First Batch of NGP/PSP2 Games Revealed

Along with the initial reveal of the PSP2 came details on some of the games that will make their way to Sony's shiny new handheld, as well as speculation on yet more games which may follow. We can say that the list thus far is quite impressive, and should entice fans of many of the PlayStation brand’s most iconic series to pick up the NGP when it launches at the end of 2011.

As one would expect, Sony is prepping several first party games for the launch of the system to help it hit the ground running, and they’re not holding back any punches. Heavy hitting series like Uncharted, Killzone, Resistance, and Little Big Planet are all in development for the PSP2. Some of these will be developed by the original devs, while others will see their dev duties picked up by other studios. This is not uncommon in the portable gaming world, and was seen many times on the PSP to positive effect, most notably with the PSP versions of God of War and Resistance. Other first party series confirmed to be headed to the PSP2 include Hot Shots Golf and Wipeout.

In addition to these, a few third party games were shown running on the NGP, leading to speculation that we’ll see versions of these games on the system, though nothing has technically been confirmed as of yet. Some of these games included a Hideo Kojima developed title, a Dynasty Warriors game, and a new Call of Duty.

First Batch of NGP/PSP2 Games RevealedAs well, there were demos of recent games in the Lost Planet, Metal Gear Solid, and Yakuza series shown on the device, though it was stressed that they were currently demos only, and these games/series were not necessarily being made for the NGP. These demos were shown to impress on everyone the ability of the PSP2 to run PS3 quality games.

One can clearly see from the demos that the PSP2 is an incredibly impressive machine, and it already has a solid lineup of popular games in the pipeline, with many more sure to be announced in the coming weeks and months.
How impressed are you by the early demos of the NGP in action, and what games are you most looking forward to? How much do you expect the NGP to sell for? Let us know below, and stay tuned for future pricing and game updates surrounding the NGP/PSP2.

Update : Crytek announce that their game engine CryEngine (Crysis 2, Far Cry) will be compatible, adding to an already impressive game engine support list.

Blitz Games :
Crytek :
Epic Games :
Terminal Reality:
Vicious Cycle:

Update: Sony announced that the NGP will lack traditional onboard memory and will save game files and information directly to the game cards instead. Offering a 2gb/4b option for the cards, compared to the 1.9g max the PSP could handle, this is some welcomed news.

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