Playstation 4 Specs Guide

Complete PS4 Specs (Continually Updated) CPU, GPU, Memory, Storage, Ports

Check out the handy table below for the full specs on the PS4 as they currently stand.

PlayStation 4 Console Specs
Feature PS4
CPU AMD x86 Jaguar 1.6GHZ 8-Core
GPU AMD next-generation Radeon-based graphics GPU with 18 compute units - The PlayStation 4 is capable of producing up to 1.84 TFLOPS.
RAM 8GB of GDDR5 - The PlayStation 4 uses a unified 8 GB GDDR5 RAM setup, providing both the CPU and GPU with 176GB/sec of unified memory.
Physical Media Blu-ray Disk - 6x CAV Blu-ray BD-ROM + 8x CAV DVD
Storage - Hard Drive 500 GB Hard Drive - The PlayStation 4's hard drive will be upgradeable similar to how the PS3 is currently set up.
Game DVR Yes - The PlayStation 4 natively supports the option to record and upload gameplay to social media or online streaming services using the built-in "Share" button. The PS4 automatically records the last few minutes of gameplay for you so that you can easily pick what you want to upload.

It has its own compression system and uploads the content in the background while you continue playing. Video services include Twitch, Ustream, YouTube, and more. Free software entitled "SHAREfactory allows you to edit videos before uploading

Cloud Storage Yes - The PlayStation 4 uses a cloud-based storage system to collect all your account data, and saved games, making them available anywhere you're signed in.
USB Ports Three - The PlayStation 4 uses two USB 3.0 ports for different companion devices in addition to a dedicated jack for the PS Eye.
Mandatory Game Installs Yes - Game installations are mandatory on the PlayStation 4 with install times ranging from seconds to minutes. Gamers do not need to wait for the install to finish before being able to play the game. This was an optional feature on some PS3 games.
"Always Online" No - The PlayStation 4 does not require an internet connection for playing games. However, syncing to PlayStation Now and accessing the PSN will obviously require internet access.
Console Home Yes - Users can nominate one PS4 console to be their "home" device, which means all content will be available for anyone to use including PlayStation Plus access. Signing into a PSN account will not be necessary on a "home" console.
Used Game Fee No - There are currently no programs or requirements in place regarding used games. They function as if they were new.
Backwards Capability No - The PlayStation 4 uses an entirely new architecture for processing game data, which makes it completely incompatible with past PlayStation games. However, with PlayStation Now's cloud-based streaming service, gamers will have access to PS1, PS2, and PS3 games to stream directly to their device.
Second Screen PlayStation Vita, Smartphones, Tablets - Sony released a PlayStation app shortly after the release of the PS4 that allows for remote game purchases, second screen navigation, and connectivity with your account.

Users can make purchases in the PSN store, wake up their console, and install games with a secondary device.

Motion Control PS Eye 2.0 + PS Move - The PlayStation 4 uses the newly redesigned PS Eye for motion tracking and information processing. The device can track players and deliver game information like low health to their controllers. The PS3's Move devices will be supported by the PS4.

All PS4s come pre-installed with Playroom, a virtual space that utilizes the PS Eye to interact with the environment. This free tech demo is also updated constantly with additional free downloads that add mini-games to the experience.

Subscription Service Yes - The PlayStation 4 requires a PlayStation Plus membership for access to online games. Single player games, free-to-play games, and games that can be played offline will not require a monthly subscription.

Users can also sign into their account on any PS4 and access their library of games provided they download a portion of it first.

PSN Account Transferable - Sony has confirmed existing PlayStation Plus accounts will carry over to the PS4.
Operating System New - The PlayStation 4 uses a new OS and user interface called the PlayStation Dynamic Menu. Users can instantly switch from playing a game to other social media options and even suspend gameplay to continue right away at a later time. It no longer relies on the XrossMediaBar for navigation.
Internet Connection Gigabit Ethernet + WiFi
BlueTooth Bluetooth 2.1 (EDR)
Audio/Video Connections HDMI input and output (up to 4K resolution support on images and movies only) + Optical output - The PlayStation 4 comes packaged with a HDMI cable.
Region Locked No
Price $399 USD
€399 EUR
£349 GBP
$549 AUD

How the PS4 came to be

Playstation 4 Specs Guide

Moving away from custom Cell architecture that cost Sony millions of dollars in research and development during the PS3 years, the new console instead uses a custom AMD “Jaguar” x86-64 instruction set that will make it more attuned to modern PCs. This was intentionally sought out after the poor reception from developers when they tried porting games onto the PS3 from Xbox 360 architecture.

