PS4 Pulse - Controller

Introducing the PS4 Pulse Controller, yet another amazing PS4 prototype design by Industrial/Interaction designer Tamar Fleisher. The PS4 PULSE is a new controller for the PS4 console, which combines the full body movement trend (as in Xbox Kinect, Playstation Move etc.) with physical and visual feedback.

PS4 Controller Pulse - Specs Overview:
PS4 Controller - Pulse

PS4 Pulse Controller Specs - Download - Make it your desktop wallpaper!

PS4 Controller Pulse - Handgun
PS4 Controller

PS4 Controller Pulse - Handgun Download - Make it your desktop wallpaper!

The new PS4 PULSE consist of wrist gear which projects visual display on the user's arms and palms. This could be used for countless kinds of new action buttons and visual indicators for a game. This visual display is especially designed to give the player a sense of orientation as he moves freely. The PS4 PULSE also has a vibration mode so the physical feedback will not be lost.

The PS4 PULSE doesn't only project static visuals - some of the projections are interactive and the user can touch and use the projected image as an actual action button, for example to enter in a access code, to reload a gun by touching the magazine icon or to pull an arrow of a bow.

The PS4 PULSE comes equipped with two interactive touch screens from either side of the projector, that can also be used for action buttons and visual display of game info.

PS4 Controller Pulse - Bow & Arrow
PS4 Controller

PS4 Controller Pulse - Bow & Arrow - Download - Make it your desktop wallpaper!

PS4 Controller Pulse - Guitar
PS4 Controller Pulse

PS4 Controller Pulse - Guitar - Download - Make it your desktop wallpaper!

Controller New Features:

  • Physical and visual touch feedback
  • Forward and rear interactive projections onto arm, palm and fingers
  • Adjustable wrist grip
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Your entire arm becomes an intricate tool or weapon
  • Vibration feedback
  • Touchscreen for gameplay and adjustments

Tamar is an incredibly talented designer. Post your comments below and let her know of any ideas you have for the ultimate PS4 controller. You can visit her website at

*Be sure to post your comments below!

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wow is this sure news ?

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Awesome Controller

Love the new PS4 controller idea. How about battery life and charging? Could you customize color scheme? Could this be used combined with the Move?


Really do like this, great deign!

HAmazing design PS4

this design is breath taking. I love it. hope it comes out soon.

Nice Concept

Really like this concept. Amazing!

Originality Lasts

"Everything is possible; it's just a question of whether it's better than the old."

really ???

admit the tech goes to the moon lol for real if that where real then we suppose claim that the flaying cars

LOL, you're going to eat those words

The tech is real, dude. Here's a vid where the inventor of the technology talks about how it works, check it out:

Future of gaming

Great video, great speaker. Looking forward to 6th sense devices.

This is really a nerve popper.

Well, we here are inferring the future. This is not even near the real thing. The PlayStation series will not exceed practicality, efficiency and ergonomics. I can't wait for a production stall. The PS3 is still great and mighty.


The controller's technology may look awesome, but it'll probably get annoying after awhile(The whole reason why Kinect is such a fail). An updated PS controller is good enough.

New Controller

I'd like an update of the PS3 controller in the PS4. Maybe a unit that has a replacable, rechargeable battery, built in rumble, maybe a unit that splits in two to become a new move type unit. Maybe a handset that doesn't make your hands sweat so much, I've found this to be an issue for me with every game controller, not just the PS3 one. Even more accurate motion sensing in the sixasis design. If PS4 could use android compatible devices as a potential controller system that would be cool, like a Smart Glass style thing like Microsoft showed for Xbox 360. Really I'd like the actual included controller of PS4 to not take away from the comfort of PS3's unit, to be fair Xbox's controller while big still feels comfortable to use, so I guess I wouldn't mind a bigger unit, but given that Sony has stuck with the same basic design and kept the same look since the release of the first unit, as much as I'd like the controller to split into two Move like units I wouldn't mind if sony just kept with what they've got with the PS3's controller, just give people the option to have rechargeable batteries and maybe give people at least one battery in the one controller you get that can maybe be plugged into the console to charge whilst the main console unit isn't turned on.

"Maybe a handset that doesn't

"Maybe a handset that doesn't make your hands sweat so much, I've found this to be an issue for me with every game controller, not just the PS3 one." A handset that doesn't make your hands sweat so much? Dude, I don't think it is the controller that is the issue. Douche. Hit the Gym Fatty.

