Playstation 4 Specs Guide

Complete PS4 Specs (Continually Updated) CPU, GPU, Memory, Storage, Ports

Check out the handy table below for the full specs on the PS4 as they currently stand.

PlayStation 4 Console Specs
Feature PS4
CPU AMD x86 Jaguar 1.6GHZ 8-Core
GPU AMD next-generation Radeon-based graphics GPU with 18 compute units - The PlayStation 4 is capable of producing up to 1.84 TFLOPS.
RAM 8GB of GDDR5 - The PlayStation 4 uses a unified 8 GB GDDR5 RAM setup, providing both the CPU and GPU with 176GB/sec of unified memory.
Physical Media Blu-ray Disk - 6x CAV Blu-ray BD-ROM + 8x CAV DVD
Storage - Hard Drive 500 GB Hard Drive - The PlayStation 4's hard drive will be upgradeable similar to how the PS3 is currently set up.
Game DVR Yes - The PlayStation 4 natively supports the option to record and upload gameplay to social media or online streaming services using the built-in "Share" button. The PS4 automatically records the last few minutes of gameplay for you so that you can easily pick what you want to upload.

It has its own compression system and uploads the content in the background while you continue playing. Video services include Twitch, Ustream, YouTube, and more. Free software entitled "SHAREfactory allows you to edit videos before uploading

Cloud Storage Yes - The PlayStation 4 uses a cloud-based storage system to collect all your account data, and saved games, making them available anywhere you're signed in.
USB Ports Three - The PlayStation 4 uses two USB 3.0 ports for different companion devices in addition to a dedicated jack for the PS Eye.
Mandatory Game Installs Yes - Game installations are mandatory on the PlayStation 4 with install times ranging from seconds to minutes. Gamers do not need to wait for the install to finish before being able to play the game. This was an optional feature on some PS3 games.
"Always Online" No - The PlayStation 4 does not require an internet connection for playing games. However, syncing to PlayStation Now and accessing the PSN will obviously require internet access.
Console Home Yes - Users can nominate one PS4 console to be their "home" device, which means all content will be available for anyone to use including PlayStation Plus access. Signing into a PSN account will not be necessary on a "home" console.
Used Game Fee No - There are currently no programs or requirements in place regarding used games. They function as if they were new.
Backwards Capability No - The PlayStation 4 uses an entirely new architecture for processing game data, which makes it completely incompatible with past PlayStation games. However, with PlayStation Now's cloud-based streaming service, gamers will have access to PS1, PS2, and PS3 games to stream directly to their device.
Second Screen PlayStation Vita, Smartphones, Tablets - Sony released a PlayStation app shortly after the release of the PS4 that allows for remote game purchases, second screen navigation, and connectivity with your account.

Users can make purchases in the PSN store, wake up their console, and install games with a secondary device.

Motion Control PS Eye 2.0 + PS Move - The PlayStation 4 uses the newly redesigned PS Eye for motion tracking and information processing. The device can track players and deliver game information like low health to their controllers. The PS3's Move devices will be supported by the PS4.

All PS4s come pre-installed with Playroom, a virtual space that utilizes the PS Eye to interact with the environment. This free tech demo is also updated constantly with additional free downloads that add mini-games to the experience.

Subscription Service Yes - The PlayStation 4 requires a PlayStation Plus membership for access to online games. Single player games, free-to-play games, and games that can be played offline will not require a monthly subscription.

Users can also sign into their account on any PS4 and access their library of games provided they download a portion of it first.

PSN Account Transferable - Sony has confirmed existing PlayStation Plus accounts will carry over to the PS4.
Operating System New - The PlayStation 4 uses a new OS and user interface called the PlayStation Dynamic Menu. Users can instantly switch from playing a game to other social media options and even suspend gameplay to continue right away at a later time. It no longer relies on the XrossMediaBar for navigation.
Internet Connection Gigabit Ethernet + WiFi
BlueTooth Bluetooth 2.1 (EDR)
Audio/Video Connections HDMI input and output (up to 4K resolution support on images and movies only) + Optical output - The PlayStation 4 comes packaged with a HDMI cable.
Region Locked No
Price $399 USD
€399 EUR
£349 GBP
$549 AUD

How the PS4 came to be

Playstation 4 Specs Guide

Moving away from custom Cell architecture that cost Sony millions of dollars in research and development during the PS3 years, the new console instead uses a custom AMD “Jaguar” x86-64 instruction set that will make it more attuned to modern PCs. This was intentionally sought out after the poor reception from developers when they tried porting games onto the PS3 from Xbox 360 architecture.

