E3 2012: A Recap

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, has just concluded its week-long celebration of upcoming video game releases and what we can expect from console makers such as Sony. For many video game fans, 2012 will go down in history is one of the less exciting E3 years; not a lot of new games were shown and Sony kept quiet about any mention of the PS4. Or did they? If you read between the lines, the PS4 is closer than we think.

While Sony demonstrated a few PS3 games, none of these games were truly new; we had either seen them before (The Last of Us, God of War: Ascension) or they were games that had already been hinted at coming (Beyond: Two Souls). There were no surprise PS3 game announcements, or really any game announcements at all, as Sony was content to show off the few major games it had left to publish. Historically, this only occurs when the majority of developers, including Sony, are hard at work on the next system; in this case, the PlayStation 4. To put it simply, there aren't any new PS3 games left to show outside of what is already in-progress because Sony and its developers are hard at work on PS4 games. By next E3, most of these PS3 games shown at this year's E3 will already see a release, leaving Sony ready to demonstrate the PS4 and its upcoming launch lineup of games. For current Sony fans, consider this E3 to be the "last hurrah" of the PS3 and for E3 2013 to be all about the PS4.

But let's turn our gaze back to E3 2012 and take a look at what Sony did show. God of War: Ascension received a release date of March 12th, 2013 while Naughty Dog showed off in-game footage of The Last of Us along with revealing new information about the gameplay mechanics. David Cage unveiled Beyond: Two Souls, which stars Ellen Page in a supernatural story featuring more action than we have previously seen in a Quantic Dream game. Sony unveiled two new fighters for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Nathan Drake, who fans knew was coming, and a Big Daddy from BioShock, which caught everyone off guard. Sony has hinted that even more third-party characters will be in the game as well. We saw the unveiling of Watch Dogs from Ubisoft, along with new Assassins Creed 3 and Far Cry 3 information. However, one game was missing: Sony's The Last Guardian. SCEA senior vice president of product development Scott Rohde has assured us that the game is still in development but that there were no updates to give at this time.

E3 2012: A RecapFor the Vita, Sony showed off Assassins Creed 3, which will have functionality with the PlayStation 3 Assassins Creed 3 title, providing extra bonuses for fans who buy and play both. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was officially announced for the Vita, while LittleBigPlanet 2 on the PlayStation 3 will be receiving a patch that allows you to use the Vita is a controller in the game. The Vita will get a version of Black Ops 2 along with previously exclusive Xbox 360 shooting game Sine Mora. The PlayStation Vita may have launched with a small amount of games, with not a lot of games since, but the remainder of 2012 looks to be a great year for Vita owners.

Surprisingly, Sony showed off a new Move accessory: a PlayStation Move Steering Wheel. The PlayStation Move attaches to the center of the wheel, creating a wireless racing wheel for a racing game such as Gran Turismo 5. The wheel features the same amount of buttons as a PlayStation 3 controller and force feedback. The wheel is due out this fall for $39.99 and does not include a Move controller.

At last year's E3 conference, Sony placed a large emphasis on 3D technology; however, this year 3D was not even mentioned. Rohde claims that "It's just not necessarily the focus and newsworthy. Last year it was." Rohde claims that since Sony gives their studios complete control over their games, studios are not forced to insert 3D just for the sake of having 3D. While Sony got the industry talking about 3D and featured it in many games last year, this year it is only being used where appropriate; now that the technology is out there and gamers know about it, it's not worth discussing again in Sony's eyes.

There was some bad news for Sony fans at E3. Microsoft, in their usual fashion, focused on third-party developers and arranged for exclusive downloadable content for some of the hottest upcoming releases. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Resident Evil 6 DLC will hit the Xbox 360 first, coming to PS3 and PC at a later date. The first piece of Tomb Raider DLC is a timed exclusive for the Xbox 360 console as well. While Sony fans should be used to Microsoft gaining exclusive rights or early access to DLC (especially when it comes to Call of Duty), it is disappointing to see that, to these companies, Sony fans are not as important.

Fans may have to wait on the PS4, but Sony is making sure that this year is full of great games whether you a PlayStation 3 fan, Vita fan or both.

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 06/08/2012

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yeah i have to concur after watching E3 where Sony are concerned it felt and seemed like the last push on the PS3 and like wise respectively for the xbox, and people need to stop being so inclined to thinking just because the PS4 wasn't announced at E3 this year doesn't mean we will have to wait till next years E3 to see it. There is ever reason to speculate that the console could still get announced this year with a follow up at next years E3 because they have stated as matter of fact that they wish to release the next gen Playstation before Microsoft make a jump with there next gen. An dealing logicaly here most consoles are never realesed untill a minimum of a year after its announcement as the big PR machine needs to swing into effect first and i do not count the 360 mini as a new console more so an upgrade. So what we do know is Microsoft hope to release there next gen late 2013 - 2014 so it is viable for Sony to announce the PS4 either later this year holiday season time or wait till next years E3 which i believe they wouldn't do cause something as big as what Sonys next gen promises to be will need its own conference not an allocated press slot. E3 would be better suited as the stage to show off the games that will be being realesed on the PS4 so have to say in light of all ive wrote above plus what many many websites say and report the logical thought says PS4 will be announced late this year with an exspected release of Q4 2013.

The Future in the Eye of E3

E3 2012 is the first indication in E3 history that all three console manufacturers are uncertain about what they are doing, what they're hoping to achieve, and the future of gaming. E3 relies on its "cinema big screen" to fool everyone into thinking they are witnessing the "next coming"; and that they are a part of the "greatness of that event". This is the best sign I have seen that something great will come out of it; nothing this bad can possibly allow all three of them to survive well into 2020.