Final Fantasy Coming To The PlayStation 4

When Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4 at the February 20th conference, all the major developers and publishers were in attendance, including Square Enix. Known primarily for their Japanese role-playing games, such as Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy, Square Enix have started to make a larger impact in the western world since their buyout of Eidos and the release of new games in the Hitman, Deus Ex and Tomb Raider series, all of which have been critically acclaimed. When chief technology director Yoshihasa Hashimoto was on stage, both journalists and fans alike eagerly awaited what he would unveil.

Hashimoto started the conference by introducing the companies new engine built especially for the PlayStation 4: the Luminous Engine. Rather than explain the statistics of the engine, Hashimoto let the engine speak for itself. What followed was three-minute trailer, not based on any game, but a video demonstration of what the engine can accomplish. At the conclusion of the video, Hashimoto let the audience know that the graphics in this video is what the company is striving for with every PlayStation 4 game they develop and publish.

Final Fantasy Coming To The PlayStation 4Hashimoto went on to talk about the greatness of the PlayStation 4, how the hardware and social aspects of the device make it a developer's dream. Afterwards, he turned the stage over to the Final Fantasy brand director, Shinji Hashimoto (who happens to be his older brother), for a huge announcement: the Final Fantasy franchise will appear on the PlayStation 4 with a game already in the works!

No information was given about this new Final Fantasy title outside of two vital pieces: the game is being developed on the Luminous Engine and it will have a full reveal at E3 2013. Outside of this information, fans are not sure what to expect. Could this be the announcement of a new iteration of the series, as in the release of Final Fantasy XV? Or could this be the continuation of a past series, such as FFXIII-2 following FFXIII.

It's likely that this could, in fact, be a new entry in the series. Square Enix has previously sad that FFXIII-3 is the last in the FFXIII series and, to many gamers, the time has come to move on from that series and begin anew. It's unsure of what a new Final Fantasy title could offer us, with each title being significantly different from the last one. With Square Enix's push to the western market, perhaps we'll see a more action-oriented title or maybe we'll see a return to the series roots, with large expanses to cover, towns and villages to interact with and a large amount of side quests.

However, the possibility is open that this game could merely use the Final Fantasy name and may not be the next entry in the main line. Games like Final Fantasy Tactics have shown the Final Fantasy world can easily be translated to a number of genres outside of role-playing and still be successful. Could we see a Final Fantasy first-person shooter? It seems unlikely but these days, anything is possible.

The last idea is that this game could be a remake of a past game, as Square Enix knows fans are hungry for a remake to Final Fantasy VI or VIII, heralded as two of the best Final Fantasy games the company has ever put out. Square Enix is known for re-releasing older titles regularly and already have plans for a Final Fantasy X re-release, so anything is possible.

Whatever Square Enix has up its sleeve, we'll be sure to update this article as soon as new information as available! In the meantime, let us know in the comments about your hopes and fears for the next Final Fantasy title and keep your eye on PS4 Experts for any breaking news!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 3/3/2013

March 19th 2013 Update: Could The Mystery Final Fantasy Game Be Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

While Square Enix has not officially stated what the PlayStation 4 iteration of Final Fantasy will be, rumors are now swirling that it could be the often delayed Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been in development for over seven years, with barely any story information or gameplay shown since then. As we near the end of this generation, it would make sense for Square Enix to port the game to PlayStation 4; rather than release the game at the end of the PlayStation 3, the game can release at the beginning of the PlayStation 4, being one of the first RPGs available for the system.

There is also the rumor that the game itself will be rebranded, possibly losing all ties to the XIII world and becoming a standalone Final Fantasy title. The new Final Fantasy is also rumored to release in 2014; while this isn't enough time to build a new game from scratch, it's just enough time if you're reusing assets from a game that has been in development for seven years.

Square Enix is planning a full reveal of the PS4 Final Fantasy, whatever it may be, at E3 2013.

Update by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 3/19/2013

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New final fantasy?

