My Favorite PS3 Accessories

My Favorite PS3 AccessoriesAfter the initial purchase of your PS3 system, probably the biggest questions that loom in your brain are about some of the dozens of accessory choices you can make to enhance your gaming, movie or other media experience. Like any other industry, the gaming world has its share of unnecessary or inferior products that clutter the market and confuse buyers about what they really do or don’t need, so I’ve put together a list of the top 5 “Must Have” accessories for the PS3 system right now to help you decide.

Every (Web)Surfer Needs a (Key)Board

One of the first accessory purchases of many PS3 owners, and a must for web-surfing owners, is a wireless, light weight keyboard like the Logitech Cordless Mediaboard; the mediaboard is a PC-like keyboard with a built in touch pad and a very powerful battery for sustained battery life and a longer range of use. It’s slim, sleek design is not typical of Sony, who seems to enjoy a rustic, more boxy style for its products, but it does make the keyboard terrifically convenient and mobile. Acquiring a wireless keyboard is the first step to unlocking the full potential of your PS3 media machine.

Stick it to Your Fellow Gamers

I wouldn’t be true to my fellow 80’s kids if I didn’t include the classic Arcade Fighting Stick accessory. If this isn’t the absolute best way to pay tribute to those nostalgic arcade game days, I don’t know what is. It’s shaped in the traditional rectangle, and it’s heavy enough to feel secure in your lap when you’re playing. The stick is very accurate and responsive, and the buttons are very solid and make a very classic sound when you push them that’s pleasing to the ears. This stick increases the fun of Street Fighter, and any other fighting, kung-fu, or “classic” game instantly.

Quit Talking to Yourself; Get a Headset

Easily one of the most valuable additions to your PS3 setup, the EX-01 Bluetooth Headset is incredibly easy to setup and it makes communicating in the game much more efficient and much less clumsy and burdening on the user. This is a small, light weight device that easily clips on the left or right ear; convenient mute and volume button placement and crystal clear sound and outgoing voice make this product a must buy for anyone who plays online games in any capacity. I encourage you to break free of your bulky, annoying headset device and step into a sleek new age set that won’t leave you rubbing your ears when you’re finished! The fact that it’s both comfortable to wear, and easy on your wallet are bonuses for the buyer since it’s wireless capabilities and voice clarity place it ahead of its competition.

Travel like a Pro

The PlayStation 3 Pro Gamer’s Case is by far one of the most interesting and unique accessories I’ve ever come across for the PS3. This case contains a grooved place for your PS3 to rest, and Velcro straps to make sure it’s secure and doesn’t bang into the (fairly sturdy, and heavy) sides of the case. For the serious gamer that likes to travel with his PS3 rather than leave it at home, this case is the answer to your prayers; you no longer have to lug wires and consoles and controllers and games in boxes or bags, or any other sloppy way where it’s easy to lose your things. You can simply place the items neatly into your Pro Gamer’s Case and be on your way to a LAN competition, gaming party, or even a family vacation.

Not Just for Cars

For me, one of my most valuable PS3 enhancements was the addition of the PlayStation 3 Charge Base. I used to have constant problems with my 360, switching batteries, taking replacement batteries from other electronics, issues syncing the charge. I was elated when I found out that a solution had been created for the PS3 to avoid the problem. This Charge Base can “rapidly charge” up to four controllers at one time, saving time and socket space (it only takes one wall socket, even when all four controllers are attached). Also, the Charge Base is capable of charging even the newer Dual-Shock controllers and the price is very reasonable. For additional convenience, a system of lights on the charger let the user know when each controller is finished charging.

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