What are the greatest moments in a Gamers life?

As Gamers... and I mean true blue Gamers, there are moments in our lives that will go onto become everlasting memories. As silly as it may sound to someone that doesn't have a passion for video games, myself and millions of others can pinpoint some of our happiest memories to what would seem mediocre to anyone else.

There is no a greater moment in a Gamer's life than the purchase or gift of a new console. The feeling you get as that box lands in your hands for the very first time is so exciting, I find it difficult to explain. It can't be compared to the feeling of a roller coaster ride or watching your favorite sports team win a world series. No its a much bigger feeling, it's an empowering feeling that will put you above cloud nine. No matter when you get that console, whether it's on release day or 2 years later, that feeling is powerful on any level. Opening up the box you can get this feeling like time has slowed down while the mind tries to catch up with the racing of heart beats. Pulling out the pieces one by one and not even realizing this is a moment that will last the test of time and it only happens once for each platform and console cycle. Getting a new console is one of the most important gaming moments there is, after all what good is a game if you don't have anything to play it on?

Moving forward in great gaming moments its hard not mention the picking up of a specific, extremely wanted title. Every Gamer has at least one must have moment that won't be satisfied until the game is their hands. Whether they are waiting in line for a midnight release or opening it as a gift from another, The moment that game is within reach the only thing we can think about is playing it. Its another moment that only happens once at a time. Sure we get excited to play it a second, third or 500th time, but there is still no feeling like the first time. Watching the screen load up and gripping our controllers as we mentally prepare to have our minds blown away, these are some fine memories to hold onto.

Speaking of the first time playing a game, what about the first time beating one? I can honestly say I have had my moments where I felt ripped off after completing a game that was either short on content or short on a good ending, but I and plenty of others have experienced some epic moments by finally defeating a title that was not just enjoyable, but at times felt near impossible to beat. That feeling of accomplishment resonates as we begin to reflect on the journeys end, if you've beaten any of the games that From Software has delivered since the Souls series began you can definitely relate to this among other titles not listed.

Bonding moments may be the most important in a Gamers life. Whether it's Mom, Dad, Uncle or sibling to name a few, these are moments that hold a major life impact. There are many different angles to analyze this so I'll try and keep it minimal without disregard to anything I leave out. As a child, having someone else to "game" with can be pretty important. I'm not referring to online play as much as I'm talking about physical human presence. When you sit down with a kid and want to play video games, it can help build confidence in a child. They feel like what they are interested is important to someone else, it's a major dose of feeling good and not to mention how it can make Player 2 feel. A parent or an older sibling get to watch as they see Player 1 filled with joy as they are gifted with a joy of their own. Those nostalgic gaming moments of "Remember when?" are worth their weight in gold and shouldn't be overlooked. On an important note I’d like to say whether you had this experience yourself growing up or not, If you have kids, don’t deprive them of these quality moments. Join in when you can, it will make you and your child feel good and that’s not something any parent should pass up.

Of course this is only a small piece of great moments in a Gamer's life, so I'd like to invite you to share your great moments with us. Tell us about your first console, your first game or the moment you realized you were destined to be a Gamer. Did you ever have someone unplug your controller during a split screen Street Fighter match or maybe someone accidentally changed the channel just as you were about to finish off a boss fight? If it's an important moment in gaming for you, it’s important for us to hear it if do feel like sharing. At the very least I hope I have awoken some fond memories in your personal gaming history.