Guerrilla Games is Working on a New IP

Guerrilla Games is Working on a New IP

Have you been having an awesome time in Killzone Shadow Fall? Do you have fond memories of past Killzone games? Then you have every right to be excited, as Guerrilla Games announced last week that they have been working on a new IP that is not related to the Killzone universe in any way for the last two and a half years.

"We are working on a new IP, we started on that already two and a half years ago," said Guerrilla Games’ Executive Producer Angie Smets. "Unfortunately we cannot share details of the new IP, so you'll have to be a bit more patient until then."

This begs the question: what could Guerrilla Games actually be working on? The answer is anybody’s guess. With the exception of 2004’s Vietnam-centered military shooter Shellshock: Nam ‘67, Guerrilla Games has exclusively developed games in the Killzone universe. It makes sense to believe their new IP is probably sci-fi themed, and if I was a betting man (I’m not as I’m too cheap) I would wager that Guerrilla Games is probably developing a sci-fi centered IP. It just makes sense, right?

Yet, if I made that wager, I think I would be wrong.

Guerrilla Games has been developing first-person shooters for the entire life of their existence. For 10 years, the studio has developed mostly Killzone-centered games minus their one-time military FPS (as mentioned above). And while Guerrilla Games was formed via the merging of three Dutch-based studios (Lost Boys Games, Digital Infinity, and Orange Games), the games developed by these three studios really do not hold any answers to the nature of Guerrilla Games’ next IP. The most notable game being the platformer Jazz Jackrabbit 2 by Lost Boys Games (the sequel to the original Jazz Jackrabbit developed by Cliffy B), there truly isn’t a lot of evidence pointing to what Guerrilla Games is going to be developing next.

And that is exactly what makes this news so exciting.

Guerrilla Games New IPI believe it is safe to assume that Guerrilla Games is ready for a change, and with the PS4 still in its infancy, what better time to ‘shake things up,’ a bit than by releasing a new IP during the beginning life of the PlayStation 4? It could very well be an industry-shaking game in the same vein as Killzone nearly 10 years ago too, as it has obviously been ‘under wraps,’ for nearly three years. Judging by how easily things get leaked today (case in point: Bungie’s Destiny), it likely hasn’t been easy for Guerrilla Games to keep their newest IP a secret, but have you heard anything about it? No you haven’t, so they have obviously taken strides to keep this IP as secret as possible.

Will it be a new platformer? Will it be a medieval RPG? What about a first-person shooter that takes place in the 1930’s? A sci-fi hack n’ slash adventure? Guys, I have no idea what Guerrilla Games has in store for us, but take it from me: if they have been keeping their new IP a secret for nearly three years, then you better be getting excited because they have something in store for us.

This is Guerrilla Games’ first non-Killzone IP in nearly 10 years. They’re excited, and they are about to shake things up. Get excited, I know I am. Stay tuned.

Article by - Dusty W.
Insert Date: 3/5/2014

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