Whats the dumbest things you ever did while gaming?

People have a habit of doing stupid things and thanks to modern social networking sites such as Youtube and Facebook, it's now much easier to look stupid in front of the entire world, than ever before.

Doing dumb things isn't just for stupid people, possibly the most iconic stupid thing you could ever do in a video game, pulling a Leeroy Jenkins, could do enough to make you an internet icon.

Internet icons aside, there's a flood of videos, pictures and stories about what stupid things people have done gaming. So what's the dumbest thing you've ever done? Here's a few from some of our visitors

Playing Duke Nukem Forever I urinated in every single toilet in the game

During an intense battle in BF3 I was constantly under fire from a sniper way off in the distance. He had killed me a good few times so I decided to get the mortar out. After quite blatantly destroying his face with a mortal shell I thrust my fist into the air and put my hand through my desktop lamp, which resulted in me needing surgery at hospital.

Beating my friend at Fifa while I had my dinner on my knee, the dinner went all over the carpet and my mum banned me from playing on the big screen.

I actually paid for Black Ops

Spending hours and hours killing a monster for materials in Monster Hunter, only to find it was the wrong monster. That was after 5 hours...

Think you've done something even dumber? Leave a comment below and let the internet have a laugh.

Article by - Blaine Smith

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I accidentally killed my

I accidentally killed my girlfriend on GTA San andreas

New super mario bros on wii

i was playing New smb on wii with my 2 other friedns. What they did was bubble. So bubble is basicly when ur character goes in a bubble to be safe, once bubbled ur team mate must touch u to unbubble , If all three bubble u lose . So they both bubbled and we were on the last stage and they were YELLING at me to NOT bubble for 1 minutes strait. But what i did was , I was paniking so i bubbled and failed...

dumbest thing

i sent my best mate a message saying i love u but meant to send it to my gf

Killed 3 while sniping & took out team-mate

I was sniping on MAG on the Valor suppression map and there were 4 guys facing each other talking so I shot one in the head. The three of them paused looked down and were looking at the guy laying on the ground. I took another out the two stared at each other then I took another out. The last guy started to look around and began to run and took him out. I was playing on the same map as described and had a clan mate team kill me on the bulldozer side. So I was yelling at him telling him that I was going to kill him so he began to run on the other side of the map. So I climbed in the tower next to the bulldozer, since he was on my team I shot where I saw his name. It took me three shots to kill him he was lying next to the enemy bunker diagonal from where I was. Both shots were with the Rollins.