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The greatest method of starting this article came to me recently while I was working in my job. Now, unless you read every single one of my articles here on PS4 Experts (you should) you probably don’t know where I work when I’m not here masquerading as a gamer of the night. Seeking justice and knowledge amongst my fellow writers. Okay, I’ll stop there. I work at a mainstream video game retailer that you’ve probably heard of an shop at recently, but I’ll leave names out of it.

The other day when I was working, I had a customer come in and he was telling me that he didn’t want to upgrade to the PS4 yet because he couldn’t get off Grand Theft Auto V for the PS3. Fair enough, the game’s great, but his elaboration of the subject matter came as a shock to my ears. He proceeded to smile and say, “Man, walking around killing people? That’s the dream!” Yeah, maybe the dream of a serial killer. Of course, he went on to talk about the sheer freedom in the game and how it literally allows you to commit senseless acts of murder and theft on a whim. Talk about self medication am I right?

Perhaps this is one of the greatest gifts Rockstar has given us with its Grand Theft Auto series, but I believe it goes deeper than simple freedom to create chaos. Sure, that’s all well and good, but what about the convincing characters? What about the well realized world and attention to detail? This, combined with the freedom to do what you want, when you want, makes Grand Theft Auto the most customizable experience this side of Skyrim. When Grand Theft Auto V came out, it made over $800 million dollars in just twenty four hours. In three days, it had reached a billion dollars! Can you say sequel?

Sure, there’s probably going to be a Grand Theft Auto VI, but no one’s talking about it yet...are they?
Never put anything past this industry. They’ll start talking about the next game in a series before the previous one has yet to hit the shelves. Gaming is a forward thinking endeavor and with a series as profitable as Grand Theft Auto, they need to have a plan. Luckily Rockstar has one, a big one. In a interview last year with the president of Rockstar North, Leslie Benzies, the question of another entry came up. This is what was said:

Grand Theft Auto VI

“We’ve got about 45 years worth of ideas we want to do,” said Benzies. “We don’t know what GTA VI will be, but we’ve got some ideas.”

GTA VIYes, that’s right, they have ideas. Forty five years worth apparently! I don’t even know how to quantify that many ideas, but apparently they found a way. Lord knows they have enough money to pay someone to do it for them. The companies focus for the time being in continuing support of GTA Online and coming out with DLC of different types which they have yet to elaborate on. The simple fact of the matter is that Grand Theft Auto VI will happen, and when it does it will be on the PS4. While we don’t know much more than that for certain, we love to dream. So, let us sleep the sleep of the dead, and dream to our heart’s content.

Possible locations for Grand Theft Auto VI
While Grand Theft Auto has managed to reuse several main cities over the course of it’s games, I find it impressive how they manage to build upon the original city, thereby channeling nostalgia and bringing new fans to the game. With Grand Theft Auto V, they returned to San Andreas in southern California, but more than that they also included the surrounding Blaine County and Los Santos. This was by far the biggest map yet seen in the series.

Other locations are pure speculation. Series purists will recall that the original Grand Theft Auto took place in London. A setting like that could prove interesting, but the series has been gravitated to the United States since then. A place of note still waiting to be explored would be Las Vegas. Of course, a “Vice City” setting would call that to mind in addition to Miami. The character swapping mechanic in Grand Theft Auto V could allow for multiple locations as opposed to three characters in one city. Something like this may seem impossible, but the PS4 is a whole new beast.

This being said. Rockstar has come out before speaking about the first run of the Grand Theft Auto series and how it takes place in a separate universe than the recent ones. Rockstar’s own Dan Houser explained in an interview that with the arrival of Grand Theft Auto IV, they had begun working in an HD universe that rendered the previous game’s character’s obsolete. Grand theft Auto IV and V along with future titles exist in their own version of America and therefore cannot coincide with previous characters.

This being said, there’s still possibilities for cities to be explored once again in new and fresh ways. Who knows, Rockstar may once again jump the ocean and try something abroad, or they could try and do a different time period. Red Dead Redemption was great for them, why not try a jump to the future? They would have to be careful with how far forward they went, but it would be an interesting change of pace and offer exciting new vehicles and environments with no real limit to their design.

What kind of Gameplay Improvements or changes could we see?
The main formula of Grand Theft Auto is solid. The shooting and cover mechanics, along with the driving were at their peak in Grand Theft Auto V, but there’s always room for improvement. These are a few improvements I’ve put together based on personal opinion and research into other people’s suggestions for the series.

Grand Theft Auto gauging health #1 - Back to old method of gauging health.
Grand Theft Auto V didn’t give you a solid number of how much health you had. It was too vague and certain things could simply kill you in one hit. I would prefer a system where we have a clearly defined amount of health, numbers like the old games would work. Health pickups or packs would be nice as well. Sure Grand Theft Auto is all about taking risks, but I’d rather not feel like an idiot for doing so, I need a backup just in case it all goes south.

Grand Theft Auto interactive buildings #2 - Show and tell please, more interactive buildings
This is a good point I saw. Many of the buildings you see in the massive expanse of Los Santos cannot be entered or interacted with. We’ve seen open world games with destructible environments and we’ve seen games with plenty of interiors, even if they aren’t there for anything more than exploration. I’d like to see more buildings feel like they are there as something that can be destroyed or explored and less like their a painting.

Grand Theft Auto people I’m running over #3 - I want to know the people I’m running over.
The latest release saw a new system called “Strangers and Freaks” which brought life to some of the pedestrians of Lost Santos. These people also tend to have plenty of lines they’ll spout as you pass, but why not provide some method of talking to people you pass by? Skyrim, Fallout, these RPGs have done this with almost every character you pass. Let’s see it happen in GTA.

Grand Theft Auto Maybe a futuristic setting? #4 - Maybe a futuristic setting?
Who says gangsters can’t be in space? Most people I’ve talked to actually, but what if Rockstar really changed it up and placed Grand Theft Auto VI in a futuristic setting? Maybe not full on Halo, but closer perhaps to like ten or twenty years in the future? It would be fun to have unique vehicles and weapons, and Rockstar would make it feel as real as any other city.

Grand Theft Auto play as a woman #5 - I want to play as a woman.
Wow, that would be weird out of context, but it’s no secret that people have been asking for a female protagonist for a while now. We’ve always played as guys, and while that’s all well and good, there are girl gamers out there and guys who want to see crime from the other side of the gender line. And if she’s good looking, well that’s fine too. There’s a reason why Lara Croft has stood the test of time.

What do you want to see from the next game?
I know these articles can feel like one sided conversations, and I thank you for listening to my expansive monologues of gaming. Of course, they don’t have to be one sided, that’s what comments are for! Hooray comments! I’ve laid down the schematics, time for you to build the foundation. What do you want to see from Grand Theft Auto VI? What do you like about the current iteration? Tell us all about it and defend your right to drive around on the sidewalk killing innocent pedestrians. Five stars, or go home, that’s what I would say if I had a saying. I suppose I do now, so let’s hear your thoughts!

You heard the man, get to commenting! Let’s hear your thoughts about the inevitable return of Grand Theft Auto on the PS4!

Game Category: Action / Adventure

Article by - Bradley Ramsey
Insert Date: 3/6/2014

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