demos about 5-10 years ago? The PC architecture is an architecture from the dawn of the 1980s that sort of made an appearance alongside the dawn of the 8bit gaming console. So, what do you think is happening? A game console has 2 "clearly defined choices"; it either - a) uses its streamlined architecture, but doesn't exceed what is currently achievable on a PC architectural base or, b) uses it architecture to completely eradicate all the problems of PC architecture for games and development of them Here's a little headsup for everyone wondering where PC gaming is going - Nowhere; it's just going round and round in circles, only that circle every fews years gets every so slightly bigger. Everything still looks the same and doesn't seem to be getting anywhere near those Tech Demos even when Epic and their Unreal tech engine seem to show otherwise; well, that and 1500watts and 3-4 GTX580s. Many here have likely seen that tech demo by Epic's Unreal 3.x demo "Samaritan". I don't know what happened to PC gamers brains, but that demo is worse than the Tech Demos nVidia and AMD release from time to time. It needs 3-4 GTX580s to do that? Are you kiddding me? The PC architecture - for gaming - needs to die and let the a dedicated "Gaming Console" take over, simply because we went from Wagons to Race Cars and its kind of natural to do so. Here, following, is an accurate example of a Games Console completely squashing the future of a high-end gaming PC rig for the next 10 years: "game specific" Quad-Cell (standard Cell design with minor tweaks) or Quad PowerPC/Cell variant (with minor tweaks) Customized nVidia GTX460 (RSX "rip x86 out of it" type design) or customized AMD 5850 (tweaked for non-x86) 8Gb UNIFIED GDDR3 256bit 1100Mhz Memory @ 70.4Gb/sec bandwidth (this bandwidth is aggregate and bi-directional (35.2Gb/sec) from the Cell, to the GPU and throughout the interconnecting bus architecture). That's comparing its bus interconnect with the 16Gb/sec that PCI-E 3.x has on a PC, or the triple channel "main memory" capabilities of a PC (approx. 33Gb/sec). That sort of thing would put an end to PC gaming, because PC x86 architecture simply cannot do that even in 10 years at 200w and within (insert currency here)299. And companies like Microsoft and Nintendo and Sony know it can easily be done - just like that; but there is a political bias that is want to avoid situations arising that includes a mass exodus of consumer perception from one product to another, and all that that implies. But sometimes, someone actually does it, instead of grinding that flint against the grindstone and shelling the consumer into the ground with BS about "the future is almost here", get them to spend thousands into that PC gaming rig of theirs and, "here's a tech demo to make you see that future" only, it's never seen in a game 10 years from that point. It has nothing to do with production costs or complexity. The tools are all there to do it easily enough. They have been for at least 5 years in a sort of "we can do anything now, we just don't have the hardware to do it". Everyone knows what "development tools" are, right? The only company/manufcturer who would take a step like this is Sony. Microsoft - well, if it is using a AMD 6670 of some kind, then it better have 8Gb of unified memory behind it at 70.4Gb.sec bandwidth (over Xbox360s 21.4Gb/sec [10.6Gb/sec bi-directional) as gaming's future is only ever going to be set by the PC; which seems to like to crawl across the ground on its belly, in the dark, with a Rocket in one hand and a Sharp Stick in the other hoping a spark will ignite. And it does. It's called PC gamer spending where "going Green" is a sort of "my Astronomy software tells me there's more planets like ours out there".

Leo "lion" about the future

It's odd how Tech Demos just don't show Physics, Fluid Dynamics and Realistic Hair, anymore. What happened to PhysX on the PC architecture? Even AMD's 7970 plays it safe with a Tech Demo that basically tries to mock "Little Big World" on the PS3 with fancy lighting; and that's about it. You have to wonder why something so mundane as the "Leo" Tech Demo is actually trying to say - that it's the future of gaming? Little Big PLanet already did something like that on hardware 1/20th the power. AMD are losing it. nVidia just seem to know that "solid drivers" is all that matters.

