The Dream PlayStation 4 Setup

So picture this: it's present time at Holiday 2013 and you unwrap a brand new Playstation 4 (or you just played Santa Claus and bought yourself one!) and now you're looking for the ultimate PS4 set-up to spend the upcoming months going through the first amazing games the console has to offer. As a gamer, you want to invest in what makes sense to live the PS4 experience to the fullest: equipment and gaming gear. And when it comes to playing Killzone: Shadow Fall, Diablo III and the new Final Fantasy on the first Sony home console to come out in almost a decade, money shouldn't be an issue right? Well that's right, and we're going to go overboard and beyond here to suggest you the very best PS4 set-up you can get your hands on.

Samsung 85-inch Ultra HD UN85S9000 TV

Samsung 85-inch Ultra HD UN85S9000 TV (Price TBA)

By the time the PS4 is released, this baby will have probably hit the market. That’s right: a downright amazing 85-inch Ultra HD TV to play your PS4 games on. Check out the video above and imagine having some video game action going on on that screen. Simply amazing! This TV literally blew people away at the last CES 2013 and you should definitely wait a few months for it to come out.

Sound System Onkyo HT-S8409 7.1-Channel Network A/V ($999.00)

Sound System Onkyo HT-S8409 7.1-Channel Network A/VFor the sound system, we recommend the Onkyo HT-S8409 7.1-Channel Network A/V Receiver/Speaker Package. Not only will it create a great living room setup paired with your huge Samsung display, but it will also produce sound that will make your windows shake! Simply take a look at the reviews on its Amazon page to witness its incredible performance and reliability.

PlayStation Vita Assassin’s Creed III Liberation Bundle ($249.99)

PlayStation Vita Assassin’s Creed III Liberation BundleThe PS Vita was previously only another portable system, but now it has become a total must for PS4 owners. You can’t call your PS4 set-up an ultimate one if you don’t own a PS Vita. With remote play, you will be able to play your PS4 games on the go and that’s a feature you really don’t want to miss. We’ve chosen the brand new Assasin Creed III bundle and the white version so that you can travel in style and never forget that you’re the ultimate PS4 gamer.

Razer Lycosa Keyboard ($79.99)

You weren’t expecting this one weren’t you? Well, the PS4 will have so many great social functions that it would be a shame to strictly type with the on-screen keyboard. Razer Lycosa Keyboard Of course, there is no way to guarantee the compatibility of any keyboard for an unreleased console, but it’s safe to say that is will at least be as versatile as the PS3 on that aspect. Most USB plug-and-play keyboards will work. Why not go for the longtime trusted Lycosa and for such a reliable company as Razer. Its comfort is sure to please you and its elegant backlighting theme is just about certain to match the PS4’s blue theme.

Sennheiser PC 350 Collapsible Gaming Headset ($179.95) + Astro Mixamp Pro 2013 ($129.99)

Sennheiser PC 350 Collapsible Gaming Headset Astro Mixamp Pro 2013

This is the pro-gamer’s secret recipe for sound. The Sennheiser PC 350 headphones are the best to come out in recent years and the Astro Mixamp is an absolute must to gain more sound precision in order to hear all your opponents in shooting games for example. Of course, Astro offers its own line of headphones, but gamers have tested other combinations extensively, and nothing comes close to a pair of PC 350 matched with a mixamp. Try it and you will thank later.

BenQ XL2420T Gaming MonitorShort on space?

Try the XL2420T BenQ monitor as your TV if you’re looking to build your ultimate PS4 setup in a smaller space. BenQ is one of the most recognized brands when it comes to competitive gaming monitors (even if you use one for your console rather than your PC) Razer Ferox Mobile Gaming Speakersand has been endorsed by legendary pro gamers like Emil “Heaton” Christensen and Abdisamad 'SpawN' Mohamed. Then we strongly suggest the Razer Ferox for your speakers. These speakers provide sound in every direction, all while not taking more space than water bottles on your desk. This is a quite good option to consider for competitive players who are looking to get a little more concentration in a separate room, rather than blasting out the full experience in their living room.

