EA Play - 2018 recap

E3 has kicked off to a great start this year. Opening with EA, there wasn’t much surprise to what was shown, but there was a good amount of tidbits and gameplay for upcoming titles.

Perhaps the biggest surprise from EA, was the announcement of Unraveled 2. Followed up by the fact that it became available to play upon the announcement, fans of Yarny rejoice!

Other announcements included Battle Royale being confirmed for Battlefield V. Star Wars Battlefront II will be getting content for Clone Wars, and Anthem gets a release date of February 22, 2019, and that’s not all!

EA announced Sea of Solitude. A young girl turns into a monster and you help her find out why it’s happening. It turns out, everyone that suffers from loneliness, will be turned into monsters. Why? Why?!

We got a look at NBA Live 2019. EA Sports promises the animation to be improved. With new tech called Real Player Motion, it is supposed to be a much smoother experience. The demo will available this August.

While it’s no surprise that FIFA 19 is on the way, fans of the franchise should be happy to hear that the game will coming with the UEFA Champions League. The league will be available for every mode the game has to offer. Having it open to every mode is a great move. I only wish more games with leagues, would offer them across board.

Incase you wanted another look at Anthem, here is the EA’s E3 trailer from developer Bioware. Anthem looks cool, but I’m not so sure it resonated with Biowares fans. I think it’s good they are moving on from Mass Effect. What do you think?

Madden NFL 19, also got a trailer dropped on us during the show. While there wasn’t much said about the game, the trailer was still enjoyable to watch. So here’s a look at that below.

EA didn’t offer much more at the show this year, but it was still a good way to start things off. Have a look at the trailers and let me know how you felt about the EA Play lineup. I’ll update you with more news as the show goes on! Up next - The Microsoft show. There should be some pretty good third party titles in there!


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