DayZ – Mod of the year coming to PS4

Day Z is a great example of a title that benefits from Sony's indie friendly policies. Originally released on PC, this first-person shooter intended to make the jump to consoles through the new generation, but the problem of costs arose. After some analysis, the developers decided to go with Sony because of the ability to self-publish on that platform and the waiver of patching fees. So here we are, DayZ is pretty much confirmed for the PS4 and we couldn't be more excited.

The mod was based on a tactical shooter named ARMA and it’s now slowly transforming into a phenomenon. Its arrival on the PS4 is more likely to improve that status even more. It motivated plenty of people to go buy ARMA 2 only to play it, and that more-or-less title gained some ranks on Steam sales just because of it. It's one of those games that makes the industry turn around and question what they're doing while they create video games. The world Day Z offers is unique, especially to first-person shooting fans, who are used to getting the same old formula thrown at them again-and-again, something that players have pretty much accepted to live with in fact. Call of Duty players will obviously be blown away once they enter this brand new world where scoreboards and killstreaks are the least of your concerns. I remember how Counter-Strike made an impact as a mod to then become a full game, and I see this becoming a very similar story.

To go into a bit more details about what DayZ is, it’s a multiplayer open world survival horror game developed by Bohemia Interactive. It’s currently in alpha stages for the PC. The game takes place in the fictional post-Soviet state of Chernarus when a virus transformed most of the world’s population into zombies. Your task? Survive, and the resources to do so are very scarce. Thirst and hunger are constantly an issue to survive the apocalypse, and your body can even get infected by zombies or corpse, or faint from low blood pressure. There are bigger missions in the big picture, but you must take care of your vital needs first in order to make it through. Everything in Day Z is designed to make you feel freedom and threat at the same time. Each player has its own agenda and everyone plays a part in how the world unfolds. The people around you can act in unexpected ways to harm you and it’s often every man for himself. Needless to say, you really need to watch your back in Day Z.

DayZ – Mod of the year coming to PS4Don’t let yourself be fooled by the simplicity of Day Z videos you see around the web for the moment. For one, the game we’re looking forward to will be on PS4, and second, DayZ has never been about graphics anyway. The gameplay is what made it win “mod of the year” and “game of the year” awards. Besides, simply looking at the latest dev blog from the team (which is the video above this article), it’s already proven that the team is making progress in the graphics department. The animations aren’t top notch yet, but when we know such a great concept lies behind a game, we’re willing to be little patient with them. Some call it the best zombie game ever, so we have to give them time to turn Day Z into a complete package before we call out its weaknesses.

The interface would also be somewhat unimpressive for a PS4 game in its actual state, so I hope that this is fixed this first so that it doesn’t turn off the visually savvy console gamers who are used to navigating beautiful and intuitive interfaces.

So finally, Day Z is still running under the surface as far as the PS4 is concerned. Even though we had an “official” confirmation of the game’s presence on the PS4, it’s not like the press releases have been spreading everywhere. The game is making good strides towards a commercial release so keep looking back at this page for more updates.

Gamescom 2014: DayZ Confirmed for PS4

While we still don't have a release date for the popular PC mod turned full fledged game, Gamescom 2014 has brought with it an official confirmation of the game's console debut on PS4. The creator, Dean Hall took to the stage during Sony's event and revealed that the full game is indeed bound for the PS4. He mentioned that the PC version is very important to him and the development team at Bohemia interactive, but they also "didn't want to to just port DayZ to consoles."

He made it clear that the PS4 version will seek to take advantage of the platform's strengths. So, we know it's coming for certain now, it's just a matter of being patient. In the meantime, be sure to brush up on your survival tactics, because you're going to need them when the game releases.

Game Category: Indie & Horror

Article by - Marc-André Messier
Insert Date: 09/11/2013
Updated: 8/29/14

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