It was also a pain for developers to always have to customize game code to fit the PS3. By unifying the way developers make games (the Xbox One will use the same CPU architecture), it will be cheaper overall to design and code the next generation software.

The PlayStation 4 uses a custom APU set from AMD. The CPU consists of eight x86-64 cores and runs concurrently with its GPU, which consists of 18 compute units and a theoretical peak performance of 1.84 teraflops. However, this performance will technically never be fully realized in games or the various utilities running on the PS4 and should be considered the maximum of what the console can handle. This is in line with midrange gaming PCs and the Xbox One hardware specs.

Both the CPU and GPU will share the same memory processing pool when it comes to dedicated RAM so that graphics processing and utility OS functions will take what they need when they need it. Instead of the CPU holding onto a chunk of the memory pool even when not in use, the shared design ensures the console is getting the most performance when processing graphics data.The PS4 will also have a secondary custom chip for handling background OS functions like downloads, uploads, and user interface options.

The PlayStation 4 will use 8 GB of GDDR5 dedicated RAM, which puts it ahead of the Xbox One in terms of raw bandwidth (176 GB/s) that can be processed at any one instance. While both consoles have 8 gigabytes of total RAM, the PS4 can process more information at once than the Xbox One. While technically meaningless considering the midrange PC specs on both consoles not really requiring more beyond 8 gigabytes, the PS4 could process more information and produce less slowdown if the user is streaming games or doing something else actually requiring the full RAM pool.

For gamers wealthy enough to afford the nice television sets, the PS4 will be able to support gaming running at 1080p with the ability to run movies and images at 4K resolution. Don’t expect the PS4 to render games at 4K because the technology to consistently do so without frying the APU inside your console does not exist cheaply yet.

The PS4 has two USB 3.0 ports in addition to a special auxiliary port for the PlayStation Eye. Sony has smartly designed their companion motion control device to have its own dedicated port so that gamers don’t have to sacrifice one for a device that’s almost necessary for future gaming. The PS4 controller is able to charge using the ports even if the system is in standby mode, which is a major step-up from the previous console. Honestly, who made the conscious decision not to include this feature in the PS3? I hope they got kicked in the stones when they were in “standby” mode.

New Toys and Tech
PS4 4 Specs New Toys and TechAmong the new and improved applications and tech features like a faster Blu-ray disc drive, the PlayStation 4 also comes with second screen capabilities through your PS Vita, smartphone, or tablet. Secondary screens can also wake up and log into your PS4 to initiate downloads or stream games onto another device. Sony released a new PlayStation app specifically for this feature so that users can access their system and chat with their friends on the go.This is of course a major step forward in social gameplay that allows PS4 owners to make game time anytime. Yes, I realize that sentence sounded dangerously cheesy. Cheetos. I should get some cheetos.

If the user chooses, a title can be purchased and downloaded in the background without interrupting the other features on the PSN. For users looking for an expanded entertainment experience, the new PSN allows subscription services through the PlayStation store like the Sony’s Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited series.

The new home screen features a combination of the latest offers from third-party vendors you’re subscribed to (e.g. your Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu) and the latest content from your friends. This includes new streamed content, their newly acquired trophies, and social media uploads. From the PS4’s home screen, you can also multitask by browsing the PlayStation Store for the latest titles or DLC while browsing the worldwide web looking at pictures of grumpy cats and chatting to friends online and in-game. Game invitations, shared in-game gifts from friends, and newly acquired items for participating in different events will also show up on the PS4 home screen when you select specific games in your library to view.

Games will also have their own dedicated tab that you can view for further information similar to how Steam currently has their games sorted based on different hubs. Within these game tabs, you can view what your friends have been doing in that game, their achievements, your own achievements, a newsfeed for updates and bug fixes from developers, newly gifted items received from friends or promotions, and more.

Privacy now works on a two tier system where your close friends can view your real name, location, and other detailed information while online friends can only view your online identity. When you become friends with someone, detailed information is only provided via a "Real Name Request" that you can send them. Otherwise, only basic info is shown.

Arguably one of the best new features about the PS4 is known as PlayGo, where all titles on the console can be downloaded while you play the game. While the initial setup and install may take a while, the PS4 does not require you to install the full game in order to play. For example, if you’re playing the next Uncharted game on the PS4, you only need to download the first level of the game to start playing while the rest downloads in the background. Since the PlayStation Store will have digital downloads of new titles the day physical copies are released, you could immediately start playing the next hot release right away.

