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Why the PS4?

  • Because it's not an XBox
  • Enables the greatest game developers in the world to unlock their creativity and push the boundaries of play through a platform that is tuned specifically to their needs.
  • "Suspend mode" eliminates the load time on your saved game and allows you to immediately return to where you left off by pressing the power button.
  • Engage in endless personal challenges between you and your community, and share your epic moments via social media and more for the world to see.
  • Gamers can share their epic triumphs by hitting the "SHARE button" on the controller, scan through the last few minutes of gameplay, tag it and return to the game.
  • With PS Vita, gamers will be able to seamlessly play PS4 games on the beautiful 5-inch display over Wi-Fi in a local environment
  • Countless epic games to choose from
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    big brother

    we are monitoring your data usage

    big brother

    we are monitoring your data usage


    ^ To this guy. When did you find out you were freaking retarded? Illuminati? So, microsoft are trying to mass-produce a console for a new world order? Last time i checked, I doubt that guitar hero is hardly brainwashing, life-changing stuff Sincerely, Someone with enough brain cells to excrete in a proper fashion. Not through my freaking mouth.




    u just dont get it do u? ur saying that the ps3 is and will always be first well why is it that among top polls and ratings through ign that the ps3 comes in 3rd wii 2nd and the xbox 360 is first so think and do some research first. as for me i like the xbox 360 but i also think the ps3 has better graphics and hasnt released its full potential but both are excellent consoles and are fun to enjoy. so just have fun with whatever system u have and quit getting ur panties in a wod about wat system u think is best cause no one cares but dumb-a**es like u.

    Lets see some stimulation

    Lets see some stimulation platforn especially for cod! I would nuy that




    atari- nintendo- super nintendo- N64- ps1 - ps2- ps3..........gonna get ps4

    game remake


    99% of people

    that have commented here are genuine retards. that is the only logical conclusion i can think of after reading all the comments

    i agree

    this site is full of elitists who only came to the site to promote the brand sony

    yet your here

    yes im the 1 your a 99er dumbass go back to your intence makout seccion with your pillow ya damn hatin quire


    so i guess i should hold off on buying another ps3

    Games that Sony has that MS doesnt.

    Heres a list for you worth mentioning God of WAR Uncharted Resistance KillZone Crash Bandicot Most of Final Fantasy (unless remade to fit consoles at later dates) Army of Two Heavenly Sword Devil may Cry (started with sony) Little Big Planet And not to mention that Call of duty started out on PS2 COD4 was the first for multi consoles. Plus not to mention that the over heating rate of each console is hilarious 78%- XBOX, XBox 360 17%- PS, PS2, PS3 Specs compare PS3- 360- 3 core 3.2 GHZ 2 Core 2.8GHZ Video- HiDef 256+mb HD- 60gb-500gb Has HDMI from start RAM-4gb-16gb Plays BR,DVD,HD-DVD,CD,MP3 Has Original games 360- 2 Core 2.8GHZ Video 128mb HD- 4gb-320gb Didnt have HDMI from start RAM-2gb-6gb Plays DVD,CD,MP3 Games remade to fit console

    RE: Games that Sony has that MS doesnt.

    Army of Two was a multiconsole release, Crash Bandicoot, after being abandoned by Naughty Dog was released forevery console by other companies, and Call of Duty series were also released for the original Xbox and 360. Also PS3 could not play PS2 games after they removed the emotion processor from their line because having 2 processors in the console was killing them and decided only recently to re-release PS2 games re-engineered for PS3, and that's only a handful of games that nobody heard of/cared about.

    people who cry over game systems

    ok you guys are all lame. each game system has its plusses and minuses. i had a 360 and it got the red ring twice. im gettin a PS3 soon and thats pretty cool bout the blue ray and free online if you have somethin to connect the internet. 360 has some of its own good games like the halos after halo wars and gears of war and fable etc. the ps3 yes has god of war which is one of the best games ever and other good games but who cares. you root for miceosoft then good for you and if you root for sony thats nice. nothins gonna change bout my opinion if yours is opposite of mine

    i agree

    you are right mate

    youre right

    why is there no thums up butten :(

    shut it fanboy

    bet you didnt know that when your gaystation 3 came out, remember 1 year after the mighty xbox 360, that the reason for the delay was excessive overheating which was killing the machine, plus the fact that bluray technology was just being born around at that time. so the sony gaystation 3 had an extra year to fill the machine with more crap and some newer tech, that was why you fanboys or should i say fangirls adore this george foreman grill machine.

    Mighty Xbox?

    The only thing mighty about the xbox was the red ring of death that affected millions of users around the world. nevermind my friends that thought the xbox was better - lemme guess, you have an iphone too. good luck supporting the company that should stick to pc's Cheesetits.

