An Early Look at Human Element

Rarely do we see developers talking so openly about their game ideas as the creator of this next title for the PS4. Robert Bowling and his new company Robotoki revealed plenty of juicy details about the upcoming game Human Element, despite the title being only vaguely scheduled for 2015. Fortunately for him, some buzz got generated from the information he revealed, mostly through speech and a few images. Is Bowling simply a good communicator, or do we really have a revolutionizing title on our hands here? See for yourself by reading this summary of what we know about Human Element so far.

An Early Look at Human Element PS4So what does “Human Element” mean exactly? Well, according to Robert Bowling, this won’t be your usual zombie-survival game because it will instead focus on the unreasonable things that humans could do in the case of such an event. In other words, zombies aren’t the biggest threat here, we are. Interaction between humans and the gathering of supplies will be key and Bowling stated that he prefers people to see the game more as a strategy and role-playing title, rather than a simple first-person shooter, which Bowling is always quickly associated with because of his past with the Call of Duty series. Aside from that, it has been revealed that Human Element will include three classes (action, stealth and intelligence) and multiple ways to play (cooperative, solo, etc.). You will be the judge on what should be the best approach to surviving the zombie apocalypse, and how to go about protecting your children as well. Like you will be able to hear in the interview above, it is an interesting subject to think about how each of us would react in the case of such an apocalypse. Let’s just hope that the game delivers enough options and a good open world to really make this happen. Human Element could fall in the same category as games like Watch Dogs and Grand Theft Auto – great game concepts, but ones that only deliver if executed to perfection.

Human Element is a project that is unique in plenty of ways, even when it comes to the way it will be distributed. First, the developers intend to use the new Ouya platform to test new ideas in the forms of prequels that will set the table for this next-generation game on PS4. So don't worry, the main Human Element game will indeed be on PS4, but the fact that the developers will allow themselves to have some creative freedom through the open-source Ouya is pretty much a premiere. Players are often tired of playing the same games over and over these days, so seeing great developers take bigger risks could really spice things up in the gaming industry. Human Element could be the type of game that will really allow us to witness what games of the future will look like in this new world of kickstarters and microtransactions. As Human Element is a survival game taking place after a zombie apocalypse, the prequels will serve the purpose of explaining exactly how the apocalypse came about. Therefore, we could get attached to the characters and storyline before the main game even begins! Bowling expressed his vision of making all platforms work together (even mobile ones) to create one experience and it looks like there will indeed be various angles and perspectives to Human Element.

However, Human Element is far from completed and it is in fact more of a concept than a game we can preview in-depth at this point. Do you already feel pumped by it, despite the slim details available? Do you think it is too soon to reveal the concept of a game still in such early development stages? Are gamers patient enough to hear about a concept and having to wait 2-3 years to play it? Let us know what you think in the comments. The project is currently scheduled for 2015, but stay tuned for the Ouya prequels, as this new console releases this year.

Game Category: Indie

Article by - Marc-André Messier
Insert Date: 03/28/2013

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