It was also a pain for developers to always have to customize game code to fit the PS3. By unifying the way developers make games (the Xbox One will use the same CPU architecture), it will be cheaper overall to design and code the next generation software.

The PlayStation 4 uses a custom APU set from AMD. The CPU consists of eight x86-64 cores and runs concurrently with its GPU, which consists of 18 compute units and a theoretical peak performance of 1.84 teraflops. However, this performance will technically never be fully realized in games or the various utilities running on the PS4 and should be considered the maximum of what the console can handle. This is in line with midrange gaming PCs and the Xbox One hardware specs.

Both the CPU and GPU will share the same memory processing pool when it comes to dedicated RAM so that graphics processing and utility OS functions will take what they need when they need it. Instead of the CPU holding onto a chunk of the memory pool even when not in use, the shared design ensures the console is getting the most performance when processing graphics data.The PS4 will also have a secondary custom chip for handling background OS functions like downloads, uploads, and user interface options.

The PlayStation 4 will use 8 GB of GDDR5 dedicated RAM, which puts it ahead of the Xbox One in terms of raw bandwidth (176 GB/s) that can be processed at any one instance. While both consoles have 8 gigabytes of total RAM, the PS4 can process more information at once than the Xbox One. While technically meaningless considering the midrange PC specs on both consoles not really requiring more beyond 8 gigabytes, the PS4 could process more information and produce less slowdown if the user is streaming games or doing something else actually requiring the full RAM pool.

For gamers wealthy enough to afford the nice television sets, the PS4 will be able to support gaming running at 1080p with the ability to run movies and images at 4K resolution. Don’t expect the PS4 to render games at 4K because the technology to consistently do so without frying the APU inside your console does not exist cheaply yet.

The PS4 has two USB 3.0 ports in addition to a special auxiliary port for the PlayStation Eye. Sony has smartly designed their companion motion control device to have its own dedicated port so that gamers don’t have to sacrifice one for a device that’s almost necessary for future gaming. The PS4 controller is able to charge using the ports even if the system is in standby mode, which is a major step-up from the previous console. Honestly, who made the conscious decision not to include this feature in the PS3? I hope they got kicked in the stones when they were in “standby” mode.

New Toys and Tech
PS4 4 Specs New Toys and TechAmong the new and improved applications and tech features like a faster Blu-ray disc drive, the PlayStation 4 also comes with second screen capabilities through your PS Vita, smartphone, or tablet. Secondary screens can also wake up and log into your PS4 to initiate downloads or stream games onto another device. Sony released a new PlayStation app specifically for this feature so that users can access their system and chat with their friends on the go.This is of course a major step forward in social gameplay that allows PS4 owners to make game time anytime. Yes, I realize that sentence sounded dangerously cheesy. Cheetos. I should get some cheetos.

If the user chooses, a title can be purchased and downloaded in the background without interrupting the other features on the PSN. For users looking for an expanded entertainment experience, the new PSN allows subscription services through the PlayStation store like the Sony’s Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited series.

The new home screen features a combination of the latest offers from third-party vendors you’re subscribed to (e.g. your Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu) and the latest content from your friends. This includes new streamed content, their newly acquired trophies, and social media uploads. From the PS4’s home screen, you can also multitask by browsing the PlayStation Store for the latest titles or DLC while browsing the worldwide web looking at pictures of grumpy cats and chatting to friends online and in-game. Game invitations, shared in-game gifts from friends, and newly acquired items for participating in different events will also show up on the PS4 home screen when you select specific games in your library to view.