The PlayStation 4 will not require a transfer fee for buying used games and while the console is not backwards capable with the PS2 or PS3, you can stream any game in the PlayStation library with the PlayStation Now cloud service. It is currently unknown whether these titles will have to be purchased again from the PlayStation store or if Sony plans on digitizing your own library somehow.

Sony PS4 Conference Video - Specs Detailed:

Eye See You
The PlayStation Eye -- PS4 CameraThe PlayStation Eye has been completely redesigned for the eighth generation console to take advantage of 3D image capturing and inter-connectivity with the PS4 controller. Aside from the increased number of cameras (you get two!), wider range, sleeker design, four different camera options, and recognition for up to six people, the PS Eye will have voice recognition and costs $60. Previous PlayStation Move companion devices will be supported on the PS4 although there are currently no planned new features for them. For the nitty-gritty technical specs, check out this handy table below.

PlayStation Eye Hardware Specs
Feature PS Eye
External Dimensions 186mm X 27mm X 27mm
Width X Height X Depth
Weight Approximately 183g
Video Pixels A maximum of 1280 X 800 pixels X 2 (Two built-in cameras)
Video Frame Rate 1280 X 800 pixels @ 60fps
640 X 400 pixels @ 120fps
320 X 192 pixels @ 240fps
Video Format RAW + YUV (uncompressed)
Lens Dual lenses with a F value/F2.0 fixed focus
Capture Range Approximately 30cm
Field-of-View Approximately 85 degrees
Microphone 4-channel microphone array
Connection Type PS4 dedicated AUX port
Cable Length Approximately 2m

The DualShock 4
The PS4 DualShock 4The PlayStation 4 controller maintains the same general shape (Sony has improved the design to be more comfortable) of previous DualShock controllers and improves upon existing features with new tech. Despite being similar in appearance, the PS3 controller will not be compatible with the eighth generation console due to all the improved or new tech features crammed into the DualShock 4. You still get two analog sticks, two analog triggers (L2 and R2), the iconic triangle, circle, square, and X face buttons, the L1 and R1 buttons, and four individual directional buttons. You also get the neat-o L3 and R3 on the analog sticks. The DualShock 4 retails for $59.99 USD.

Improvements to the controller include a brand new material over the two analog sticks that Sony has claimed to be more comfortable than previous DualShocks. They have also been redesigned to have a circular ridge along the edge of the analog sticks to increase precision when gamers play. The L3 and R3 push buttons on the analog sticks have increased responsiveness, which means something depending on how you rated the previous responsiveness on these two buttons.

The DualShock 4 will have some motion control via a three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer that the PlayStation eye will recognize. There is an additional vibration feature using multiple motors to give players better immersion with the game they’re playing.

Most gamers will probably notice the rather large touchpad on the center of the controller that also acts as an additional click button. Thus far we've seen this touchpad used for everything from switching weapons, to navigating maps and inventory .

For PlayStation Eye support, the DualShock 4 has a built-in light bar that will transfer information from the game to the controller via different light sequences depending on the context. For example, if a player’s health is low, the DualShock 4 will begin flashing its light bar. A more creative use was seen in Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition where the bar would flash orange and red while holding a torch in the game. In addition to the new light bar sensor on the DualShock 4, there are also two ports for a headset and a mini-USB cable for charging purposes. A headset is included with the purchase of a PS4 although there is also a mono speaker on the controller itself that delivers in-game sounds.

There are two new buttons featured on the PS4 controller: Share and Options. The Options button located on the right side of the DualShock 4 incorporates both the Start and Select button from the previous controller into a single button. I think Options pretty much sums up what the button offers to gamers and developers. The Share button is an entirely new feature for the console that promotes Sony’s new position on social gameplay. When a player hits the Share button, holds it down, or taps it twice, various things can happen depending on the settings. You can upload recorded video to friends online or through social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. You can also do the same with screenshots from within the game, adding a caption as well if you'd like.

Post your PS4 Spec(s) comments down below.

Article by - Collin Mak
Insert Date: 6/3/2013
Article updated: 12/17/14

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Backwards Compatibility

I'm gonna buy a PS4 if it is backwards compatible, i agree with you a 100% man.

backwards compatibility

Ps4 needs backwards compatibility. WTF am i going to do with my ps1/ps2/ps3 games that i haven't finnished., I'd buy the the ps4 if it was identical to the ps3 slim but had backwards compatibility so damn fast!

n do tech mode

Realy, its all or nothing. I dont think new consoled backwards. So what.