    Re: Mighty Sh*tbox

    What are you even on this site for poser?

    shut it fanboy

    i did not understand one word of that all I could read was I play xbox 24/7 so don't make fun of it meanie.


    now he know what hes talking about......i have a xbox 360 i had it for 5 around 5 years and its not burn out it the xbox elite!!!!!!!


    what is new to the ps4 by aybir


    i both have the ps3 and xbox360 and i prefer 360 because the controller fits better in your hands than the ps3 controller, also online the 360 is better than the ps3 on how far i see. thats just my opinion.


    playstation is way better idiot

    wrong you fanboy

    online xbox live is way better. and the controller is also known as being better. jealousy is a bad thing pal. and why have a bluray player which plays games?

    you have a bluray player that

    you have a bluray player that plays games so u dont gotta buy a bluray player too dumbass and how is having to pay to play online better than playing for free?

    wrong you fanboy

    typical xbox player

    The games are on blurays so

    The games are on blurays so you can fit more info on them and the loading time is quicker because info can be taken of them quicker. And my personal preference has always been a PS controller.

    Reply to "Wrong you Fanboy"

    You my friend, are wrong. I own both the consoles and prefer the PS3. Why? Well let's take a look down fact road... - The PS3 is both a Gaming Console and a Blu Ray Movie Player. - The Xbox is very well known for being faulty and overheating after a few hours of gameplay or movie watching. That's why they have a fan to keep the system cool for another $60 USD. - You, in all honesty, would want to pay about $6 USD per month to play online with other people? There is no difference in the Xbox and PS3 online gaming servers. - Would you rather pay $200 for a 4-8 Gigabyte system, or save $50 extra and buy a PS3 with 250 gigabytes? - The XBOX 360 is sadly far behind in technology for a console. Sure, they threw a Kinect on the shelves, but how well made is it? Not very well made. - The PS3 is about as close as it could get to "maximum" technology at it's release date. They also threw a "new idea" on the shelves and called it "Playstation Move". That wasn't very well made either, though it does look pretty great. - Think of pricing here for a moment... A decent bluray player costs about $130 USD. The PS3 costs about $250 USD. So if you subtract the Blu Ray Player cost from the PS3... The PS3 console is basically a bundle. $120 USD for the PS3 and $130 USD for a Blu Ray = $250 USD - If you take an Xbox ($200 USD) + a blu ray player ($130) = $330 USD Whats the better deal here...


    why is 360 online better, it always lags and you have to pay money for it!

    I cant wait

    I cant wait


    ps3 slim cant even play a single bluray without freezing 45 minutes in...its ridiculous, and now they expect us to buy a ps4 for like 1000$ what the hell is sony thinking why not just stick to the ps3 if they claim the games today arent using all of its power and potental...


    Mine playes movies perfectly


    maybe you bought a bad ps3 from a guy on the city street

    U need a new ps3 I think

    I think u need a new ps3 because mine plays Blurays just fine has for 3 yrs.

    ps3.power potential

    yeah they said that about the ps2 before ps3 came out

    It's your PS3.

    It's your PS3. Mine plays blurays fine, even if it is region locked on blurays (not on games though). My fault for buying an american one to get it cheaper.

    Why Sony are better.

    Microsoft suck when it comes to games consoles.I mean PS2 was able to play DVDs and CD's then microsoft go an release the X Box 360 and are too dumb to have DVDs playable on the system,then Sony comes in with the PS3 and not only makes DVDs and CD's playable but also Blu-ray movies playable.And the PS3 online features were way better.PS3 has proper internet search and you tube.Did the X Box 360?NO.And kinect on X Box 360 copies PS2's eye toy.These are some reasons why PS is and forever will be better than the X Box.(STICK TO COMPUTERS MICROSOFT!!!)

    Why sony are better

    Really you should get your facts straught b4 you comment what are you talking about the xbox 360 doesnt play dvd or cd it has always played these formats, I do agree ps3 is better but you really should check what u r shouting about.

    not true

    it has not always there was a software update way back when, bcuz it is limited to what formats it plays. It doesnt/didnt play a lot of burned DVD's whereas my PS2 always did

    xbox 360 better than ps3

    xbox 360 is way better than ps3 and ps2 combined i dont care if they play movies ive got this genius invention called a dvd player. xbox 360 plays games 1000 times better than ps3 or ps2. xbox 360 has way better internet play. so overall xbox 360 is way better than ps3 or ps2


    ps3 are way better they have blu ray and to go on like crappy xbox 360 i have both and ps3 and ps4 are way better


    that would be nice but imagine this what if Sony say trade in your old ps3 for recycle and get 20% off


    hi ps 4 will be great

    its too soon i bought PS3

    its too soon i bought PS3 only in february last year im only on level 2 on PSN i hope something crashes in playstation so i get more time with my PS3.