Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught DLC Review

One of the highlights of Call of Duty: Ghosts, like any Call of Duty game, is the multiplayer. As expected, Activision is releasing a steady stream of downloadable content for the game in the form of map packs with the first pack, titled Onslaught, already available for download.

Is Onslaught worth your $14.99? Let's take a look.

Four New Maps

Onslaught features four new multiplayer maps: Bayview, Containment, Ignition, and Fog.

Ignition will be instantly recognizable to any long-term Call of Duty fans, as this map is a remake of Modern Warfare 2's Scrapyard. It's just as good and memorable as Scrapyard was when it debuted all those years ago.

Containment features close-quarters brawling, perfect for players who love to get face-to-shotgun with their opponents. At the center of this map is a truck housing a nuke, scrambling the mini-map of all players who get nearby. Because of this, you'll find most players staying close to the nuke as disabling the radar levels the playing field for everyone.


Bayview is a larger map, designed for both long- and close-range combat with a number of choke points strewn across the map. Bayview features a nice mix of high and low elevations along with a trolley car that gives players a tour around the map. It's got something for everyone.

Fog is the real star of the four new maps. Set in a creepy swamp, once per round one of the players will be transformed into horror icon Michael Myers, complete with axe and theme music. This is an amazing addition and adds a brand new element to Call of Duty's normally formulaic multiplayer. The map pack is worth a purchase just for this map.

A New Weapon

The new weapon, the Maverick, is a 2-in-1 sniper rifle and assault rifle, perfect for any of the new maps. It's well-balanced and a fun addition to the game, but not something that's going to upset the balance of multiplayer for those who don't own it.


Extinction Episode 1

The final entry in this DLC is a new chapter of the Extinction game mode, titled Nightfall. Extinction can be likened to Treyarch's Zombies game mode but instead of zombies, you're fighting aliens. Nightfall expands upon the base offerings of Extinction in a huge way by adding new aliens and new bosses, bringing this mode from something not many played when it first debuted with Ghosts to a must-play game mode with friends.

Final Verdict

Onslaught offers something for everyone: Four strong new maps for multiplayer and one amazing new co-op experience with friends. The added gun, while not that spectacular, can just be considered a bonus. If you're a fan of Ghosts multiplayer, pick up this map pack immediately.

Final Score: 8.5/10

Review By: Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 5/6/2014