How to Become the Ultimate Console Gamer

Ultimate GamerCan you imagine being paid money to play games? Waking up in the morning, strolling downstairs, flicking on the console even as you make your morning coffee and settling down to a day's work? Heading off around the globe to compete in tournaments with the best of the best in your favorite games? Professional gaming is on the rise, with some top gamers earning as much as $400,000 every single year in competition prizes, sponsorship and even gaming contracts. Take a look at Johnathan Wendel, better known by his pseudonym Fatal1ty; a man who has earned more than $500,000 in competition winnings alone.

Of course it's not really that easy. Becoming a professional gamer and staying at the top is hard work! Gaming becomes your job; it becomes what you must perfect to bring in an income. To achieve that level of professionalism you will need to incorporate a training regime not dissimilar to that of an athlete training for a major competition such as the Olympics.

Alright, that extreme level of gaming certainly won't be for everyone, but whether you aim to be the next Fatal1ty, or simply want to improve your own personal gaming, there are certain steps that you can take to help you on your way.

Hardcore Gaming

A hardcore gamer is generally not paid for his (or her) effort; he invests time into his favorite titles because that is what he loves doing. Climbing to the top of leagues and leader boards is how he gets his daily excitement, and you can be confident that his house will be filled to the brim with the latest and greatest technological gadgets related to his gaming console of choice. Although the majority of professional gamers could also fall under the category of hardcore, a hardcore gamer would not be classed as professional until he or she has started to earn money from what was previously just a hobby.

Whether you want to simply improve your gaming or take a vital step on the journey to becoming a professional, you should consider these strategies:

  • Pick a game or two and stick to them. Dividing your time between multiple games will make it difficult for you to dominate in the leader boards. Instead choose one or two of your favorites.
  • Practice! You might think that you're God's gift to the world of gaming, but without stretching the old finger muscles on your classic controllers in practice you will never really achieve the level that you are aiming for.
  • Be nice to your fellow gamer! If you are looking to work your way up to the professional leagues this can become particularly important, as your brand and reputation may become as important as your actual talent. Respect your fellow gamers on your way to the top and you might find yourself noticed sooner rather than later.

Professional Gaming

Being paid to game is becoming more of a viable earning option every day, but it will only ever be possible for you if you are actually an incredibly good gamer. This is particularly true as, until you start to be noticed to obtain sponsorships or contracts, your only income may come from winning competitions. If you know that you have the skills to succeed then start off with these five steps to success:

Step 1 - Find the games that can earn you money

There's no point in becoming an expert at a game for which there are no competitions that provide cash prizes. Do some research for tournaments on the games that you are the best at and enjoy the most to discover if it's worth you investing your time on those particular titles. Websites such as the homepage of Major League Gaming can help you to find this information.

Step 2 - Start saving

You won't earn money right away from gaming. It will take time and effort in practicing, finding tournaments and competing before you can start to earn the big bucks so now is the time to start saving up. If you can put away a bit of cash to support you on your journey, and to help to pay for transport and accommodation to tournaments, then you will be in a better position to succeed.

Step 3 - Build your training regime

If you don't have the time to devote to the games that can earn you some money you might as well give up now. To be successful you will need to spend several hours a day playing against the best of the best on Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network. There is no better way to hone your skills, so keep practicing! You should also allocate time in your day to research different strategies for your games of choice online, particularly for team games.

Step 4 - Find a local competition

The big contests may offer the biggest prizes, but there will also be more people competing for them. Start by searching out more local affairs, no matter how small, at which to test your skills. Don't be worried if you don't win right away! Consider your first few contests practice runs.

Step 5 - Learn from other gamers

You can learn a lot from other gamers via their strategy postings and online videos. Search you tube for tutorial videos to help you get ahead of the game. Check out what professional gamers are doing to give you ideas. Befriend professional gamers to give you tips on becoming the ultimate player.

Step 6 - Keep trying!

Becoming a professional gamer will take time and effort. You will have to work your way up through the rankings of tournaments in your local area, and then nationally, before you stand a hope of earning a lucrative contract complete with a generous salary. So don't give up! Keep trying, keep finding more competitions and before you know it you could be in a position to quit your day job and play games for a living.

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