How much would you be willing to pay for a new PS4?



It will be 700 at least and it should be. Videogames are by far the cheapest people I have ever seen. Make a quality item Sony, charge what you need to charge to make something good. I don't want no crappy built piece of hardware that will fall apart as soon as I get home. Man up you cheapskates and pay out and stop crying when the console is more than you thought it should be. Everything always is, so just suck it up and pay a good amount of money for something that will last 7 years of your gaming life.

WOW by Jowga Lee

Is this that Serious MAN UP? wow why be so Hyped?

I say 600$ +

If its a good product I would play the price for it. Just give me something I want. You will get what you pay for.

Common sense

You have played computer games too long,you've lost your grip on reality. Heres a quick lesson. Europe is just about to collapse, america is clinging on to the fiscal cliff with they're fingertips, and they will get cramp in those fingertips.Europe isnt going to lend them a hand up and asia couldn't care less. So saying pay up is just stupid. Yes sony has had a bad few years with disasters affecting trade but they must keep to the right level as they're consumers. If they realeased a £700 console you wont be seing queues to buy them on release because people dont have £700 to spare and dont forget the £50 game charge. Unfortunately i can see the ps4 being a magnificent console but can see it priced out of the larger audience. Lets face it each release as been more expensive than the last and this is no exception.

Yes give Sony ideas.

The PS3 retails for not much less than that, do you honestly think a better games console, with newer & more powerful technology could be released for that price?

Seriously better parts cost more money.
If you want a console that's only a slight improvement then prey for your desired price tag, but if you want something that actually plays games that perform at a truly next gen level then a minimum of £399 is what you should expect, because a better CPU, GPU & RAM will cost that & that's on Sony's end, they will pay less than it costs to buy consumer level components.

That's not true. I think a

That's not true. I think a 300$ new console is enough to make a very nice product latter in the 2014, because in that time there will be ARM CPU's + GPU's better than Wii U. You want a console to play PC games? then you want a wrong thing.

Consoles were made to play lots of nice games and to have fun and not trying to compete with PC, that's hilarious! consoles are for a different public than PC gamers, and while most of console players does not expect to play games like crysis 2 in ultra high details running 60fps at 1080p PC gamers do it.

So, please don't mix things up and accept console gamers need a well made console from day one with nice hardware and nice price, and I DO believe they can do it for 300$.

Yes it is true.

Actually what was written above your comment is true, PS3 Super Slim isn't much cheaper than $300, Wii U is no more than 2X the power of PS3 (due to being a low wattage console & coming with a Tablet that has more backward screen tech than even cheap Android Tabs that have their own Processors & RAM), yet the 32GB version of that machine almost costs $400 already, the 32GB model is the one that most people buy & overall the machine has sold way more than 2.2 million units since it's late November launch.

The comment above your's never said a thing about playing PC games, rather it referred to a next gen jump in performance over current gen consoles.
Having ARM processing tech a bit more powerful than Wii U is nothing to right home about, especially in 2014, but PS4 probably already went into production, in which case specs were finalized last year and costs already assessed.

Contrary to what some people believe PS4 & Xbox 720 for that matter will be more than a moderate jump above current gen, unlike Wii U was & the tech to make those machines will cost more than you think.

Very few people moan about paying $500 for the latest Iphone/Galaxy/HTC top of the line phones, they replace every 24months now in most cases (because of contracts & wanting the latest phone tech), but if anyone mentions bringing out a premium console that can play games with image quality on a par with the next gen games engines that costs a little less and people like you start crying "BOYCOT THE MACHINE".
I have some news for you, these next gen consoles are meant to last more than 4 years & impress their customers throughout that time, if they cost $500 in their first year they're a bargain, people will be playing on them for the same length of time they have this generation and they will go down in price just like PS3 & XBox 360 did.

ARM parts won't be matching anything current gen in consoles for a while, especially not in 2014, AMD is what's going into the next gen Playstation, not ARM (even though AMD does license some ARM products).

People have been fine with the Wii U being the minor jump over Xbox 360 & PS3 because it had so far to come from the standard def graphics of Wii, people don't expect an Amazing graphics or frame rate jump with Nintendo consoles, they do from Sony & Microsoft for that matter.
Basically with Microsoft & Sony releasing slimmer versions of their current consoles it makes no sense for them to even bother releasing new 8th gen consoles unless they are far more capable & that means a bigger price tag than their current 7th generation machines.

You can of course believe whatever you like, but don't mix up your own beliefs with facts of what technology costs today, because you are flat out wrong if you think a decent jump in performance can be had from a console that costs little more than PS3 does right now.

Somethings you should bare in mind are that Sony makes premium products, they also consider gaming to be one of their main focuses.

Games developers have also been making new game engines to be used in modern games, the level of performance required for these engines is worked out with a generation of consoles in mind as they're the hardware that will be mainly where future software will be sold, to make features that won't be used because the 8th generation of consoles doesn't have the power to use them makes no financial sense for those companies (Epic's unveiled theirs, as has Square Soft & they both work closely with console platforms).
Before anyone mentions gaming PCs multiplatform games are developed with consoles in mind first, while resolutions & frame rates are upped on PCs the basic effects, models and everything else are made with consoles as the focus, the number of these games that gets sold on PCs, next to consoles is much lower.

Basically you're flat out wrong if you think the jump from PS3 to PS4 will only be tiny, you're also wrong if you think that a $300 console will be capable of running the latest games, made using the latest games engines in anything but a scaled down manner from what developers have already shown.