Games will also have their own dedicated tab that you can view for further information similar to how Steam currently has their games sorted based on different hubs. Within these game tabs, you can view what your friends have been doing in that game, their achievements, your own achievements, a newsfeed for updates and bug fixes from developers, newly gifted items received from friends or promotions, and more.

Privacy now works on a two tier system where your close friends can view your real name, location, and other detailed information while online friends can only view your online identity. When you become friends with someone, detailed information is only provided via a "Real Name Request" that you can send them. Otherwise, only basic info is shown.

Arguably one of the best new features about the PS4 is known as PlayGo, where all titles on the console can be downloaded while you play the game. While the initial setup and install may take a while, the PS4 does not require you to install the full game in order to play. For example, if you’re playing the next Uncharted game on the PS4, you only need to download the first level of the game to start playing while the rest downloads in the background. Since the PlayStation Store will have digital downloads of new titles the day physical copies are released, you could immediately start playing the next hot release right away.

The PlayStation 4 will not require a transfer fee for buying used games and while the console is not backwards capable with the PS2 or PS3, you can stream any game in the PlayStation library with the PlayStation Now cloud service. It is currently unknown whether these titles will have to be purchased again from the PlayStation store or if Sony plans on digitizing your own library somehow.

Sony PS4 Conference Video - Specs Detailed:

Eye See You
The PlayStation Eye -- PS4 CameraThe PlayStation Eye has been completely redesigned for the eighth generation console to take advantage of 3D image capturing and inter-connectivity with the PS4 controller. Aside from the increased number of cameras (you get two!), wider range, sleeker design, four different camera options, and recognition for up to six people, the PS Eye will have voice recognition and costs $60. Previous PlayStation Move companion devices will be supported on the PS4 although there are currently no planned new features for them. For the nitty-gritty technical specs, check out this handy table below.

PlayStation Eye Hardware Specs
Feature PS Eye
External Dimensions 186mm X 27mm X 27mm
Width X Height X Depth
Weight Approximately 183g
Video Pixels A maximum of 1280 X 800 pixels X 2 (Two built-in cameras)
Video Frame Rate 1280 X 800 pixels @ 60fps
640 X 400 pixels @ 120fps
320 X 192 pixels @ 240fps
Video Format RAW + YUV (uncompressed)
Lens Dual lenses with a F value/F2.0 fixed focus
Capture Range Approximately 30cm
Field-of-View Approximately 85 degrees
Microphone 4-channel microphone array
Connection Type PS4 dedicated AUX port
Cable Length Approximately 2m

The DualShock 4
The PS4 DualShock 4The PlayStation 4 controller maintains the same general shape (Sony has improved the design to be more comfortable) of previous DualShock controllers and improves upon existing features with new tech. Despite being similar in appearance, the PS3 controller will not be compatible with the eighth generation console due to all the improved or new tech features crammed into the DualShock 4. You still get two analog sticks, two analog triggers (L2 and R2), the iconic triangle, circle, square, and X face buttons, the L1 and R1 buttons, and four individual directional buttons. You also get the neat-o L3 and R3 on the analog sticks. The DualShock 4 retails for $59.99 USD.

Improvements to the controller include a brand new material over the two analog sticks that Sony has claimed to be more comfortable than previous DualShocks. They have also been redesigned to have a circular ridge along the edge of the analog sticks to increase precision when gamers play. The L3 and R3 push buttons on the analog sticks have increased responsiveness, which means something depending on how you rated the previous responsiveness on these two buttons.

The DualShock 4 will have some motion control via a three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer that the PlayStation eye will recognize. There is an additional vibration feature using multiple motors to give players better immersion with the game they’re playing.

Most gamers will probably notice the rather large touchpad on the center of the controller that also acts as an additional click button. Thus far we've seen this touchpad used for everything from switching weapons, to navigating maps and inventory .

For PlayStation Eye support, the DualShock 4 has a built-in light bar that will transfer information from the game to the controller via different light sequences depending on the context. For example, if a player’s health is low, the DualShock 4 will begin flashing its light bar. A more creative use was seen in Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition where the bar would flash orange and red while holding a torch in the game. In addition to the new light bar sensor on the DualShock 4, there are also two ports for a headset and a mini-USB cable for charging purposes. A headset is included with the purchase of a PS4 although there is also a mono speaker on the controller itself that delivers in-game sounds.

