Digital Download Version of Grand Theft Auto V Causes Some PS3’s to Crash

There are some games that have become legendary among players. Games that no matter how many are put out still manage to be a new experience every single time. These are the franchises that players look for and cherish. They don’t drop games every year, these sorts of games stay in development for years before coming out to wow fans for a few weeks until they are defeated but always looked upon with fond memories. Grand Theft Auto V is such a game. Fans have been waiting to get their hands on another look into the twisted world of GTA for some time and it has finally been delivered however, there’s been a few glitches along the road.

The game did amazingly well, selling millions of copies in its first few days which came as a surprise to exactly no one. The third person sandbox world game allows the player to divide their time between three different protagonists to accomplish complex in-game missions and no doubt spread mayhem no matter what part of the city they are in.

And what a city it is. The game is massive and players can explore, drive, or fly to various parts of it with the help of a plethora of vehicles. Not to mention that they will be able to interact with a variety of NPCs in order to complete game objectives and side missions. There are a ton of different vehicle types as well as a slew of places with different environments to explore.

But the massive games comes with a price outside of the one slapped on by retailers. The game is so huge that many players are reporting system crashes when just attempting to download it before even playing it, the game is causing systems to lock up as players try to obtain digital copies through PSN.

This can be a major issue for PlayStation 4 users. GTAV is a major title across all systems and any issues with it will cause fans to have a lowered play experience. However, with the download issues, this could make the game very unattractive for many players in digital format.

Digital Download Version of Grand Theft Auto V Causes Some PS3’s to Crash Downloading digital copies on PlayStation 4 is reportedly going to be a much more streamlined and players. The system will allow players to start playing a game as soon as it’s first few stages are loaded up. While they are playing through the opening the game continues to load in the background. But with the recent issues that the digital copy of the game has been having it is unclear how this will actually work on the PlayStation 4.

If Sony cannot find a way solve the issue of downloads this could mean less digital purchases for the game itself. This is a thorn in Sony’s side as they have been trying to up their digital game in line with the future of the gaming industry. Although they did not foolishly predict that the majority of game purchases would be digital in nature as Microsoft did, they are aware of the rising trend in gaming and are moving to support that front of the industry.

Issues like the one we are seeing with GTAV can potentially stop that movement and create a disturbance in the future progress in a market moving towards digital. It clearly shows some flaws in the interface between the ideals and the realities of what they systems and companies have to work with.

The game is noteworthy in its massive open world nature but it is not alone in this aspect. Other games like Watch_Dogs share a similar size and may prove to be problematic as well. Although the scope of these games is not the norm at this time, the fan base for large sandbox worlds is strong and we may see many games of that nature meaning that this issue is better solved sooner rather than later so that fans do not have to see their PlayStation 4 crash the same way that the PlayStation 3 is.

Sony is working to solve these issues that are plaguing the game so that they do not become an issue for users in the future. No word on how they are planning to solve the bugs in the process but it is one of their top priorities.

Article by - Dusty W.
Insert Date: 10/10/2013

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