No backward compatible for next gen console

For those of you wishing PS4 would have PS1,2,3 backward compatible and whining that you wouldn't buy if it doesn't. Well, both Sony and Microsoft have already made it clear that next gen console from both companies will not be compatible with previous console games. In case if you haven't noticed PS3 and Xbox 360 have shown that it is too difficult and costly to have BC.

ps4 pee pee

Wii u specs lsay an ibm power 7 quad4 with 16 threads, and microsoft said using a ibm power pc 16core 4 thread each. It looks like for once ps4 only leak is in their pants, ha ha!:p

song joint venture with amd

sony have given the job of cpu and vid card to amd so those specs are never gonna happen

Marketing 101

Sony are in a difficult situation. The best way to reverse it is to rely on production and sale of a new console; any other means of doing so - other than laying off a large workforce - isn't going to align their future they once had with the Playstation. It's likely the PS4 is going to be much more important to Sony than it ever has been. But it's as you said; they'll play it just as safe with going along a mandatory route that all other console designs have chosen for it to be a "sure thing". I think the day that it is discovered that AMD and IBM are working on the PS4, is the day that we'll know that - somehow - the Cell is being integrated into an APU design. If Sony malign Cell, they destroy a third of the Playstation's prime-time history. If Sony's key PS3 developers malign Cell, they destroy almost everything the PS3 was supposed to be to Sony and in the eyes' of the consumers. The element of a product's continued success is its perception; Marketing 101.

sony wont use a cell proccessor

they really won't, it may cost them alot of money with the factories but on the other hand the ps3 would be as good if not better than the next generation xbox if it didnt use a cell proccessor. because of the cell proccessor works, they could end up losing money through game developers and other stuff (plus development studios complained about the cell proccessor in the ps3)

The Risk of Being The Same

But it also comes at a significant risk to Sony and "Playstation". What is that cost? Everything looks, and feels, exactly, the same, as the competition. To do what you're saying in the face of Nintendo and Microsoft - whom are fully adversed with the gaming industry at this point; punching through another barrier in terms of "the new and the innovative (tm)"; it would be the beginning of the end of Sony's gaming division. Sony playing it safe? You mean the corporation that is closely tied with Columbia Pictures? Sony have a problem of an encumbent workforce that hiding behind a rock. The hard place you speak of is nothing more than believing AMD have anything to do with Sony's Playstation as Nintendo has to do with Kinect and Microsoft. It's like devoiding nVidia because that "APU" BS isn't in their portfolio, along with "Dumbdozer".

PlayStation 4 major specs leaked!?!

WTF is this? Beautiful!

seems legit!

Cell X?? My dreams just came true!

It IS legit!

OMG that's legit! it's even using the SCEE R&D logo and using the helvetica font! BTW, look at the 'controller' section, it's writen PlayStation Iris, the new kinect rival maybe?


That means backwards compatibility!

Haha this is a joke right ?

Those specs arent just BS, they are retarded. Cell (X) 16 PPE and 128 SPE. Its probably theoretically possible to build a 22nm Chip with those Specs but it would be HUGE, HOT and EXPENSIVE. I am not talking PS3 expensive. I am talking 1000 Dollar JUST for the CPU in 2013 Q4. To make use of the CPU you need to program all the Cores. That means you split up a task in several tasks and let a core process it. And you have to time it right. If not a core waits for another cores result doing nothing. Thats very hard to do. And not all tasks can be splitted infinetly. PS3 had 8 Threads to work with and that was already complex enough. Cell X has 160 ! More than any other CPU Even the highest end server CPUs which can scale perfectly have just 32 Threads. To program this thing you need to be a genius. The CPU Specs alone are just retarded. GPU. A GK 104 thats the GTX 680 running at 2ghz ? EXTREME Editions run with 1.2 the record is 1.8 and even in 2013 a 2ghz GTX 680 would need to be Watercooled. 2x means TWO 680 so basically a GTX 690 Extreme for 1500 Dollar overclocked to 2 GHZ. All that ofcourse is impossible right now. I am talking like it would be Q4 2013. Ram: 10 GB XDR 2 and 10 GB GDDR6. GDDR6 is brand new XDR2 is OLD. Why would you pair GDDR6 with ancient XDR2 from 2008? GDDR6 has 512 bit Bandwith XDR way less. It might be faster but if the bandwith is 4-8 times smaller it doesnt matter if its twice as fast. A Hybride Harddrive with a 320 GB capacity or 250 GB ? (as if that would even matter) No pure SSD ? Compared to the other components its an insult not to have a 500 GB SSD. HHD with 320gb/4gb are 100 Dollar. Iris and Omni. Not bad someone got really creative changing this sheet. A PS4 with those specs would cost December 2013 : 3000 Dollar if Sony is willing to take a 500 Dollar loss per PS4. And it would need a 1200 Watt Power supply. This sheet is probably from the PS3 release someone just edited the specs. Seems legit to me too.