There are two new buttons featured on the PS4 controller: Share and Options. The Options button located on the right side of the DualShock 4 incorporates both the Start and Select button from the previous controller into a single button. I think Options pretty much sums up what the button offers to gamers and developers. The Share button is an entirely new feature for the console that promotes Sony’s new position on social gameplay. When a player hits the Share button, holds it down, or taps it twice, various things can happen depending on the settings. You can upload recorded video to friends online or through social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. You can also do the same with screenshots from within the game, adding a caption as well if you'd like.

Post your PS4 Spec(s) comments down below.

Article by - Collin Mak
Insert Date: 6/3/2013
Article updated: 12/17/14

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first sony already macke investments ad buy povervr and cortex cpu ps4 will hawe cortex a15 32 cores and pover vr sgx series 6 graphic 64 or 32 cores for 100% psvita has cortex a9 quad core 800-1000mhz and povervr gpu sgx 543 quad core max speed is 200mhz ich core maybe they decide to put in ps4 povervr rogue ich core gpu consume 1 wat with 200mhz core speed and product 200 gigaflops 350milion polygons per second and advanced schaders dx 11 but i do not think so be cose sony already macke decision an buyet cortex a15 and sgx povervr for ps4 and no on can buyet be cose sony pay extra to hawe only rights for dos two graphic chip thank no for rogue when they come out in mobile device that will be loool smarphone with rogue iven at half speed is 110 gigaflops and 0,6wat

Sony PS4 @International Tokyo Toy Show 2013

Sony PS4 "Japan Q4 2013" "US & EU Q1 2014" - NVIDIA Project Denver SOC: 20nm CPU ARMv7 Cortex-A15 processor with 8 Cores @3GHz 20nm GPU Nvidia Kepler with 512 Cuda Cores @1GHz/2GHz Video Res Support: 480p 3D, 720p 3D, 1080p 3D, 2160p 2D Audio Support: 8ch 24-bit/96KHz (DTS Neo:X 11.1 Support) Physics: PhysX - Rambus Unified Memory: 20nm 4GB of XDR2 with 500GB/s unified memory bandwidth. - Seagate SSD/HDD Hybrid Hard Drive: 2.5" 8GB SSD with 500GB HDD 7200 RPM Drive SATA 6Gb/s - Sony Blu-ray 8x Drive with 100GB BD discs support. - PS DualShock4 / PS MOVE2 / PS DualEye - USB v3.1 - HDMI v1.4c - Bluetooth v4.1 - Wi-Fi "IEEE 802.11n" - Software: OS: Android 5.0 with Sony UI API: OpenGL ES 3.0/OpenGL 4.3/OpenCL 1.3/OpenVG 1.2/OpenAL 2.2/EGL 1.5/DirectX 11.1

arm is a no-go, no phu*king

arm is a no-go, no phu*king way. anything more than 8 thread is a complete waste of resource (alu only). arm is just tooooooooooooo weak for it's single threaded performance.

not gonna happen

sony will not abandon the cell with a new 16spe cell would kill intel's top processor when u build several $500 million factories to build the current cell u dont throw that away it will not be intel or amd its the cell

oh my god! that is an awesome

oh my god! that is an awesome prediction and is actually likely to happen. very nice prediction sir :)

Lol ;p

lol!!!!! PS4 Will be AMD CPU+GPU already started :p

lol AMD is still around? there x86 CPU is Dead!

AMD CPU+GPU is a bad idea! "already started" Link Please! ARM CPU+GPU is a better idea! for the PS4 ARM Cortex-A15 Quad core + Mali-T658 Quad core :) 2014 cant see AMD on the market with Intel x86 and ARM RISC battle it out at 14nm? Airmont vs ARMv8 The PS4 has to keep cost down, low power, high-end product at the same time ARM's can do this! :) lol

are you mad or r u mad? quad

are you mad or r u mad? quad a15 can barely win a dual-core atom@2ghz. and certainly will not beat a Cell in terms of FPU performance - real world or raw power. as for mali, it doesn't even compete with intel's hd4000. you are so adorable when you are silly - not.