wow dude... you have typed

wow dude... you have typed the most stupid thing ive ever seen typed. Graphics aren't that much better on pc nower days because they are stupid console ports because the developers are to lazy to write the games again in a different code. Like it or not, when a console comes out it is already obsolete graphically. Second point is that a pc is no more complex than a console. The cell has eight cores (yes i know one is a dud and another reserved), memory dedicated to gpu and memory dedicated to system, a usb controller, sata controller, and so on, just like a pc exept that it is fixed all on one board. thus why you can not upgrade them. Third point is that anything a pc cant do a console definately cant do for sure. Go back to the launch of ps3 and take crysis1 for example and knowing that the gpu in the ps3 is just a slightly modified nvidia7800 and the cell processor roughly a core2 series cpu from intel (in terms of performance), when comparing crysis on pc and on the ps3 you can see clearly the difference between the two and ps3/360 also at a lower resolution. Pc will always be better graphically. And yes, a computer game can do fluid dynamics in-game. Flags in games for one are a good example. What about Batman AA? Check out all the graphics in that. A fluid cape, Seperation of polygons like the brick work, dynamic fog, and so on. You dont even need 4 gtx 580's. 1 is sufficient. A console couldn't do that. And the ps4/720 still wouldn't be as good graphically as the latest graphics cards that are out now, even before the ps4/720 come out, will be better graphically unless the the consoles want to do it at the same graphics but a slower frame rate. And considering how much less powerfull the current gen of consoles are at the time of writing this, ps3/360,it would be the consoles setting the benchmark for graphics. Thats why they are crap compared to what they should be able to do. Having said that, yes i have a pc. Im sick and tired of stupid console ports because as old as my pc is it is still far better graphically than a console and will be better graphically when ps4/720 come out. I also have a 360 and a ps3. I like to play Tekken, GT5, and old ps1 games on my ps3. And i like to play halo with my friends. Thats just to name a few. Im not biased but the truth is the truth. Pc will always trounce a console graphically. But as for gaming itself its just a matter of preference. ciao...

gaming controls

I've always hated using the keyboard and mouse it never seemed to give all that much freedom and always frustrating to use. I use emulators on my pc, but I also make sure I have my control settings set where I can use my PS3 controller with the emulator. The only games I acutally buy for the pc is word games witch you use the keyboard for to spell the words with, like the bookworm game and Bejeweled and Luxor witch you use the mouse for, but as far as RPGs, first person shooters and any other action games I buy on the consoles. Action games just suck when having to use the keyboard and mouse controls.


People not educated, everyone who games venknows intel next gen, and ibm power series better. People will notice the difference. Nintendo leaks say ibm power 7, just unveiled 2010ven used in watson super computer. Even xbox using ibm power. Its looking like ps4 is falling behind. Even intel next generation i7 can compete. And its also about how many threads on a core. If anything ps4 is now falling behind.

Real Specs

the actual ps4 specs are: AMD Quad-Core Steamroller APU 3.2GHz AMD Radeon HD 7870 800MHz 4GB Unified RAM 320GB HDD + 16GB Flash Dual Layered Blu-Ray Player (50GB) Closed console= more processing power than these specs intail. final product will vary slightly. hope ppl find this informative

Nah 2.0

The information based on those rumors said 2gb GDDR5 (but maybe 4gb) The Gpu us not 7870 its faster then 7850 but slower then 7870. HDD size was never mentioned just 16gb flash. Price was never mentioned. Stop inventing things that were not in the original source.

Wrong again

There is 8gb GDDR5 And the GPU is a mondified GPU thats not on the market anywhere. And probably will not be for some time... Information source: PLAYSTATION 4 PS4 ANNOUNCED LIVE video..

of course

of course they were wrong, that was last year

Those struggling with these

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F*ck all pc gamers

All of the pc gamers please die in hell.Ps4 will be infinitely better than piece of trash pc gaming.Don't forget that its always consoles that gets the blockbuster exclusive franchises like uncharted,god of war 3 not pc.


A good gaming pc is waaaay better than next-gen consoles right now.

I'm a console gamer...

I'm a console gamer, but I know as a fact that PC's have always been, and likely always WILL be more powerful than consoles. For me it's more the price. Usually PC gaming will cost more if you want something much higher than console power - the next gen, not this gen. This gen is easy to top now. Consoles are better for those who just want to unbox, plug in, and play.

TO bad

To bad your wrong, the game developers said that the ps4 is the most powerful gaming device on the market right now. It was said during the press conference. Haha, plus the best thing about the ps4 is that you don't have a heavy Operating system, that Hogs all system resources which requires you the need of 2x 4x SLI to reach max Graphics/performace in today's games. Ps4 is more powerful than todays 4x sli configurations.. True it may chance in the future. but ps4 games will be better looking than PC games for a while.

*Gaming device...

PC's are not specific devices. They are custom-built with whatever hardware the owner wants. There is more powerful hardware available than what's to be given with the PS4. My friends PC has 16GB RAM. Proof right there. As more hardware become available, people can just switch out parts on their PC's.

pc is always a step ahead

I love my ps3, but consoles try to always play catch up. So the ps4 has a amd cpu? No pc gamer uses amd unless they are broke. Amd is about 2 years behind intel in raw cpu power and nvida gpu's are beasts compaired to amd. I can also pay someone to lie about how powerful my product is. I'm not trying to put anyone down, so sorry if the truth hurt your feelings.