What will matter about PS4 is whether it can run at a minimum of 720p 30FPS playing Unreal Engine 3/4, Luminous (this is Square's engine), while maintaining most of the effects & image quality possible in those engines, that requires more than a 3X performance increase over PS3, more like 9 times the power of that machine, to build a machine that can run that costs more than $400, while companies are happy to tack a slight hit on hardware, because they make their profits initially through software & peripheral sales.

There's only one way you would get a $300 machine that can play these games engines (btw more than just 2 developers have developed game engines with consoles in mind) and that's if you pay for some subscription plan for a few years from the launch of the console, because the loss Sony would have to take on this hardware would probably be way more than $100 just for the basic model.

All the evidence out there & everything logical points to a console costing more than Wii U does now.

Re: That's not true. I think a

If you think PS4 is going to manufactured in 2014 you're wrong, it's already gone into production for a launch planned later this or early next year, this is a known fact because developers have already said they have titles planned for launch on both Sony and Microsoft's 8th gen consoles by the end of this year, they wouldn't be launching those games if customers couldn't buy a machine to play them on.

Just so you know Wii U is a minor jump from current gen consoles in terms of it's raw power, while it's made to be super efficient & highly efficient parts tend to cost more money a small jump isn't likely, mainly because Sony doesn't do minor jumps, they make premium products & considering Sony's stance on gaming being one of their three main pillars it's unlikely that will change with the release of the next playstation.
Wii U launched for more than $300 and has sold well over 2million units since it launched in November, if a machine that's a minor jump from PS3/360 can launch at that price (the 32GB sold most units & that retails for nearly $400 in the US) then I think a slightly more expensive machine, with the added value of a Bluray player, better online & overall far more stellar graphics will sell fine.

One thing is for certain though, Sony won't want to take as much of a hit on hardware as they did with PS3, that loss was more than $200 on each model, while they probably won't mind losing a small amount on hardware, it's highly unlikely they'll give up the profits they'd gain from 5+ games to close the break even on each console.

Just so you know image quality (as in detail in the image of games, the level of polish, overall effects used) has to take a step up over current gen, resolution doesn't matter as much as that & producing better graphics takes more of everything, power, efficiency, RAM (preferrably the fast, expensive stuff like GDDR5 or something in the same Bandwidth category as 256BIT stuff as a minimum), bigger/better CPUs & GPUs packed with modern features.
Something slightly better than a Wii U won't run modern game engines that were made for next gen consoles on any next gen level at even 720p 30FPS unless they're a pretty big jump above Nintendo's machine.

Unless Sony's fine with taking a cut of $200+ or gives people an option to pay out for some Subscription service over a few years, you won't be paying $300 for Sony's console.
TBH if Sony has learned anything from the PS3 it's that releasing a year later than the closest (in power) competing console, in a premium price bracket doesn't mean you'll lose sales, with PS3 they've closed the gap, sold dozens of games for every console sold (which is more than 70million at this point), you can just lower the price of the console later, because you'll still sell a boatload of these machines dispite being the most expensive platform, especially if you have quality exclusive games to interest consumers.

Seriously the only thing Sony needs to do (besides making the standard nextgen jump in performance) is make a machine that's easier for 3rd party developers to make games for, because if Sony does that they'll gain better support in multiplats, if they release at the same time, or closer to MS's machine then they'll push ahead, make the online a more appealing experience and even more people will flock to the Sony console.
Frankly 1st party will be stronger than ever this coming 8th generation because of the studios Sony has.
For Wii U to sell so well, only proves a console that costs more than $300 can still do well, even with a pretty lackluster launch line-up on day one.

Seriously even with an architecture that's not the norm PS3 had no issues selling units & games, PS4 even today won't be any different.

Giving Sony ideas.

I wrote the comment above, I'd just like to add to it that I think if the price in pounds is £399, then America should get it for a similar price difference as Wii U is between England & America.

Basically $450/£399 for the basic entry model of PS4 console.

I doubt Sony will release in a similar price bracket to what the PS3 retailed for at release, but even if it did, because of inflation £425 now would still work out cheaper than back in 2006, if you worked it out you'd be paying nearly £500, even £450 now would still technically be cheaper than PS3 released for back in 2006 & the technology in it will produce games well beyond PS3's capabilities.

Because of the difference between the dollar and pound right now technically America should be paying almost $800 based on the rate of inflation and the value of the dollar to the pound, technically even $700 would be a bargain, people should think themselves lucky if PS4 comes out at $500.


I will pay $300-$499for a ps4, IF i can play used games, and if it's backwards compatible i will pay like $699



I think they are gauging us to see how much and how far you will go to have this console. I think everyone should hold off on purchasing the game on the release date and the price will drop. It's called supply and demand people.

PS4, Same Costs.

Very funny how people think since the PS4 is "newer technology" it costs more to make. The ONLY reason why new products cost more money is exactly that, it's "New". Companies that manufacture products don't spend more money to stay even, the cost it is to make a PS4 is either the same or even cheaper then it cost to make a PS3. They know they can make hundreds of millions of dollars on a new product, especially in this day and age. If the PS4 is 400$+ it isn't because it cost more to make, it's because that's what people are willing to pay.

Um, Skewed Survey?

Why does this survey have one category with a $200 range when all the others have a $100 range?

It seems pretty clear to me that people want this thing priced at the $300-350 price point. To bad that's not going to happen.

If the leaked spec is real, this thing will not cost under $399. There is just no way to do it, unless they use Microsoft's cellphone plan strategy.

Free Online Gaming!

I can pay $500 - $599 if i can play online for free ;)

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