When I hear new final fantasy I start thinking are they gonna go back to the roots and make a final fantasy where exploring becomes more tedious, operating an airship is not even an option, and they keep going with their futuristic look, or are they gonna go back to their roots and make more of a medieval final fantasy where the world is huge, secrets lye everywhere, armor and other options are more available and an airship can be piloted by the user, I myself would prefer the latter I miss final fantasy 6 the steam punk idea was awesome, all the characters and their own personal stories where epic and finding extra characters and summons where big. And what happened to magic it just didn't seem to play that big of a role from 8 on but hopefully my wishes and everyone else who share in my hopes get heard and they notice this


I've been an avid gamer since Atari. But Final Fantasy was my first real love. All the games are amazing. The stories and environments. The characters and interactions with towns people. Side quests , magic and monsters. Superb games. FFX and X2 as well as XIII and it's direct sequels be they beautiful, but are not Final Fantasy games. They were very linear. Little to no world exploration on your own. I loved FFXII and would adore a ps4 port. I bought the day one edition of final fantasy type o on ps4 for the soul purpose of getting the xv demo. Which is breathtaking. I don't like the all male cast. My favorite party members are usually the females. In a party of four I always liked 1 male and the rest females. (Lots of fun in that thought). The game lost its roots in the ones with direct sequels. In the xv demo, you get to call forth and summon Ramuh... a powerful lightening god. He has been in the game for many many years. His ability is virtually the same as in FFIX. But much greater strength. And it surprised me. If Ramuh is this powerful, how strong will Ifrit, Shiva, Odin, Bahamut be? I was raised by a woman of loose morals. Final Fantasy taught me how to treat others. It helps break the barriers of social, religious, political, sexism, racism, ageism boundaries and learnt to accept those that are different then ones self. It does this by uniting characters from throughout the world and helping people in different places, from picking a package up for someone to busy to rescuing people who were kidnapped and saving the world. I will always love Final Fantasy!

I agree and at the same time don't

Where as I agree that the atmosphere of FF 6-8 was incredible and enjoyable, along with finding new gears and armor. Though I feel the combat style of 12 ( though a bit clunky) would be a very viable combat system to include in a newer generation final fantasy game. I feel that with the sheer power behind systems now a days a semi-turn based semi real time game could be easy to achieve. The idea could also be taken from rogue galaxy template, where the user has AP and can use various basic attacks to consume it. And then use MP to do special arts. Making the combat be fast paced and interactive like it was in galaxy would be fantastic for final fantasy. Don't get me wrong the old template for fighting of purely turn based was fun, but I just feel like that was a way old RPGs worked... And integrating FF 12's template and rogue galaxies template could make a killer experience of fast paced combat. That's just my opinion, I also think they could take an affinity system which shows how well you meshed with the other members of the group which could affect story and dialog outcomes through out the campaign. (this is constructive critism I love the final fantasy's always have always will, but there are other games that do certain things better than final fantasy, and I know final fantasy could blow everyone out of the water if they take these ideas and expand on them combined with final fantasy's awesome story telling.)

cloud stole zacks sword

I think they should use ideas from all the older final fantasies and the newer ones and bring back triple triad from ff8 and chocobo races and have moogles make it first person with the third person mode being optional turn based fighting just wont cut it with skyrim and fallout being out there guns could be cool to but you should have to have a certain job class to do it and have your astrological sign giving you certain traits for the main character at least and definitely bring in new monsters as well as old ones odin ifrite shiva gf if you remember should have a wicked awesome new look

The rumors

I hope to god the first one is right. I have been waiting on Versus 13 since the first piece of it was released. It is ridiculous how long they've taken.

Re: the rumors

From what I dug up Final fantasy 'versus 13' IS in reality Final fantasy 15.


Is this the new Call of Duty game? What a joke ff1,7,8 and 10 FTW!

Looks like Prince of Persia game with FF label

Graphics look okay but is cut-scenes anyway not real gameplay so who knows about this game. First of all, game looks like a new Prince of Persia game than Final Fantasy. So they keep putting out new games while not finishing any games in production, smart move Square. Put out Final Fantasy Versus Xiii. I don't want a fake Prince of Persia game with Final Fantasy label.

Don't think Square Enix cares for its fans.

im a big final fantasy fan and loved almost every series except for *cough* crappy 13 *cough then laughs to death* :D but seriously i really think Square Enix even cares for its fans anymore if they did they would have made the VS game you all want and the FF7 remake that the rest of us want but maybe just maybe with the power of the new ps4 maybe we can finally get the final fantasy game we been wanting and waiting for because as it looks that Square Enix is trying to get away from all of there roots including large expanses big town villages to interact with mini games and a large amount of side quests. as from the trailer showing guns means its one of those future final fantasy with less to almost no fantasy or magic at all. lets just face it Square Enix isn't the same company as the one that made its good final fantasies they ain't Square Soft. that company died when they merged because now it looks as they make games for the money not for the fans as they use to. i just hope the ff7 remake will happen on this new ps4 *crosses fingers*