Over and Over

Something like that is very possible at 14nm. As the poster/replier said, the problem is programming technique. Developers can achieve the impossible with hardware, but in the first 2 years of the PS4, expect only 30% of its potential to be unlocked over that time (if that). But like the original Cell, that went from NO USE OF SPE/SPU AT ALL to 99% 6x SPE/SPU efficiency. The software tools for Cell that are already now in place will scale. There is nothing fantastic about a Cell like this. That's what Cell was designed for. What it was supposed to be. Like any industry, the world chooses Petrol over Steam. Money over Sense. And Death over Life. I know that took a very sharp downward spiral there, but these kind of things can be done easily if only capitalism had 30 years of fore thought before it chose a direction to move into - a direction that is impossible to reverse once it gets going. An industry is set. No turning back. It continues until it cannot go any further; it's when things start breaking down into politics and marketing expenditure that far exceeds actual R&D. Over 60 years ago, a country was defeated. They were in absolute ruin; and they decided upon one thing; change their mindset; change their future. They would, by force of will, bring the future to them. That country, and its people, were Japan. If you think these specs are crazy, you're not Japanese. And to the Japanese, this is anything but implausible. The US would tell you the exact opposite; their industries take 30 years before anything really changes. Big changes that actually do good. In Japan, they changed their entire civilisation in just 30 years. There is no country on Earth or in recorded History that has achieved that.


i wanna be able to play ps3, ps2, and ps1 games or i will NOT buy a ps4! get your finger out sony!

You have ridiculous

You have ridiculous expectations. Guess you aren't getting a PS4.

Playststion 4

I want they use Intel Haswell Extreme Edition processor in Playststion 4 and use Graphic By Nvidia Maxwell architecture. 16 time faster than fermi Intel Haswell Extreme Edition use RAM DDR4. Check this out in google


If that was true it would be deleted by now.

hope Sony sticks with Cell

AMD processors are just plain crap, and backwards compatibility is needed to keep everyone happy.

Backwards compatibility

I agree, i hope they decide to let us use backwards compatibility. I'd rather not have to re-buy my Assassin's Creed games and other games.

Backwards compatibility

I agree, i hope they decide to let us use backwards compatibility. I'd rather not have to re-buy my Assassin's Creed games and other games.

You do realize the Cell has

You do realize the Cell has made the PS3 harder to develop for right? Thats why they are dropping it, is because developers are probably asking them to drop it. And you mean like the backwards compatibility that the PS3 got? Oh wait... And what is this business about having to buy games again? Just keep the games you have and play your PS3 when you feel like it.

I, Cell

That's not what happened. What happened is developers didn't want to break off too far from x86 coding techniques. Even today, games still use 1 or 2 cores from AMD or Intel x86. The reason Epic's Unreal Engine and Crytek's Cryengine do what they do, is that they not only use 4 cores effectively, they use them because Xbox360 and PS3 have similar "more than 2 core architectures". Valve's Source Engine also makes use of 4 cores effectively, although their games don't really need to use more than 2. But they did it any way - particularly with Left 4 Dead's 2nd interation. The Cell is no harder to code for than when x86 coders received Intel's Core 2 Duo... and then subsequently didn't use the 2nd available core, other than what the OS managed by itself (or tried it before Windows 7). And it's no harder to code for than when Intel's Nehalem arrived with 4 threads/4 cores. Nehalem did one thing especially well for games - and that was for Havoc Physics more than anything else. Nehalem spelt the end of dedicated Physics cards. The Cell in the PS3 is far more powerful than you know. And it's potential for physics is bigger than anything Intel's Nehalem cores provide. The reason you don't see PS3's Cell radically taking Physics to the next level is because 50% of the Cell's power is being used to do what the RSX would normally be doing. If you don't believe this, then you're going to get exactly what you deserve when x86 is in the next game consoles. You know what that is? Just more of what we've seen for almost 10 years; except you get gimmicks with it that have something to do with subscription models, digital TV and game developments that look suspiciously sub-par to what a modern gaming PC can already do for the past 3 years. Cell can break that expectation completely. If you stop thinking of Cell as an interation of PS3, and think of it as a Cell2 for an iteration of PS4, it would have the equivalent power when it was released in 2005 as an x86 Intel i7 core at 5Ghz. That's a 4 year gap between them. That's something everyone misses. Cell is still more powerful, in the PS3, than any consumer-level CPU made by Intel or AMD by a significant margin. If that doesn't make you think, then you're setting a precedent for stagnation. This line of "Cell is too difficult to program for" was built and upstaged by x86 coders who decided they could keep their job futures more open with sticking to the PC - even though Nehalem basically set that precendent to not following a carrot on a stick.

