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TwinCop Review - Has RoboCop Met His Match?


I’m always on the lookout for games that hit me with a pitch that causes me to do a double-take. I love it when a game’s premise causes an involuntary verbal reaction. TwinCop is one of those games. Billed as the “Most Cooperative Game Ever” you play as two halves of a single cop that was stitched together after a pair of officers were killed in a horrific pontoon boat accident.

Cat Quest II Review - The Cat’s Pajamas

Cat Quest II

Action RPGs, particularly those with a local co-op option, are a favorite of mine and my official Player 2, Christina. Dungeon crawling, like most things in life, is more fun with someone you enjoy spending time with. Now, if there’s one thing I like even more than ARPGs with co-op, it’s puns, and Cat Quest II fits both of those requirements.

Megaquarium Review - Plenty of Fish in The Sea


I’ve always loved aquariums. As a kid growing up in Florida, I used to visit SeaWorld any time I could just to see all the different forms of aquatic life. I particularly enjoyed petting the stingrays. In some cases, the animals weren’t treated properly, but I still think the concept of an aquarium as a way to learn more about aquatic life and how we can protect it, is a good thing.


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