Article by - Marc-André Messier
Insert Date: 3/6/2013

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That stuff's just a little

That stuff's just a little bit out of my price range unfortunately. If anything I'd go with the sound system, I love rocking the sound in games, whether it's for kick-ass explosions, or just some sweet tunes. The chair, meh, I've never been picky about that stuff, I can sit right on the floor without a care in the world if it came down to it.

"The Dream Ps4 Setup" article

Wow your making me jealous just reading this article.


the only thing i would buy would probably be the chair, i already got a 46 plasma in my living room, and the other stuff is way out their so the chair would be the only thing comming home in my car.

Terrible choices

Klipsch are really terrible overpriced speakers, you could get a WAY better setup for far less. like a polk audio bookshelf setup with a sub and amp for about 3500$ and the quality is way way better than klipsch which uses a piazo tweeter that sounds really awfull. those tweeters were designed for concert speakers because they are cheap and very loud, when they blow up they replace them for 5$ with the current gen of HD audio quality you dont want those

Dream PS4 setup

60inch 2160p LED 3D tv. 100mbs internet, my wore out lazyboy, my wife fetching snacks, refreshments, and smokes. Thats all I need.

eh, im fine

I already have a gaming chair, a speaker system, and a 37 inch TV, which is good enough for me... so im fine

you are all thinking to small

i have the viewsonic pro8100 1080p projector my current screen size is almost 3 meters wide by 2meters high 5 meters from my chair GT5 is AWESOME at that size and games like tekken has almost lifesize characters,....... a comfy chair and logiteck surround sound for now

gta 5 graphic

gta5 is see a real & all about real fillings OK!

ps4 should partner with rivals?