Totally agree

I love your level of intelligence and I love your little extract. I soooo 10000% agree with you. Venom

Cell Console

This is the most accurate description I've seen about what is going on with multi-threading in games, and muli-core coding in games. The Cell isn't like a Core 2 Duo, and it's not like a Nehalem Core i5 or Core i7, but it does share some characteristics of what AMD are wanting to achieve with APU and GPGPU. The Cell was first conceived far in advance of 2005. 2005 is just the point when we knew about the PS3 being this "Cell Console". But Cell was in R&D well before that time. Possibly in 2001. That, technically, makes the original Cell design, that is in the PS3, over 11 years old, and yet it has approximately 150Gigaflops of compute power when 6xSPU/SPE are at 99% efficiency. The Intel i5-2500k when overclocked to 5Ghz, achieves approximately 130Gigaflops. Now if no one realises just what is going on here, and if the Cell isn't really the future for the next 15 years, there are many people who are sadly mistaken about Cell, but are absolutely correct that when Cell is used in a "Games Console", game developers just don't want to have anything to do with it other than x86 platforms. But the hilarious thing about it all is that game developers complain that the PC is too expensive and not powerful enough to really open up game engines like Cryengine3 to the max, or Unreal 3 to the max, without serious frame rate problems and power management that doesn't rocket to well in excess of 500 watts. And why is IBM abandoning Cell? I mean really? Their Roadrunner Supercomputer using Cells, has the lowest power/per/watt footprint of any Supercomputer in the world. It was the first to break the Petaflop barrier. And for some unexplainable reason, IBM are dropping it because it didn't reach critical application in other industries? None of that make sense to me. I think what is going on here is a sort of "War of Attrition" driven primarily by Intel and somewhat to a lesser extent by AMD. And IBM is the one getting hit the most by their supposed advances in CPU power. And AMD is copying, or at least leveraging Cell, by "inventing" APU. IBM's PowerPC cores. If one is going in Nintendo's design... then why can't IBM's Cell2, uniquely designed, go in the PS4... I mean, really. Think about it. Does Sony want games that look like their biggest competitor - Microsoft. Do Sony want developers for Microsoft to develop for Sony, with games that look the same? At no time have I ever encoutered a "ridiculously stupid Sony".

Love the explanation. And

Love the explanation. And further more take note that Sony has been known to spend whatever needed to bring fourth the most power. Bassed on the information I have gathered and the recent expense of 500,000,000 per factory, Cells will be used in the new PS4. And in personal opinion when the PS3 came out it was way ahead of its time, and the game library suffered. I presume x87 will be disappearing in the near future. And so will the employed to keeping them up-to-date. Power is great, space is awesome ,but if no game actually needs them then don't spend the money on making such a powerful machine. Instead spend money on contracts with game designers. In grocery you need distributors, and in gaming you need designers. Keeping a good relation will ensure more product for your store, our in this case console.

Weathered x86

Have you ever heard this before: "There's nothing wrong with the weather, you're just wearing the wrong clothes." AMD and Intel CPUs are being used on x86 platforms. Everything about them is designed around "x86". Their limitations are simply because they are tightly bound to 32bit x86 architecture. You know what x86 is? Here it is in a nutshell: x86 is an architecture based on the 8086 CPU of 1978. It has had various extensions added to it and transistors have gotten small enough so that an 8086 with 30,000 transistors in 1978, now contains 1,100,000,000 transistors in 2012 in a similar space. All that means is you're putting together 1,000x more 2-stroke petrol engines, instead of replacing them with 5x V8 engines. Some CPUs in Intel's server range have 2,600,000,000 transistors. All that x86 is, is an abundance of transistors sitting on an architecture that is getting close to 35 years old - it's a 2-stoke petrol engine with many fins added to it. Intel at one point did try other architectures, but Z80 was a moment in silicon history where compatibility meant more than "better ideas"; so all they did for 35 years was refine the 8086. All Intel are doing is inhibiting progress by purposefully refining the past. All it does it guarantee that if you're the biggest fabricator of silicon, it doesn't matter if someone creates an architecture that had the potential of steam-rolling your own. How this has gone on for 35 years, is the direct result of Intel controlling the very nature of computing and what you can expect to get out of it within each decade. Remember Nehalem? What happened thereafter? Nothing. That's why Intel charges a thousand for their top of the range CPUs which still fall short of Cell's performance to this very day. A Cell CPU was conceived of in 2001, did exactly what the Z80 did by "birthing" the era of x86; and then for some inexplicable reason, never took off. Further, there is no such thing as a 64bit x86 computer architecture. The amount of damage it does to GPU from nVidia and AMD designs is unbelievable. You're trying to install a rocket booster to a tram and hoping to break orbit and reach the moon. That's why if x86 continues as it is, all you will get is what disappointment feels like when the film industry realises that any "license" they give out to game developers will result in games that make their films look like a marketing team went out of their way to ruin the original experience. Have a guess why the Xbox360 has suddenly appeared in just the last year or so, to do things that no PC x86 could possibly hope to achieve with the same power/watt/performance ratio. It's 64bit. Its XC-GPU has just 370+ Million transistors on it. AMD already have a 4.3 Billion transistor GPU. If the Xbox720 were to house a 64bit HSA architecture with 3 Billion transistors in it, PC x86 as a gaming system will be dead in less than 5 years from now. The PC x86 industry know it. The PC x86 game developers know it. And Valve Software know it more than anyone in the world right now. All x86 will ever be from this point is a "megalithic reminder" for 40-50 year olds that won't let something fade when it has run its course. That's Intel in a nutshell.


