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Why the PS4?

  • Because it's not an XBox
  • Enables the greatest game developers in the world to unlock their creativity and push the boundaries of play through a platform that is tuned specifically to their needs.
  • "Suspend mode" eliminates the load time on your saved game and allows you to immediately return to where you left off by pressing the power button.
  • Engage in endless personal challenges between you and your community, and share your epic moments via social media and more for the world to see.
  • Gamers can share their epic triumphs by hitting the "SHARE button" on the controller, scan through the last few minutes of gameplay, tag it and return to the game.
  • With PS Vita, gamers will be able to seamlessly play PS4 games on the beautiful 5-inch display over Wi-Fi in a local environment
  • Countless epic games to choose from
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    I absolutely agree . I've

    I absolutely agree . I've never owned an Xbox Wii or anything. But I will not hesitate betraying Sony if they plan on preventing ps3 games on the ps4!

    Then why not

    Stay on ps3 and dont get ps4?


    i agree wit u

    marky mark

    its all about the mony yall

    marky mark

    its all about the mony yall



    that'll be a waste

    because backwards compatibility isn't a right its a privilege. and sony was losing $ from supporting ps2 emulators so why keep it around? especially if that consoles still on shelves which by the way poor ppl are now buying ps2s

    ps3 is awesome

    Hey I'm the creator of this site and playstation will never be beaten.

    ah im a ps fan but........

    i think tha design is no good according to my and plastic come on it will break easy an tha control whit glass thats a little bit dangerous dont u think.......:(

    Yea but

    I doubt it would look like that... Thats just a concept, if they realise that the fans dont like how it looks, who knows they might change it... Cuz that picture looks like something from a future movie... Or from tony stark, lol. I just hope it wont look like that :/

    all ps4 details

    Hey my uncle is the ceo of nokia and good friends with the ceo of sony and he told me that ps4 will be out on december the 11 it will cost for 320gb 600 pounds and 160 gb is 400 pounds thanks by the way who's getting mw3


    hw much in dollars


    anybody who says "noob" "pwn" or "computer is better because of WOW" is automatically a nerd. Ssssooooo fuk u

    ps4 will be the best. maybe!!!

    playstation has always been better than any other games console. they look better an i now that dosent mean they work better. they work for longer, i still have the first generation of PS1 an PS2 an they still work perfect. all the games work perfect still. but i just dont nw about the ps4. im gonna buy it of cause but if it dosent play PS3 games then it will be pointless. when the PS4 games come out they will be worth more than gold. but thats just my oppinion.


    Sony should do a trade in program. It should go something like this.... Trade in an XBOX and get $200 off the price of the new PS4. This will sell more Sony consoles and eliminate a good amount of the current XBOX customers. Less XBOX systems in existence means less sales for Microsoft. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Get rid of the competition and convert gamers to Sony products at the same time! How does that sound for marketing? Sounds good to me....

    we got halo what games do u

    we got halo what games do u got that we dont that was good so stop hatin get rid of wii

    True about the "wii" part but...

    Halo isnt bad ether but PS3 got killzone, god of war, lbp, uncharted, and other i forgot to mention. You cant hate on those games.

