Daylight – Bringing Horror Back to Its Roots

Horror games these days often have us expect a scenario that looks like the following – shooting enemies, but only enemies that are scarier than normal shooting games. Indeed, the horror genre is one that has taken a much wider (and predictable) direction, with games like Dead Space now involving much more action than a pure sense of horror. Well, this game called Daylight aims to bring back the genre to its core, and it's definitely taking serious steps and measures to do so.

First of all, there won't be any weapons or ways to really defend yourself against enemies in Daylight. You will find yourself waking up in an asylum/hospital where everything is a mystery, and you only have your cellphone to guide yourself through the darkness. The game randomly generates the environments and clues each time you play, so you will find new part of the storylines and places each time you play Daylight. There’s no way to predict anything. This cellphone plays an important role in your quest, as you will be able to use different apps on it, as well as watch and listen to content from the past explaining more about the storyline. The device can also become possessed, be used as a tool to avoid Phantoms or uncover your own tracks so that you don't get lost (although you certainly will!)

It's Daylight’s aspect of unpredictability that makes each game scary according to creative studio head Jared Gerritzen. He says that the feeling that you can't figure out the situation, the location of the scary elements, or what's exactly going on in each session is what makes a Daylight run a scary experience each time. Your typical run shouldn't last more than 30 minutes, but we are promised that the game will have a ton of replay value.

A pretty lengthy demo of Daylight was shown at E3 so that we could understand the concept better. The sequence mainly displayed a first-person view of someone exploring the asylum, and further confirmed the fact that this game won't be a bloody or action-filled one, but rather a very ghosty and mysterious experience. We saw different lights used by the character that allowed to see new types of ghosts or improve visibility in a major way like the emergency flare found in a kit on a wall. We could also hear scary and panicky voices coming from left to right, and it's now safe to say that surround sound will play a good part in properly feeling Daylight.

Daylight PS4 -- Bringing Horror Back to Its RootsSo as you can see, the developer is staying confident in the fact that players will indeed be curious, immersed and willing to discover everything within the game. If you don't like to go too deeply into things, like everything to come easy to you or expect a common horror game, let’s just say that Daylight probably isn't the best pick. Multiplayer doesn’t look to be at the core of this one either, so be ready to play the game alone in the dark and to get some true chills in this psychologically twisted solo game. In fact, Jared Gerritzen mentioned multiplayer as one factor that deteriorated the horror genre – “games are simply aren’t scary when you’re with a friend” – and he may be just right.

Each horror experience in Daylight is completely generated and new each time you start the game, all while owning a very full, deep story that comes together in different pieces and this last sentence alone could justify its price. Sure, the demo shown at E3 may appeared as repetitive and uneventful when we watched it, but it’s really the atmosphere that should make Daylight relevant. The game is expected for Q1 2014.

Playstation Eye Support, Gameplay Sharing
Destructoid reported an interesting fact about Daylight the game will use the Playstation Eye camera to photograph you at certain scary moments of the game. Much in the same way as roller coasters, those who enjoy these kinds of souvenirs will be able to collect and share their weirdest faces on the web. The sharing of those moments will also be possible through the gameplay streaming feature of the PS4. Overall, the latest Daylight news indicate that the team is very aware of people tendencies to use YouTube for these kinds of horror games and they intend on taking full advantage of it to make this new title a success.

Twitch Interaction
While PlayStation 4 gamers are used to streaming and viewing games through the Twitch service, Daylight takes Twitch interaction one step further by actually making the service truly interactive. When certain commands are typed into the Twitch window, your in-game character will make the appropriate sound or action.

Twitch commands will be on a timer so they cannot be abused and Zombie Studios will not release a list of commands to the public, leaving gamers to figure out the words on their own.

Release Date
Daylight was originally going to be released on April 8th, 2014, but has since been delayed a few weeks to April 29th, 2014. It will be a digital download available via the PlayStation Store.

While the game will retail for $14.99, it will be on sale for two weeks after launch: $9.99 for PlayStation Plus members and $11.99 for everyone else.

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Article by - Marc-André Messier
Insert Date: 06/23/2013

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