Could Sony's Potential Answer To Original Programming Lie In Reviving An Old Show?

Could Sony's Potential Answer To Original Programming Lie In Reviving An Old Show?The news that Microsoft would revive Heroes as an “Xbox TV” exclusive shocked both the gaming industry and Hollywood at the same time. But is this news so hard to believe? We live in an age where digital distribution providers are picking up their own original programming, often the discarded remnants of large television networks with a huge cult following. For example, Netflix has Arrested Development, showing that the adage “if you build it, they will come” is true: a revival of a popular television show will absolutely bolster the numbers for a service or video game console. Even if you aren't a fan of games, your average Heroes fans will most likely consider the new Xbox just to catch new episodes of a show that was long dead.

Where does this leave Sony though? Sony is no stranger to original content on the PSN, where low budget shows like The Tester were available exclusively for the gaming console. However, these shows were made primarily for gamers and, to be quite honest, didn't really appeal to those gamers anyways. To fully compete with Microsoft, Sony will have to bag a cult-classic franchise of its own; luckily, they have plenty to choose from. In the following article, we'll examine some of television shows that would be a big hit with the PlayStation audience.


The sci-fi genre is naturally a good fit for the PlayStation brand seeing as many of the top PlayStation games and franchises are sci-fi based. What better sci-fi franchise to get than Firefly? Firefly has a huge following to this day and is regarded as one of the best sci-fi shows of all time. Following a ragtag group of renegades aboard the starship Serenity, Firefly is best described as a sci-fi western drama. The show featured brilliant plots, great acting and did more in 14 episodes and a movie than most shows can do with 100 episodes. Originally debuting in 2002, Firefly is the type of show that would propel the PlayStation 4 into “must buy” status instantly: the fanbase is that loyal.

Possibility of it happening: Low. Series creator Joss Whedon is one of the hottest names in Hollywood at the moment due to his work on Avengers, with series star Nathan Fillion starring in hit series Castle. The show wouldn't be the same without either of them and the fans want all or nothing: either everyone from the original show comes back or the show doesn't get made. When you deal with Firefly, you either do it right or not at all.


Like Firefly, Deadwood was also a western; unlike Firefly, Deadwood was an actual western, set in the 1870s. Originally premiering on HBO, Deadwood lasted for three seasons and gained a cult following; not only was it a western drama, which is a rare breed indeed to see on television, but it was a well-written one at that. When Deadwood was cancelled, it left many of its plotlines open, enabling a built-in userbase for the service or device that picks this up as Deadwood fans are desperate to see some resolution.

Possibility of it happening: Low. Being an HBO show, Deadwood isn't exactly known for its children friendly image. It's unsure if the PlayStation 4 would be able to restrict content based on age, but would Sony really want to take the chance of a potential PR fiasco? Deadwood will most likely stay dead.

Green Hornet

Superhero shows and movies are all the rage right now and Green Hornet, debuting in 1966, features one of the oldest heroes of them all: Green Hornet and his sidekick Kato. Similar to Batman, Green Hornet is a successful businessman (a newspaper publisher) by day and a crime fighter at night along with his trusty sidekick. The original show lasted only one season but the character, first debuting in the 1930s, has a cult following to this day.

Possibility of it happening: Potentially high. Outside of that horrible 2011 Seth Rogen movie, Green Hornet is a dormant property, waiting for someone to pick it up and polish it for today's audiences. The setting would need to be updated but given the right actors and directors, you could have a huge success with a new audience. After all, if CW could make Green Arrow cool with the successful Arrow, anything is possible.


When lifelong doofus Philip J. Fry ends up falling into a cryogenic chamber, he is transported one thousand years into the future. Once again a delivery boy (though this time of the interstellar variety), Fry, along with such memorable characters as Bender and Leila, embark on adventures in a future where anything is possible. Futurama, created by Matt Groening of Simpsons fame, has a huge cult following that already saved it from cancellation once and is the perfect candidate for a PlayStation audience, as it offers the sort of humor that gamers definitely find appealing. But wait, why is Futurama on this list? Didn't Comedy Central pick it up? Sadly, after two seasons on Comedy Central the show has now found itself cancelled. Again.

Possibility of it happening: Very high! Groening, along with writer David X. Cohen, absolutely want the show to continue and are currently shopping it out to other networks. Sony is a prime position to make Futurama a PlayStation 4 exclusive, creating huge waves in both the video game and animation communities.

Which show would you like to see Sony revive as a PlayStation 4 exclusive? Let us know in the comments!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 04/22/13

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