How Does The PS4 Compare To The Xbox One?

For years, Microsoft and Sony have been at war with one another, with both companies occupying the same hardcore gamer space. As we approach the third era of this grueling war, one question is on many gamers minds: How does the PS4 compare to the Xbox One?

At first glance, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have very similar specifications; so much so that games on either system look almost identical and the systems share many of the same games.

However, early reports have stated that when viewed side-by-side, PlayStation 4 games look better and run smoother. Whether this is true remains to be seen, but it does give a slight edge to the PlayStation 4, at least in the early rounds of the fight.

Both systems share PC architecture and as such, it's a given that they will share many of the same games over their lifespan. In fact, many gamers won't even be able to tell of any difference graphically between the two systems, so for all intents and purposes we will label the specs battle a tie .

Unique Features
Another instance where both systems are the same is in all the features that they share, using many of the same online features such as game streaming. However, PlayStation Plus has historically proven to be a much better service than Xbox Live, so the PS4 comes out ahead here.

While the Xbox One does have Kinect, we all saw how well that worked out for the Xbox 360 so that's not really an advantage for Microsoft. Again, we'll call this battle a tie as the two systems are just so similar in features, at least at launch.

Game Lineup
How Does The PS4 Compare To The Xbox One?While the two systems share an almost identical lineup, the exclusive titles are where things start to differ. While the PlayStation 4 has Killzone, Knack and a handful of indie games, the Xbox One has Dead Rising 3, Forza and Killer Instinct to name a few.

This isn't counting future games, such as InFamous and Driveclub for the PlayStation 4.

Who wins in the battle of the game lineups? This one comes down to personal preference. Looking at the exclusive lineups of the PS3 and Xbox 360 will give you an idea of what to expect in the next generation so use that as your guide.

Another big difference between the two systems is cost: the PlayStation 4 will cost $400 while the Xbox One is $500. Gamers going with the PlayStation 4 will get an extra $100 to spend on games, making it the ideal choice.

Final Verdict
Ultimately, whether you choose the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One rests in your hands. Do you prefer the Kinect and the Xbox One launch lineup? Did you enjoy PlayStation Plus on the PS3 along with Sony's exclusive games?

If you're a billionaire, go for both systems, but if you have to just pick one we recommend the PlayStation 4 due to the $100 difference.

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 11/4/2013

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uninformed playstation forum

Yes Sony has its exclusive games but take a look at gran Turismo 5 and compare it to forza ... You can't in any way shape or form and for the record playstation plus has never compared to Xbox live do a little more research can someone share with me when live has EVER been completely down to the point where we can't even connect to the internet oh yeah never... Playstation does the same thing everytime they release a system say its gonna come out a certain day release it almost a month early and oh imagine that already has problems maybe if Sony would not rush things and just slow down and not worry so much about what Microsoft and Xbox are doing Sony would still be on top like It was for playstation one and two I was always a Sony/playstation guy until 360 and ps3, Sony you got linked by the 360 I know you know and Microsoft knows it which is why they were in no rush to release there system because once again Sony rushed to get there system out before the Xbox one and now once again you guys gave Microsoft the upper hand and rushes your system to the public where Microsoft has plenty of time to fix bugs, both systems in sure will be amazing I love Sony and I love Microsoft this forum is nothing but a bunch of playstation fans hating on Xbox go to some Xbox forums Microsoft isn't worried about who compares how they punked you with the Kinect so you made the move nowhere near as successful as Kinect, I own an original playstation, a psone and playstation 2 and ps2 slim and a slim ps3 and a 360 I play all my games on a 32" Sony bravia tv I am not a Sony hater or 360 fanboy I like both own both and play both but all the playstation people are Xbox haters when in reality Microsoft has a maintained online community and has been far more successful with the 360 than Sony was with the ps3 why doesn't everybody just play the system you choose and start dedicating your time and thoughts on to how we can play against each other for example have a public server open to Sony and Microsoft players somewhat similar to live or plus, we should be able to play the same games the consoles share together on one server with each other I have att and can talk on the phone with someone with t mobile there competitors and vo exist why can't you guys?