PS4 should use Intel CPU+GPU

Sony should use Intel Intel Atom "Silvermont" Quad Core CPU + Imagination PowerVR "Rogue" Quad Core GPU!! Intel would be a clear winner for the Sony PS4! with there 22nm chips.

Forged by nVidia

Sony will use nVidia's GPU. But it won't use the Cell as a CPU. The clue is in the development of Sony's "Forge Light" engine that is designed specifically by nVidia and Physx. And it is highly likely AMD is making the CPU - because nVidia don't do CPU. Intel won't have anything to do with game consoles. Not in the next 5-7 years anyway. Intel is for the PC x86 and Server platforms and they've already tried games consoles in the past, and failed. nVidia and AMD will always stand above Intel in GPU. And AMD will always give Intel a heck of a fight in CPU. So Sony will have nVidia and AMD in their PS4. And Sony/nVidia's Forge Light engine for Planetside 2 and EQNext, make that very clear that that's what is happening here.

No Optical Drive

If anyone has heard about the rumoured Xbox Next coming with no Optical Media Drive, here is the reason. What shape is a Blu-ray Player or a DVD Player? Well, its shape is a big oblong - not the optical drive, but the unit chassis in which it resides. The physical drive sits in the middle of an oblong unit and all the silicon chips and board reside on the outside of it - and not under it. For obvious reasons. When you think about it, how much space does an Optical Media Drive take up; where is it in the game console; what is underneath it. And what's the biggest problem for a game console... It is no surprise at all to hear that Optical Drives should be left out of game console designs.


Who ever wrote this article knows nothing about hardware. The original PS3 was a SINGLE CORE 3.2 GHZ... Today we hardly even use SINGLE core processors, and it's not a number games. For example a 1.6 Dual Core Processor has about the same speed as the 3.2 processor in the PS3... To make it simple, an 11 inch macbook AIR has the same processing power as a PS3. That being said, a 8GHZ single core processor will likely never exist becasue that technology is antiquated. What might be more realistic is a quad or 8 core processor clocked at around 1.5 to 2GHZ As comparison, the top of the like Mac Pro runs a 2.9 12 core processor, which is INSANELY fast, but expensive.

The Way of the World

Different CPU designs and the way in which transistors are used and the way in which "direct-to-metal" code is efficiently used through them, determines what a processor can do. It took 7 years of specialised "direct-to-the-metal" code, but the Cell in the PS3 when its PPU core and all 6 of its SPE/SPUs are going at 99% efficiency, easily attains 150Gigaflops/sec of compute power at 3.2Ghz. By comparison on x86, Intel's i5-2500k Quad-core CPU achieves 130Gigaflops of compute power at 5Ghz. But you're right about frequency, but completely wrong about other things. A CPU could be made at 22nm that had a single core; similiar to one of the cores in Intel's i5 or i7 range. Except this core could be clocked at 8Ghz. The reason the world has moved to multi-cores is really because of Intel's x86 control of the technology of computers. AMD followed it too. And so for decades, we have been familiarly type-cast to believe they are the future. They are not. The only future they have is how big a company like Intel is willing to hold on to x86 for as long as they can sustain viability. PS3's Cell if taken out of the PS3 box and put into an environment similiar to a high-end PC rig, with the same fabrication technology, would likely reach 9Ghz in frequency with the best that heat-pipe air-cooling could provide. A 9Ghz Cell1 at 22nm and 1.15v would have a TDP similiar to its 65nm counterpart, only now its Gigaflop rating would be in the region of 500. Why has this not occurred? IBM and Sony do not want to "interrupt" the flow of "fiscal businness opportunity" that exists with x86 architecture anbd the PC server market as a whole. Don't believe me? My IQ is 148 and I tend to side toward the "nature of the beast" in some opinions that I have; but as it is the gaming industry we are talking about, there is no safety net I need to fall into to be concerned about Intel basically slowing down the computer industry by at least 15 years. At this stage of 2012, we have an incredible knowledge of silicon technology; decades ahead of what Intel, AMD, IBM, Sony, Toshiba have brought to the table in the last 10 years. What they already have now, has already been done - they just won't let it completely disrupt x86 and the way we use technology currently. It's far too big for business. Would you be surprised to here that IBM/Toshiba and Sony actually had a 6Ghz 65nm Cell1 and that it functioned at 1.15v. I don't know what the Flops rating was as it was not disclosed, but I would guess around 300Gigaflops. If that was ever released in 2010, x86 would have been completely wiped out in the following 2 years to 2012... today. That's why Cell quietly returned to the shadows.

