Farpoint w/Aim Controller Review

Farpoint has finally made its debut and along with it, comes the Aim Controller for PSVR. While there is something to said about the Aim Controller’s plain look on the outside, you aren't really looking at the controller at all. You’re wearing a VR headset and that removes the thought of “looks matter” out of the equation.

Looks aside, there is much to discuss in regards to the Farpoint game and the controller (if you purchased the bundle). Let's begin the game review first. As the game can be played without the Aim controller.

PSVR is a hot item right now, but there is a lack of triple A titles available for the time being. Farpoint VR is the first we've seen since Resident Evil VII debuted and that's a little disappointing. Lack of games aside, Farpoint has some good traction on becoming one of the best VR titles out there.

For those of us that took the plunge with PSVR (slightly over 1 million to date), we will remember the early games that no one else will recall. When VR does become mainstream, we will already have our list of classic titles. Farpoint is going to be on that list for me. Not without its issues of course, but it will make my list regardless.

Taking place in space, you are a ship pilot that is traveling to pick up some scientists (near Jupiter) and bring them home to earth. All does not go as planned and you are hit by an unexplainable shock of wave of sorts, and crash landed onto an unknown hostile alien planet. Are you even in the same dimension anymore? What happened to the scientist? Will survive long enough to get the answers you're looking for?

So many questions came to mind as my escape capsule crashed down to the foreign planet. I had no idea what to expect, but as I played through, it was clear that I would need to come up with a better strategy and focus on my survival if I was ever to find the answers I was looking for.

If you have ever seen the movie “Alien” movies, you should be familiar with the face-huggers. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to have a face-hugger try and.hug your fave, well Farpoint just might give you a little taste of that possible feeling. This was the first VR game to actually make me jump. I found myself immersed in the game and enjoying the feeling of a real FPS shooter in a VR setting.

In my first “boss encounter” if you will, I found myself breaking sweat as I moved around the area trying to eliminate waves face-hugging spiders and larger more powerful spider like creatures. As I worked my through, I gained access to more weapons and experienced more enemies. While I am always aware that I am in a game, I am thankful I don’t live with arachnophobia.

I spent about 6 hours playing the campaign, taking in the sights and even looking over ledges. It really was something special. This being the first actual FPS game for PSVR, Farpoint proves that this genre goes hand in hand with VR. We have a long way to go before it becomes mainstream and Farpoint will likely be forgotten sooner than later, but Farpoint sets the first bar high.

You can play online co-op with another players and fight off hoards of alien monsters or play challenges solo. While the game functions just fine with a Dualshock 4 controller, the AIM controller is what makes this game so immersive. You have the same experience with a DS4, so I would highly recommend getting the smooth functioning AIM, to go with this title.

The AIM controller has all of the same buttons as the Dualshock 4. The touchpad is only good for clicking as a single button and does not respond otherwise, but a working touchpad would be awkward and useless. The controller is light in weight, comfortable and incredibly easy to use. It really helps move along the immersive feeling I got while playing Farpoint.

More games are releasing that will be designed for the AIM controller, as well as patches that will allow it to be used for a couple of the games already available. I will say that after a couple of hours (that includes taking short breaks), I felt a little fatigued, but VR will do that to you. Farpoint VR grabs 8.5 out of 10. Great visuals, sound and amazing immersion. I can only hope to see DOOM make its way to VR after this experience.