    Or it would cause people

    Or it would cause people already buying a PS4 to buy a new Slim(Price $199.99) Then trade in their old model xbox toward the new ps4. Thus nullifying the sales gain against MS. This would also mean Sony is taking a $200 hit per console on top of that. The only way around this is to add $200 to the console's starting price and as a result they would be screwing over the loyal Playstation fanboys that don't have an Xbox already and have such a high price it would scare away most consumers anyway before even factoring in the trade in. Sony and it's fans need to get their heads out of their asses about this "games don't push it to it's limits" nonsense. It's not any better than the 360 and vise versa. Both systems are bottle necked by one thing or another and as an overall platform they are equal in this. Xbox got more developer support, not because it released early, but because the methods used are what people already use and know are tried and true from PC game development and it's not far off from the original Xbox, just some updated APIs and faster hardware. It's easy and familiar to program for, unlike the PS3. People are creatures of habit and that includes programmers. When you change the way they have to do their jobs, it makes the other path look a lot more glamorous. I also read a statement saying that the PS4 doesn't look rushed, the new Xbox does? If anything they both got rushed by the Wii-U announcement. Also, I guarantee you before launch day of PS3 and 360 the next gen was already in the works. They don't just sit around making paper airplanes all day then cram everything in last minute. The only rushing would be minor QA that may be overlooked and regardless of time they will all miss bugs and problems here and there. Thus the multiple hardware revisions on all systems along with system updates. You will never get all the bugs that millions of consumers are bound to eventually run into. Rushed hardware is just an excuse fanboys use to justify a problem that was overlooked or even purposely placed. Such as the X clamp issue on the 360 causing die separation from excess strain. MS knows the cause, yet to this day they still keep this method of heatsink placement. Why? Because people who play to the point of overheat have no problem paying for a new console once the next big title is announced. Kind of like how you have a 100k mile warranty on your car, and all the major components and even things like sparkplugs are rated to last 100k miles. They keep you driving your car for 10 years/100k miles and then expect you to trade it in for the next model to do the same. If they made things last forever they would go bankrupt after the first day sales slowed down. Welcome to the world of business, everyone just exists to take your money and they aren't rushing crap, they are waiting on the opportune moment to take your money and sell you hardware that has been available for the PC for the past 5 years. Don't fret however, it comes in a case designed by one of the 3 companies of your choice.


    Didnt knew that with the x clamps. Electronics are since the 90s there to be used up. And not to stay forever. Its sad but true. But atleast we get a 1996 Super Computer for 250 Dollar that will last 3 years. Its almost like renting. But I have to say NONE of my Sony/Nintendo Consoles have ever shown a weakness. Everything is still running like first day. Including my launch PS3. I was lucky it seems.


    That is stupid! First reason, sony ps3 and Microsoft xbox are rivals! Second reason, xbox will not be worth 150 dollars let allows two hundred you mugg!


    i LIKE ur little evil plan lol that might work but wut if they do it to us they won't F microsoft/ SONY ALL DAY EVERYDAY


    it all suks when u dont have a job :(

    Anything constructive to say?

    Who really cares what system is better? They are all different,with their good points and bad. If into gaming you people should get this by now. I own most systems from the Famicom to Pc-engine to Saturn Dreamcast, all of them from old to Wii,ps3 and 360. Grow up a bit every system is worth owning for various reasons,exclusive games etc. But saying the Wii is shit because it does not play Gears of War or whatever is plain sad. Just shows the average age of the people posting these comments. When you kids have jobs and can buy every console you want (instead of the one you got from your parents for x-mas) your attitude will mature. I repeat: ALL SYSTEMS ARE GOOD. If you like video games you should know that by now.

    gaming consoles

    I to like all the consoles, it advances everything In our lives. Smile and enjoy it

    No Offence to GTA fans on 360

    But GTA5 is gonna suck balls on xbox 360.Why you ask.well GTA4 had to be cut down on the 360 because it was to big and theres no doubt that GTA5 will be bigger with better Graphics.Thanks to Blu-ray we dont have to worry about that because Blu-Ray Disc Size is Gigantic while 360's disc is Small and GTA Developers Rockstar Even said that the 360 is really annoying with their disc size because they have to sink more money in just so the size is cut down for 360 and i heard reports that Rockstar might not make a GTA5 copy for 360, I have both consoles and their both good but if im getting GTA5 or Big Sized games Like BF3 why wouldn't i get it for Ps3. But my rating for the both consoles are: PS3: 9.5 Xbox 360: 7.5


    PS3 is WAAAAAAAAY BETTER than xbox 360 by 10 miles PS3 technology is more advance than any console. xbox copies everything that the PS3 dose but only try to make it better which i think we i know that is sux anyways kennect sux u look like a dumbass when ur playing it "F" xbox "F" it, it sux PS3 will rock the new technology i think the PS4 will be EPIC. PS3=10.0/ xbox= -2000000000


    Ur full of sh-t abut Xbox360 copy's Ps3 and PC is better then any other console.