Grammar correction

here/hear (Microsoft Spell Checker fails me again; *note to self* turn it off)

Bravo. It's refreshing to see

Bravo. It's refreshing to see an intelligent post on here amidst the maddeningly idiotic postings from low-grade morons, such as the "11 inch MacBook" comparison. Sigh...


U do Know That This AMD Processor is A, APU ? ( Accelerated Processing Unit ) It has a graphic Card whit 480 Gflops!! And it will be Crossfired whit a 7670 And that has 768 Gflops , sooo It has more Compute power And thats only The Graphic part

The A-P-U of C-E-L-L

I do know. But lets just ask the question: what is an APU. An APU is a CPU that is trying to be something else - it's called "Marketing AMD". All it does is combine non-linear execution paths - like a GPU - and linear execution cores, into one die. That's it. That's the big change that AMD are trying to define as "APU". Intel won't define this. Why? Well, one of the reasons is because Intel is "CPU x86". They don't want to idealise AMD's interpretation of the linear path execution x86 as being a limited piece of junk in the 2nd decade of this century. But here's the next question: what is the Cell. The Cell is an APU in the exacting sense that it is a first-of-its-kind to attempt that gravitation toward "not another f* x86 core again". The reason you don't see what a Cell could really do, is that gamers have only seen the Cell all by itself. What could a games console do with 4x Cell (near non-linear execute) with a Kepler GPU (with none of the x86 garbage a part of it)? Here's the answer: Only what an x86 APU could possibly dream of for a further 10 years well into 2020. Intel and AMD are just slowing everything down. x86 is their anvil; but it comes with its own weight.

Course Correction

"gravitates" (not gravitation) Remind me to turn off Microsoft's spell checking.

The A-P-U of Failure

Further from the APU of Cell... Combing a CPU and GPU on one die is the dumbest thing in heigtening the problem of frequency of cores I have ever heard of. But that is not unexpected in the realm of x86. Multi-core CPU should be replaced with Single-core frequency designs that are specifically designed to not fool anyone into thinking that Mulit-core is the future. Could a single-core CPU have a frequency of 10Ghz at 22nm. Could a CPU, not x86-bound, be put in an architecture with far fewer limitations - unrestrained. Yes it can. The "No" part is where Intel simply won't budge on the matter - knowing that they can. Therefore, AMD won't either; their APU is nothing but a Nehalem under the guise of "even though it's x86, it's the future as far as we are concerned." It's been said before, but when Intel announced Nehalem, everything should have changed. It didn't. It just stayed on the same course. The x86 course of "going nowhere in the face of IBM/Toshiba/Sony and Cell". Which is why IBM buried it.

ps4 specs

the ps3 uses the cell cpu meaning it has one "control" cpu but has 8 SPUs for spu is disabled for security and the other for the operating system. the cpu and each spu all run at 3.2 ghz. so a mackbook air has nowhere near the same amount of processing power as a ps3. I think they should use an upgraded version of the cell and mid/high end nvidia card like the gtx 650/750. they should have a hybrid hard drive. 320gb standard hard drive and 20gb ssd for games to run off of the ssd for improved game performance and loading.

I think they should just

I think they should just upgrade everything from the ps3. dont get rid of anything.