doesnt matter people are still gonna buy it


Stick the best stuff in it so it beats all competition and is future proof for a fair few years that will justify the cost and if it hasn't got backward compatible I'm not bothard i would rather have a better machine at the end of the day. You pay for what get if its the beat and you want the beat you will pay for it or don't buy it nd by left behind. I would rather pay £1000 for the ps4 if I havnt got to buy another machine for 5 or 6 years and the technology nd games would advance a lot more and a lot faster that's what I want !

Will NOT be better than a PC!

Sure a $600 PC and the $600 PS4 would be matched or the PS4 might be better. But the PS4 is definitely not going to be better than all PCs out there! Put up a $1300-2000 gaming PC up against the PS4 and the PS4 would be blown out of the water! The HD 670 doesn't come CLOSE to the GTX 680....

keep your computer gaming to

keep your computer gaming to yourself. this is OBVIOUSLY a thread for a console system so why are you posting on here?

Think before you speak

Probably because the article talks about the comparison between PS4 and PC? Why are THEY talking about it , because it's the benchmark everyone is looking at , PC vs Console has always been the fight.


The only way for the "Console" to every be better than the "PC" is for the "Console" to stop using parts that the PC uses. A console would have to make thier own custom parts that are far beyond the current PC. Why? Because you dam well know that different PC's are being made all the time. And that happens when the Console only makes a new model every 2-5 years. My point is that the console would have to make a model that is 3 or 5 years ahead of the PC. Not to mention that the competion between the different PC'[ex. HP,Dell,Apple,Asus,Lenovo,Toshiba,etc.] is getting even more fierce now in the next years. Even if Sony could pull this off they need a fair price[i'd say $1,000-1,500]. Am I right or what?

Destination HSA

AMD is already there. "HSA" And Sony appear to be going with that for their PS4 and some kind of Cell/Hyrbrid SPU/SPE configuration.

Re: PCvsPS4

Maybe to an extent that is correct, the other possibility is for Sony to get their hands on some PC parts that won't be released yet, that happen to be high end and work in the best possible way when being used to make the best games play as good as possible. Sony buys them in massive bulk or arranges some deal with say AMD based on sales of consoles that is appealing to both companies, without pushing the prices of these parts through the roof, whilst bringing epic levels of performance in the next gen Playstation machine. Also being that this machine is mainly for gaming, designed from the ground up to be as efficient as possible at turning almost every ounce of performance towards making every GB transfered through the system for a gaming platform. That way every game would work best on this machine. So long as the provider of those console parts makes enough of a profit I doubt they'd care if they reduced the price of stuff to a fraction of what they charge to individual customers when selling PC parts, especially if they make more of a profit selling over the whole deal with Sony than they would from selling say a tenth of the amount of units compared to one on one sales to the PC market. It's about whether AMD can make a decent profit from Sony, same goes if they provide stuff for Microsoft and of course Nintendo with Wii U's GPU. Even if each part makes them £10 profit per console once all costs are removed they'd still be making them a hundred million pounds Sony sold ten million consoles. If all parts together made £100 in profit per PS4 that's a billion pounds of business to AMD guaranteed, if Sony sells 30 million units before they start reducing the costs to consumers it's still a massive profit making deal for AMD. Even if AMD reduces that profit margain by half later in the PS4s life they can probably make the parts for even cheaper and shift components that they'd otherwise sell a fraction of units if they were sold to the PC market. There are any number of deals Sony can make with AMD to entice them into giving the best possible hardware for the PS4 without actually straight up selling parts at the same cost PC builders would have to pay.

