How much will PS4 games cost?

At the end of each generation, people begin to worry. They don’t worry if the next generation will be as good, or if the new systems will sell. No, what they worry about is money. Now, before I go on, I am fully aware that the three things one should never discuss with others are money, politics, and religion. However with great gaming, comes a great burden on one’s wallet. Therefore, it’s only natural for people to worry about the cost of the coming consoles and more specifically, the games.

When the PS3 was coming out, I remember reading articles online that discussed rumors of the PlayStation 3 games costing a hundred dollars a piece! Of course, we all know it didn’t turn out that way, but I still remember the almost palpable sense of dread and utter horror that permeated my entire being. Of course, back in the day (like fifteen years ago) when SNES and N64 games were coming out on cartridges, they could cost as much as a hundred dollars. We try to forget such things, but the past reminds us of the high price of games.

Right about now, you’re probably shaking pretty bad. Sweat is forming across your brow and your body is tensing up all over. Your heart rate doubles with each sentence, your mind is racing faster than the cars in the last lap of any given Nascar event. Your waiting, no, dreading my next segment. You think I’m going to tell you that PS4 games cost over a hundred dollars a piece. You can practically see your money fleeing from your bank account like citizens from a evacuation zone. Now, in this moment, you glimpse your ultimate downfall, the end of your game collection and the dawn of a world where you own a single game.

PS4 Games Will Cost...Sixty Dollars
And there it is! Like the final crack in a massive dam. The water breaks through, unleashing a powerful force of pure relief. Breathe in and breathe out dear reader, your PS4 games will cost the same as your PS3 games. Well, at least the launch titles will. An astute IGN author in a recent article quoted Sony as such, with some commentary for good measure.

How much will PS4 games cost?“However, there may be a caveat here, as the specific quote reads, “All four [launch/launch window] titles, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Driveclub, Knack, and inFamous: Second Son are all $59.99.” Is this designed to give Sony wiggle room later on? We’ll have to see.”

I don’t think Sony is going to raise the price on everyone, but it is interesting to note how they worded the quote. If anything, we may see some games go up slightly, but even that seems like a farfetched concept.

The Glory of the Downloadable Game
This last generation also saw the rise of something more affordable for the average consumer. Most games are delivered to us on the glistening platter of a blu-ray disc, but there is also a growing business in the form of smaller, less costly games. These are typically referred to as Indie games and represent the work of a small team and an even smaller budget. Even with these truncated elements, these downloadable games consistently deliver outstanding experiences and innovative ideas.

Looking at the launch lineup of PS4 downloadable titles, there is a fine selection on hand. Games like Flower and Flow, Escape Plan, and Minecraft will all be available at launch at or less than twenty dollars apiece. Sony has already shown several other indie titles that look phenomenal and has consistently expressed a desire to support these small time developers who bring big ideas to the table.

Or, if your Piggie Bank runs dry, just play some free games!
Free is one of those words that is like water for a thirsty man’s ears. No matter who you are or what language you speak, the word free rings out like a siren’s call and brings forth all who catch wind of it’s song. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little here, but there are in fact several free-to-play games available at launch for the PS4.

These games run the gambit of third person shooter, to first person, to flight combat simulator. They are free to download, don’t require PlayStation Plus, and are played online with people around the world. The entrance price is free, and if you want more out of the game, usually advancements, you can pay for what you like. To name a few, you’ll want to be on the lookout for Blacklight Retribution, PlanetSide 2, DC Universe Online, Warframe, among other free titles. For more information on these games, check out one of my previous articles here.

A New Generation, Same Ol’ Price
You can rest easy now my dear readers, you won’t be paying an arm and leg (literally) for your PS4 games. In fact, some of them will even be free! Don’t worry, I already pinched myself so I’m fairly certain I’m not dreaming. Now, whether or not this entire existence is the product of some sleeping God’s dreams or the result of an impossibly complex computer system designed to harness our bodies for energy still remains to be seen. For now though, this paradise of gaming is real, or at least what we perceive as real. I for one will be taking the blue pill, just to be safe.

Do you buy your games for sixty dollars at launch? What downloadable or indie games have you played? Tell us in the comments?

Article by - Bradley Ramsey
Insert Date: 10/25/2013

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