eony ps4 should partner with their game console rivals the reason why i am saying that is whatever microsoft gets and nintendo gets sony gets a little on the downside is vice versa. Would you like to see halo on ps4 or the legend of zelda on the ps4 and mario. It could be a 3 way split 33.3 for one and 33.3 one and one gets 33.4 percent depending on who idea game is first. Since sony have the last of us they would get 33.4 percent and the other 2 get 33.3 percent each. But since microsoft thought of halo they get the 33.4 percent. And they can do a 3 console game bundle on qvc and the online version and hsn and the online version for that. And it can be a special offer since microsoft and sony is coming out with their next gen consoles around october 2013. Mainly qvc because most of the time they have better deals. They should talk tosony microsoft and nintendo and they could have a were nobody will be able to get in august or september of 2013. And they can say that for the very firstt time a 3 console bundle and have at least 3 different deals you can get all 3 consoles at once when it delivered and the first bundle will be 1 terabyte for all 3 consoles. First starting out with the nintendo wii u bundle it just be a second generation wii u and you get a 1 terabyte hard drive with it. And even though it's wifi ready will give you ethernet cable and give you the touchscreen controller and not like the first version of wii u it should be advance you can play with 4 players at once in your home. And you get 2 games with it free games maybe the next zelda and mario games. Also you will be able to use a wii control if you don't want to use the touchscreen controller. And it should be a special offer a code that you enter that you don't have to play for the wii u worldwide online gaming universe. And a life time warranty for the life of the game console. For the second part of the first bundle xbox 720 have it be also 1 terabyte and what i didn't mention it should be a 32gb memory and a built in ssd card in the consoles which i will get to the ps4 in a little while. It should come with two controller one you have to pay for a one free. Ethernet cord so if your wifi isb't working probably if your wifi isn't working right and you can usesin the ethernet cable to connect to the internet. And it should come with a universial remote for all 3 consoles and rechargeable batteries. And since this would be a special offer you get a code for free xbox live for the life of the game console. I know it will be cloud storage so it would be good if it would be a extra 128gb memory. And it should be speaker holes so your friends and family can hear you. And it should be free games for xbox live from microsoft xbox games to xbox 360 games and it should be in full games. And the game console should be backwards compatible and some after a while it should be certain in full. And xbox 720 conrollers should be a 2 usb cords with it. And ps4 it should be backwards compatible with ps1, ps2 and ps3 games and 1 you have to pay for and one free. Two free games and like the other consoles i expect beast games not weak games. And have hvd and blu-ray and dvd and cd drive built why not have all. And they should have free psn code to have free psn and it should be free games from ps1 to ps3 and some ps4 games down the road in full and ethernet cable also a ssd card built in. And please fix the problem with the over heating consoles please have a cooling system inside then systems. So the price should be 40 dollars a month 6 month easy pay so after the tax it should like 47.23 a month. And the next bundle should be all 3 consoles 2 terabyte and 64gb memory and cloud storage 350gb memory and 2 extra games and other accessories and the same what i said about psn and xbox live and wii u. So the price should be 50 bucks a month 6 month easy pay and free shipping after tax it should be about 60 bucks a month till payed for. And the 3 bundle should be 3 consoles 3 terabyte and 128gb memory and 500gb cloud storage and they same ssd built in and for these 3rd bundle 6 games each for each console. And the same what i aaid about the accessories and special codes for the 3 online gaming service. So the price should be 70 bucks a month for 6 easy payments free shipping so tax should be 85 dollars a month for 6 months. And for a little extra for the first 3 console bundle ir shoulc be a extra 42.75 dollars and free shipping add on if you want it. Soa it should be about 93 dollars a month for 6 easy pay after tax. The add on would be db series with movies and never before seen footage and preparing for the show and things you might not knew. And the dbz series plus movies splitting up too seasons and just like db series for dbz series never before seen footage and things you might not knew. DBGT Series and dbgt movie and never before seen footage and things you might not knew. And because it is a special offer dbz kai part one to part 8 and the same footage things you might not knew and dbz level 1.1 and the entire series that not in stores or online and never before seen footage and things you might not knew. And if they do it make sure that it is uncut and in dbz have it be the intro and ending the american version especially season 4 showing what happened in season 3 when goku a.k.a kakarrot turned into a ssj1 for the first time and when goku said you fool. And the music should be americanized like when vegata thought he was a super saiyian and he was powering up for a full mintues. And for the totally for the add on for the second bundle add with db ultimate saga it should be about 111.72 a month for 6 easy payments. And for the third bundle with added db ultimate saga it should be 138.24 with tax for each month for 6 months. But they would never do that the reason why all 3 console franchise are very self-centered. They would love to have each other games but if they did do that they woould fight probably sony would want at least 47 percentn of the profits. Instead or being satisfied with depending on who thought of the game they would get 0.01% percent more so say that for a game sony made 150 million the first day. They would probably get 50 million and a certain amount of thousands. Sony if you want to put hslo on the ps4 and mario and zelda. And microsoft if you want the last of us oes on box 720 and metroid and other of your rivals beast games on your console you should do it. And wii u if you want infamous games and prototype games and blitz the league games on nintendo wii u you all have to compromise. If you partner up and hsve game bundles and the games should be multi compatible for each console. Please if you if your a fan of all 3 game franchises please send letters similiar to what i said. To all 3 sites nintendo and sony and microsoft and the haters of the franchises. You might like sony and nintendo but you don't like microsoft and so forth and so on. The sony, microsoft and nintendo love it when we send hate letters about their rivals. Please if you like to see games on other consoles that you like to see on your favorite console give your opionion because if they don't lesson.They will start lesson when their wallet is alot lighter like when their losing hundreds of millions of dollars each. And if sony lose to much they will lose everything you can't blame nature for your loses. Blame your selfs for doing away with ps2 no backwards compatible consoles. If you do away with ps2 and especially ps3 and just keep ps1 backwards compatibility with ps4 you will have close your franschise. A 3 console bundle is just what we need more than you know sony and even if it was just for a few days on the deal if you at alot of combined bundle packages im talking multi milllions. You would make so much money. And i don't want to hear about they can't afford it they get some much of their hsrdware and their software dirt cheap they can afford it. And if you want to be under their jock strap their not giving you free consoles and games. But their giving their employees the free stuff and alot of their freinds and families get it for free. I bet that the employees from the 3 franchises hsve their hands on a wii u and ps4 wnd xbox 720 and it is not the prototypes and they got it for free. The people that defend them would give a sports star or actor or actress one before the give us one and for free. I don't know why us poor people give rich people stuff for free like food and clothes and praise. It don't say all praise do to people or animals or inatimate objects it says all praise do to God Almighty.

They better not

I don't want the ps ruining xbox!