E3 2013 News Roundup

E3 2013 News RoundupWelcome to the PlayStation 4 Experts E3 2013 News Roundup! At the end of every E3 day, we'll compile the best PlayStation 4 information for you in this post as your one stop shop for all announced games and information. Expect to see full articles on many of the games and PS4 features mentioned here.

Day 3 @E3 - PS4 Highlights
- Call of Duty: Ghosts Executive Producer Mark Rubin states to Joystiq that the PlayStation 4 being so close to the PC will help all developers, from the biggest down to the smallest.

- Mad Catz announced that all of its PlayStation 3 fighting sticks will not work on the PlayStation 4. Perhaps Mad Catz should read our PS4 specs guide more often.

- Skylanders: Swap Force will introduce new hybrid characters to the series.

- Analyst Colin Sebastian weighs in on E3: "Clearly, Sony is emerging from E3 on stronger footing, contrasting the PS4 against the more pricey Xbox One."

- Sid Shuman, PlayStation’s social media manager, asked Sony Computer Entertainment group CEO Andrew House for a message to the fans. House responded: "We try to respect the views of our fans – give them a great value proposition, and also ensure that things like consumer ownership, as I talked about on Monday night, are really important to us."

- Likewise, Jack Tretton, president of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, also had a statement to share about the PlayStation 4: "Never a better time to be a gamer."

- The Oculus Rift may be coming to the PlayStation 4 once the device is released.

- The DualShock 4's touchpad has a "click" feature, similar to that of a laptop's touchpad.

- DC Universe Online has been confirmed as a PlayStation 4 launch title!

Day 2 @E3 - PS4 Highlights
Another light news day but again, some juicy information was revealed and we begin to take an in-depth look at some of the games and events from E3 2013. More to come tomorrow!

- Check out this pair of videos that show why the PS4 is superior to the Xbox One!

- We've gathered all the information available for the much-anticipated Final Fantasy XV!

- The squad limit in Battlefield 4 has been upped to five members per squad. Read more about it on our Battlefield 4 page!

- Q Entertainment, well-known for Lumines, is bringing a free-to-play RPG to the PlayStation Vita in the form of Destiny of Spirits .

- Ubisoft has explained how PS4 racer The Crew will focus on co-operative gameplay instead of the competitive gameplay seen in almost every other racing game.

- Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation Plus will remain at $50 per year and that video services will not require Plus. Read more about it on our PS4 Online page!

- Transistor , developed by Supergiant, is confirmed to be hitting the PlayStation 4 first on the console front. Supergiant's last game was the critically acclaimed Bastion.

- Call of Duty: Ghosts will feature underwater environments .

- Sony has gone back on its previous statement from yesterday, stating that The Last Guardian is still in active development. Yesterday's quote came from Sony America CEO Jack Tretton while today's quote comes from Shuhei Yoshida, head of Sony Worldwide. At this rate, tomorrow the game will just be outright cancelled only to see a sudden release the following day.

Day 1 @ E3 for the PS4
The news was light today but what was revealed was some juicy stuff. Are you ready for your news from the first official day of E3?

- Sony confirmed that both the DualShock 4 and the PlayStation 4 Eye would cost $59.99 each.

- It was also confirmed that, much like the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation 4 would be region free!

- The PlayStation will include a 500 GB hard drive!

- Preorders are up at retailers for the PlayStation 4, including Amazon and GameStop. Find out more at our PS4 Pre-Order page!

- Need for Speed: Rivals will be a PlayStation 4 launch game ! As will Skylanders: Swap Force.

- The Last Guardian is officially on hiatus. Not cancelled, but not actively being worked on, despite rumors that it would transition from the PlayStation 3 to the PlayStation 4.

- Metal Gear Solid 5 was officially announced as coming to the PlayStation 4!

Day 0 - Sony E3 Event - Worth Watching - 2hrs!

Today was a day of conferences from not only Microsoft and Sony, but Ubisoft and Electronic Arts as well with other various announcements sprinkled in.

- The first announcement comes by way of Konami, who announced that Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is coming to the Xbox One but isn't exclusive to that system. Could we see a PS4 announcement soon?

- Electronic Arts announced a bevy of games for the PlayStation 4 at its conference, including Dragon Age 3, Mirror's Edge 2 and Star Wars: Battlefront . It was also confirmed that the rumors were true: Battlefield 4 will contain a Commander mode as mentioned in our Battlefield 4 article.

- Ubisoft came out swinging as well, announcing a new game in the Trials series, Trials Fusion, along with new franchises The Crew and The Division, the latter being an open-world Tom Clancy role-playing game.

On the PlayStation 3 front, it was announced that South Park: The Stick of Truth will be hitting PlayStation 3 by the end of the year along with Rocksmith 2014.

Many details of the PlayStation 4 were announced, including the price! You can read about everything on our PS4 conference recap page!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 6/10/2013

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