Ubisoft Classics That Need a Sequel on the PS4

Ubisoft Classics

You have to give it to Ubisoft: they are really killing it thus far. With Watch_Dogs arriving in less than a month in addition to The Division (hopefully) later this year to the annual Assassin’s Creed titles and more, they’re really showing other AAA developers how to dive headfirst into a new generation of consoles. Mark my words: some of the best games you are going to play on your PS4 this year and in 2015 will be Ubisoft titles.

With awesome new IPs along with proven franchises on the horizon, Ubisoft certainly has a bright few years ahead of them. Even so, it’s a shame they haven’t returned to some of their ‘forgotten classics’ – games that have unfortunately been lost in time. There are plenty to pick from in Ubisoft’s long history of stellar AAA titles, so without further ado, here are the Ubisoft classics that need a sequel on the PS4.

Note: Beyond Good and Evil isn’t going to appear on this list. It isn’t a ‘forgotten classic’ (it’s a classic, but certainly not ‘forgotten’), and besides – a sequel has long been rumored anyway.

Wait, chess on the PS4? You’re damn right! Ubisoft actually developed and published a few entries in the decades-old Chessmaster franchise on the PS2, which was met with much critical acclaim. Over a decade later, the PS4 would allow players to experience a game of chess like never before. For starters, you could certainly play chess with your online friends or strangers, and via a spectating mode, you could watch two chess pros go at it (and learn a few moves along the way).

But that’s not all: think about how great it would be to play chess using Sony’s Project Morpheus virtual reality headset! You truly would feel as if you were in the middle of a chess board. Include animated chess pieces and epic battle music, and you have a recipe for an awesome next-gen chess game.

Chessmaster Ubisoft

For those with a PS Camera? You could watch your friends as they played along with you. Pretty neat.

Is it going to be for everyone? Absolutely not. Even so, the Chessmaster series is timeless, and lots of PS4 owners love chess. If Ubisoft prices it accordingly (a few bucks on PSN), a new Chessmaster game would be the game for chess players around the world. And who knows? Maybe it would convert a few players into chess players along the way.

Not into chess? What about first-person shooters? More of you are nodding now, aren’t you? I thought so. Believe it or not, but Ubisoft Paris developed an awesome first-person shooter called XIII (‘Thirteen’) that was published in 2003 based on a 1984 Belgian comic book of the same name.

XIII Ubisoft

Starring an amnesic man named Jason Fly, Fly discovers that he has been accused of killing the President of the United States. Forced to face off against a gang of conspirators known as ‘The XX’ that are trying to overthrow the U.S. government, Fly must defeat the conspirators, save the United States, and ultimately, clear his name.

One of the most beautiful first-person shooters of all time, XIII used cel-shading affects to create a game that not only made you feel as if you were playing through a comic book, but also oozed with style. Case in point: when performing headshots, illustrated captions pop up that show the headshot taking place. It’s a touch that makes you feel like you are in a comic book world, making it a downright shame that XIII is such a forgotten gem.

World in Conflict
I’m cheating a bit here. While World in Conflict wasn’t technically developed by Ubisoft at the time (Ubisoft purchased developer Massive Entertainment in 2008), the game was released a year before the purchase. Since the release and purchase by Ubisoft is so close together (and because Massive Entertainment has worked on many of the classic Ubisoft franchises since the purchase), in my mind, World in Conflict still counts as a Ubisoft classic. Besides, Ubisoft published an expansion to World in Conflict entitled World in Conflict: Soviet Assault in 2009, so they’ve technically had a hand in the game’s success.

World in Conflict Ubisoft

Unfortunately, Ubisoft hasn’t released a proper sequel to World in Conflict. It’s a real shame too, as the game received nothing but positive reviews during its original release. Winning best strategy game of the year across the board, World in Conflict was the strategy game to play in 2007.

But since then? Little to nothing has been said about this classic real-time strategy game. The game has an awesome premise too. An alternate history game where the fall of Communism in the Soviet Union didn’t place in 1989 amidst social, economic, and political collapse, it asks the question: ”What would happen if the Soviet Union made one last attempt to remain in power? With Soviet forces invading Western Europe in addition to the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S., players are tasked with ending the Cold War once and for all.

It’s a game that sounds awesome – and it was! Thus, why hasn’t Ubisoft revisited it? And before you say to yourself, ”an RTS doesn’t belong on a console,” if XCOM: Enemy Unknown proved anything, it’s that strategy games have a place on consoles. If anybody can make a stellar strategy game for a console, it’s Ubisoft.

Do you have any forgotten Ubisoft classics that were not mentioned in this post? Let us know in the comments below!

Article by - Dusty W.
Insert Date: 5/4/2014

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From Dust

I'd add "From Dust" to that list. Is was an epic evolution of the Populous mould. If you gave it time (like about 4 levels) you'd really master the controls and start seeing the inspired puzzles. It looks great too.