Could Dishonored 2 on the PlayStation 4 be twice the game Dishonored was?

Set in a steampunk-like world, a shamed assassin sets out to restore his reputation in Dishonored, a game that blends the elements between standard first-person shooter gameplay and the depth of narrative that role-playing games have to offer. The PlayStation 3 title has already earned high marks across the board for its unique approach that evolved from a set of values that the developer knew it wanted to make prominent in its hit title.

According to the industry reviewers, Dishonored has already rocked the masses with its gorgeous art style, wide selection of useful and fun powers, a world to remember even after turning off the power button and an outstanding amount of freedom, likening it to other cultural innovators in gaming history like BioShock, Thief and Deus Ex. It’s no exaggeration, either — it’s every bit as good as everyone says. How could it possibly get any better?

Though developer Arkane Studios initially claimed it didn’t want to fall into the trap of offering unnecessary sequels, co-Creative Director Harvey Smith merely offered a non-answer when asked about the likelihood of catching a second glimpse into the Empire of the Isles and the city of Dunwall. However, should the developer opt to make a sequel after players have had a chance to fully engross themselves in the story and the city, it would likely be developed for the PlayStation 4 as the system's production and release date rapidly draw closer.

Dishonored 2 on the PS4 would undoubtedly have remarkably better graphics; depending on the hardware Sony’s console successor would feature, it’s possible that a sequel could be even more alluring with real, lifelike people presented in the city of Dunwell. No matter how immersing Dishonored currently is, there is that bit of graphic imperfection that reminds players that it’s a game, but this could easily change with a sequel on a more powerful PlayStation 4, turning it into the newest benchmark for other games to match.

Dishonored 2 PS4It is also safe to say that, despite developer worries, any sequels Arkane Studios released wouldn’t be dry and overdone; Dishonored has already done an excellent job expanding on the world without giving away too much of the dirty details, opening an easy avenue for future stories to tell using a similar element of gameplay as the predecessor.

Much like any other multi-platform title, Dishonored had a minor disgrace with its PlayStation 3 version due to long loading times, which did become an annoyance considering how often new players starting out in a level would die and need to respawn to start all over again. Depending on how far in the level players would get, the loading time would take longer and longer due to the now outdated hardware the PS3 sports. With a major increase in hardware for the PS4 expected, including processing power, RAM and hard drive space, loading times will be a thing of the past. These could be cut down even further depending on what the PS4 has to offer in terms of hardware.

One other major feature that Dishonored managed to create elegantly is the game’s AI system. Rather than feature abrupt changes in behavior, the so-called “analog AI” creates transitional phases in between the two, running on an invisible internal gauge that begins to rise depending on how unsure or sure a particular NPC is that he sees the player. Dishonored 2 on the PS4 could easily see this meter and behavior take it one step further, perhaps even emulating very human-like reactions to thousands of possible situations depending on the action that the player has taken.

While it is impossible to definitively say what the PlayStation 4 could bring in terms of a sequel for Dishonored 2, it is certainly safe to say that it can only get better as long as Arkane Studios continues to grow and evolve. Considering the studio already built such an extravagant, complete game using one set of core values, players can fully expect the same core values to carry any and all future sequels. Using the power of the PlayStation 4, Dishonored 2 could easily be twice the game Dishonored is, which should excite each and every gamer.

The staff at PS4 Experts can't wait to see what Arkane Studios has up their sleeves for the next installment of this franchise!

Could Dishonored 2 on the PlayStation 4 be twice the game Dishonored was?Dishonored 2 Devs Love Working With Playstation 4 -- March 10th, 2013

The lead developer behind the smash hit Dishonored recently gave a very interesting interview in regards to working on the Playstation 4. When talking about the hardware specs of the new console he said it was a “joy” to work with. For him the big problem in developing games for this current generation of console was the memory.

Now with the Playstation 4 having 8GB of GDDR5 it opens up a whole new world to the developer. He went onto say how it was always a struggle using the memory that was available on this current generation of console. When you consider the amazing world they were able to create in Dishonored with the hardware of the Playstation 3. Then it really is exciting to imagine what they could do with a new Dishonored game on the Playstation 4.

Dishonored 2 headed to the PS4? -- March 9th, 2013

Now that the PlayStation 4 is official, Dishonored developer Arkane Studios is seeking new employees to help them on a title coming to the PlayStation 4. Arkane posted five different job listings for 4 senior positions, and a tools programmer. Requiring applicants be able to "adapt, maintain, and optimize the code for PC and next gen consoles" while being "passionate about FPS and RPG games."

Given that Dishonored is a first-person shooter with RPG elements, it's likely that the game in question is Dishonored 2. We already know that Arkane designer Harvey Smith mentioned that he was interested in additional games in the Dishonored universe and that Arkane is officially done with 360 and PS3, so Dishonored 2 on PS4 seems very likely.

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 11/1/2012

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