Friday The 13th The game - Review

Friday The 13th The Game, has arrived and is one of the most highly anticipated Indie titles, to drop on the current generation of consoles. Had the game not carried Friday The 13th in its title, this could have been just game the majority would overlook. Luckily, F13 offers some fun times, but not without technical issues.
Above being said, let's go over the good, the bad and the ugly.

The good:
Friday The 13th brings us classic 80's horror with a lot of hilarity. Spawning into a match as a counselor is a lot more fun than I had expected. Everyone wants to play as Jason, that's seems to be a given, but there is something rewarding about being a counselor. Mainly the reward is only felt after surviving the night or possibly escaping, but it can also produce a lot of laughs.
The expressions of the counselors faces is both corny and funny. As their fear rises while Jason hunts them down, the expressions become downright hilarious. As a matter of fact, being brutally murdered by Jason, isn't that bad at all. Upon death, you will be placed in a separate chat room and begin to spectate the rest of the match. If you are the first to die, you will likely have company soon. Together in the afterlife chat room, you can all helplessly watch as Jason stalks the rest of the counselors. Spectating isn't nearly as boring as one might think!
As you play through a counselor, you are best off staying close to your teammates. You will need to search for randomly placed items to survive or escape Jason's murderous wrath. Arm yourself with melee weapons to attempt to thwart Jason from killing you. With any luck, he will be stunned and you have bought yourself an extra 30 seconds of life.
You will be able to place traps, lock and barricade doors, and much more, in order to slow him down. At the cost of health, you can crash through a window and into or out of a house, but if you can, I advise opening the window first. Be sure to check drawers and other spots for items, or even hide under a bed or in a closet! Hold your breath and hope for the best!
You will want to locate keys to the car's, gas and a battery. This will allow you to repair a vehicle and with any luck, you'll be able to find your way out of the nightmare and escape with some friends or alone. Sometimes it's everyone for themselves, it's all about your survival, but keep in mind that one of your teammates could be holding the car keys, or have the boat propeller in hand. Communication is important, but Jason can hear you if he is close enough.
Other ways to survive include calling the police! You will need to stay alive long enough for them to reach the designated area, and you make it there as well. If you can manage to call in Tommy Jarvis on the radio, a dead player will be randomly selected to spawn back into the game and attempt to kill Jason, or help the other counselors escape. Killing Jason is no simple task and will require a series of events to take place, in order for it to be accomplished. If all else fails, you can attempt to survive the night before the timer runs out. If you do, you get bonus points and currency, which will allow you to level up, unlock more characters and perks to help you though.
Playing as Jason has all sorts benefits. Jason is not watered down by any means, pun intended. He has unlimited stamina, unless he is stunned, he will keep on moving. Equipped with several perks himself, Jason can sense players around the area. highlighting them better, with the more fear they have endured. He can teleport across the map and surprise his victims, as well as move extremely fast and unseen for a short amount of time. He has a stalk ability that makes himself silent and gives him a chance to sneak up on his victims.
Equipped with a melee weapon in one hand and the strength of his grip in the other, Jason has many ways to off the counselors he hunts. Depending on what is unlocked, he will perform a special kill while holding his victims by the neck. He can also walk them to special areas that allow him to perform environmental kills, which is always entertaining to watch. Jason lives up to his monstrous reputation in this game and I'm glad to see he can't simply be killed without a lot of effort. The audio alone can give one shivers.

The Bad:
All is not good though, as the game has suffered some serious drawbacks. At launch and beyond, many players couldn't find a single match. The servers were not equipped to handle the 75,000 players that logged in on day one. It's was good some moments and practically offline in others. Reports of players waiting up to 30 minutes to connect, just to start a whole new search for a match. I think ran all agree, games with multiplayer only are frustrating when the servers are messed up on day one.
The everlasting save icon… for many of us, customizing a character wasn't worth having the game either freezing with a saving icon, or playing through match with the save icon circling the entire time, until you close the app. Making it worse, your loadouts didn't save and you would have to try again and hope you didn't get the save ring of death.
Making things even more frustrating, sometimes XP doesn't save. There is nothing worse than playing a match and surviving, just to lose all the xp and currency you worked so hard for. Honestly, this goes for just about any game, in regards to frustration. Some of my favorite games over the years, have had a bug that erased or did not save my progress. Sad times indeed.
Sometimes when your perks do loadout, they don't work. Take for example the map perk. This particular perk will load you out with a map of the game on spawn. It's pretty great when it works, but sometimes the map doesn't show at all. If you find a map during the match, you can't pick it up because you already have the map in your loadout… that can be a serious problem and be the difference between surviving and death.

The Ugly:
One of the ugliest things about this game, is not face behind Jason's mask, but the invite system. If you want to host a private match or create a party with someone outside of your region, you simply can't. If you make the attempt, you will be prompted to view the game in the digital store. Crossing regions appears to be locked.
When searching for items, locking doors, opening windows, etc., the icons don't always appear. It can be frustrating to spend an extra 5-10 seconds trying to get the icons to show in order to pick up or execute an action. 5-10 seconds is less than what it takes for Jason to get ahold of you and is yet another difference between life and death!
Levitating counselors can be found in some of the cabins. A nasty glitch that allows Jason's prey to float above him in second floor buildings. Jason does have the ability to throw knives if he has picked some up, but the floating counselors are still difficult to kill. It is annoying if you are Jason and boring if you are spectating. No one really likes cheaters, but I'm not sure that everyone that has done this, has done so on purpose.
The Verdict:
There is much more good, bad and ugly to this game, but the good news is, the developers really have been hard at work. Working around the clock since release, they are aware of many of the game's problems and are implementing fixes as best as they can.
Finding players that communicate makes the game much more fun. You can have a lot of laughs and if you're connected to the right people. You can also find yourself aggravated when with the wrong people. The ones that come in with a private chat party and tell Jason where everyone is and allows them to escape. It happens rather frequently, but you should be able to find a lot of great lobbies too.
The audio really sets the tone of this game. Graphics are not great and the game really wasn't ready for release. Camera controls are a little clunky, but you get used it. Despite all of its shortcomings, Friday The 13th The Game, is a lot of fun and I would recommend it to anyone interested.
The solo campaign will release sometime this summer and should add more value to the lot. The devs will continue to patch the game until it is fixed, so you may want to hold off in your purchase, if you just can't stand some the issues already listed.
Friday The 13th The Game, gets a 7 out of 10. If the game does manage to get fixes it needs, I'll come back later and update the score.
What do you think of the game? Hit it miss?