How much do you think the PS4 will likely cost?



I can't believe people would actually think that it will cost between 300 to 499. This is a high end gaming machine built to last for 7 to 10 years. The amount of work and engineering to get it just right to last that time is getting slapped in face. I am all for a cheaper console but realisticly people have to see that charging $500 is insulting when every SINGLE year Apple and others, come out with products that cost $700 plus. Give the boys at sony and yes even microsoft some money for their hard work. You give it to everyone else for only a year of fun. You will be getting well over 5 years for it, possibly even 10.


couldnt agree more..people hand over $500 on a new phone year after year, wouldnt mind payiny $700 for a system thats going to be mine for the 5-6 years


You gotta take a few things into account though. First, Sony's not gonna be developing ANY new chips this time around. The GPU and APU will both be PC-spec chips coming straight from AMD without big tweaks. R&D will be the lowest on any Sony console EVER. All the cash will go to putting as much off-the-shelf PC muscle into this box as possible. I REALLY don't think it's gonna cost $300 though, it's gonna push $450-500.

If Sony can DESIGN A NEW PROCESSOR for the PS3 with $600, they can put really good common stuff in there for $500. I do expect them to be losing money on each console for a while though..

399 it is

stupid they wouldn't make that mistake again