No no no no no, and NO. Yes, I agree that this person who wrote this article has limited knowledge of hardware. The original PS3 utilizes an 8SPE CELL BROADBAND ENGINE which is NOT a single core processor. SIX SPE's (somewhat equivalent to cores) are used during game play (similar to XBOX 360's 3 Core processor hyperthreaded) and 2 are reserved. In fact, this is one of the most powerful processors on the planet. ~200 GFLOPS of performance is equivalent to lets say 40 single core pentium processors. The Mac Pro uses 2 6 core intel processors, not a single 12 core. The six core Intel Core i7-3960X has a floating point performance of 119.45 GFLOPS...just an fyi. That shows how powerful that Cell Processor is.

FANBOY failure

it doesnt matter how great the hardware the console is lame and flawed in to many ways its a console that hasnt utilized what it can actualy do but instead prevented people from doing just that so in my book its lame so stop being such a fan boy untill sony make a console where it lets you use the features rather than stripping them away doesnt matter how good the tech unless you can actualy use it , its useless!!


that's where you're wrong. It's "useless" to you. not others

who cares

who cares he obviously meant its useless to him an hey i agree with him so go sleep with your ps3 fanboy!!!

I 2nd that

i 2nd that that guy souns like he might cry cus he luvs his ps3 tooooooooo much totaly agree with dude sony ripped us thanks for the bs promises sony !


you guys are all morons. Seriously, He is just stating facts and putting things into perspective. I read nowhere that he loves his ps3, he is simply laying down numbers and facts of the hardware specs. You on the other hand have nothing useful to come with so you resort to attacking him on a personal lvl. Fail-

re morons

wow some1 must of hit a nerve there an clearly there stateing facts too! the dude is cleary rite in what he states about the console so why jump on the band wagon or do you just like to feel part of something why should we care about the 1 guy listin specs for a console that doesnt utilize the tech it has hmm!! an in reference of lovein the console there obvious on about the dude complainin it is usefull for him! an i agree with the the fanboy failure post ps3= dissapointment i loved ps untill the ps3 , lame exclusives late dlc compared to 360 constant server issues poor internet bad ports been hacked an shut off for over a month , product recalls over priced games no in game party chat and software strip backs etc the console is a flop who cares if its got blueray face it fanboys the 360 beats ps3 hands down an only MORONS would think otherwise stats dont lie an its not about tech unless its being used effectively so no dumbass the FAIL is on your part!!!

360 HAS outsold ps3!

Stats dont lie! The xbox 360 has sold more total units than ps3. I have only purchased 1 ps3 fat version while my friends have purchased multiple 360's each because of the lovely RROD. Poor internet? been hacked? Get a router and password protect it... moron. I cant wait for the 720 to come out so that the cross platform games will no longer be "tailored down" on the ps3 so the xbox fanboys wont have to cry about how their game only runs at 4fps or how the high res versions wont fit on 1 disk. Over priced games? Xbox, ps3 AND pc ALL have over priced games! Just don't be a sheep and wait a couple months and it will get cheaper. Or are you just complaining about the PS3 because you can not illegally download and burn games easily like on an xbox? Sounds like the only real problem you listed was your own lack of patience...

re 360 HAS outsold ps3!

prat is all i can say enough people on here keep going on about 360's rrod problem but lets not forget the ps3 has ylod an i know loads of people who have had to churn through multiple playstations so stop talking bs an where you going with downloading games illegaly are you serious i pay for legit games not intrested in knock offs an you can keep singing about all this jazz about res an an disk space do you even check your tech news both next gen consoles are going to be run on almost identical tech an yeah the ps3 does have power in it but its wasted as its not been utilized you no longer have linux no emotion chip poor internet an bad servers an hey the whole of psn was shut down for well over a month thats what i mean by hacked that has never an will never happen to the 360 so pull your head out your asss and stop being a fairy

a fan boy that can't see the

a fan boy that can't see the real things just think about 1 min you found that the Xbox live services going down for 1.5 month that no one can't access to it but they give free gaming to guy how lose their accounts. sorry about my bad English.

re a fan boy that can't see the

maybe you should learn english then because it was the psn network that went down not the xbox live an the games that psn palmed its customers off with was adismial to say the least many off my friends on psn deleted there accounts and moved to xbox after that and havent looked back since , you may have to pay for xbox live but for all the services provided atleast its clear they have there customers intrests at heart unlike sony shafting people every chance they get.