Thank you

Thank you for replying to that ignorant comment :)

Ignorant Comment?

I didn't think it was that ignornant because the PC is a good benchmark. It would be awesome if the PS4 could outdue almost any PC in the next 3-5 years at the time of it's release.

So would I

I've owned every playstation so far and I loved all of them :) I just thought it was ignorant that the person didnt want 'PC players' commenting on a 'page that is obviously for consoles.' lol


never will they come close to PC gaming. these GPU's mentioned here suck compared to my AMD HD 7970 with 1.2ghz core and 6.4ghz memory clock and 3gb ddr5 Ram.

The Mountain

PS3's Cell CPU outperforms an Intel 5Ghz i5-2500k by 20% in floating point performance. That's been proven. PS3's RSX has access to just 256Mb GDDR3 at 700Mhz with a bandwidth of 21.6Gb/sec. And you're trying to rationalize a PS4 - based on the same principle design of AMD's HSA and Cell/Hybrid SPU/SPE tech - that wouldn't completely destroy any high-end gaming PC for the next 10 years. Watch that happen in 2014. Ancient 35 year old PC x86/32bit architecture is the very thing that is causing the problem for the future of gaming entertainment. And what is that? It's the combining of the Film Industry and the Game Industry cgi/entertainment, where there are no visible seams between them. The reason for all this digression at E3 2012 over gamer expectation is because we've had at least 10 years of it - the same thing over and over again; and now it has reached a point where insanity is starting to show - Nintendo and Microsoft insanity being the deciding factor of this critique post. That needs to change. Epic and Crytek have made that clear to game console manufacturers. They are spelling it out as clear as they can. And the only one of the three that are listening, is Sony. This is the decade - already 2 years in - where one of them is going to listen to reason and just get it done, ready and pulling the punches, all the way through to 2020 and beyond. Those that don't are going to end up exhausted from an effort too strongly placed on skating up a steep mountain of ice, with the same object insight - only it's on the other side of that mountain. GO AROUND THE MOUNTAIN. TAKE THE ICE-SKATES OFF.


Those leaked specs are great!But i was expecting the Cpu to be 6-8 cores instead. Oh well I'm still getting it.

You What?

"AMD HD 7670 clocked at 1 Ghz and has 1Gb GDDR5 VRAM. Well this is a great GPU, once fully utilised games will look amazing, crisp and clear in 1080p and 3D, much better than today’s PC games." The 7670 is barely a gaming class chip, it's OEM exclusive garbage, it's also just a rebranded 6670.

Twisted Metal

Still waiting for Twisted Metal on PS3!!!!!!!

arm for ps2-ps4 needed

action replay yeah. inbuilt codes. games witout codes i take for bad games. controls need to be move able up down side. jumping when you shak e it or something. ps2 controls need a better engine. and turn of that shaking thiiiinnggg. sorry ps2 enabled wirmling on xxx pro game. better get a chair just like ps2 driving and joystick with fore feedback. if no cheats are on then game bad. not buing the cat in the seck again. ps2 game support are needed. arm for ps2 enabled with support for all games. codebreaker v 11 and 12 support. no firwaare over the net. a svitch to turn off on wireless and net cable. and get a usb port for cdma a b. and a little lcd led oled for playing everywhere. psp support. paly game everywhere and then continue it on ps4. you get a little lacy in fingers after playing psp so it a must have.

New PS4 Specifications leaked

Hello, New PS4 specs are leaked which are gonna be a perfect for a PS4 I believe. I like the CELL processor technology and we could have our PS3 games in PS4 as well otherwise its not gonna be a better console than PS3. According to Leaks, it contains: Advanced Cell Processor Dual NVidia GPU 10GB Ram LINK : Hope it is true and become a reality in 2013 which I'm gonna buy at first.

3D Silicon Stacking

The only possible way that could ever be true - even in 2014 - is 3D-stacking of Silicon; memory, CPU, GPU - all of it would have to be stacked. I doubt 10Gb of memory would be realistic. If Epic and Crytek had managed to convince Microsoft and Sony to put that amount of memory in the next game consoles, I doubt any one would be able to keep that quiet for very long. Nothing is impossible in 2014 for a games console with a life-span of 5-10 years. In 2020, imagination is all manufacturers will have left when we start 3D-stacking of Silicon at 5, 7 and 10nm fabrication. Petaflop performance will be found in "gaming devices" circa 2020.