PS4 controllers

use the pulse controller 4 PS4 its the best 1

PS4 pulse

i love it i want to get it for christmas and play it all the time

007 1/2

not possible-but really cool.

why do games like arcade games have better tech

I just went to dave and busters and played most of the fps games. Can anyone tell me why does a tech from the 90's can have better accuracy then the ps3 and the xbox 360 why not try to use the same old teck that works better then the new or instead of trying to make teck for like a blanket of games why not make each game a hella alot better by making teck speicalized for one game only that is 100% error free for like 90% of the time aleast. I would buy something like that for sure.

pedro :O

woooooow that looks amazing (^o^) I want that :O

No F-in Way

Love the idea, but it won't be possible and would underdeliver like most Sony products, including the PS4.


oh you mean kind of like how the PS3 'under delivered'? come on man, its not a big secrect that the PS3 was hands down the only console this generation that didn't disappoint. Your comment reeks of bias.

Didn´t you pay attention?

They said at the conference that they would charge "$5 or less monthly for online play" (not sure that is the EXACT quote) So, if a year of xbox live costs the same as it costs right now, and it ends up that they charge $5, PSN will be $10 more expensive than xbox live.


Is the funniest troll all year! Enjoy your super expensive bluray player! PS4 might be cool, but ps3 was absolute garbage! Had a lineage to live up to with how amazing ps2 was and just failed miserably! AAA titles JRPGs and movies with quicktime events....yawn!


You do know that Blu-ray and PS3 were released roughly the same time, and with all the features a PS3 had that a Blu-ray did not, the PS3 was actually cheaper...


Isn't it a bit early for April Fools jokes?


fake, but still an amazing idea


ehhh ... press the triangle with the index finger and then the circle with the thumb and give you a prize lol If you have to use your other hand across it to access the buttons does not work! You should make a small extension of the buttons on the knuckles, above the palm. Or directly without buttons, maybe because they think games like that or maybe because a new technology to detect the finger movements and translate into use of buttons according to the finger.

I agree!

Unless you can put a two handed controller in my hands I think buttons are kinda useless. I know Motion tracking is the big thing right now but it doesnt make for good gaming. Give me a head device as hardware that acknowlages real world images through a filtered lense to give it a more HD look and a another piece of hardware that I can physically hold, reload, draw, swing and even throw and have the head device create an image weapon based on what game I'm playing. For instance, imagine you and some friends go to your local mall or park and your all linked up to play a kill all zombie or swat team game, the head set continually scans the enviroment and places enemies and objectives in real time. I call it Real World Virtual Reality (RW-VR). Imagine playing a Skyrim type game using your Hometown. Yes people will look and wonder what your doing but your in YOUR world and you can choose to ignore any "NPC" you want. If anyone reads this and wants to expand this idea further message me on FaceBook via- Zel Zealot

great idea

amazing idea just astounding. to those saying it's fake, it's just a concept no one indicated it was real in any way but chances are it could become real one day,hope it does, I say this cos the concept design is in association with sony ps4, if u read closely on the images. Sure hope this becomes real best idea i've seen yet.

Ever head of the myo armband?

I would hope that this concept would not only has the pictured led display thing but gesture control from muscle movement in the arm. It is possible to do this. If you have ever heard of he myo armband, that will be released early next year, you would know that it is a device compatible with the apple android and windows. I would love to see this Idea in a gaming system... One downside for this technology would be the cost get controller. The myo can be pre ordered right now for $150. In tmy opinion, I would be hard to make a armband that detects nerve electrical signal as a game system controller and make it affordable.

Lets think ahead!

The design of the Pulse looks good but we should be looking toward a concept that incorperates both hands. Look at how the right hand is pulling back the arrow, their should be something on the fingers to give the Pulse more uniqe applications. I always imagined having a gauntlet like device around my arm instead of a cell phone and a circular collapseable hand gaurd that detaches to be stuck on a wall that expands an image and the gautlet would act as the controller/reciever for limitless applications. Tech like this could expand to other functins like attaching to head/neck pieces for VR gaming and listening to music. interacting and being connected to the digital world via personal device hardware (PDH) would bring the digital visuals emitted from PDH's to life depending on how connected the user wants to be, or whatever hardware they happen to possess. If you think this sounds like cyborg technology you have the right idea. I know that kinda tech dosent exist yet but it will get their and if you think you'll be carrying around a cell phone in your pocket for the rest of your life your imagination is limited. If anyone reads this and wants to discuss future tech like this message me on facebook- Zel Zealot (thank you)

Awesome, but you need a joy stick

I love this high tech idea (which btw it is possible becuase someting could shine a light onto yourwrist, if you think about it) awesome for sports, arcade and archery games but... how exacly will you move your character, or have special stuff like crough, i think alot ofgames would require too much buttons to work this wrist control, you could make a wrist on the other side or joystick holder, orhave a legband, that could easily gt destroyed but still. ._.


This idea is too awesome! Considering that i play COD, GH and many other games only makes me want this more.This needs to be turned into reality. Being 2016, it is very possible to fulfil this! Dont give up!! Go for it because i would totally buy this no doubt. And im sure many other ppl will as well! Shoot i'll even be a beta tester if you want lol.