Eve Valkyrie review for PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR has been out in the wild for a couple of weeks now and it has been quite an experience. It's just the beginning of what's to come, but that's not to say that every game available for it is going to be great. Eve Valkyrie is no exception.

Eve Valkyrie has the appeal, but falls short in the end. My opinion on the matter is simple, the only thing really making this title worth playing, is the VR itself. VR can make anything seem much better than it is. Getting lost inside a game, looking around and just figuring things out can be quite pleasurable in any VR title.

Graphically, Eve Valkyrie is up to par. It has some amazing visuals that definitely make the player feel immersed inside this galactic universe. In reality, the universe is an endless space, in VR’s Eve Valkyrie, it's not very big, it just looks like it is.

Dogfighting in space is a lot of fun and the games mechanics are responsive. The tutorial is quite helpful and needed at the same time, once the it’s over, you begin to realize that with all its graphical and immersive glory, the repetitiveness settles in quickly. Being repetitive wouldn't be so bad if the game's progression wasn’t so alienated with an extremely long grind and or micro transactions. The problem with the grind, is that it's within VR.

Personally, I cannot handle 4-6 hours of straight gameplay in VR,  just to earn enough silver to get a decal for my ship. The developers know this is a problem, so why not add micro transactions? People will want to progress faster and there's plenty of folks that will pay to play… Micros can be a good thing sometimes, but there is a point where it goes too far. Valkyrie Eve has taken it’s micro transactions to this point.

All is not bad though. It is a team based multiplayer game that pits two sides against each other. Team death match if you will, another match could be taking and holding two points. While it is amazing to be dogfighting in space, it is short lived, thanks to the reasons listed above. If this game was simply a lower priced title, it might not seem as bad, but for the same price as a new triple a title, it's simply a ripoff on many levels.

I found no satisfaction in being the top player in over 20 online matches. Communicating with teammates is a pain as well. There is a short lived solo campaign and you can also fight waves of AI fighters in a survival mode. All in all, the game is fun, but only in stints. Its really sad when a game has such great potential, but leans on emptying the pockets of players through micro transactions to help keep them interested.

I do hope that not everyone finds this title as disappointing as I have, but I am not going to feed people a bunch of lines about how great a game really is. Not if I feel it is not true, but that's not to say my opinion overshadows someone else's thoughts and thoroughly respect the opinions of others, so long as they respect mine.

I give Eve Valkyrie 2.5 out of 10. VR is the only thing this game has going for it, and clearly some companies are just trying to cash in. Games like this, are what ruin a good thing.