What makes a good multiplayer game?

Online gaming is at an all time high now. It's more unusual for a game to have no multiplayer mode than to have one. Console gaming has definitely evolved in this sense. But in my opinion, we are seeing more and more games with a lacklustre multiplayer. Like they've just thrown it in there for the sake of it. The sad thing is that a lot of consumers lap it up, they keep on buying these games with poor multiplayer modes and the development companies keep on producing them. We need to let game developers know we want a decent multiplayer mode in our games. Here's a few things that multiplayer games need to have to be successful.

Nobody wants the same recycled multiplayer. Game developers need to innovate and give us new features that we haven't seen before. Let's take an example of one of the best multiplayer games from the last generation. Lightbox Interactive's Starhawk allowed players to run around in giant robots which then transformed into planes. Players could drop buildings from the sky. Turrets, bunkers, car dispensers, tank dispensers and many more. This is a perfect example of innovation. In no other game were you able to do that, and that made Starhawk one of the best multiplayer games out there. When I say "Innovation" I don't mean something minor like a new game mode, or a new customization option. I mean something big, something game changing. There comes a point when we're sick of playing the same deathmatch run 'n gun gameplay and we want to be surprised by developers.

Thankfully, even the more mainstream games are starting to innovate. We saw at E3 some Battlefield 4 multiplayer footage, and they showed us a great new system where you could demolish whole skyscrapers in a multiplayer map - covering the area in dust. Not only this, but people could contribute to games from their mobile device by using a tactical mode which let them drop supplies at certain points in a map.

Social capabilities
Games of this generation should really have full social capabilities. It helps gamers stay connected. This seems to be the direction that Sony are going with the PS4 from what we've seen at E3 and the console reveal. This should make it much easier for game developers to make their games more social. Social capabilities can be something as broad as having a way to live stream your games or something as small as being able to view KDA. I've played games of this generation where you can see practically nothing about the people on your friends list. I'm not sure whether it was intentional or not, but either way it's pretty annoying.

What makes a good multiplayer game?Don't get me wrong, I think social gaming should stay the hell away from the single player genre of games. But in multiplayer it's more or less a necessity.

Refinement is essentially the polish of a game. How little bugs does it have, how are the graphics, how are the maps, etc. It seems simple but a lot of games are really falling behind on this one. The perfect example of refinement in my opinion is the games in the Killzone series. There were very few bugs in the multiplayer of the Killzone games, and the maps, graphics and animations were all stellar. Performing melee in Killzone 3 was so satisfying yet gruesome. It worked perfectly. The character control in the game has always been great too. The guns actually feel heavy, and when you jump you can't shoot. It makes the game's multiplayer really immersive and it actually feels realistic.

Freedom is leaving multiplayer gaming and we need to bring it back. There should be several routes to take in a game, several weapons to choose from, several tactics to choose from. When a gamer wants to try something new, they should be rewarded for using their brain. At the moment, games usually consist of people using the same tactics over and over again. This really gets boring after a while. More multiplayer games should get rid of those annoying invisible walls and let players do what they want.

Article by - Ben Corroon
Insert Date: 8/3/2013

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