Which MIA Series Would You Like to See Make a Comeback on the PS4?


When Choosing Other

If you're going with Other for the poll, the game/series you choose should be MIA for at least 3 years, have had at least one release on a PlayStation system, and should have no known future releases being planned at present. Please leave a comment with your choice of Other series (I may spotlight the different series chosen in a future "Game Series We Want to See Revived on the PlayStation 4" article, which these 8 choices were taken from).

I personally chose Road Rash, as even though I'm a big fan of many of the series listed in the poll (especially Chrono), and the last couple RR games weren't particularly great, the brilliance of the first trilogy on the Genesis still stands out in my mind as one of my all-time favorite gaming experiences. I'd love to see that get re-created on the PS4.

Road Rash

Road Rash in the hands of Criterion would be a great start to the PS4 lifecycle. It would definitely sell the console if people were holding out on a early adoption purchase.


I'm sure some people are wondering but what does MIA stand for? Thanks!


MIA stands for Missing In Action, in this case meaning game series which haven't had a release in several years.

Poor King's Field

I'm surprised King's Field has gotten absolutely no love, especially because of the popularity of Demon's Souls, its spiritual successor. I'd really like to see From Software take another crack at this series and see if they can improve it. Won't anyone give poor King's Field a vote? :P

1 Vote

King's Field has picked up one vote in the last half a year, so bravo to whoever voted for KF, I salute you!


I would love to see a sommoner revamp. Maybe a remake of the origional with the same storyline but better actors and controls with epic visuals. I think the plot of the first summoner is most engaging and very epic. Then they can bring back sequals. I would love to see another bards tale game with better controls as well.


The realism in the movment and dancing they can bring to this game would be CRAZY!!!! UGHHHH i get wet just thinking about it LMFAO. But really imagine how they can redesign the characters and the things they can do.


I wanna see ICO make a comeback. That was a beautiful game.

Dino Crisis

Either Remake Or continuation from DC 2.

sly cooper

sly cooper



sly cooper

sly cooper for life >u<


SLY 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Crash Bandicoot

The Legend of Spyro

Ratchet & Clank

Sly 4 (which is gettin' released 2013)

Four awesome games, am i right bros?