    ur right G4YBOX SUCK PS3'S D!KC


    ur right G4YBOX SUCK PS3'S D!KC


    ur right G4YBOX SUCK PS3'S D!KC

    look 4 a possible PS4 rumor

    GTA4 untouched was originally 11GB before compression. also during MCLA rock* was worried about making the game too big and replaced 1 SUV while its a 5GB game on complete edition. plus i kept hearing rock* wanted a ps3 exclusive anyways but microsoft always had that pocket of $ saying we can't afford rock* too go exclusive. also rock* is microsoft's best selling game company 80 out of 100 points with all game reviews combined. while sony has naughtydog 90 out of 100 points. so can microsoft afford having rock* choose sony? also rumors has it that BD dual layer was made. however rumors i heard have yet too mention a compatibility found BD drive. also why rock* wants a ps3 exclusive is because they wanna see the ps3's true power.

    But ...

    But Epic is a downgrade from Legendary in terms of quality ...

    sony ripped us off with ps3

    Bullsh-t breaks down all the dam time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    i no

    mine is brike right now jus brought saunts row aswell and mw3 ND FIFA 12 WASTE OF MY MONEY AND TIME

    Not mine

    Mine works perfectly and never breaks down. Have you called SONY Technical Support yet?

    ps4 gms!!!

    hey guys i think god of war 4 is on ps4.cus god of 1 was on ps1.2 was on ps2.3on was on ps3.And god of war 4 is on ps4.So its like a pattern really!


    God of war 1 was on ps2!


    God of war 1 was on ps2!


    kid are u RETARDED??? God Of War 1 & 2 were both on the ps2... damn kids these days

    Wach It!!!!!!!!!!

    Believe me its on PS1

    hey dumb ass

    its called a ps2 remake list. god of war 1 and 2, and psp GOW were HD remakes. oh n GOW4 rumored in 2012 september

    Xbox Live

    Will xbox live ever become cheaper or free like psn?


    Buy a ps3, It better anyway


    why is your gaystation the 3rd best selling console then. RETARD

    Better Servers

    Xbox live wont become free. Your paying them to play on there servers. Its stupid that you have to have gold to even watch netflix lol. Im hoping SONY starts charging for their servers. Sony servers suck, sure its free but im willing to pay yearly for better servers.

    why ps3 is better

    uncharted , warhawk, starhawk, killzone metal gear solid 4, resistance, last of us, god of war 5 games, jak and daxter 1-3, FACTS has alot less lag, true 1080p 3D more great games. also ps3 games looks better and i can upscale most ps3 exclusives too 1080p even if it says 720p or 1080I, plus 3D movies 360 failures, gears of war 2, unsmooth gaming, rushed too shelves console original white 360s and slims are crap. only gd model was the elite. Fable is a far cry wanna be. halo, gd game love bungie but they teamed up with the wrong guys. hints why bungie signed a contract with activision too go multiplatform but will make halo just 4 their fans. 360's owned by an ass hole company that rushes faulty products, not just xbox but pc software microsoft just flat out sux and lost my trust after seeing what they're all about. they're not at all like your loving sony. they just wanna advance technology and make $. why do u think 360 had a 50% failure rate and fake 1080p? do u really think 360 upscaling DVDs too 720p a 4gb disc vs 8gb disc would make 1080p gaming? game raters admits it only can do 480p, 576p, and 720p and 1080I untouched idk about but i know its crap. you all are fools too blindly follow microsoft. by the way if u have auto-renewal through credit card on xbox live i recommend cancelling that credit card because they will steal ur $ after cancelling your membership

    the consle blood shede

    why must sony and microshopt war when the two could join up to make the xstation

    good shout

    I love the PS3 and believe it better then XBOX but come together and make xstation..booyeah


    Ps3, is original and for Normal people... x box are for hardcore gay americans in there clannss. ps3 has been 1st and always will be first... microsoft is part of illuminati and illuminati are bad, if you dont undrstand illuminati google it go on you tube... it might sound weird but itss all illuminatil!!! Trusr me iluminati.... ad me on facebook zain zaman... or ps3 zain_zaman_786 from englnand mw2 and mw3 BF3... Once gamer, aslways gamer :)