no u r wrong

i fully understand cpu architecture and design and a 1.6 Ghz IS NOT the same as a 3.2 single due to having to parralell tasks and the actual processing going on also it has 8 threads which makes it somewhat of an 8 core with 1 reserved for yield and one for the os it is an EXTREMELY powerful system with parts that ARE NOT commercially available so it would be unfair to compare this to a pc...for the pcs sake as this uses like it says in the article XDR ram which is not the same as the DDR3 you know and love in your pcs and macs. all this i know from TONS of experience with high end and low end computers also a mac will NEVER rival ANY sony device as the mac os junks the hardware and makes the device useless. also you know you should not say the word never in the field of computers because in 1984 when the pcjunior was coming out people never believed in a processor over 10-20 Mhz let alone our oced 5 GHZ beasts of today. also having an 8 ghz single would allow for a small yet agile processor therefore good for small devices or gamesystems. plus in the article it is a 16 thread processor. all in all everything said in this aticle is entirely plausible and you should do some research before trying to go hatin' u make urself look like u know nothing about hardware :P

ACTUALLY amd set a world

ACTUALLY amd set a world record with a single core processor at over 8 ghz so yeah ur wrong about the 8ghz thing

and another thing the amd

and another thing the amd phenom 3 8 core is far faster than youre talking about you dont seem to know very much about processors considering phenom 2 can over clock 4.2 ghz per core with the asus motherboard with an onboard ai bridge that allows each core to work independent from each other


can your macbook play crysis2 and such new gen games in full hd? yeah... didn't think so

Knows nothing?

single cored? where have you been reading this. it has 1 core with 2 threads sorting the data back and forth to 7 (1 disabled) other cores, on the same chip. These 7 cores can not "think" on it's own, but the 1 core handles the thinking, while the 7 others do the dirty work. So calling it a 1-core is about as wrong as it gets!

ram not cpu

dude what grade are you in? or where's your reading comprehensions? the 8GHZ he was talking about applied only to the ram. he said nothing about an 8GHZ processor. L2Read!

Lol ?

Ps3 has no single core. It has an asynchron architecture with 1 PPE and 8 SPE. One is deactivated to increase yields and one is only doing the OS + Security. Makes 1 PPE and 6 SPE free for games. The PPE has 2 Threads while the SPEs have 1 each. That makes 8 Threads total. Thats like older Intel Quadcores. They also had 8 Threads. 2 for each core. The Cell has even today no reason to hide. Its far away from the top Desktop CPUs like I7. But it definetly beats an 11 inch Macbook. The GPU on the other hand is antiquated.


If it's not backwards compatible, I won't buy it.

Da best

PS3 is ancient, PC FTW (you flamin yet)


Amiga has a superior operating system.


It aint worth the money if it doesn't have backwards compatibility. Why because why am im paying for a new console that doesnt have that special feature all the original ps3's have backwards compatibility with ps2 games why the 4 doesnt have backwards compatibility with the ps3 ?

blu-ray format change to SDXC cards

I think the PS4 will not use the Blu-Ray, but use SDXC 300mbps and be read only with half and the other half will be user data. This way you can take saved games to friend’s machines, and continue were you left off with saved games.

memory cards

I have seen SDXC 300MB/s & XQD 1GB/s. I wonder which will show up first?

backward compatibility

This way the with a game on a card would make portability very easy, and a Blu-Ray drive for backward compatibility would work well!

link of card, XQD

Very cool!


Wow. my ps3 is powerful already even better processing and graphics?

backwards compatibility...

... this is the most important thing for me. I don't care about better graphic or 3D if the games itself are going down - better graphic , more effects, no content, no story... more stupid year after year. I have a lot of games on PS3 (and on PS2 too - my PS3 has backwards compatibility), I dont want 2 consoles - I want one. If I need to use two I'll pass. The same way I passed PS VITA. Maybe in 2-3 years I will look at it again. For now - not interested.

backwards compatibility

There better be backwards compatibility on the PS4 for PS1, PS2, & PS3 too..... otherwise screw sony..