The PS5 - Pure Speculation

PlayStation 5 PS5If you come to this site on a regular basis, you know we're all about speculation. What's the PS4 going to look like? What are its specs going to be? What kind of cool new features will it have to blow our collective minds? What kind of games should we expect?

So instead of dwelling on the PS4, we're going to look even further into the future for a the PS5. Yeah, I know it's way off. We're talking about something that won't see the light of day for another 5-10 years at least, but it's all in the name of fun and speculation; to get people talking.

Spec Speculation

I'm not one for crunching numbers when it comes to trying to figure out the kind of memory or speed we'll be looking at when it comes to trying to figure out what we'll get with the PlayStation 4, much less the PlayStation 5. So how should we discuss the possible specs of the PS5? For me, I'm only limited by my imagination, sprinkled with a little research of course.

I remember when I first played Mass Effect and I saw the interactive holograms that Shepard and other characters use in the game. My first thought was that it made no sense. How could a hologram discharge attacks and the like? But once I thought about it, it made total sense. In fact, I thought that we really aren't that far away from holographic interfaces.

So imagine my surprise (or rather, the lack thereof) when I recently read a tech article about the iPhone 5 possibly including a laser projection keyboard and a 3D holographic display. There are already laser keyboards out there that you can buy for less than $200 and of course they have their issues, but they're out there at least. Wires are going the way of the dodo as well and cloud storage is all the rage. I believe this is the future.

More and more, companies are looking to save money by getting away from hardware. Everything's becoming smaller for one, which can save on resources. But what if we could almost do away with plastic, metal, and other resources we put into creating our gadgets and other items? If the technology is there, the money saved in manufacturing is incredible. We're talking about the possibility of a company packing a lot of software in very little hardware. What if you no longer had to push any sort of button to activate your gaming console? Who knows what this thing could look like?

When you see a lot of future tech on sci-fi shows, many often think that it looks incredibly non-functional. I'm a sci-fi geek that likes my tech to look chunky and functional, but the reality is that our tech is going in the latter direction. The PS5 could look like a smooth, shiny creek rock sitting on your shelf, looking more like a decoration than a gaming and entertainment (because, face it, it will be more than just a gaming system) console.

Mass Appeal, or It Should Be Great for Lazy Gamers as Well

Many people's first thought when it comes to getting rid of the tried-and-true features of console gaming is that we will see the death of the controller. Controllers continue to evolve, but with motion capture software out there a lot of us feel like we'll be clinging to our Dual Shock like madmen, refusing to let go. I think that Sony and other companies have to realize that a lot, if not most, gamers aren't exactly looking for a workout when they're gaming.

Sometimes you want to really immerse in the game. You want to kick and make your avatar kick the baddie. You want to jog in place to make your character run. But sometimes you don't. Sometimes you come home from work and you want to unwind. You want to sit on the couch, fire up the PlayStation, and shoot some baddies. It should never be a chore to play your favorite game, or you simply won't play it. Sony and others have to realize it and keep their appeal to the lazy set, if you will. I feel comfortable saying this because I fall firmly into this category quite often.

What Say You?

What do you think? What kind of features are you looking forward to in the relative far-flung future in the PS5? PS5 speculation is not only interesting, but who knows maybe someone from Sony may read your ideas.

Article by - Brett Huffman

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PS4 PS5 PS6!!!

We know for sure that PS4 PS5 PS^ is gonna be EPIC!!!!!!!!!...!!!!!!!!

PS5 specs:

Cloud gaming will be integretaded into PSN but a big part of PS Customers will have not the Infrastructure for cloud gaming. If we go with the regular increase in Performance provided by Moores Law this could be the Specs: Cpu 11 nm 32+ cores Gpu 8 nm Ram 64gb HDD 10 Terabyte The usual manufacturing processes from the last decades should be maxed out. A PS6 should need completly new technology if they want a Power increase who knows what they will come up with but the PS5 will be the last traditional PS. You will still need a button to switch it on. Why replace a perfectly fine method ? The Playstation will be a pure Software platform one day just a controller which access your TV that then goes to PSN and streams Games from the cloud but this will happen far in the future especially latency issues are a huge problem. To your lazy gamer thing: Dont worry the Motion gaming thing will NEVER replace the controller why do you think Nintendo is going back to a controller ? Sony and MS know that the people want the relaxing controller gameplay. Optics: It will be functional and cost effective and try to be memorable.