Guns of Icarus Online Preview

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Guns of Icarus Online is a title which has already made its name on the PC platform. A first person airship based warfare simulator - this game should please a lot of Playstation fans with a craving for multiplayer gaming. The Steampunk style of Guns of Icarus online makes it even more appealing to gamers, having old Victorian-era technology mixed with new technology gives Guns of Icarus Online an individual art style like no other game.

If you're ever played Guns of Icarus Online, you'd know that it feels exactly like a PC game. There's no fancy UI, fancy developer credits or fancy graphics. But there is a LOT of things to do, and it is by no means "on rails" like most other popular shooters. The game encourages you to try out different strategies and work as a team. Most importantly, it's a unique gaming experience. It's not your typical first person shooter at all, this game is about utilizing and maintaining a giant airship by working with the rest of your crew.

Depending on what class you take, you'll have a different job to do. Captains are pilots responsible for the navigation of the ship, they'll steer it towards and away from enemies. It's their duty to chase down enemy airships who are low on health, or to take evasive action when their own ship is under fire. The pilot has a set of tools for dire situations such as the "Tar Barrel" - which when poured into the engine makes smog appear, clouding the airship from enemy sights.

The Engineer is the backbone of the airship in Guns of Icarus Online. They'll be desperately running around the ship, fixing problems and making repairs. While it might sound boring, the engineer is one of the most satisfying classes to play in the game. The gameplay as an Engineer is surprisingly adrenaline fuelled, as you'll have to rush around constantly to make sure your ship is up to scratch. Whether it be repairing components or putting out fires, the Engineer is a vital part of the crew.

Guns of Icarus Online PreviewFinally, the Gunner class is the combat specialist on the team. If you're the kind of gamer who just loves to shoot stuff, then this is the class for you. Through use of different kinds of ammunition, you will be the offensive powerhouse of the crew. A lot of accuracy is required to destroy the enemy airships, so if you're not good at aiming you might want to consider another class.

Part of the beauty of Guns of Icarus Online is that there's something for everyone, and that every class blends together seamlessly to create a great teamwork environment. Consoles are often lacking in great teamwork based games, so Guns of Icarus Online should be refreshing to us gamers.

If you're worried about PS4 gamers getting a recycled product from the PC, then don't! In addition to cross platform play with the PC, the PS4 is getting the game's new "Adventure" multiplayer mode - currently not available on the PC. This is a very interesting PvP/PvE integration system, which gives players missions based on the 6 factions in the game. Each faction has a different outlook on the world, and there will be a lot of political interaction between them. Perhaps the best thing about these factions is that they are run by players. While battling in Guns of Icarus Online, you will feel more involved in the world you play it.

Essentially, the new Adventure Mode brings context to your battles. You won't just be going out to fly around and shoot stuff, you'll be doing it for your faction. You'll be doing it to complete a trade run or to bring power to your political faction. It's all about user choice. Written on the Kickstarter page is a good quote which really got me excited about Adventure mode.

"Fly the colours of a faction or strike out as a mercenary, come to the aid of allied towns or fly forth to smite your enemies, and make a visible impact on a world that develops day by day."

Developers Muse Games have a great habit of letting us know how passionate they are about their game. Part of this is due to the indie nature of Guns Of Icarus Online. Unlike the games we see from big name companies, Guns of Icarus Online required gamer support to be made. The team behind it quite simply didn't have the funds, so they worked with start up site Kickstarter to make the game. It was pitched to gamers, and the gamers loved it. It was something new, unique and exciting that people wanted to play, and the fact it's coming to the PS4 is icing on the cake.

Guns of Icarus Online is yet another awesome indie game ushering a new era of indie domination on the PS4.

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Article by - Ben Corroon
Insert Date: 9/6/2013

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